8/21 NXT TV Recap: Riddle vs. Dain, Yim-Baszler continuing, Damian Priest, Dominik Dijakovic returns

By Kelly Wells, PWTorch contributor

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AUGUST 21, 2019

-This is the first show to air after the announcement that NXT will be a live, two-hour show airing on NXT starting in four weeks. It’ll be interesting to see what was added in post-production to cover this. Other questions: how long will the show live at Full Sail? If it tours extensively, how does that affect Mauro Ranallo, and how does it change NXT’s intent as a developmental system with wrestlers being away from the PC most of the time?

-Quick recap of Matt Riddle and Killian Dain’s tiff to this point. It’s tonight’s main event.

-Adam Cole wore his belt and was flanked by the rest of the Undisputed Era as he walked to the ring. He said he did everything he set out to do. He said NXT’s Mount Rushmore wouldn’t have Gargano, Ciampa, Nakamura or Balor. It would have his face four times. Roderick Strong said that he got screwed, and so did Fish and O’Reilly. He said Velveteen didn’t pin him in their match, so he had an issue with Dream’s win. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly showed the footage that displayed that the illegal man was pinned at TakeOver, so they had a rematch due with The Street Profits. Fish said William Regal had to make it right. Adam Cole said what’s right is for the Undisputed Era to be draped in gold. He said the Undisputed Era is two steps away from fulfilling their prophecy and making the NXT truly undisputed.

Before the Undisputed Era could leave, Jordan Myles’s music played and he appeared at the top of the ramp wearing a dress shirt and tie, holding his contract. Adam Cole said it was pointless for him to challenge Cole. He said he should use his contract to challenge Shayna Baszler, or the NXT UK because no knock on them, but they’re not on the level of him. He said if Myles challenged him, he’d make his career an Undisputed failure. Without a word, Myles held out the contract. As Cole went to grab it, Myles dropped it in front of him and flashed peace signs.

(Kelly’s Analysis: No timetable was laid out. Myles didn’t say anything, but the segment was interesting. I didn’t expect Myles to go to the top but I guess it’s sink or swim. I don’t love Cole invoking Baszler as a lesser champion. Her character is badass and should not, in any context, be framed as the “easy” choice.)

-Earlier at the PC, Shane Thorne took Bronson Reed to task for not making the most of Thorne getting him to NXT. They’ll go tonight.


I was just wondering earlier today when I’d get to see Mansoor again. The announcers invoke his win in the 50-man battle royal in Saudi Arabia. I thought this would be a small win and a step forward for Mansoor until Priest was introduced as his opponent.

Priest pushed Mansoor into the corner. Mansoor kicked Priest’s head but Priest snapped Mansoor’s head on the turnbuckle and beat him down. He casually kicked the downed Mansoor’s head and threw hm over the ropes to the apron, and Mansoor snuck in but a punch to the head couldn’t faze Priest and Priest responded with a punch. He held Mansoor and laughed but Mansoor hit a small package for two. Mansoor walked into an attempted chokeslam but Mansoor reversed into an enzuigiri, dumped Priest and hit a tope con hilo. Mansoor tossed Priest into the ring and hit a neckbreaker, but a tornado DDT missed, Priest hit a lariat and then a powerslam. Priest did the arrow thing, hit his finisher The Reckoning, and covered for three.

WINNER: Damian Priest at 3:13.

There was no particular narrative for Priest after the win; he was simply framed as a guy on a roll.

(Kelly’s Analysis: I guess we have to wait for Mansoor’s push. Priest looked good again, but we got no hint on where he goes after his quick feud with Keith Lee.)

-Nigel McGuinness narrated a blurb about NXT moving to USA. He thanked the fans and that was that.


“Mia” chant. Borne kicked Yim and stomped her hand. She grabbed a headlock that was quickly reversed. Mia ran the ropes and hit a shoulderblock, then hit a chop to the throat. Aliyah grabbed Mia’s leg and Mia walked into a Samoan Drop for two after the direction. Borne grabbed the hair, took Yim to a corner and stomped her. Aliyah handed Borne a sticker that said “lower,” which Borne put on Mia’s backside before spanking her. Because she’s higher, I guess. Mia lost it and pounded Borne, then chopped her in the corner. Chops in another corner. Yim tossed Borne by the hair and hit a cannonball. Protect Ya Neck was good to finish.

WINNER: Mia Yim at 2:49.

After Mia celebrated a little, Shayna Baszler appeared on the ramp with her belt. Shayna said “Mia Yim…you are badass.” She said Mia took her places nobody else had. She said she had to go to dark depths to climb out of places she’d been. She said they don’t need to stand across from each other as enemies – they can stand next to each other. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke joined on the apron. Shayna said it’s a cold business, but Marina and Jessamyn know it’s warm under the dragon’s wing. She asked what Mia thought, and Mia took out Duke and then worked on Shafir, but Shafir and Shayna double-teamed Mia and left her lying as Shayna’s music played and the Horsewomen left back up the ramp.

(Kelly’s Analysis: Quick squash for Yim after losing at TakeOver. Apparently her story with Shayna isn’t over yet. This was another good segment for their continuing feud that felt new. It’ll be very interesting to see how the rematch is approached, as I really liked the first match for its psychology, but it was polarizing for those expecting the usual NXT fast-paced affair.)

-Mauro quickly ran through the Dominik Dijakovic-Keith Lee feud that was derailed by injury. He said they finally get to go at it next week. They then went to a segment of new footage to sell the match. Dijakovic played the jealous guy who watched Keith go to the top while he was on the shelf. Then we saw some replays from the excellent double-countout match that was run to set up the intended rematch that never happened. Both wrestlers continued to sell the match as a big deal. Dijakovic said Lee will bask in irrelevance. He said he competes for his bloodline, so everyone will know his family’s name. Lee said to bring your A-game so we can give the match their best.

