FANN’s 7/28 Beyond Wrestling “Americanrana 19”: LAX vs. Bear Country, Statlander vs. Kimber Lee Cage match, Dickinson vs. Sekimoto, Janela vs. Dickinson No DQ 60 minute Iron Man match

By Rich Fann, Torch contributor


JULY 28, 2019

Announcers: Paul Crockett and Sidney Bakabella

Americanrana opened with a rendition of the National Anthem and Rich Palladino introducing the announce team and ref. 

(1) John Silver vs. Alex Reynolds

The former Beaver Boys stood in the middle of the ring and jawed each other, until John Silver attacked with a series of double leg take downs of Reynolds and followed with thunderous kicks and then a few chops in the corners. Silver then returned to kicks to the chest of Reynolds, and sent his former partner outside of the ring.

Back in the ring, Reynolds snuck a crossface, with usage of his thumb as the fulcrum. A “f—you Reyolds” chant emerged from the crowd. Despite the fact he gave up power to the former fellow Beaver Boy, Reynolds began to hit Silver with Silver’s kicks and taunted him, until Silver rocked Reynolds with a forearm and running knees. A punt attempt by Silver was countered by Reynolds’ roll to the outside of the ring.

Silver’s suplex was countered into a Stunner by Reynolds, who followed with a jackknife powerbomb with float-over for a two count. Reynolds followed with a variant of the Sharpshooter (with his non-locked knee on the mat ala the Lion Tamer) until Silver reached the ropes.

After a series of exchanges off the ropes, Silver hit a Blue Thunder Bomb for a 2.9 count. A punt attempt by Silver resulted in the ref’s falling out of the ring, and with the ref out of the ring Reynolds received a brass knuck from Mark Sterling and got the win with a punch.

WINNER: Alex Reynolds in 12:58 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Really good opener for the show and the way that Bakabella and Crockett laid out the feud and the events that led to the match was great for the folks that watched free and wanted motivation for watching the entire card.)

(2) Bear Country (Bear Beefcake & Bear Bronson) vs. EYFBO/LAX (Santana & Ortiz)

The battle of tag team aces kicked off with Ortiz and Bronson. Ortiz hit the kick/swivel combo, until Bronson got annoyed and slammed the “Funky Monkey”. Ortiz then yelled, “Okay you wanna get serious?” and escaped the Bear Country corner as soon as Bronson tagged out. Ortiz then screamed he wouldn’t lock up with Beefcake, as every time he has, Beefcake has thrown him across the ring. Instead, Ortiz went behind for a back rake, which resulted a hellacious chop delivered onto Ortiz, who rolled away and tagged in Santana.

Another back rake from Santana now only continued to anger the large Bear Beefcake, who Irish whipped Santana and elevated the smaller LAX member with a press slam. Both members of Bear Country attempted a tag move, but Santana countered with a duck and an enzigiri onto Beefcake. With a pier six brawl having emerged, Santana dueled with Bronson while Ortiz dove to the outside onto Beefcake. At this point, Ortiz tagged back in to set Bronson up for Ortiz to crotch into the outside turnbuckle and tagged Santana back in. Santana then put on the figure four on the outside ala Bret Hart.

With the less gargantuan member of Bear Country hobbled, EYFBO continued their assault, with Ortiz hitting his corpse fall despite Bryce Remsberg not counting. Ortiz then slapped on the figure four, with rope grabs while the ref wasn’t looking. Bronson reversed the figure four, but Santana then entered the ring while Remsberg argued with Beefcake to turn the figure four back over in EYFBO’s favor.

Bronson in a moment of desperation hit a fire thunder driver on Santana with Ortiz’ body, which allowed a tag to Beefcake. The big man then began to rain corner body attacks onto both members of EYFBO, and again elevated Santana with a back body drop. Beefcake then put both members onto his shoulders and hit a pair of Death Valley Drivers. Bronson then came and dove onto a recovering Ortiz outside.

