12/10 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on an episode that might set another new record for lowest Raw rating ever

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


DECEMBER 10, 2018

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Rich Fann to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and an on-site correspondent from Houston, Tex.

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-They opened with Seth Rollins’s music and a wide shot of the darkened crowd. Seth was standing mid-ring already. He turned and looked at the crowd and the cameras showed a bunch of Seth fan signs. Seth said, “Burn! It! Down!” He said that’ll be his rallying cry at TLC on Sunday when he defends his Intercontinental Title against Dean Ambrose. He said that’ll be the theme tonight in San Diego, Calif. also. He then invited Acting G.M. Baron Corbin out to “get a dose of reality” because he had some news to deliver to him. After a pause, Corbin’s music played and he walked out. Cole noted he is scheduled to face Braun Strowman in a TLC match on Sunday, but “Corbin is expected to win by forfeit” because Strowman is recovering from shoulder surgery. Renee said it’s “such a cowardly move.”

When Corbin entered the ring and his music stopped, fans booed briefly. He suggested they have a private conversation because his office is “always open to a Superstar of your caliber.” He told Corbin to shut up and listen. He said the past couple of months he’s been wrapped up in his situation with Dean, so he hasn’t talked about how he feels about the job Corbin is doing as G.M. “or lead idiot in charge.” He said underneath his leadership, Raw has sucked “and it has sucked because of him.” He said he comes out every week and makes everything about him, abusing power and ending careers. Renee said Seth is speaking truth.

Corbin said he knows Seth is frustrated, but he’s allowing him to vent. Seth said he has an amazing tag team like The Revival who should be competing for the Raw Tag Team Titles, but he’s got them in Lucha House Rules matches. He said he doesn’t even understand what it is. He said if he fires everyone, will it be him, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre patting each other on the back. “Yeah, that will send ratings through the roof.” He then said they could have more segments with urination in them. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha, so funny, so cutting edge,” Seth said sarcastically.

(Keller’s Analysis: So is Seth saying Corbin scripted Drake Maverick to pee his pants and pee on Bobby Roode’s jacket? If not, how is Corbin responsible for that? And is Seth trying to say Corbin was favoring the the babyface LHP team over the heel Revival team? That makes no sense. This is a fascinating rebuke of what Raw has been lately; even though it makes no sense what Seth is saying Corbin is responsible for, if it means they’re aware of what is driving hundreds of thousands of viewers away in recent weeks, then I’ll be quiet about what nonsense it is.)

Seth said every decision he’s made is to mask his insecurities. Seth asked if Braun Strowman was mean to him and hurt his feelings, so he felt he had to hand the Universal Title back to Brock Lesnar. Boos. He said Brock only shows up on Raw when he wants to show up, but the problem with that is he never shows up. He asked rhetorically where Lesnar is. Seth said he’s not here because he didn’t want to be there. He asked Corbin when the last time was Lesnar wrestled on Raw. He said it was 2002. (Wow.) He said the Baron Corbin Experiment has been an abject failure. He said “the morale and fan support and TV ratings are all at an all-time low “and it is all because of you.”

(Keller’s Analysis: I get the babyface is blaming the heel storyline-wise here, but I don’t think you should ever bring up “all-time low ratings” on a TV show. It sends a message to the blissfully unaware they are watching a product that many others have decided wasn’t worth watching. There’s no way to win doing that. Just make the show better.)

Corbin said he doesn’t give a damn what Seth or the locker room or the fans think. Big boos. He said Raw is his show and if Seth doesn’t like it, too bad because he’ll be charge for “a very long time.” He said if he thinks it’s bad now, it’ll only get worse for a guy like him. Seth said things can’t get worse. Corbin said this Sunday, Dean will beat him for the IC Title and then he’s going to beat Strowman in a TLC match by forfeit. He said he always wanted to have a TLC match, and Braun has only one arm, “so what he can do?” He said Jo Jo will then introduce him as the new G.M. of Monday Night Raw, and then he’ll put Seth through hell. Seth asked why wait until next week. He said he ought to put him through hell starting tonight. He challenged Corbin to a one-on-one match with him. Corbin said this Sunday he will become permanent G.M. Seth interrupted and said a one-on-one match isn’t enough for the fans tonight. He said since he always wanted to have a TLC match, why not have one tonight.

