5 YRS AGO – KELLER’S WWE RAW REPORT (2-10-14): Betty White opens Raw, Cena vs. Orton main event “defines our future tonight,” Punk chants, A.J. Lee, Cody, Rey, Ambrose, Big Show, Triple H, Steph

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


The following report was published five years ago this week on PWTorch.com…

FEBRUARY 10, 2014

-They opened right away with Betty White, as introduced by Justin Roberts. Jerry Lawler exclaimed, ”All right!” They had Big Show lead her onto the stage. She seemed touched by the response from the crowd. She said she can’t possibly say how thrilled she is to be a guest host on Raw. Show asked what they’re going to do tonight. She said, “I’m going to kick some ass.” Triple H’s music then promptly interrupted. Stephanie and Hunter walked out. Hunter gave Show a smarmy smile and Show glared back at him. Nice to see them not just forgetting their past because it isn’t the current big money angle they’re concentrating on.

-They went to the announcers at ringside where Michael Cole said it’s electric in L.A. tonight as the Road to WrestleMania heats up.

-Hunter and Stephanie addressed the crowd inside the ring. Hunter said last week they said if Daniel Bryan could beat Randy Orton last week, they promised to reconsider Bryan as the Face of WWE. He said they’re reconsidering everyone who is inside the Chamber, including John Cena. He was then interrupted by Randy Orton’s music. Orton walked out with both belts.

Quotebook – JBL on the pressure Randy Orton feels: “Pressure can make you crack. Pressure also makes diamonds.”

Stephanie asked if Orton was “seriously doing this again” by interrupting them as they talk about the potential new face of WWE. She highly recommended he go back to the locker room to prepare for his main event match tonight. Orton said he’s been doing some thinking and he has decided he needs to apologize for his actions. He said he didn’t want to confuse anybody. He said he wanted to apologize to Hunter because he has been childish and selfish and foolish lately. He said he understands that if he wants what he wants, he has to give Hunter what he wants. He said he will bring The Viper to rest of his championship reign, beginning when he defeats Cena again tonight. Steph said that sounds fantastic, but how can they trust him. A loud “Daniel Bryan” chant broke out. Orton said it’s coming from the heart.

Creative Sign of the Night: “U Can’t CMe!”

Up next came a loud “C.M. Punk” chant as Orton went back to pausing between his thoughts. Orton said he wants to be the Face of WWE inside and outside the ring. He said he wants to be on every cereal box and billboard, he wants the TV interviews. He said he is the heart and soul of WWE, and Batista most certainly isn’t. Then Bryan’s music played and the crowd popped. Bryan asked Orton if he really thinks he is the heart and soul of WWE. “Seems to be you’re a different body part entirely,” Bryan said.

Steph said she doesn’t appreciate their interrupting her and Triple H on live TV. She said from now on every Superstar and Diva will have to make an appointment with the Director of Operations. Why aren’t Divas “Superstars,” by the way? “Superstar” doesn’t imply a specific gender. Bryan said Kane is nowhere to be found. Bryan demanded a match with Kane tonight. Steph said they did not condone Kane’s actions last week and therefore he was on administrative leave for one week and “he has an incredibly strong letter of reprimand in his appraisal file,” she said. Bryan mocked that form of punishment. Bryan asked who is doing their performance review because it seems they are a combination of arrogance (Steph) and stupidity (Hunter). Orton told Bryan to show them some respect and kiss the ground they walk on and at least be honored to be in the same ring as them. Bryan said they know Randy really really likes Stephanie. He brought up that he once handcuffed Stephanie and kissed her. Orton asked for permission to punt Bryan’s head to Seattle. Hunter said he and Stephanie have decided that Bryan will face no one. He said what is best for business is what is giving him the night off. The crowd chanted “No! No!” Bryan protested and said the fans want to see him wrestle. I’m not sure this is the best way to stop the viewership erosion that occurs during Raw every week.

-Cole plugged that Mark Henry returns later tonight. Lawler said that “arguably two of the greatest Superstars in the history of WWE will go one-on-one tonight in our main event.” First of all, should Lawler really say “arguably” in that otherwise rather soft statement that they’re “two of the greatest”? It’s not like he said “the two greatest.” Second, will Jerry get reprimanded for not calling it “the WWE”?

(1) THE WYATT FAMILY beat CODY RHODES & GOLDUST & REY MYSTERIO in 10:00. In the end, Rey set up a 619, but Bray blind-tagged himself in and surprised Rey with Sister Abigail for the win. Afterward, Bray cut a promo from his rocking chair.

-The announcers threw to a video package on Roman Reigns’s performance at the Royal Rumble. Then Renee Young interviewed The Shield backstage about facing the Wyatt Family. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins had brief comments. Renee then asked Dean Ambrose about recent chatter that he hasn’t defended the U.S. Title lately. He asked her if she has any idea how much paperwork goes into finding a challenge and defending the title. Reigns asked what kind of champion he wants to be. Ambrose said, “I resent that.” He said nobody in the company has the guts to step up and take that title away from him, and if someone does, he’ll remind everyone why he is the champion. Reigns showed some personality as he basically laughed at Ambrose as he walked away.