Not to be outdone, Beefcake climbed to the second rope and nailed a beautiful moonsault onto Santana for a 2 count. Santana attempted to come back with a pair of chops, but one Beefcake clothesline ended that push. A hobbled Bronson climbed up for the Elevator Drop and Bear Country nailed it, however Ortiz juked Beefcake to break up the pin. Ortiz hit a Saito Suplex onto Bronson, who no sold it – but ate a pop up powerbomb for his trouble. Santana kicked Bronson in the head as soon as he kicked out.

Before EYFBO could hit a tag finish, Beefcake hit a pair of powerbombs into a death valley driver, and another Elevator Drop. As the three count dropped Ortiz dove in for a breakup and the match was declared over despite this.

WINNER: Bear Country in 15:20 by pinfall (***3/4)

(Fann’s Analysis: Finish aside, this was a great tag match. I loved, absolutely loved the transitions between the teams and if this was a swansong for LAX/EYFBO, this was a heck of a way to leave a legacy.)

Post match, Team Tremendous hit the ring to destroy the knees of Bear Country, clad in black dresswear. LAX hit the ring to get the back of Bear Country and Team Tremendous fled, arms aloft. The teams then showed some respect for one another to the chant of “All these guys” from the crowd. Santana grabbed the mic and said that Bear Country were the new aces of Beyond’s tag division.

(3) Wheeler YUTA vs. Chuck O’Neil

The bell hadn’t rung, but YUTA hit the ring, nailed a German suplex and attempted a pinfall, after which the bell rang to officially start the match. After a Michinoku driver by O’Neil was transitioned to an arm bar, YUTA escaped and sent O’Neil to the outside. YUTA then followed with a tope suicida to the outside onto O’Neil.

Outside, YUTA hit onto the floor hard after another exchange and O’Neil used that to try and get a count out win. YUTA however returned to the ring at 9 and was subjected to a series of kicks from the MMA knowledgeable O’Neil. After a knee to the head from O’Neil, YUTA stiffened and collapsed, O’Neil climbed onto his opponent and dropped some forearms and the ref stopped the match.

WINNER: Chuck O’Neil in 3:51 by ref stoppage (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Sudden finish with the flash KO, which was makes sense for the “legit” one. The destruction of YUTA after he hit his head on the turnbuckle and ate the knee made for a great visual.)

(4) Cheeseburger (Champion) vs. PUF vs. Solo Darling (w/Officer Magnum) vs. Johnny Cockstrong vs. “Retro AG” Anthony Greene (w/The Platinum Hunnies) vs. Swoggle vs. Kikutaro vs. Alex Zayne vs. “Top Talent” Christian Casanova (w/Cam Zagami) vs. Ken Doane vs. Marko Stunt – FEAST Wrestling Championship Ladder Match

While the rest of the participants brawled in the ring, Marko stunt climbed the ladder outside and did a somersault into the ring, which took most of the competitors out. This elicited a high five for Stunt from Swoggle, who then left to put the boots to Alex Zayne. While Stunt set up ladder, Solo Darling lurked and jacked up the young man. Kikutaro then attempted to climb the ladder with Darling, but descended to take a picture of Darling while she climbed the ladder. Darling caught him and then dropped to the mat to stretch the masked man and yelled “are you serious?”.

Johnny Cockstrong then came into the ring and used his crotch as a weapon against Darling. Kikutaro tried a groin shot, but Cockstrong no sold. After a few more competitors entered the ring again, Darling had them wrapped in dual single crabs using the ladder, and again Kikutaro tried to watch Darling’s backside while she worked. Cockstrong recovered and gave Darling an X-factor variant onto the apron. Cockstrong then did a slow motion roll over Zayne, who had at some point fallen under it, then tucked Zayne’s head into his trunks for a piledriver onto the ladder. While Cockstrong celebrated, PUF entered and slammed Cockstrong onto the ladder and followed with a splash onto the ladder. Swoggle tapped the large man on the shoulder and that led to big / little silliness.

Meanwhile, Retro AG and Cheesburger attempted to climb the set up ladder, but PUF used Swoggle’s body as a battering ram to eject the pair off the ladder. Greene removed the Zubaz and teamed with Cheesebuger to get the large man down to no avail. Finally, after an assisted stomp off of AG, Cheeseburger got PUF to the floor. Marko Stunt tried to climb the ring, but Cheeseburger, with the size disparity finally in his favor, pressed Stunt off of the ladder and threw him at Greene.

