9/25 WELLS’S NXT TV REPORT: Alt Perspective detailed report and analysis including Riddle vs. Dane, Lee vs. Dijakovic, Kushida & mystery partners vs. Imperium

By Kelly Wells, PWTorch contributor


SEPTEMBER 25, 2019


-Opening credits and theme. The video was almost completely shots from last week’s show. Crowd noise was also a part of it. Very engaging opening.

-Undisputed Era’s music played and the four showed up on a landing just above the announcers. They held up their belts. That was it.


Lee was introduced first. Both guys got good reactions. There was a Tale of the Tape on the screen. “Go bask in his glory” chant.

Collar and elbow. Headlock by Dijakovic. Both missed some kicks and the two reset. Lee caugt a kick and tossed Dijakovic. Standing switch, rope run, and Lee hit a crossbody on Dijakovic. Lee pounced and sent Dijakovic sailing over the top to the apron. The crowd was electric already. Lee grabbed Dijakovic over the ropes and went for a suplex. Neither guy could lift the other and Lee hit a headbutt to drop Dijakovic to the apron again. Lee went out and hit a front chancery with both on the apron, but Dijakovic powered out and chokeslammed Lee on the apron as Mauro threw to a commercial about 3:40 into the match.

Back on at seven and a half minutes in. The two battered one another with Dijakovic on the apron and Lee inside near the turnbuckle. Lee hit a corkscrew pescado on Dijakovic. Sick. Lee rolled Dijakovic back in. Dijakovic rolled through a slam and hit a guillotine, then small packaged Lee but it was into the ropes for a break. Both guys stood up and traded blows. Hard elbow and headbutt by Lee. Lee dragged Dijakovic to a corner and went up. Second rope moonsault for a very long two at ten minutes.

Lee set up Dijakovic on the top turnbuckle and threw a left. Lee went up for Spanish Fly but Dijakovic reversed into a destroyer for another very long two at 11:40. Dijakovic hit a moonsault but Lee sat up with Dijakovic in his arms and rolled up, right into a fireman’s carry and into Big Bang Catastrophe for the win.

WINNER: Keith Lee at 12:32.

Kelly’s Analysis: Once more, these two deliver an excellent match. A shame about the near four minutes we went to commercial. Lee got his win back to even the series; I would guess a rubber match is in the cards.

-Next week on USA will have “Limited Commercial Interruption.” WWE isn’t messing around with AEW.

-Quick recap of the Dain-Riddle brawl from last week and the show headed to commercial.

-Street Profits spot. They’re going to challenge for the NXT Tag Team Championships on October 2nd.

-Dakota Kai’s music played to a nice reaction. She was a little emotional as she ran to the ring, on TV for the first time since her ACL ijury at a Wisconsin house show last year.


Taynara’s hair is different again. She’s pretty sassy tonight.

Taynara slapped Kai and Kai immediately hit a hard bicycle kick. Kai went up and Taynara crotched her on the turnbuckle. Taynara kicked Kai and dragged her into the center of the ring for a quick two. Judo toss by Taynara. Back kick for almost two. Taynara trash talked Kai but Kai hit some punches, draped Taynara over the apron and hit a kick from outside. Back in, axe kick, repeated kicks to the head. Kai measured Taynara from an opposite corner, hit a face wash, and hit G2K (Go To Kick…?) and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Dakota Kai at 2:42.

Kelly’s Analysis: Kai went over Taynara in quick fashion, but Taynara still got some good offense in and continues to be impressive. It’s nice to see Kai back and this reestablishes her for whatever comes next.

-KUSHIDA and two partners will face Imperium on the WWE Network tonight. Commercial break.

-Baszler-LeRae for next week is hyped, again with limited commercial interruption.

(3) MATT RIDDLE vs. KILLIAN DAIN – Street Fight; winner gets an NXT Championship match next week

Intros started at just 20 to the hour. Riddle first, then Dain. Dain’s music and presentation are so much harsher and more realistic.

Dain entreated Riddle to strike. Chops and punches traded to open. Dain picked up Riddle and tossed him from the ring, but Riddle darted back in for a rolling cross armbreaker, broken when Dain rolled up Riddle. Fireman’s carry by Dain, escape, kick by Riddle. Kip-up and deadlift German for two. Dain bailed and Riddle followed and hit a hit a Superman punch, more or less, off the stairs. Commercial at 1:45 or so.

Back at 5:20 and Dain was dominating Riddle in the corner, leaning on him. Riddle reversed a lariat into a knee strike. Two flying forearms. Exploder. Senton. Another. Riddle with the PK and he covered for two. Very little Street Fighting so far. Riddle went up but Dain poppd up. Electric chair but Riddle reversed to a victory roll for two. Slam and senton by Dain after a reset. Powerbomb and elbow drop by Dain for two. Dain wanted another powerbomb, reversed into an Alabama Slam by Riddle. Floating senton from the top for two.

