1/13 WWE in Huntsville, Ala.: Cena back on the road in the main event, Dean vs. Seth, McIntyre vs. Elias, Lucha House Party vs. Revival

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JANUARY 13, 2019

If you attend a live event, please send results in the format of the following report to pwtorch@pwtorch.com. Thanks!

(1) Lucha House Party (Kalisto & Gran Metalik) defeated The Revival. Usual comedy spots for the first 7-8 minutes of the match. The crowd was definitely behind Lucha House Party. Heels control 90 percent of the match until the faces make a comeback with several near falls. Match ends with a combo 360 splash and top rope elbow drop for the win. Okay match

(2) Natalya defeated Ruby Riott. Riott comes out alone but then introduces the rest of the riott squad. Not to be out done, Natty calls out Sasha Banks and Bayley. Natty submits Ruby rather quickly setting up an impromptu 6 women tag match.

(3) Natty & Sasha & Bayley defeated The Riott Squad. Bayley gets isolated and beat down for most of the match. After what seemed like forever, Bayley makes the hot tag to Sasha banks who hits the double knees off the top rope for the win. I don’t know if Sasha is hurt but she literally did one move the whole contest. Match was exactly as expected.

(4) Buddy Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander to retain the Cruiserweight Championship. Good to see Buddy live. There is no way he weighs 205 lbs. Pretty good back and forth chain wrestling to start the match. These dudes are super quick. The apron seemed to be wet as Murphy and Alexander both slipped numerous times. Funny that these guys hit harder than any heavy weight on the entire roster. Tons of near falls. Murphy fakes a knee injury to sucker Alexander in then hits him with a knee to face for the win retaining the title. The match was the best so far of the night.

(5) Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Dean comes out and acts like he is going to be serious and talk good about Birmingham and the doctors that did his surgery but then runs the whole state of Alabama down. Ambrose then says he can beat Rollins in five minutes or he will give Seth the belt. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen. Ambrose then tries to get himself counted out but Rollins goes to the ramp and beats him back into the ring. What started as a five minute match turned into what seemed to be a 47 minute match. After an eye poke and the dirty deeds, Ambrose retains. Post match Dean runs down the crowd and Seth, then tries to get Rollins to shake his hand. Seth does not shake his hand but instead gives him DX crotch chops then a curb stomp. The match was everything that’s been seen on TV for the past month.


(6) B-Team & Tyler Breeze & No Way Jose defeated Jinder Mahal & Sunil Singh & Mojo & Viktor of the Ascension. Lots of “B-Team Go Go Go” chants. Breeze is the lonely face to get beat down for the start of the match. Hot tag to Jose who cleans house. All the heels leave Sunil in the ring to be fed to the faces. Everyone gets a finisher on the poor Singh brother. Faces win and celebrate with the crowd. Jose is pretty big in person, Sunil is tiny. Match was blah.

(7) Drew McIntyre defeated Elias. Elias comes out and does his usual but this time plays sweet home alabama which is quickly interrupted by the Scottish psychopath. Drew is a monster. Lots of
“You suck!” chants for McIntyre. Elias gets in his usual spots. He is going to have to come up with some more moves if he plans on staying over as a face. As I type that, Elias goes “Old School Undertaker” and walks the tope rope. Drew draws great heel heat. Elais controls most of the match, but then comes up short on a top rope splash. Drew then hits the Claymore  for the three count. Good match overall.

(8) John Cena defeated Baron Corbin  in a no-DQ match. Baron starts off in control. No Cena sucks chants… but no let’s go Cena chants either. Five moves of Doom early but Corbin rolls outside and gets a chair. Cena has one too and they both hit each others chair. Cena rolls out and gets a table. Cena teases an AA onto the table but Baron reverses. After two attempts to put Cena through the table the third works. Theres a ref bump mid-match which allows Corbin to tap to  the STFU. A new ref comes down only for Corbin to knock him out. Cena ends up getting a new table and AA s Baron through it for the three count to send the crowd home happy. Pretty good match considering Cena was involved.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall, a pretty good show although it was the exact same lineup and outcome as Knoxville a night or two earlier.

If you attend a live event, please send results in the format of the following report to pwtorch@pwtorch.com. Thanks!

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