VIP AUDIO 8/1 – RETRO RADIO – Keller’s Pro Wrestling Focus (3/1/1992): Keller, Mitchell, Madden discuss WCW SuperBrawl, Liger vs. Pillman, Ventura and Ross on commentary taking shots at WWF, plus LOD, Backlund WWF era, WWF scandals (40 min)

August 1, 2019

SHOW SUMMARY: This episode of Pro Wrestling Focus, from March 1, 1992, features guest panelists Bruce Mitchell and Mark Madden, both Pro Wrestling Torch columnists at the time. The Madden-Mitchell dynamic was among the favorites of […]

VIP AUDIO 7/31 – East Coast Cast #461 (NSFW): Bryant and Hawkins discuss how WWE has not learned from Becky Lynch or Daniel Bryan’s rise to stardom, Lesnar beating down Rollins after Vince’s “blood and guts” accusations of AEW, Kofi winning streak, another Uso D.U.I., more (143 min)

August 1, 2019

SHOW SUMMARY: This week’s conversations lead us to watching Becky Lynch’s WWE 24 special and reflecting on her rise in the past three years. How WWE have not learned from her or Daniel Bryan’s organic […]

FREE PODCAST 8/1 – WKPWP Thursday Flagship: Keller & Parks talk AEW’s announced matches for TNT, Summerslam hype, Punk-AEW, HBK’s potential opponents, Trish’s return, New Japan G1 through night 11, NXT on FS1 potential, more (122 min)

August 1, 2019

TODAY’S SHOW SUMMARY… PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents the Thursday Flagship edition of the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast with guest cohost Greg Parks, a PWTorch Newsletter columnist and host of the PWTorch Dailycast “Wrestling […]

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