Greene then went to the corner and flipped Cheeseburger into a Memphis piledriver. At this point Swoggle went on a German suplex rampage, dropping AG, Doane, Cheeseburger and Zayne. After an exchange, Solo Darling was added to the list of victims. Swoggle then put the ladder around his head to imitate Barely Legal Terry Funk, until Stunt and Swoggle squared off in the ring in a battle of the tiny boys. Swoggle nailed a pop up powerbomb and called Stunt a “b-tch”.

Kikutaro attempted to climb to the top rope after he set the ladder up on the second rope and placing an incapacitated Stunt onto it, but Cockstrong used his glow-in-the-dark marital aide to assault the Japanese competitor. With Stunt still on the ladder, Zayne climbed to the top rope and hit a 630 onto Stunt and the ladder. Before Zayne could climb the ladder, Casanova came out of nowhere with a springboard. Zagami and Casanova then tried to help Doane get the title, but PUF stopped the proceedings. Anthony Greene tried to climb, but Zagami entered and pulled him off. The Platinum Honeys then chased off Zagami, checked on Greene, and then double powerbombed PUF as he tried to climb the ladder. The Honeys then ate a double clothesline from Doane, who sauntered up the ladder.

Solo Darling came out of nowhere and climbed between Doane’s leg to get to the higher level, then locked his legs into the ladder and kicked the bigger competitor in the chest, and made a point to climb over his groin to grab the FEAST championship.

WINNER: Solo Darling in 17:19 (**)

(Fann’s Analysis: An absolute wild match to have seen, and the action was well designed to give everyone some shine. The finish gave Solo a solid finale to her story throughout the Uncharted Territory episodes as well as continued the Zagami squad’s annoyance to the rest of the roster.)

At this point the free portion of the show ended and a 20 minute intermission occurred. Video highlights of Ken Doane’s descent into evil, and the origin of the FEAST championship, as well as the other matches on the main card.

(5) Josh Briggs vs. Johnny Foxwoods (John Morrison)

The crowd went through several of Foxwoods’ other names to the chagrin of Briggs as well as the referee. Briggs used the power game early, and leveled Foxwoods with a shoulder block. Foxwoods then did a series of springboards, until Briggs dropped him with a big boot. Fans close to the ring yelled “parkour” after each leap to the annoyance of Foxwoods.

Foxwoods then took the advantage with a twisting splash and a Capoeira inspired roll kick to the head of Briggs. Foxwoods then put on a sleeper, which he spun back into several times as Briggs tried to counter on the mat. After Briggs escaped, both men got to the top rope, where it was assumed Foxwoods would nail a Spanish fly, however Briggs set up for a top rope chokeslam, which Foxwoods flipped out of. Foxwoods then hopped back onto the top rope and hit the Spanish Fly for a two count.

Back on their feet, Briggs tried for the choke bomb, which Foxwoods flipped out of and kicked Briggs in the face, which woke up the big man. After a standing shooting star by Foxwoods, Briggs kicked out in the press position into a slam, and when Briggs slammed Foxwoods to the mat, the former Johnny Nitro put his foot on the ropes to stop the count. Foxwoods then hit a moonlight drive, then set up for a phoenix splash, but Briggs moved and dropped Foxwoods with a chokeslam for a two count.

Another series of reversals got the ref out of position, which allowed Foxwoods to kick Briggs in the groin and nail Starship Pain for the win.

WINNER: Johnny Foxwoods in 12:41 by pinfall  (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Nice official show open with Briggs “buying into” the style of Foxwoods early, which took the wind out of the complaints of “parkour”, etc early. Bringing Briggs low (and then the appearance below) allows for the big man to continue his journey of revenge. Really dug this match that at first blush could’ve gone sideways.)

After the lights went out, MJF was in the ring and hit Briggs with a Cross Rhodes, and gave himself a visual three count.