Corbin asked if he understands what he would do to him with a chair, ladder, or table. He said if Seth wants to be a hero, it’ll cost him everything. He said he has no problem making an example out of him, but his answer is still no. He said he has a lot on his plate. Seth said: “Coward.” He interrupted him every time with “Coward!” It worked. Corbin said he’s got it. Seth laughed in his face. Seth said he’ll be putting the IC Title on the line. Seth nodded that it was just fine.

(Keller’s Analysis: Seth being positioned as the leader of Raw is a good thing, but at some point they need to check the balance sheet on Lesnar’s value versus what it costs WWE by having someone they point out is almost never there by choice who holds onto the top championship with rare title defenses. It cheapens Raw and the Universal Title to have Lesnar as an absentee champion. They didn’t plan for him to be champion after Summerslam, and the Roman Reigns illness changed plans after they damaged Lesnar by turning his “big star shows up when he wants” from a trait that indicated his clout to a trait that fans should resent, and I think it’s one of a dozen reasons Raw feels less of a destination program to watch live.)

-Cole said Seth pushed Corbin and got what he wanted. Graves said this is awesome. Cole plugged Ronda Rousey would go face-to-face with Nia Jax with Alexa Bliss moderating and fans asking questions. Graves plugged AOP & Drake vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable. [c]

-Charlie Caruso interviewed Seth backstage and asked if he regrets calling out Corbin just six days before TLC where faces Dean, but the truth is he’s sick of Corbin. He said he wants to be a leader so he needs to take a stand. He said if he’s a real champion, he has to take a stand, otherwise he doesn’t deserve to hold that title.


AOP tossed Roode out of the ring and beat up Gable. A minute later Gable tagged Roode back in and they clotheslined Aikem out of the ring. Then they tossed Maverick into the ring and threw him over the top rope onto both AOP members. They cut to a break. [c]

Back live, AOP had Gable grounded with a chinlock. They soon delivered a Super Collider, although Gable head-scissored Rezar upon landing. AOP double-teamed him with a neckbreaker/powerbomb combo. Drake begged to be tagged in. He put on a cocky display before making the cover, and Roode recovered enough to roll him up from behind for the win.

WINNERS: Roode & Gable to capture the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: When Drake was added, but the tag titles were on the line, not only was it farcical, but also made the finish predictable. WWE plays too fast and loose with the integrity of the structure of their matches, especially so with championship matches. It makes a mockery of the titles when a third person is added to the championship team under any circumstances, and when it’s to have a manager lose the titles for his team, it does absolutely nothing for the new champions because they won the titles on a fluke. There’s no transfer of prestige and pride in the way that was done. It was just a copout, good for a five second crowd laugh and lasting undermining of the new champions and the general concept of championships standing for something.)

-The announcers too-quickly switched gears from a title change to recapping the Dolph Ziggler victory over Drew McIntyre and then Drew attacking Finn Balor backstage afterward. Renee said Drew get a chance to get a revenge win against Ziggler tonight after suffering his first loss on Raw since his return. Cole hyped the TLC match later as the first on Raw in over six years.

-Natalya came out to her music next. [c]

-Caruso interviewed Roode & Gable backstage as they were glowing from their tag team titles victory. Charlie asked how they “managed to get the job done.” (Uh, they beat a joke of a wrestler in a fluke win that means nothing about their skills or championship stature.) Roode said there hasn’t been a lot of hope lately, but they made it their night with a win in a handicapped match. Gable said only one word describes how they feel. “Glorious!” they shouted to almost zero crowd response.

(Keller’s Analysis: I think fans just see them as two goofs. Fans want to like them, but their current act is so over-the-top corny it’s not even “fun.”)

-In center-ring alone, Natalya said she wanted to address Ruby Riott. She said she respects the business, something Ruby doesn’t. She said Ruby made it personal when she destroyed her father’s sunglasses. She said she tried to destroy her dad’s legacy and she keeps talking about how she’s been spoon-fed everything because of her dad’s name. She said she had to overcome the fallout of the Montreal Screwjob and her uncle Bret Hart punching the owner of the company, Vince McMahon, in the face. She said she is damn proud to be a Hart and damn proud to represent her family in WWE. She said at TLC, she’s going to teach Ruby about respect and Sunday she’ll dedicate her match to her father. She cried after saying his name. She said she’ll take every tear and emotion and drive her ass through a table.

