5/19 ROH TV RESULTS: 400th episode featuring Matt Taven vs. Flip Gordon for the world title, Villain Enterprises vs. Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, & Rush for the six-man titles

By Harley R. Pageot, PWTorch contributor

MAY 19, 2019

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Opening theme.

-In the arena we opened with the music of former television champion Jeff Cobb. He was still billed as the champion and wearing the title that he lost ten days ago. Rush was out next followed by Jay Lethal and Villain Enterprises together. Tweets from Riccaboni and former owner Cary Silkin were shown in honor of this being the 400th episode. [C]


Lethal and PCO started. Riccaboni said this was the first time we’d ever seen both me in the ring together. PCO no-sold a chop and three dropkicks to the head. Scurll clubbed Lethal from behind. He tagged out to Rush as Kenny King joined the commentary booth. Rush and Scurll tagged out immediatley without locking up. Instead Cobb and Brody went at each other. The villains dropped Lethal at ringside. [C]

Lethal and Brody jockeyed. Tags to Scurll and Rush. Rush cleared the villains. Scurll returned and called for the chicken-wing but Rush headbutted him. Cobb tossed around all three of the trios champions. PCO shoved Cobb over the top rope. Brody and PCO hit flips over the ropes onto their three challengers. Loud “this is awesome” chant. Scurll and Brody double-teamed Cobb. Rush returned and cleared house. Hail To The King from Lethal to PCO but he sat right up. A second gave Lethal a near-fall before Scurll broke up the pin. Double-team from Scurll and Brody to Rush. Lethal Injection to Scurll! Brody blocked one of his own and spun him out into a powerbomb. Top rope moonsault from PCO to Lethal for the pin.

WINNERS: Villain Enterprises in 13:50 to retain the six-man titles.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Ah, the classic ROH formula of the guy who just lost the world title going on to lose a bunch more matches immediately after. How fitting for the 400th episode. His two partners remain undefeated in ROH, though, so what can you do? This was your typical ROH tag title match with lots of flips and sequences where teams trade their signature moves against each other. Still fun and Cobb arguably looked the best of the bunch. I just wish there had been any sort of explanation as to why the two babyface former singles champions were teaming with the heel Rush or why this trio were given a title shot when they’ve never interacted in any capacity. On paper Lethal, Cobb, and Gresham would have been much more logical. Rush didn’t do anything overtly heel and there was no conflict or miscommunication between him and his teammates, which would have explained the reasoning for this match.)

-The same video package we’ve seen recently about Flip Gordon discussing his knee injury played.

-Fan tweets were shown in honor of the 400th episode. [C]

-During the break Kenny King and Lethal were heading backstage at the same time. King ran up from behind and choked Lethal out with his blind man’s cane. Apparently he’s not actually blind!

-Video recap of the Soldiers Of Savagery debuting last week and attacking Lifeblood. The commentators focused on the fact that neither Bully Ray nor Shane Taylor were expecting the new tag team.

-Video recap of the Taven-Gordon confrontation from three weeks ago on TV that set up our main event here.

Flip Gordon entered first. Matt Taven was out second with TK O’Ryan at his side despite ROH stating after War Of The Worlds: Toronto that O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia would not be allowed at ringside during Taven’s title defenses anymore. Speaking of which, where is Marseglia? I guess he must not be there tonight. I mean he’s certainly not waiting under the ring to interfere later, right?

-More fan tweets were shown listing some of their favorite moments from ROH television over the past seven and a half years. [C]


Gordon was already selling his knee injury two minutes in. (He obviously studied at the school of Matt Jackson.) Gordon threw a superkick off the apron that took out O’Ryan. Taven threw Gordon into the guardrails. Gordon attempted a comeback but Taven hiptossed him onto the guardrail and his legs landed across the metal. [C]

Taven continued to work the knee. O’Ryan got some shots in behind the referee’s back. Taven was on full dominance until Gordon caught him with a springboard spear. They traded blows. We abruptly went to commercials again. [C]

Superplex from Taven. Pele kick from Gordon. Taven kicked out his knee from behind. Springboard Russian leg sweep and falcon arrow gave Gordon a two-count. Taven spat in his face. Pop-up powerbomb. Just The Tip of the knee. Gordon kicked out. Gordon blocked a Climax and hit a swing-out TKO. He went up top for a 450 splash but Marseglia’s red balloons floated up from under the ring. The distraction allowed Taven to kick his leg out and hit a Climax from off the top rope.

WINNER: Matt Taven in 14:23 to retain the world title.

-Marseglia crawled out from under the ring. (Wow! He was there all along!) The Kingdom celebrated to close the show.

(Pageot’s Perspective: That was a 2018 Taven finish. I thought we were past this. How stupid are the ROH babyfaces that they keep falling for this? Do they not watch their own shows? I’m very surprised Lifeblood didn’t make an appearance in Gordon’s corner to even the odds. They say they want him in their group but talk is cheap. Show it. For those keeping track at home Tracy Williams is now your new #1 contender, challenging on TV sometime in late June. Jay Lethal will also be getting his rematch on TV, sometime in early August, and Kenny King is due a title match following his winning the Honor Rumble at G1 Supercard.)

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