MIZ & MRS TV REPORT 4/30: Three Dudes and a Baby as Maryse has a spa day, Cleveland Browns win, refrigerator acquired, Monroe in music class, Ziggler visits

By Sarah K, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 30, 2019

The show opens with Miz and Maryse in the car. She has something on her shirt from the baby. She and Miz make fun of pretentious people. Yes, even though I don’t have an infant, this is 4 million times more relatable than anything that happens on Total Bellas – ever. Miz, being from Parma – and therefore somehow Cleveland has acquired something he calls a “victory fridge.” It’s a dorm-sized display fridge with Cleveland Browns insignias on it. Evidently there are only 37 of these in existence? Anyway, this fridge is filled with beer and somehow rigged to open when the Browns win the game. Yeah, I foresee a technological fail coming, but, we’ll see. Anyway, Miz’s “famous” friends Dolph Ziggler and Ryan Cabrera are coming over to watch this game.

Miz decides that Maryse should have a spa day, so, he’ll watch the baby whenever that is. Anyway, Dolph and Ryan show up, and Miz is convinced that the Browns are going to win. They’re being noisy men; Maryse reminds them that the baby is trying to sleep. The Browns do actually win, and the chain does actually come off the fridge, which is a small miracle. Three thirty-something dudes then drink a lot of beer.

The next day the Miz is hungover, so is Ryan. Dolph insists on having a Bloody Mary. Anyway, it’s Maryse’s spa day, so three hungover dudes are gonna watch a baby.

I guess the baby has an appointment, and Miz is late for it. Dolph and Ryan are not helpful. Moving along, Maryse, her mom, and (I assume) her sister Amanda go out on a spa day. Miz is late for this spa date. En route Maryse calls, they lie about being at the class. Oh, this poor adorable child.

So the class that baby Monroe is signed up for is a music class. Ha ha. Yeah, Miz has a hangover, so, this is magical. Anyway, the spa date progresses and they do the typical spa cucumbers on the eye / seaweed wrap thing. Maryse’s phone buzzes; the comedy spot is that she falls off the table to try to get it. It was DirecTV. Meanwhile, babies and toddlers are pounding drums and chanting. Miz powers through it and Dolph and Ryan play along. The ladies are all dressed again and eating, and Maryse admits that she probably shouldn’t have called him a gazillion times during her girl’s spa day.

The following day, Miz brings Maryse some coffee in bed. Evidently Maryse has a headache. Miz pours on the charm, and then he goes and gets a drum and does that “hello Monroe” thing with the drum that’s been played in promo commercials for weeks now. The episode ends there. He’s a bit of a jerk, but he’s our lovable jerk.

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