(6) The Butcher and The Blade (Andy Williams & Pepper Parks) vs. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson)

Ricky Morton started the match off with Andy Williams, who set the tone early with a shoulder block, until Robert Gibson tagged in to assist on a double shoulder block on the Butcher. Pepper Parks tagged himself in, and quick tags by the Rock ‘n’ Roll express kept Park off kilter, as he ate a hip toss. Ricky Morton then began Face In Peril ™, hitting the Morton roll and tagged in Gibson for the hot tag. Both men ducked Butcher and the Blade clotheslines, then hit an assisted sunset flip for the win.

WINNER: Robert Gibson in 4:43 by pinfall (**)

(Fann’s Analysis: Short, sweet and a really fun match for what it was – which was a great salute to one of the greatest tag teams of all time and a fun interaction between them and an up and coming team in Butcher and The Blade.)

Post match Morton & Gibson declared Parks & Williams are the future of the business, and they’d have to call Triple A “to pull their foots out of our behinds next time they see us”. Fans chanted “Rock & Roll” as the legends hit their tandem high five.

(7) Orange Cassidy (champion) vs. “The Quitman” R.D. Evans – IndependentWrestling.TV Championship vs. Career

Evans entered the ring with a “Quitman” jacket, fashioned after Bret Hart’s. Evans started the match bewildered at Cassidy, who was unbothered by slaps and shoves. Cassidy then put his hands in his pockets and began the Cassidy experience, crisscrossing the ring with the absolute slowest gait and ended it with a slow shoulder block.

Evans screamed, “I will not quit, I will win” while Cassidy pulled his hands out of his pockets to twist Evans into a pinning predicament and the win.

Evans challenged Cassidy to a rematch, called the champ a coward, but only got him back into the ring when he declared The Fast & Furious series to be horrible and Fast Five was the worst. Cassidy was incensed and approved the rematch.

Evans broke Cassidy’s shades, but Cassidy pulled another pair out from both pockets and then Bryce Remberg’s pocket. Evans was beside himself when Cassidy pulled a pair from Evans’ tights, mouth agape. Hands back in pockets, Cassidy hit a shotgun dropkick, then received a chop and handed his shades to Remsberg. When he returned fire, his offense was typical Cassidy, finally hitting his shin music after stepping out of the way of Evans’ leap to the top rope.

All three men (ref & contenders) had their eyes poked and knocked noggins, collapsing to the mat. After all three men sat up, Evans took advantage and got Cassidy into a Sharpshooter. Cassidy got to the ropes, as well as his orange juice. Evans came in for a spear, ate a superman punch, and then a face full of orange juice from Cassidy. Evans then hit the spear, called for the jackhammer and got a 2.9 count.

Evans tried a splash and failed twice, but then got the jackhammer position, and yelled “nobody kicks out of two jackhammers!” – however, Cassidy rolled Evans up for his (second) win.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy in 2:49 by pinfall (NR) / Orange Cassidy in 7:57 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Orange Cassidy is great when he has a solid opponent and Evans was great. He was not only the right level of disbelief, but then the second match being started because of the Fast slander was superb. The comedy involved with a great story is always going to get me.)

Post match, Evans received the shades from Cassidy ala Bret Hart, and the fans chanted “please don’t go” as Evans put his thumbs up and basked in the adulation and appreciation.

(8) Chop ‘n’ Roll Express (Bryan Alvarez & “Filthy” Tom Lawlor) vs. Nerder-Death-Kill (Nick Gage & “The Ovaltine Dream” Thomas Santell)

The mission of the match early was Alvarez ducking Gage at all costs. After sending Lawlor to the outside, Gage went for a dive onto Lawlor and Alvarez, but both men moved. They didn’t move however from the dive from the top out of nowhere from Santell.

Back in the ring, Santell tagged in and before he could get another move off the top rope, Alvarez shoved Santell off the top rope. Alvarez then tagged in and did an assisted chop. Alvarez then hopped off the second rope to deliver another chop, and the Chop ‘n’ Roll Express used quick tags and chop suplex combos as they isolated Santell.

