Raw Rating: Viewership holds throughout show, but rating among six lowest of the year

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

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This week’s (7/8) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw on USA Network drew a 1.65 rating among live and same-night-DVR viewers, down from the year-ago rating of 1.73 and a two-years-ago rating of 2.04.

The ten-week rolling average is 1.66. The year-to-date average is 1.77.

The hourly viewership numbers were: 2.384 million, 2.349 million, and 2.322 million.

The first-to-third hour drop-off was a mere 62,000, with the hook being who would really be Roman Reigns’s tag team partner against Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre. The average drop-off this year is 354,000.

By comparison, the UFC 239 Prelims drew 1.145 million viewers on Saturday night, about half of what Raw averaged.

1 Comment on Raw Rating: Viewership holds throughout show, but rating among six lowest of the year

  1. THe UFC prelims drawing half of what Raw drew was actually quite impressive. What do you think WWE Raw prelims would draw in comparison to the UFC featured bouts if they were on free tV? More excuses and nonsense. Let’s compare UFC PPV sales vs. WWE ppv sales. Oh wait, we can’t can we. 🙂 The ratings are way down despite how you spin it. Next week maybe Dance Moms will be on the same night as Raw. That could bring the ratings down too! Their were other forms of entertainment on years ago when wrestling was drawing 6’s and 7’s on a regular basis.

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