2/13 NXT TV REPORT: Ricochet vs. Adam Cole headlines, plus Dijakovic vs. Shane Thorne, Carillo & Ervin vs. Street Profits

Wrestling Night in America Reunion: PWTorch columnist Greg Parks is joined by former PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill for a full match-by-match preview of WrestleMania 36
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FEBRUARY 13, 2019

Pre-credits silent tribute to Pedro Morales.

Dominik Dijakovic is out to start against Shane Thorne.


Lockup and Dijakovic forces Thorne into the corner, where Thorne yanks Dijakovic’s nose. Dijakovic forces Thorne through the ropes with power. Thorne re-enters and wraps Dijakovic’s arm through the ropes, then beats him against the ropes and on the mat. Dijakovic fights out of an arm wringer, then puts Thorne on the mat with a clothesline. Dijakovic hits a released suplex that launchs Thorne across the ring. Thorne goes back to the arm then lands a suplex. Thorne heads up top, but Dijakocis slaps his lips off then meets him up top. Thorne with more work on the arm to fend off a superplex, Dijakovic knocks Thorne to the floor then lands a corkscrew plancha. Dijakovic calls for the end, lands Feast Your Eyes for the tin.

WINNER: Dominik Dijakovic in 4:21. Another really enjoyable outing from Dijakovic.

Undisputed Era with a video from a storage container. They vow to win gold again. To be extra heelish, they left the authentic WWE hologram stickers on their shirts. Notable, Strong says that Fish and O’Reilly will go for the tag team titles while Strong and Cole get singles championships. Cole says that it starts tonight with a match against Ricochet.

Recap of last week’s 6-woman tag team match, where the team of Bianca Belair, Kairi Sane, and Io Shirai won the match, but Belair wasn’t happy with it.

“Post-match” with Sane and Shirai. Shirai says that she proved she can beat Shayna Baszler and will beat Baszler for the title. Sane says that Baszler needs to watch out. Belair comes in and says she has no problem with Baszler, but she is first in line and claims to be Un-duh-feat-ed.

Humberto Carillo and Stacey Ervin Jr. are in the crowd for a match. Kassius Ohno comes out and says he has been back for two years, and as he was looking at the monitors, he saw a lot of familiar faces. He then heels on the crowd and says he is sick of them, but he knows something they don’t, he’s gone and will go someplace he is appreciated. Keith Lees comes from behind and clocks Ohno with an elbow. Ohno is out cold. Lee takes the microphone and makes fun of Ohno then not-so-nicely wishes Ohno safe travels, then apologizes to the crowd and Carillo and Ervin for the interruption. Street Profits make their entrance. Montez Ford flops on the ramp to make fun of Ohno.


The announcers mention a number of times that Carillo is now on 205 Live. Carillo slows Ford with a side headlock, then plants him with a shoulder block. Some great athleticism here. Ford covers for 1. They dropkick each other at the same time, then both kip up. Carillo offers a handshake, they shake, then Ford locks on and kicks Carillo in the stomach. Dawkins tags in. Ford looks bad at Carillo’s flips, but walks into a pair of arm drags. Blind tag to Dawkins gives the Street Profits an advantage, but Carillo’s speed neutralizes it and Ervin tags in. Stereo dropkicks followed by a standing shooting star press get Ervin one. Ervin gets dragged to Ford who tags in. Ford is showing a much harder edge and fury in this match than we are used to seeing. Very stiff suplex to Ervin, the ref checks on him and Ford yells at him to get out of the way, covers for two. Carillo gets the tag and he’s on full-on babyface mode taking on both Profits. Missile dropkick knocks the headband off Dawkins, backflip into a standing shooting star press for two, giant moonsault from the top from Ervin, Ford breaks it up. Carillo takes Ford out, Dawkins clobbers Carillo, he wants a popup move on Ervin, Ervin hangs on, tries a huracarana, Dawkins blocks, lifts him up to the electric chair position for Ford to hit a top rope blockbuster for the win.

WINNERS: Street Profits in 6:15. Really strong match here. The in-ring talent is outstanding for a short match. Good to see the loss to the Forgotton Sons translate to more fire from the Profits.