Lawlor got back into the ring with a tag and began to wail on Santell with kicks – then prevented a tag to Gage with a spinebuster. Alvarez then tagged in and showed off the reddened and bloodied chest of Santell, with yet another chop to the Ovaltine Dream. While Alvarez mouthed off to Gage, Santell reached for Mr. MDK, but was cut off by Lawlor pulling Gage off the apron, after Lawlor missed a tackle to stop the hot tag.

A quick slam by Santell got the opening he needed to tag in Gage, and Gage assailed Lawlor with slams and a face wash in the corner. Alvarez was frozen in the corner as he watched his partner get decimated, until the limp body of Lawlor fell into Alvarez, tagging him in.

Gage grabbed Alvarez for a piledriver, but a roll up by Alvarez nearly ended the match. Lawlor came into the ring and ate a double arm DDT as well as an assisted Chokebreaker. Alvarez superkicked Gage, who asked for more. Three superkicks later, Alvarez took a Chokebreaker of his own, and then Santell joined for a tandem spike piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Nerder-Death-Kill in 11:56 by pinfall (***)

(Fann’s Analysis: Superb tag match story, with Alvarez playing the coward that refused to square up with Gage. Once the falling tag happened with Lawlor, Alvarez being the punching bag for NDK was great. The fans also made that match a treat.)

(9) Chris Dickinson vs. Daisuke Sekimoto

Power was the name of the game of this match. Sekimoto and Dickinson exchanged go behind attempts for German suplexes, then a hook kick from Dickinson felled Sekimoto, who looked up in annoyance and respect for the Dirty Daddy.

After the two behemoths wailed on each other outside, Sekimoto got the advantage with a half crab. After a rope break, Sekimoto ate a back drop and staggered into the corner. Dickinson then hit several running clotheslines in the corner, with the last set directly onto Sekimoto in the throat area.

Back on their feet, both men continued their exchange, with Dickinson getting a near fall off of a Memphis piledriver. Sekimoto countered another Dickinson hold with a uranage, then climbed the top rope for a frog splash which got a two count. Sekimoto hit a running bulldog, then a basement splash.

Sekimoto went to the top rope again, but Dickinson cut him off with a superplex. Both men were down, with the ref count at seven before both were on their feet. Dickinson began to throw kicks, and Sekimoto took off Dickinson’s head off with a lariat that threw sweat into the third row. Sekimoto couldn’t put Dickinson away, and Hard Body Karate from Dickinson kept Dirty Daddy in the match. Sekimoto fought out and tried a back elbow from the second rope, but no one was home. Now in the corner and staggered, Dickinson hit Sekimoto with chops. Sekimoto reversed and sweat from both men flew in the air with each chop – as the crowd lost their mind. Dickinson then hit a Pazuzu Bomb out of nowhere for the win, as ropes were thrown into the ring.

WINNER: Chris Dickinson in 15:54 by pinfall (****)

(Fann’s Analysis: For weeks upon weeks, Dickinson had worked on his mind and body to be ready for this match and it delivered. Both men packed a ton into a near 16 minute match, with words not doing justice to the outstanding match these two men had.)

EYFBO entered the ring and gave Chris Dickinson a fur coat, then celebrated with him going into the intermission.

(10) Kimber Lee vs. Kris Statlander – Cage Match

Kimber Lee had the early advantage, and slammed Statlander into the cage and dropped knees and forearms on the intergalactic one. After a Statlander comeback pair of German suplexes, Statlander hit her head on the post, and came up bloody.

Lee then began to grind Statlander’s head against the cage, which made the blood flow even more. Statlander then went wild on Lee, slamming Lee into the cage, which resulted in Kimber Lee bleeding as well. Kimber Lee, seeing her blood, got enraged and hit a series of kicks to the head of Statlander, and collapsed.

