VIP AUDIO 8/21 – The Fix w/Todd Martin – Mailbag (pt. 2 of 2): Can NXT keep up the quality? What is Cormier’s legacy? Who is Jericho’s surprise? What was Muta’s post-WCW career in Japan like? Austin’s best year? Best spear? MegaPowers break-up? (81 min.)

WKPWP - Flagship w/Keller & Powell talking Super Showdown, AEW PPV Preview, WrestleMania line-up, 10 Years of NXT
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NOTE: Some of the language on The Fix may be NSFW.

SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, Todd tackles The Fix Mailbag covering these topics:

  • What was Steve Austin’s best year in the WWF?
  • What is Ultimo Dragon’s legacy in the industry after his years on WCW Nitro?
  • Did Bob Backlund get the WWF Title in 1994 because of George Foreman’s comeback?
  • Does Vince McMahon respects wrestlers who honor their word to other promoters, and does that contradict his territorial acquisitions during expansion years?
  • How does UFC 241 affect Daniel Cormier’s legacy?
  • What are Roman Reigns’s chances of main eventing WrestleMania next year?
  • What kind of career did Great Muta end up having in the 1990s and 2000s after his time in WCW?
  • Was the Braun Strowman, Ember Moon, Alexa Bliss “Table For 3” ruined by Applebees sponsorship?
  • Who might be Chris Jericho’s surprise tag team at All Out?
  • Which former WWE wrestlers could be useful managers today along the lines of Vince Sr.’s use of managers in the late-1970s and early-1980s?
  • Which wrestler hit the spear better – Edge, Goldberg, or Roman Reigns?
  • What two year period qualifies as the glory period of Vince McMahon’s booking of tag teams in WWE?
  • Which New Japan wrestler resemble WWE wrestlers, such as who is NJPW’s John Cena?
  • Why is Delirious still the ROH booker after it has been left behind and lost its buzz?
  • Is NXT’s only chance of success on USA Network if Vince McMahon stays out of it?
  • Will NXT on USA Network damage WWE Network?
  • Will NXT and AEW combined ratings surpass those of Raw?
  • How do you feel about the old King of the Ring tournaments?
  • How did Randy Savage draw as WWF Champion and who did he defend against?
  • Did WWE ever consider holding off on breaking up the MegaPowers until WrestleMania 6?
  • What is the bigger obstacle for New Japan growth in the U.S. – ROH as their partner or AEW & NXT adding hours to U.S. fans scheduled viewing each week?
  • Can NXT keep up the quality booking with two hours of live programming each week now?
  • Will main roster lower card wrestlers be brought to NXT to fill out the roster?
  • Will NXT have a distinct roster or end up part of the current Raw & Smackdown roster soup?



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