-Vickie Guerrero approached Betty White who was hanging out with the cast of Total Divas. They chatted about her hidden camera prank TV show. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn walked in and said they’ve heard a rumor that someone is going to prank her, so they’re going to protect her. They asked her if she liked tea. She said yes. They walked her away to get some tea.

-A clip aired of a Cena-Orton match from September 2009.

(2) FANDANGO (w/Summer Rae) pinned SANTINO (w/Emma) in 2:00. The fans began chanting “JBL!” early in this match. Cole swore they weren’t feeding those in. Miz marched to the announce table to again complain that he wasn’t wrestling tonight despite “Twinkle Toes” and “a man whose act is older than Betty White” having a match. He said he’s the only Superstar who has actually been a star in movies filmed in Hollywood.

-Byron Saxton interviewed Sheamus backstage. He asked him about wrestling in the Elimination Chamber match. Saxton said he’ll be tagging with Christian later, but facing him in the Chamber in two weeks. Sheamus said he respects Christian and has no problem teaming with him, and maybe later they can celebrate with a pint. He said, “An Irishman and a Canadian walk into a bar on Hollywood Boulevard. Sounds like a start of a bad joke.” He said isn’t taking lightly the opportunity at the Chamber which could lead to a main event at WrestleMania. He said he will kick the teeth in of anyone who stands in his way.

-A soundbite aired with Christian who was sporting a black and bruised eye. He said maybe he’s not poster boy material, “even though my mom seems to think so,” and he said he’s a two-time champion and at EC he’ll make it three. It’s good that they’re giving everyone a chance on Raw to make their best case for why they will win the Chamber.

(3) CHRISTIAN & SHEAMUS beat THE REAL AMERICANS (w/Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro w/Zeb Coulter) in 15:00. Before the match Zeb talked about Christian and Sheamus sneaking back across our borders after licking their wounds in their home country, and they are rewarded for that criminal behavior by getting a slot in the Elimination Chamber. When Cesaro took the mic, he got some cheers. He vowed to win the EC and become the first-ever Real American WWE World Hvt. Champion. Zeb ordered Cesaro to start, which seemed to upset Swagger. There was a loud “We the People!” chant at the start of the match. Cesaro gave Christian the Big Swing about ten times. It ended when Sheamus pinned Swagger after a Brogue Kick. Good tag match.

-Renee interviewed Cena backstage who said change is in the air. He acknowledged the crowd support for Bryan and other new WWE Superstars. He said they are on the cusp of change. He said tonight’s match “is about our future” because he will close his rivalry with Orton by making a statement by beating him 1-2-3. He warned his EC opponents and The Shield that if they think they have what it takes to carry the future of WWE, know that they have to go through him to get it.

-A video package on Batista aired which was titled “Batista Bombs!” I know he’s not off to a great start, but that seems a little harsh for WWE to declare this soon!

(4) ALBERTO DEL RIO beat DOLPH ZIGGLER in 1:30. Ziggler got in a bunch of rapid-fire offense early. A “Let’s Go Ziggler” chant broke out. Del Rio, though, suddenly came back with a superkick for the win. They want to make Del Rio strong headed into his match against Batista at EC, but this probably did more to hurt Ziggler than help Del Rio.

-Del Rio put Ziggler in the Cross Armbreaker afterward. Batista ran out and made the save. He was booed at first. Batista threw the monitors on the announce table aside and then threw Del Rio into the barricade and then onto the announce table. A brief “C.M. Punk”! chant broke out. Some fans clearly perceive that Batista is the reason Punk is gone. Batista gave Del Rio a Batista Bomb through the table. As officials checked on him, Batista teased hitting him with a monitor. Lawler begged him not to do it. Batista left. He didn’t look happy.

-A video aired on WWE Network explaining how to watch WWE Network on TV using a “connected device.” The Bellas led the explanation in what amounted to a spoof of flight attendants explaining how seat belts work. It was a little too cutesy. Good effort, but basically a straight forward explanation probably would be more effective.

-They went to the announcers who were in their chairs but without a table. They explained that people can sign up for a free one week trial for WWE Network at WWE.com right now. JBL said you can get all of his matches.

-WWE Fact: WWE has over 260 million social media followers across 11 social media networks.

-Backstage Triple H approached Batista and said it’s good to have him back, but he can’t have him going off on people like he just did to Del Rio. Hunter said things are different now because they’re a publicly traded company, so if something goes wrong his neck is on the line. Actually, WWE was a publicly traded company before Batista made his WWE debut. He said he is trying to fit him into what’s best for business. Batista said ADR is his business right now. Hunter said he can have Del Rio at EC. Batista didn’t react except for a brief “good.” Hunter said he’s looking out for him. Batista said, “I guess things really have changed around here.” I don’t even know what that means.