Both on their feet, the women exchanged punches, until Kimber Lee picked up Statlander and slammed her sideways into the crossbar of the “west” side of the cage, away from the hard camera. Lee then climbed to the top rope and while Lee tried to climb to the top of the cage Statlander popped up and hit a second rope German suplex. Statlander then climbed to the top of the cage and hit a 450 splash for the win

WINNER: Kris Statlander in 7:51 by pinfall (***3/4)

(Fann’s Analysis: Statlander wore the crimson mask and wore Kimber Lee out by the end of the match. The feud that started in episode one of Uncharted Territory concluded in bloody fashion at Americanrana. Lee’s viciousness early allowed for this to be seen as a blood feud, not a friendly exhibition as some of the other matches could earlier sell themselves. Both women were on their best games, and it seemed Lee was fighting through some injuries late.)

While the crew broke the cage down, Denver Colorado came out to thank the fans and Foxwoods for a great event. Colorado also announced that season two of Uncharted Territory would happen and would do so at their own Beyond live event venue on Thursday October 3rd in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

(11) David Starr vs. Joey Janela – 60 Minute No DQ Ironman Match

Starr came to the ring with a kendo stick and no respect for any of the fans in attendance. Janela came out in a tassled jacket and looked about four White Claws deep.

Janela tried to start the match with a handshake, but used that to get the kendo stick out of the way to get to the wrestling. Immediately Starr took advantage on the mat, with Janela able to get a few transitions. Even that small offense was enough to annoy Starr, who left the ring to regroup. When Janela was dumped by Starr to the floor, Janela grabbed the kendo stick, but thought otherwise and dropped it to mock applause from Starr.

After another exchange of a sleeper, Starr exited the ring and grabbed a chair. Janela tried to stop Starr, but Starr began to do small joint manipulation to keep the Jersey bad boy away from the chair. At this point, both men began to use chairs, with Starr the first to do so – albeit having his chair ricochet into his head.

Starr then grabbed Janela and gave him a cross arms suplex through a table for the first pinfall.

Pinfall for Starr in 11:41. Starr 1, Janela 0.

Starr started to rain down chairshots, after an exchange, dumped Janela on his head on a chair on the apron for another pinfall.

Pinfall for Starr in 16:08. Starr 2, Janela 0.

Starr did a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker onto the chair, but only got a two count. Starr put his hand out for a handshake, but when Janela reached up pulled his hand back. Janela then became desperate to keep Starr from German suplexing him, grabbing the ropes. Starr used Janela’s momentum as he fought the hold to lock in an STF variant for a submission, nearly trapping Janela’s head in what was left of a chair.

Submission for Starr in 18:40. Starr 3, Janela 0.

With Janela down, Starr went for the Kendo stick and began to waylay Janela’s knee. After Starr tried to swing for the fences, Janela gave Starr a White Russian Leg Sweep and a hit to Starr’s skull for the pinfall.

Pinfall for Janela in 21:04. Janela 1, Starr 3.

Starr got up with his face covered in blood, as Janela began to wail on Starr’s ankle. Janela reached out to mock Starr’s handshake request and maniacally gleamed as Starr rolled out of the ring in horror. Janela then threw a chair under the bottom rope, which hit Starr in the groin, incapacitating him. Janela set up four chairs in the ring and dragged Starr into the ring and onto them, slapping Starr’s blood-stained chest to keep him down. Janela then broke the kendo stick over his knee and stabbed Starr in his head with the sharp broken end. Janela attempted going to the top rope, but Starr ran up and hit a top rope German suplex for a 2.9 count. Starr then put a figure four onto Janela, but Janela reversed the figure four for a submission.

Submission for Janela in 25:44. Janela 2, Starr 3.

Immediately after being disengaged, Starr went for a kendo stick piece to stab Janela, but Janela got the stab stick and brained Starr with it. Janela then left the ring and got two doors from under the ring, and stacked them on the first and second ropes in the corner. While Janela entered the ring, Starr hit Janela with a chair, then left the ring to set up a table outside. In the ring, Janela stacked chairs on themselves and dared Starr to return. Once Starr entered, Janela threw a chair as Starr’s head, stunned Starr and gave Starr a DVD on the apron. Janela then gave Starr a superplex followed by a package piledriver onto the chairs for a 2.9 count. Janela then hit a second package piledriver onto the chairs for a pinfall.

