RADICAN’S 7/28 Beyond Wrestling “Americanrana 19” live report: Dickinson vs. Sekimoto, Janela vs. Starr 60 minute Iron Man match main event

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist


JULY 28, 2019

(1) Alex Reynolds beat John Silver with brass knuckles thanks to an assist from Mark Sterling.

(2) Bear Country beat LAX with a tandem slam on Santana. This was a lot of fun live. Team Tremendous ran down and beat us Bear Country until LAX made the save. Santana said Bear Country are the new aces of tag team wrestling in Beyond. All four men shook hands and posed together after the match.

(3) Chuck O’Neil beat Wheeler Yuta via ref stoppage. Good hard hitting action while it lasted, but Yuta got knocked out.

(4) Solo Darling won the Feast Championship Wrestling Ladder match. This was a really good collection of spots. Solo Darling got a huge pop winning. She tied up Doane in the Ladder and stomped on his crotch before grabbing the title.

(5) Johnny Foxwoods beat Josh Briggs after a low blow. After the match MJF came out and hit Cross-Rhodes on Briggs.

(6) Rock & Roll Express beat The Butcher and The Blade. Morton got a surprise rollup on Parks. This was fine it wasn’t as good as some of the other high profile tags Rock and Roll have had this year. Morton cut a promo and said he doesn’t like punk rock. He said they’ve been tagging for 38 years. He said Butcher and the Blade are the future of the business. The promo got a huge pop from the crowd.

(7) Independent Champion Orange Cassidy beat R.D Evans in a career vs title match. Cassidy got a quick pinning combination for the win.

After the match, Evans called out Cassidy to come back to the ring. He said Fast and the Furious sucks and Fast 5 was the worst one. Cassidy charged back to the ring. He agreed to put the title back on the line.

(8) Independent Champion Orange Cassidy beat R.D Evans in a title vs. career match. This was a lot of fun. They had a longer match, but Cassidy countered a jackhammer into a rollup for the win. After the match, Cassidy gave Evans his sunglasses and Evans gave him the thumbs up. The fans chanted please don’t go at Evans. This was a ton of fun. Evans left to Thank you R.D. chants.

(9) Nerder Death Kill best The Chop & Roll Express. Gage and Santell hit a stuffed piledriver on Alvarez to win the match. This was good with a long heat segment on Santell to build up Gage getting his hands on Alvarez.

(10) Chris Dickinson beat Daisuke Sekimoto. Man… words can’t justify how hard hitting and awesome this was. Down the stretch these two beat the holy hell out of each other and it was insane. Dickinson won with the Pazuzu Bomb.

(11) Kris Statlander beat Kimber Lee in a Cage match. These two went at it right away and both women got busted open during the match. They had a really good hard-hitting exchange down the stretch before Statlander won with a 450.

Beyond Wrestling owner Drew Cordiero announced Beyond Wrestling will run twice per week at their new live events centered in Pawtucket, RI on independentwrestling.tv. The first show will continue the Discovery Gauntlet formula on Oct. 1. It was also announced that Uncharted Territory would come back for a second season on Oct. 3. This got a huge reaction!

(12) David Starr vs. Joey Janela – No DQ 60 minutes Iron man match. Starr went up 1-0 after a straightjacket German through a table. Starr went up 2-0 after a draping DDT on the apron onto a chair. Starr went up 3-0 after submitting Janela. Janela murdered Starr with a kendo stick shot to the head that should have counted for three falls. Starr still leads 3-1. Starr was bleeding after taking the kendo stick shot. Janela rolled over a figure 4 and Starr tapped out. He hit Starr several times in the head with the ball of the kendo stick before reversing the submission. Janela tied it with 2 package piledriver onto a pile of chairs 3-3. Starr went up 4-3 with a pinning combination. Janela tied it with a stiff powerbomb onto an upright trashcan. It’s now 4-4. Starr and the ref went at it and Starr wiped out the ref, so another one came down. Joey Janela hit a superkick and got the pin right before the time limit expired.

After the match, Joey Janela got on the mic and said the new fans that have seen him think he’s just a stunt man. He called MJF a piece of s—t. He also called out Chris Jericho. He said MJF thinks he’s getting over, but Starr is the real kosher motherf——-. Janela says he’s sorry he sold out and he wanted the money so he signed with AEW so he wouldn’t have to deliver pizzas anymore.

Janela said Starr turned down all contracts and he wants to be the guy. Janela called Starr the ace of Beyond and the King of the Indies. What a moment! He asked Starr to finally shake his hand. Starr finally shook his hand after three years. Both men then hugged and the fans chanted ace at Starr.

Starr got on the mic. He said Janela didn’t sell out. He said signing a contract doesn’t mean you sell out. He said he’s proud to rep the word independent. Starr said he’s here for all professional wrestlers. Starr said it’s all wrestlers together and together they have power over millionaires and billionaires. Starr said he’s talking about benefited, pensions, and health care. He name checked Vince McMahon. He said it’s our fight to end the show to a huge pop.

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