Riott’s music interrupted. Ruby said Natalya walks around the locker room feeling sorry for herself. She said she needs a counselor. She said no one wants to tell her this, but she doesn’t represent her family, she disgraces her family. She said while she won’t be invited to the Hart Family Christmas this year, she decided to give Natalya a gift. She pulled a black tarp off a giant table propped up with a life-sized image of Jim Neidhart. Ruby said everyone knows how close she was to her dad, but on Sunday when she puts her through that table, she and her dad will be closer than ever. Cole said Natalya will have a chance at revenge at TLC.

(Keller’s Analysis: It feels creepy seeing that life sized-image of Neidhart on a table like that. Is there anywhere in real life where bad people use dead fathers to get under the skin of their grieving daughters? It just feels too heavy-handed to be heat-generating and feels more exploitative.)

-A selfie promo aired with Dolph Ziggler. He said he plucked Drew from obscurity and tonight he’ll send him back. He said he’s not the good guy here or the bad guy, but rather he’s Ziggler. He said he doesn’t want Balor’s help, either. [c]

-WWE Fact: Balor wrestled in Ireland at age 18, then relocated to Japan before joining NXT.

-Cole said Balor is too injured to be at Raw tonight, but he’ll be back at TLC on Sunday.

-Drew made his ring entrance. Caruso interviewed Drew mid-ring. She asked why he wants a rematch against Ziggler tonight. Drew said not everyone stays undefeated – not Andre the Giant, not Undertaker at WrestleMania, and not even him. (It says something about WWE’s attitude toward WCW history that Goldberg isn’t brought up automatically in these situations. Yes, they utilized him for a comeback to boost interest in some big shows, but they don’t embrace WCW history the way they do their own even when it’s obviously called for.) He said he is more dangerous after a loss, noting what he did to Balor. He told the fans that when he talks, they should all listen. “I don’t care if you don’t like me, you will respect me!” he said. He said doesn’t care if Ziggler is a good or bad guy, he’s a guy who’s about to get his head kicked off. Ziggler then made his ring entrance.


Ziggler went after Drew aggressively at the start, but Drew took over quickly. They cut to an early break. [c]


Drew remained in control and Cole said he’s been impressively dominant. Cole said if there was a different G.M., Drew would have been fined or suspended, but because he’s pals with him, there were no ramifications. Renee was equally outraged. At ringside Drew tried to suplex Ziggler, but Ziggler slipped out and shoved Drew into the ringpost. Drew almost got counted out, but rolled into the ring to just beat the count. When Ziggler went for a superkick, he collapsed from the extended beating he took. Drew sat back and laughed. Drew offered Ziggler a rope to help himself up. “Climb!” he yelled. “Keep fighting! Don’t give up!” Then he grabbed his hair and lifted him. Ziggler surprised Drew with a Zig Zag for a near fall. Ziggler tried for another kick, but Drew surprised him with a Claymore Kick for the win.

WINNER: McIntyre in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: It really sets Ziggler back to where he was before his resurgence with Drew when he loses in eight minutes clean. I get Drew is getting a big push and there’s no shame in losing to him, but that was too quick and one-sided for Ziggler to be framed as a serious even borderline main event wrestler at this point. Maybe it’s worth it to frame Drew as dominant; I’m casting judgment on that. I just think the price paid is defining Ziggler down to a mid-carder again.)

-Afterward, Drew beat up Ziggler at ringside. He delivered another Claymore. Producer Adam Pearce and two referees ordered Drew to the back and shamed him. Cole wondered how this is making a Raw a better place, as Drew claims he wants to do. Graves said Drew is at the top of the mountain and his view is different than everyone else’s.