-A video package announced Lita was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Clips aired of Naomi, Michael Hayes, Michael Cole, Summer Rae, and Natalya. Hayes said: “She wasn’t a girl, she was a chick – she was a hot chick, she was a cool chick.” Interesting that Jake was front and center on the graphic showing the HOF inductees so far, with Warrior on the left behind Jake and Lita on the right behind Jake.

-They showed Betty White having tea with the Outlaws. The Outlaws each got up to get her a lemon when she asked for one. She switched their tea so Gunn ended up drinking the tea meant for her.

-Cole corrected himself. You can’t sign up for a free week of WWE Network until Feb. 24. The Outlaws joined the announcers on commentary. Gunn was already feeling ill from the switched tea.

(5) JIMMY & JEY USO beat CURTIS AXEL & RYBACK. Gunn began burping and rubbing his abdomen uncomfortably. Cole asked them to cut his mic. There were the obligatory “Goldberg” taunts from the crowd early. In the end, Jey dove over the top rope onto Ryback and tagged Jimmy mid-air. Jimmy then splashed and pinned Axel inside the ring.

-Afterward Billy grabbed his butt and ran to the back like he was in need of an emergency toilet visit.

-A commercial aired on the new “Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania” DVD release.

(6) MARK HENRY beat DEAN AMBROSE via DQ to Ambrose retained the U.S. Title. Cole said Ambrose is the longest reigning champion in WWE today. Lawler and JBL said that’s because he hasn’t defended it much. They cut to a break a few minutes in. After the break, the crowd chanted “C.M. Punk!” In the end Henry landed a World’s Strongest Slam, but Rollins charged in and broke up the pin, causing the DQ.

-Afterward Reigns speared Henry at ringside. Then the Wyatt Family walked out to the ring. The Shield, who had already walked into the crowd, leaped back over the ringside barrier and stood on the ring apron. The two trios stood on opposite ring aprons and stared each other down. The crowd at it up. Reigns entered the ring. Then Bray. The crowd cheered. Bray then bailed out before any contact and laughed. The crowd booed him. That clearly establishes that The Wyatts are the heels in their match, although there’s hardly a case to be made that Ambrose or Rollins acted as babyfaces at all in this. Reigns is being positioned as the bravest of all and is getting cheered.

-They showed Wiz Khalifa in the crowd. JBL said Stephan Bonnar was also in the house.

-Cole threw to a video package on Bobo Brazil as part of WWE’s “Black History Month” series.

(7) BRIE & NIKKI BELLA & CAMERON (w/Eva Marie) beat A.J. LEE (w/Tamina Snuka) & ALICIA FOX & AKSANA when Cameron pinned Aksana in 5:00.

-Clips aired of Stephanie McMahon, Mark Henry, and Josh Mathews at a B.A. Star rally.

-The announcers compared the Tale of the Tape history of Cena and Orton since they debuted two months apart in 2002.

-A brief vignette aired with “The Bulgarian Brute” Alexander Rusev and his valet/handler/manager, Evil.

-Kane came out wearing a suit. The announcers said he was supposedly on administrative leave tonight. Kane said he acted on his own last week and he admits it was ill-advised. Bryan then came out. Lawler said he thought he had the night off, too, but he didn’t leave. He charged into the ring and went after Kane to get back at him. The crowd chanted “Yes! Yes!” Kane made a comeback, but Bryan quickly took control again and beat up Kane at ringside. The crowd ate it up. Kane retreated through the crowd after just a minute of a fight. Bryan led the crowd in cheers of “Yes! Yes! Yes!”
-The announcers plugged Orton vs. Cesaro would be on Smackdown.

-Betty White said she hadn’t been around that many shirtless men in tiny trunks since, well, last night. She really didn’t do much at all. She said it was time for the main event.

(8) JOHN CENA pinned RANDY ORTON in 21:00. During his ring entrance, Cena said, “This defines our future tonight.” Cole said Cena believes there is a wave of change going on in WWE with new Superstars, and he considers this match a vital part of that wave of change. Not sure how that works. Cena clearly called a spot to Orton before a reverse whip off the ropes and an elbow to the chest. Is Orton hard of hearing? Why did Cena say that so loudly? A loud “Let’s Go Cena! / Cena sucks!” battle chant broke out. After a commercial, Lawler said Cena passed him in the hallway earlier and was very confident that he would be the champ again soon. We got the obligatory mid-ring mid-match chinlock at 12:00. Orton hit a DDT off the middle turnbuckle and then showed a strange type of fire in reaction, lashing out at hecklers in the crowd, saying, “Same old what?!… That’s not the same old sh—.” Cole asked, “What is wrong with him?” Orton went for a punt kick late, but Cena avoided it. Orton then avoided an AA and hit a RKO for a near fall that popped the crowd. Lawler said that was as good of an RKO as Orton has ever delivered. Cena then hit an AA for a near fall. In the end, Cena went for an AA off the top rope. Orton fought it off. Cena then landed a top rope legdrop and an AA for the win. Cole said Cena has built momentum headed into the Elimination Chamber. No big angle at the end.

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