7/28 WWE in Springfield, Mo.: Seth vs. Corbin, Styles vs. Matt Hardy, Strowman vs. Cesaro, Becky vs. Lacey, Drew vs. Cedric, more

A.J. Styles (photo credit Brando LeClair © PWTorch)


JULY 28, 2019

If you attend a live event, please send results with details on the matches, crowd reactions, and attendance to pwtorch@pwtorch.com. Thanks!

Attendance was good. All but the upper level was full. Been about a year since the last house show and the crowd was ready.

(1) A.J. Styles defeated Matt Hardy. A.J. came out and talked about the US Always Open Championship. He challenged anyone in the back to come out and take it from him. Matt Hardy’s music hit, good pop. Matt really needs to do something with his hair, because he looks like he’s going bald. Back and forth a couple of times and Matt threw A.J. out of the ring. The crowd started yelling “Hardy! Hardy!” A.J. started yelling at the crowd. Matt got A.J. in an airlock and got him down on the mat. Exchange of slaps, nice dropkick from A.J. Matt throws A.J. into the barricade and then back into the ring. A.J. scores a low blow on Matt. A.J. hangs Matt out on the ropes. Ref calls a break. A.J. gets Matt in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Matt gets up, breaks the hold, and drops A.J. Matt drives A.J. into the turnbuckle and drops him for a two count. Matt kicks A.J. After some further shenanigans, Matt rolls A.J. up for another two count. A.J. kicks out and Matt goes for another cover. Matt gets A.J. up to the top turnbuckle. A.J. breaks loose and rolls Matt up to retain the belt.

(2) No Way Jose & Lucha House Party beat EC3 & Mojo Rawley & Erik Rowan & Robert Roode. Some jockeying around over who will be first in the ring. Roode and one of the Lucha House Party guys go first. Boot to the face to Roode. Red and Gold Lucha guy gets tagged in, Roode tags in Rowan. Blue Luchador goes off Gold and Black onto Rowan’s stomach. Lucha House Party and Jose in possession of the ring, grace the crowd with a Five Second Pose. EC3 and Red are now legal, after a couple of passes EC3 tags in Mojo. The crowd goes mild. Mojo curbstomps Red for a bit and tags in Rowan. Roode got tagged at some point and now has Red in a headlock. Red hits Roode with a low blow to break the hold. Roode gets Red up on his shoulders, Red somersaults off. Roode gets him up again and power bombs him. Roode then proceeds to throw the rest of Lucha House Party off the apron. Red kicks Roode in the head. No Way Jose gets in, goes after whoever the legal man is. Red hits a suicide dive over the top rope to take out Rowan and Roode. Moonsault off the top rope, Black and Gold pins EC3 for the win. After the tag teams leave, The OC comes out and run their mouths for a bit, similar to but legally distinct from “this is the worst town I’ve ever been in!”

(3) Braun Strowman vs. Cesaro. Lock-up right away, Braun drives Cesaro into the corner. Cesaro slaps Braun, who gives him the “I KNOW you did not just do that…” look. A couple of passes across the ring and Braun takes Cesaro down with a clothesline. After Braun knocks him off the apron, Cesaro gets back in the ring and tries to get Braun up for a throw. It doesn’t work. Braun reverses and drops Cesaro. After a few more passes, Cesaro kicks Braun in the face. Braun goes down. He comes back up, gets Cesaro piggyback, and Cesaro gets him in a sleeper hold. This makes Braun mad. He shakes his finger at Cesaro and throws him around the ring for a while. Cesaro tries to get Braun up for a power bomb and fails. Braun reverses, powerbombs Cesaro, and gets him down for the count.

(4) Becky Lynch defeated Lacey Evans. Big pop for Becky. Lacey covers her ears when “Becky!” chant breaks out. Lacey shoves Becky, Becky shoves back. Becky tries to get Lacey up for a suplex, looks like she may have missed the spot, but gets Lacey down anyway. Becky throws Lacey out of the ring. Lacey gets back in. Becky spins her around a few times and hits her with a roundhouse kick. Lacey ends up outside the ring. Becky does a baseball slide and kicks her into the barricade, then goes out and bounces Lacey’s head off all four sides of the ring before throwing her back in.b After a two count, Lacey gets Becky in a submission hold and stomps on her hand. Becky breaks the hold. Lacey hits her with a clothesline and gets her down for another two count. Lacey tries to throw Becky out of the ring and fails. Now Becky has decided she has had enough of this and goes to work on Lacey. Becky gets her down for a two count. Becky hits a leg drop off the top rope and gets another two count. Lacey tries to get Becky off the top rope, but Becky pulls her down. They trade covers, then Becky gets Lacey in an arm bar. Lacey taps.