-They went to the announcers who discussed Drew. Graves said Corbin isn’t responsible for what Drew did. Cole said the reason the WWE Universe is being turned off is because of Corbin’s decisions. He threw to a clip of Corbin making Heath Slater wrestle Rhyno, loser is fired. A clip aired of Slater beating Rhyno and then Corbin making Slater a referee afterward. Then Renee hyped the Rousey-Jax segment coming up later. Cole plugged Seth vs. Corbin.

-Sasha Banks made her ring entrance. Then Bayley made her entrance. [c]

-They showed Sasha and Bayley doing p.r. work in the Middle East at the United Arab Emirates ahead of the Special Olympics.

(3) BAYLEY (w/Sasha Banks) vs. ALICIA FOX (w/Jinder Mahal, Singh Brothers)

When Renee noted how Sasha and Bayley were all smiles, so how could Graves question their friendship, Graves said, “Have you ever watched this program before, Renee? History.” Alicia made her ring entrance flanked by Mahal and the Singh Brothers. Cole plugged Bayley & Apollo Crews (replacing the injured Finn Balor) vs. Alicia Fox & Rusev. Bayley was distracted by the Singh Brothers, leaving her vulnerable to a Fox running boot to the face. Fox didn’t go for the pin right away. Crews then ran out. Banks leaped off the ring apron onto a Singh Brother as Crews attacked Jinder. Banks told Crews to pick her up and throw her onto the Singh Brothers and Jinder. Crews did. Bayley then gave the Bayley-to-Belly to Fox for the win.

WINNER: Bayley in 4:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Even though Bayley didn’t lose because of the heel distraction, it still made her look like another Dumb Babyface by getting blindsided by Fox when she let herself get distracted.)

-They showed Dean Ambrose standing next to a monitor that had the Seth-Corbin TLC graphic on it. [c]

-The announcers hyped the TLC line-up.

-Caruso interviewed Dean backstage. She excitedly called him “The Lunatic Fringe.” He told her not to call him that. He said Seth is no architect, he’s a piece of “sh…” He took a deep breath and said if after tonight, Seth is still IC Champion, he will take that title and then he’ll tell him what he thinks of him to his face. Caruso asked how Reigns would feel about what’s going on with him and Seth. Dean paused and then said, “Roman? Who cares?” Caruso threw to a clip of Dean turning on Seth on the same night Reigns announced he had cancer and then what Dean has said and done since, including last week’s gas mask SWAT team segment. Back live, Dean soaked up the footage and looked around and then walked away without saying another word.

-They showed Elias shining up his guitar backstage. [c]

-Elias strummed his guitar mid-ring. He said he Lashley did a radio interview earlier saying if he had his way, he’d move every sports team in San Diego to “a cool city like L.A.” Boos. Elias said those are Lashley’s words, and if it were up to San Diego, they wouldn’t allow a loser like Lashley perform there. He said he’d rather perform in the Gas Light District “instead of in front of a bunch of L.A. trash.” (Elias does know that this show airs everywhere, including Los Angeles, right?) He said Lashley will find out WWE stands for “Walk with Elias.” The crowd shouted it along with him. He said he’s a pretty good guy and hitting children with his guitar isn’t at the top of his list, but last week he made an exception. (I get the joke is about Lio Rush being small, but joking about hitting children is dangerous territory to walk and some in the crowd who weren’t up to speed might have been taken aback.) Elias then played.

I’ve been in the air so long
Waiting so long for something to come along
Bring me back down to Earth
Keep my feet above the Earth
But this life ain’t like no other
Oh, can you hear me brother
Actually, I can’t stop thinking about how much Bobby Lashley sucks (cheers)

Lashley’s music interrupted. Lio Rush and Lashley walked out.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was bad enough, it almost turned Rush and Lashley babyface when they interrupted.) [c]

(4) ELIAS vs. LIO RUSH (w//Bobby Lashley)

Heath Slater walked out for his first referee assignment. Elias tossed Rush around the ring early. Renee said the size difference means Rush is no match for Elias. Rush bumped through the ropes to the floor and grabbed at his back in pain. Elias pursued him. Lashley yanked on Elias’s leg as he tried to re-enter the ring. Rush surprised Elias with a kick through the ropes and knocked him to the floor. Back in the ring Rush tried to rally, but Elias quickly reversed Rush’s whip into the ropes and then gave him a sitout powerbomb for an apparent win. Lashley broke up the pin and attacked Elias. Slater didn’t call for the DQ. Graves said he’s still getting acclimated to this job. Lashley intimidated Slater into not DQ’ing Lio. Lashley beat up Elias, then offered Rush encouragement. Rush saw Elias’s guitar and grabbed it from ringside. Lashley smashed Elias with it. Lashley then ordered Slater to count. Renee said this is just another indication of Raw going off the rails in the wrong direction. Graves said what Lashley did must’ve been legal because “how else would you explain it?”