Post-match, the Street Profits get mics and talk about how they want to be a part of any gold that is going around. Ford is fied up big time and puts the War Raiders on notice, but then European Union interrupt. Marcel Barthel says that opportunities are sacred, and they deserve the championship match the most and enter the ring and shoo the Profits. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch hit the ring and it’s an argument. War Raiders come out. Rowe says he hears a lot of talking but no fighting. Hanson tells them to make a move and come down the ramp. Undisputed Era ambush the War Raiders from behind, then feed them into the ring where they take a six-on-two beating, until they clear the ring of everyone.

[ J.J.’ Reax: You want to talk about how you damage your tag team division? Having them be easily dispatched from the ring despite an overwhelming advantage is how you do it. ]

Vignette with Johnny Gargano, saying that he is the only one who knows what is best for him. Reminder that Velveteen Dream challenges Johnny Gargano for the NXT North American Championship next week.

Tayanara Conti comes out. She gets a bit of a babyface treatment from the announcers. She is facing Aliyah.


Conti trips ALiyah and bridges into a cover for one, then applies and armbar but Aliyah gets a foot on the ropes. Conti spins into a forearm. Cover for one. Vanessa Bourne appears at ringside for some reason. Aliyah kicks Conti and covers for one. A pair of rapid covers from Conti. Takedowns from Conti, then a kick to the face. Conti to the second turnbuckle, Aliyah meets her there but gets trapped in an armbar over the ropes. Bourne grabs Conti’s foot as she clikcs, letting Aliyah get an edge, she locks in an armbar while kicking Conti for a submission win.

WINNER: Aliyah at 2:48. Nothing much there. I think it’s been years since Aliyah won a match.

Post-match, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler marches out to the ring, so Aliyah and Bourne head for the ramp, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke jump them, beat them up in the ring, then Conti takes it too. Baszler demands the microphone and tells everyone to stay out of their way and to not make them angry. The trio storm off.

Video package on Velveteen Dream earning a championship match of his choice, and choosing the NXT North American Championship.


Cole stomps on Ricochet in the corner out of a lockup, then they trade blows mid-ring. Dropkick from Ricochet, they end up ont he ramp where Ricochet beats Cole and rolls him into the ring. Cole get a boot up, goes to the top, enzugiri from Ricochet stops him. Cole tries a sunset flip powerbomb but Ricochet blocks. Cole kicks him down and Ricochet gets caught in the ropes where Cole kicks him. Cole continues to work the leg. Dragon screw leg whip to Ricochet. Cole and the referree Drake Weurtz argue and Cole goes back to the leg. Ricochet is hobbling but Cole kicks his leg out from under him. Ricochet flips over a suplex attempt, but stumbles on the landing. Ricochet tries to make a rally but the leg is holding him back. He trips Cole into the corner, hits a 619 followed by a diving uppercut, standing moonsault for two. Ricochet slaps his leg. Cole kicks the leg out once again. Cole drops Ricochet into a shoulder breaker, cover for two. Ricochet drops his weight to block a suplex, Cole tries again, Ricochet lands on is feet then ducks a kick, lands a suplex, then Cole gets the flip into the shoulder breaker again. Ricochet ducks the Last Shot, school boy for two. Cole teases a superkick, then kicks Ricochet’s leg. Ricochet ducks another Last Shot, hits a reverse ‘rana. Ricochet wants to go to the top but his leg give out, then a one-legged springboard 450 splash gets Ricochet a nearfall, great move. Ricochet tries to pick Cole up, but the leg stops him. They trade forearms and uppercuts. Ricochet fires up and lays into Cole into Cole kicks the leg. Ricochet dodges another Last Shot then they trade big kicks to the head. Cole dodges a flip kick and nails a superkick for a nearfall. Cole puts Ricochet on the top and goes up too. Ricochet slips under and hits Cole in the back, then crawls to the top, Cole lands elbows and Ricochet lands onto the apron. Cole drags Ricochet back up to the turnbuckle, Ricochet hits blows, then a Frankensteiner followed by an axe kick, suplexes into a fireman’s carry into Vertigo for the win.

WINNER: Ricochet at 14:20. I enjoyed the story here, with Cole working the knee for the entire match, Ricochet selling it perfectly, but still powering through the pain to win the match.

Post-match, Strong, Fish, and O’Reilly hit the ring and stomp Ricochet. Aleister Black makes the save but a Cole superkick ends that.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The march towards WrestleMania weekend is building well, there is a lot of time for things to develop and feuds to feel organic between now and then, and they have opened up a number of intriguing possibilities to hook us for next week.

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