During Intermission we had a wrestler impersonation contest. One man did Macho Man, one did Dusty Rhodes, and one little boy did John Cena. All did a good job, but we all know the kid was winning. He got a Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch autographed poster, a program, and a Cena t-shirt.

(5) Drew McIntyre beat Cedric Alexander. Cedric snuck in while Drew was working up the crowd and went off the top rope onto Drew’s back. The timekeeper rings the bell and the match is official. Drew throws Cedric into the corner. Cedric gets out, comes off the ropes, and hits Drew with a dropkick. Drew beats on Cedric for a while and gets him down for a two count. Drew and Cedric trade chest chops, then Drew hits Cedric with a clothesline. They trade more chips and Cedric boots Drew to the face. Drew tries to go off the top rope and Ced meets him midair with a dropkick. Springboard dropkick from Ced. Suicide dive over the top rope, both men out of the ring. Ced tries for a dropkick off the top rope and misses but still gets Drew down for a two count. Drew gets Ced upside down. Ced rolls out and rolls Drew up for two. Drew kicks out, drops Cedric on his head and pins him.

(6) Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Kurt Hawkins & Zack Ryder. The match starts with Hawkins and Anderson in the ring. Hawkins gets Anderson in an arm lock and tags in Ryder. Ryder gets a quick cover and tags Hawkins back in. Anderson gets tired of the beat-down and tags in Gallows. Gallows and Ryder are now the legal men. Gallows throws Ryder out of the ring and stomps him when he tries to get back in. Gallows hits Ryder with an elbow drop and goes for a cover. After Ryder breaks out, Gallows knocks him off the apron with an Irish Whip. Ryder gets back in and Gallows tags in Anderson. Hawkins finally gets tagged back in. Dropkicks for everyone! He gets Anderson down in the middle of the ring and goes for a cover. Anderson kicks out, tries to cover Hawkins. Hawkins kicks out and Anderson tags in Gallows. Hawkins and Ryder almost manage to pin Anderson, but fail. Gallows and Anderson get Ryder down in the middle of the ring and pin him.

(7) Baron Corbin vs. Seth Rollins in a Street Fight. Bigger pop for Rollins than Corbin; Corbin looks pissed. Corbin hits Rollins with a cheap shot from behind. Rollins tries to curbstomp Corbin but Corbin rolls out of the way. Corbin gets out the kendo sticks. Crowd starts chanting “we want tables.” Rollins now has the kendo stick. Rollins and Corbin fight around the outside of the ring. Rollins tries to leap back in but Corbin catches him and drops him on the apron. Rollins slams Corbin into the barricade a couple of times and tosses him into the crowd. Rollins gets a table out from under the ring and tries to set it up but Corbin shoves him away from it and puts the table back under the ring. He throws Rollins back int ok the ring and breaks the kendo stick over his back. Corbin beats on Rollins with the remains for a bit, then grabs a folding chair from under the ring. He fakes a hit on Rollins with the chair. After a bit more business with the chair, Corbin goes after the ref and Rollins and Corbin get down to the actual technical wrestling. Rollins gets Corbin down and brings a table into the ring. Corbin gets up and tries to power bomb Rollins through the table but Rollins escapes. After several threats, Rollins is about to put Corbin through the table when Lacey Evans runs in and Corbin puts Rollins through the table. Corbin gets another table out and the crowd starts calling for Becky. Becky runs out with a kendo stick and takes out Lacey. Becky and Seth team up to put Corbin through the table and Seth pins Corbin for the win.
Winner: Seth Rollins, with an assist from Becky Lynch

Top Pops:
Becky Lynch
Seth Rollins
Braun Stroman

Most Boos:
Baron Corbin
A.J. Styles

FINAL THOUGHTS: All in all a good show.

If you attend a live event, please send results with details on the matches, crowd reactions, and attendance to pwtorch@pwtorch.com. Thanks!

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