Pinfall for Janela in 31:21. Janela 3, Starr 3.

Janela started feeling himself, shimmying and asked for a water. Janela took a swig, took another swig and then spat the water into Starr’s mouth. Janela then slammed Starr’s head off of the second door and set Starr up on the top rope – and nailed a fisherbuster through both doors. A pinfall attempt got a two count, and then a crossface with the chair, which was thought to be a submission – but because Starr’s foot was on the rope would not count. While Janela argued with the ref, Starr rolled Janela up for the pin.

Pinfall for Starr in 35:45. Starr 4, Janela 3.

Disgusted, Janela threw another chair at Starr’s head and left the ring to set up a table, then set up a table in every corner. Both men then took turns with biels into each set of doors. Starr then hit a Canadian Destroyer, which Janela countered into a superkick and then hit a running Canadian Destroyer to Starr through the table outside. At that point the crowd exploded – and Janela went to the back to grab parts of the cage from the prior match, as well as part of the apron to set it up outside of the ring. Janela then grabbed a pair of ladders from under the ring, and peppered Starr with punches as he grabbed the second of the ladders.

Janela stalked Starr at this point, putting Starr onto the cage piece and climbed the bigger of the two ladders. Starr woke up, and shimmied up the outside part of the ladder, and superplexed Janela outside of the ring and onto the cage piece. Instantly Beyond personnel were on hand to make sure both men were okay, as the fall looked horrendous. Starr then got back up and dropped a knee onto Janela. Starr then grabbed the sharp end of the kendo stick to stab Janela in the head, and followed with a bite to the head of Janela, as Janela began to smile into the camera.

Starr then got Janela onto the top rope, but Janela reversed it into a powerbomb onto a trashcan. Janela then tried to use the ropes as leverage for the pin.

Pinfall for Janela in 48:40. Janela 4, Starr 4.

. At this point the referee began to ask for a time cue, as it was near the 49 minute mark. Janela went to get a cigarette and then put it out in Starr’s chest. Starr then crotched Janela, and set the smaller ladder up between Janela’s legs, and swung the chair into the ladder – and the groin of Janela.

Janela tried to put up a fight, but Starr chucked him into what was left of a door. Starr then set up a table and hit a piledriver onto Janela, but only for a 2.9 count to Starr’s absolute confusion. Starr grabbed a piece of the broken table to stab Janela. The ref stopped Starr from continuing his assault, then the ref tore his shirt off to square up with Starr – with David Starr chops and a chair shot ending the referee’s participation in the match. Starr tried to intimidate the next referee, who wanted no part in that. Starr then tried to put on the ref’s shirt, and Janela recovered and threw Starr through another table piece. After Starr kicked out, Janela stared into space, which opened the door for Starr to put a chokehold on. Janela used a screw from the door to stab Starr out of the sleeper, and Starr did the same to Janela with a piece of door to Janela’s eye.

At this point, both men are tied at four and with murder in their eyes. They went blow for blow mid ring, with a submission attempt Starr tried being reversed into a small package for a 2.9. Rolling up, Starr ate a superkick and Janela got the final fall at the 59:55 mark.

Pinfall for Janela 59:55. Janela 5, Starr 4.

WINNER: Joey Janela in 60:00, 5 – 4.  (*****)

(Fann’s Analysis: For a match that ends a 3.5 year feud, it had everything it needed in order for you to be invested – whether you were there for the first match, or only saw this one. Starr and Janela were magnificent here and this is the second Janela match in Beyond that has left me completely overwhelmed with emotion.)

Post match, cash rained on the ring, as Janela grabbed a mic, talked about his time in Beyond, independent wrestling and his relationship with David Starr. Starr and Janela shook hands, and Janela left to give Starr time with the fans. Starr then had a great speech, with some of the roster ringside to clap and cheer him on as Starr left the ring.

Overall thoughts (9.5): Watch this show for the main event alone and you’ll be happy. The matches throughout are outstanding, entertaining and definitively pro wrestling. Americanrana 19 was top to bottom a show you can pull out to illustrate to a friend that doesn’t watch why you watch pro wrestling.

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