KELLER’S WWE HALL OF FAME SEGMENT REPORT 4/6: Bret Hart and Natalya induct The Hart Foundation, fan charges into ring to tackle Bret, shows comes to halt briefly (fan footage of attack and fallout)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

WWE Hall of Famer to appear on NXT 2.0


APRIL 6 2019

The speeches this year took place inside the ring in the center of Barclay’s Center. It meant a lot of fans were staring at the backs of the heads of those giving speeches, unfortunately, but it made for a better TV event with fans in the background instead of the screen backdrop.

THE HART FOUNDATION – Bret Hart and Natalya inducting

-Natalya walked out with Bret Hart. She said she had to put herself in her dad’s shoes when accepting this honor. She thanked her mom for having her dad’s back every step of the way. She also thanked Bret Hart. Cheers. She also thanked the fans for showing the Hart Foundation unconditional love since 1985. She said her dad’s favorite tag team to wrestle were the British Bulldogs. She said she knows Davey Boy, Dynamite Kid, Stu, and her dad are watching tonight from the best seat in the house. She said her dad’s favorite place to wrestle was New York City, hands down.

Natalya talked about The Hart Foundation inspiring so many wrestler such as Scott Dawson, Dash Wilder, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Sasha Banks, Bayley, the Singh Brothers, Beth Phoenix, Edge & Christian, Tyson Kidd, Teddy Hart. Harry Smith, Cesaro, and Sheamus were all inspired by the Hart Foundation. She said last year her dad was approached about writing a book. She encouraged him to document his life as a shot-putter and a football player. She said her dad said her in what would be their last text exchange, “But, Nattie, the greatest thing I ever did besides being a father to you three girls was being in WWE.” He told her at the end of the day, he was a wrestlers and that’s what he enjoyed the most. She then said, “Take it away, Hitman.”

Bret said it still hurts having lost Jim last summer. He said he’s the best friend he ever had and the most hilarious cell mate one could ever hope for. He said Jim made him laugh his ass of every day. “Every day was an adventure,” he said. Bret told a variety of road stories, including his reluctance to play a heel at first as part of the Hart Foundation. He joked that he finally agreed, but realized he never consulted Jim Neidhart along the way. He told some fun road stories including Neidhart reading a map upside down and driving them in circles.

In the middle of his speech, a fan charged into the ring and tackled Bret. The live stream cut away before any contact was made, but we saw Bret look startled to his right and Natalya look panicked. Then a few seconds later they came back to a shot of the crowd reacting with worry and then some laughs as wrestlers from the back charged out and stomped on the fan until he was dragged out by security. Heath Slater, Edge, Drake Maverick, Tyson Kidd, and Steve Corino were among the many in the ring. Davey Boy Smith Jr. charged into the ring and pounded on the fan until Big Show finally pulled him off. The fan was escorted past fans to the back as fans chanted “F— him up! F— him up!”

Bret: “In pro wrestling, lunacy is half the beauty.”

Bret quoting Jim Neidhart: “Most of the fun stuff happens after midnight, but the key to moderation is moderation.”

Bret quoting Jim Neidhart: “Recklessness and determination make life come alive.”

Bret quoting Jim Neidhart: “Never spend the second half of your life getting over the first half.”

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4 Comments on KELLER’S WWE HALL OF FAME SEGMENT REPORT 4/6: Bret Hart and Natalya induct The Hart Foundation, fan charges into ring to tackle Bret, shows comes to halt briefly (fan footage of attack and fallout)

  1. OK, so 2 things we now know… New Day is fast, damned fast. They were in the ring before the jerk finished the tackle. And… Glen Jacobs shown 5 times. Michelle McCool 3 times. Yep, Kane is taking out Korbin to set up the surprise Angle vs. UT match. it’s true, it’s damned true.

  2. WWE Talent (for the most part) handled this all wrong. Really bad look for the company, Shane McMahon, Dash Wilder, etc. Bad bad bad.

    • I was glad to see WWE talent take matters in their own hands and they should have broke his legs. That guy probably would have started punching Bret Hart if he had an extra few seconds. That guy is a scumbag.

  3. I am shocked and disgusted that bail was only 1500 bucks for that psycho. That guy is truly dangerous and he should be considered a big threat to WWE talent and others. That guy needs to be locked up for a very long time. That guy has a look of a killer in his eye. Bret Hart was lucky that guy only tackled him and did not hit him in the back of his head or worse. I was glad the other wrestlers beat the crap out of him but this guy is EXTREMELY dangerous and I fear for the safety of other wrestlers. What is to stop this guy from showing up at an event with a gun and shooting someone walking in or out of the arena? I blame poor security for letting that guy get to the ring in the first place. I hope they end that stupid in ring Hall of Fame and go back to the old stage style they did.

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