WINNER: Rush in 5:00.

-Backstage Alexa Bliss was talking to a guy in a headset backstage. [c]

-The announcers threw to extended highlight clips of several segments earlier including Corbin-Seth, AOP-Gable & Roode, Natalya-Riott, and Drew-Dolph. (For those who watched the show from the start, they must’ve felt foolish after getting the highlights of everything so far wrapped up in four minutes. Was the show running short and they needed filler to get Ronda at the top of the third hour?)

-Backstage Slater was rubbing his eyes. Corbin said Slater did a good job out there. He said he has to get over the fact that he ended Rhyno’s career. As Slater began to take off his ref shirt, Corbin said his night isn’t over yet. He said he has to referee another match.

-Bliss made her ring entrance.


Nia Jax and Tamina walked out before Bliss spoke. Jax said before Bliss talks, she wants to declare that she will become Raw Women’s Champion at the direct expense of Rousey. She said getting cracked in the head with those 4 oz. gloves in UFC has done a number on Rousey’s logic. She said if she had half a brain left, she’d lay the title at her feet tonight to avoid the beating and humiliation that’s coming to her at TLC. She said Ronda comes from a world where you have to talk trash to hype a face, but she doesn’t talk trash. She said she is a six-foot-tall, 300 pound Samoan woman and Rousey’s worst nightmare. “I am the embodiment of the anti-Rousey,” she said. She added that her secret is her fist which broke Becky Lynch’s face with one punch. She said when Rousey comes right for her, she’s going to punch Rousey in the face. She said she won’t stop with one punch, like she did with Becky, though. She said she’d punch Rousey until she taps out to stop the onslaught. She screeched that her fist will turn into a hand holding up her title that she wins at TLC. Rousey’s music interrupted.

Rousey said she didn’t come to the ring to hit her poses and talk about fighting, she came to fight. She ran into the ring. Jax and Tamina bailed out, but played it cool. Rousey shouted down at them. Jax teased entering the ring, then laughed. Tamina and Jax tried to come at Rousey from opposite directions, but Ember Moon ran out for the save.

(Keller’s Analysis: Apparently they decided less talking is better from Rousey, at least this week. With the build-up of this being a face-to-face, that wasn’t much of a payoff – a long Jax promo and a single sentence from Rousey.) [c]

(5) TAMINA (w/Nia Jax) vs. EMBER MOON (w/Ronda Rousey)

The match was in progress after the break. Ember made a comeback with a dropkick. Tamina regrouped at ringside. Jax pulled Tamina away from Ember as she moved toward her at ringside. Rousey then walked up to Jax and snarled. Back in the ring, when Moon springboarded off the middle rope toward Tamina, Tamina knocked her out of mid-air with a kick. Jax did a lot of trash-talking at ringside. Cole said Ronda is a more experienced WWE wrestler since June when they last wrestled. Graves said on the other side of the coin, she’s become more familiar to the women on the roster, “so you could say some of the mystique has worn off.” (You could also say that someone shouldn’t say that on commentary.) When Moon climbed to the top rope, Rousey stopped Jax from interfering and threw her over the ringside barricade. Ember then landed the Eclipse for the win. Rousey raised Moon’s arm after the match.

WINNER: Moon in 7:00.

-They showed Seth wrapping his wrists backstage.

-A commercial hyped a rap battle between The Bar and the Usos hosted by New Day plus Charlotte vs. Asuka one-on-one. [c]

-Caruso interviewed Corbin backstage. She asked if he thinks this match is a bit of an abuse of power. Corbin asked if she’s trying to get shipped off to Smackdown. Then he chuckled and said he’s kidding and it is a good question. He said he just accepted Seth’s challenge, that’s all. She said there are rumors Braun will actually show up. He said not to believe the rumors. He said Braun’s a one-armed man and after TLC, the entire locker room will have no choice but “all hail Baron Corbin.”

