MIZ & MRS TV REPORT 8/20 & 8/27: Miz has no off-buttons even playing kids video games, but meets his match with Xavier, $500 truffle pasta, split pants, pregnancy test results

By Sarah K, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 20, 2019

Maryse’s family from Montreal is visiting. In the event that you don’t know, this is the episode they aired three or four weeks ago, the day before the season premiere. Anyway, Mike doesn’t really speak French, and Maryse’s entire extended family does. Mike plays video games with the kids. The Miz has no off buttons, so, he does not let the kids win. Maryse tells him to “take it down a notch.” George appears in this episode, for anyone wondering. The Miz and George both come from the school of not letting kids win. In the mean time, one of the neices has bedazzled a pair of wrestling shoes for the Miz… he will eventually wear them on TV.

Xavier Woods / UpUpDwnDwn cameo. Miz keeps losing to Woods, so, he’s lost several title belts in the process of gambling over who can win at “Street Fighter.” Miz puts Maryse’s title on the line. Of course he loses. “You’re going to be sleeping on the couch,” says Woods as Mike walks out of the room downtrodden.

Mike has to go home and steal Maryse’s belt. He almost gets caught several times in the process. The entire family comes along with Mike to Smackdown. Miz offers double or nothing. Woods insists he’s getting the Diva’s Title and Miz’s All-Star Game MVP trophy. Miz loses again. And then he has to wear the bedazzled shoes in his Mixed-Match Challenge match. Kofi Kingston makes a cameo as Miz is putting on his bedazzled shoes. The commentary teams points out the shoes.

The whole family is in the car driving. George fields a call, by lying about being in a meeting. Evidently George bought some discount Viagra and they won’t stop calling him. Anyway, they go to a park where they do wilderness challenges like spear-throwing and paintball. It’s Maryse’s family vs. Mike’s. They play tug-o-war at the end. Miz’s big plan is the just let go of the rope and let Maryse’s team fall. Marjo does not look happy about it.

Back at home Miz is trying to charm Maryse, before he tells her that he lost her belt. They act like they’re going to have sex, then Maryse walks in wearing the belt. Back from commercial, Miz is in bed in his socks and his skivvies and Maryse explains that if Mike plays video games with the kids and let’s them win, then they get the belt and the MVP trophy back. Miz relents and does as Maryse has ordered. Of course, Woods has taught the kid how to win. In the end, the boy refuses to shake Miz’s hand. Perfect.

AUGUST 27, 2019

Miz and Maryse open the show at home working on a puzzle. Maryse foreshadows that life in Austin is boring… and they both want to go back to Los Angeles. Smackdown is in Los Angeles, so Miz books a luxury hotel. The airline has lost Maryse’s bag. Miz rented a Ferrari. Then they get stuck in traffic. Backstage at Smackdown, Maryse is calling about her bag. Back at the hotel, Marjo calls to inform Maryse that her suitcase is in Austin. As this call takes place it sounds like a jackhammer is going off. So, Miz’s classic “the gift of the Magi” plan isn’t going as expected.

Miz and Maryse go shopping. Maryse buys a pair of tight pants, and then splits her pants as soon as she sits down in the car. While they go into a store for Maryse to change pants – their rental Ferrari gets towed.

Maryse’s friend Amanda comes to pick them up – in a Mini Cooper. Of course, Miz has to sit in the back seat and then can’t get out. Then they go to the place where Maryse got the $500 truffle pasta; she gets it again. Then they go by their old house in Los Angeles. Maryse gets caught in the fence while trying to look over the fence. The new owners give them a tour of the renovations they’ve made. Afterward they stand outside and reminisce about how much they both miss Los Angeles.

Back in Austin, Miz puts the “house for sale” sign in the yard. Marjo comes out the celebrate with Maryse. Then they go back to the restaurant where Maryse first told Miz she was pregnant with Monroe. Commercial. They reminisce about the time Miz brought the whole family because he thought Maryse was pregnant. Maryse tries to tell him that she’s pregnant in French. She tells him “congratulations, dad” as she hands him a handful of pee stick pregnancy tests (which is kind of EW!). A Mariachi band plays as they kiss. All is well, and Miz will be happy whether it’s a boy or a girl. (Spoiler alert: It’s a girl… because Instagram).

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