(Kelly’s Analysis: Hard to beat that as a quickie to recap the feud and drum up interest for next week’s probable main event.)


Bronson was introduced, then Shane. Thorne’s win over Joaquin Wilde was mentioned; Thorne apparently still has beef with these guys who got to be in the Breakout Tournament.

Thorne with a kick to Reed’s leg, which did little. He snuck in another before bailing and taunting Reed from outside. Back in, and Reed tossed Thorne to the mat on his stomach then sat on him and folded his arms. Reed held an armbar but Thorne escaped and hit more kicks. They ran the ropes and Reed hit a sitout spinebuster. Reed with a face wash in the corner. Reed went for a gorilla press slam but Thorne grabbed the eyes, escaped and hit kicks and forearms in the corner. Hard kick to the back. Reed fought back with chops, but Thorne hit a dropkick and then a senton in the corner for two. Thorne wanted a backdrop but Reed blocked. Thorne walked into a powerslam. Reed hit a couple of elbows and then a Samoan Drop. Reed walked into a boot in the corner but Reed knocked Thorne down and hit a senton. Reed splashed Thorne twice in the corner and Thorne bailed. Reed chased, tossed Thorne back in, went to the top but was knocked off. Thorne hit his running kick that beat Wilde, and it’s good for the three.

WINNER: Shane Thorne at 5:14.

(Kelly’s Analysis: Thorne didn’t control a whole lot of this match, but stole the win from the jaws of defeat kind of like in the Joaquin Wilde match. Decent little match, and I hope some of these Breakout guys are in for a push soon.)

-Velveteen dream was rolled to the ramp on a purple couch. Two women appeared with him. Dream showed two of his accessories and mentioned their prices, then said “Dream defending his North American title versus two men…priceless.” Because Dream likes it best on top. The spotlight is now on Roderick Strong and he’d better give Dream an experience he’s never seen before, or Dream over.

(Kelly’s Analysis: The “priceless” commercial riff was passe 15 years ago. Otherwise, a harmless segment to get to the as-yet unscheduled one-on-one match.)

-Adam Cole will defend the NXT Championship against Jordan Myles in two weeks. Next week, The Street Profits defend their tag team championships in a rematch against The Undisputed Era.

(Kelly’s Analysis: Okay, maybe the Lee-Dijakovic match isn’t the main event after all. Seems like a stacked taping ahead of the show going live.)


Dain was introduced first. Riddle ambushed Dain and the bell rang. Brawl in the corner. Dain dumped Riddle, who ran back in and hit knees and kicks. Dain targeted Riddle’s taped chest. Back outside and Riddle hit a flying forearm off the steps. Back in again. Dain blocked a backdrop but Riddle hit a ripcord shoulderblock, which Dain responded to with a high cross-body. Dain kicked and punched Riddle in the corner. Suplex by Dain for two. Abdominal stretch by Dain and the audience attempted to fire up Riddle. Riddle rolled free and attacked from the mat but Dain kept up the assault. Dain stood on Riddle’s ribs but Riddle made it up to fight back, but Dain hit a gutbuster. Dain took Riddle from a chinlock into a pinning maneuver but Riddle escaped. Dain went for a suplex but Riddle reversed into his own. Both guys got to their feet and traded punches. Overhead kick by Riddle, who kipped up and hit a couple of running forearms and then an exploder. Senton. PK for two. Riddle tied up Dain and went at him with elbows and they rolled to the ropes, where Riddle pounded Dain until the ref broke it up. Riddle hit a delayed German suplex to wake up the mostly muted crowd. Flash knee by Riddle but Dain hit a shotgun dropkick, then a cannonball after Riddle fell to the corner for a long two. Fireman’s carry by Dain, who threw Riddle forward but dropped on him into a choke hold. Riddle mounted Dain’s back but Dain threw him off. Bro to Sleep, powerbomb, flash knee for a long two and a semi-believable near-fall. The audience was fully into it by now.

Riddle went up for a moonsault but hit Dain’s knees. The action went outside and Dain missed Riddle and soared into the steps. Riddle set up the steps and went for a powerbomb, but Dain reversed. It should have been a backdrop, but Riddle slipped and then hit the front of his head on the steps (Nigel acknowledged what Dain wanted). Dain hit a senton on the steps, tossed Riddle in, and hit three Vaderbombs and covered for three.

WINNER: Killian Dain at 11:21.

After the match, Dain celebrated up the ramp and Riddle chased, then jumped on Dain’s back as the show faded out.

(Kelly’s Analysis: It was clean, but Riddle has the out of nursing the injuries given to him earlier by Dain’s various sneak attacks. They’re telling a long-form story with Riddle, as he suffers another setback on his way to the top and this feud will no doubt continue. The match was a decent brawl and this sets up an even more personal issue. There’s a long time until the next TakeOver, but this might be a good early main event when NXT goes to a live, two-hour format.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: Four matches but not a lot of time in three of them as new stories are just starting to be set in motion. The comments about NXT going live to two hours were minimal, since they had to be added after the recording. There are a lot of big matches announced for the next two weeks as NXT surprisingly empties a few bullets from the chamber just before they go live (although they may not have had a firm timetable at the time of the taping). Follow me all over social media @spookymilk. I banter about wrestling on Twitter, and on Instagram I’m promoting my board game, Fundead: The Gravest Show on Earth, which will release on Monday the 26th.

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