-They went to the announcers who hyped TLC being free for new subscribers. They ran down the entire line-up. Cole said they have breaking news that the Elias vs. Lashley match is going to be a ladder match with a guitar hanging above the ring, and the first to grab the guitar can use it. Renee rubbed her hands together and said this is why TLC is one of her favorite PPVs. Slater walked to the ring. They cut to a break as Renee was reacting to it. [c]

(6) BARON CORBIN vs. SETH ROLLINS – IC Title match with TLC rules

Cole said since referees don’t have to enforce any rules in a TLC match, Slater being assigned seems suspicious. (You could say he’s less useful to Corbin as a result.) The IC Title belt hung above the ring. Seth went after Corbin at the bell with kicks in the corner. Corbin fought out of the corner with a kick and forearms. Seth came back a minute later and kneed Corbin to the floor. He went after him at ringside, and then picked up a chair. Then he dropped it for no apparent reason. Corbin punched Seth on his way back into the ring, then ordered Slater to get him a ladder. Seth caught Corbin with a flying clothesline, so Corbin rolled to the floor. [c]

Back from the break, Corbin was bashing Seth with a chair across his back. The announcer hyped the TLC matches coming up on Sunday. (See, this is where having more viewers of Raw, not fewer, is better regardless of their guaranteed TV rights fees per show.) Corbin took it to Seth at ringside. Back in the ring he suplexed Seth onto a ladder propped in the corner of the ring. Seth eventually fought back. Corbin climbed the ladder. Seth met him at the top and knocked Corbin down. Corbin avoided a Stomp and threw Seth into the ladder. With Seth on the floor recovering, they cut to another break. [c]

Renee commented after the break how Corbin has been going toe-to-toe with Seth. Cole said he’s been dominating. Seth eventually came back and dove through the ropes at Corbin, but Corbin caught him mid-air and then slammed him through a table set up at ringside. Both were slow to get up, though. Corbin climbed the ladder, but Seth hit him with a chair to stop his ascent. Seth then mistakenly hit Slater with the chair. Corbin hit Seth from behind. Graves agreed it wasn’t on purpose. Back at ringside Seth put Corbin on a table and then leaped off the top rope with a splash of Corbin through the table at ringside. The fans chanted “Holy sh–!” Seth then climbed the ladder and grabbed the IC Title. The ref bump hasn’t come into play yet, though. Plus, the announcers were calling Seth’s win with too much excitement before the finish, so you knew something was up. Sure enough, Slater entered the ring and tipped the ladder over, knocking Seth off and crashing onto the t0p rope. Slater threw Corbin back into the ring and helped guide him to the ladder so he could climb it. Corbin was groggy, but climbed. Cole exclaimed that this abuse of power has to stop. The announcers overhyped Corbin’s inevitable win, which meant he wasn’t going to win. Seth took down Slater and then powerbombed Corbin off the ladder through a table propped in the corner. Seth stood. Slater apologized to Seth. Seth superkicked him. Cole said you can’t blame Seth. Seth stomped the mat and then delivered a Stomp to Corbin. He climbed the ladder and grabbed the belt. The bell rang, even with the ref KO’d, and Seth’s music played.

WINNER: Seth to retain the IC Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid TLC match. What is the referee for, though, if the person ringing the bell can declare a winner?)

-Dean walked out to look at Seth on top of the ladder as the show ended.

Tonight after WWE Raw, join me live with guest cohost Rich Fann to break down the show with live callers, mailbag, and an on-site correspondent from Houston, Tex.

•CALL: (347) 215-8558

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  1. Odd little show… way too much Corbin but boy did the WWE tech guys make sure we got a real nice close up of Apollo with his fingers up Sasha’s youknow. Just weird, not as weird as Alexa’s new balloons but still weird. So Slater is an evil ref? Like i said, odd show. But one thing i do notice is when Sasha comes out with Bayley the audience is completely dead. Time to reboot Bayley, hugger girl isn’t working.

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