To the floor. Tope suicida by Dain hit Riddle. Riddle threw a chair into Riddle and struck him with it a couple more times to begin the Street Fighting at nine and a half minutes. The two fought to the back. Riddle got Dain into a chair and hit some Yes Kicks and then threw a chair down on Dain. Riddle beat Dain’s head into anything he could find but Dain raked the eyes to regain dominance and tossed Riddle into a chest. Dain taunted Riddle but Riddle threw palm strikes and punches. Dain blocked one and put Riddle against a wall, then hit a crossbody to send both of them through it. Commercial at 11:20.

Back at 14:50. Riddle hit a Bro-ton through a table, back behind some seating. Riddle threw some punches as the action headed toward ringside. Kicks from Riddle. Back inside and Riddle flew over the top with a legdrop for two. Riddle grabbed a chair but Dain charged into him to take him down with a crossbody. Dain went up and hit a Vaderbomb. Another Vaderbomb. A third wasn’t enough to finish, after the announcers laid it on reeeaaaal thick that this is what finished Riddle in their last match.

Dain set a chair on Riddle’s chest and beat it into him with a kendo stick. Dain went up for another Vaderbomb but Riddle popped up and hit a powerbomb. He hit a hard knee on Dain with the benefit of a chair for a long two, now over 18 minutes in. Riddle set up a chair on Dain and went at him with the kendo stick. Riddle mounted Dain and threw punches. Dain protected himself and rolled over. Riddle went for Bromission but Dain powered out. Riddle threw punches to Dain, who was on his knees, and Dain responded with punches to the breadbasket until Riddle put Dain into a Fujiwara armbar. It was good for the tap.

WINNER: Matt Riddle at 20:01

-After the match, Adam Cole strode to the ring to taunt Matt Riddle. He got in Riddle’s face, and Riddle immediately put Cole into a submission, from which he tried to tap. The rest of UE charged the ring and Riddle ran off.

Kelly’s Analysis: Fun, hard-hitting action, if not a technical marvel. This show set up next week on USA completely, to the point where it’s almost easy to forget there’s more to come tonight on WWE Network.



Kayden Carter is the former Lacey Lane (previous name not mentioned on broadcast) from the Mae Young Classic. (The one with the long dreadlocks, if you don’t recall)

Carter with a big boot to open. Punches, but Lane walked into a dropkick for two. Rhea charged Carter into the corner repeatedly. Delayed suplex for two. Rhea mounted Carter for some shots. Huracanrana from Carter. Another off the top rope. Back kick for two by Carter. She walked into a face slam. Riptide was good to finish.

WINNER: Rhea Ripley at 2:35.

Kelly’s Analysis: Rhea waits in the wings and her presence makes next week’s Women’s Championship match a foregone conclusion in favor of Baszler, I would think. Though maybe it’ll get messy and the three will end up going at it in an unconventional triple threat.


Ever-Rise is Matt Martell and Chase Parker, now with a name. Lorcan backed Martell into a corner to start. Martell hit a wristlock. Lorcan rolled out and reversed, then tagged in Burch. Double-chop. Martell hit a rising knee and tagged Parker, who walked into a headlock. Parker ran the ropes but Burch slammed him and made the tag. Double Russian leg-sweep, but Lorcan got tossed by Parker, who then got tagged in. Martell tagged again, mounted Lorcan for some punches and tagged Parker again. Pretty snap suplex by Parker for two. Arm wringer by Parker and Martell tagged in. Pendulum Backbreaker by Martell got two. Another tag and Parker hit a running knee for two. He dropped hard fists on Lorcan. Front chancery and the heels made another tag. Snap mare by Martell. Armbar. Northern lariat but Lorcan finally threw some shots and made the tag. Burch cleaned house. Missile dropkick from Burch to Parker. He fought off Martell and he and Lorcan (on the outside) got revved up. They made the tag and did a tandem DDT, a Magic Killer without a flip, if you feel me, and it was good for the win.

WINNERS: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch at 6:25.

Kelly’s Analysis: Ever-Rise is a great heel tag team. They’re excellent at cutting off the ring and generating heat. They made for good foils for Brit-Am and I’m sure they’ll be in the mix for titles before long.

-Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green were shown at ringside. Green laid on the snottiness a little thick.

-Backstage, Kushida walked around and the announcers hyped the six-man.


Grimes, fresh off his lightning-quick win last week, follows up here.

Grimes went for a knee but Mendoza scouted it and ducked. Wristlock by Mendoza. Reversal and backdrop by Grimes, but Mendoza grabbed the arm again. Sunset flip got two for Mendoza. Huracanrana by Mendoza after some reversals. Springboard headlock takeover for Mendoza got some applause. Grimes grabbed a fishhook to try to escape. Grimes got to a vertical base and ran the ropes, and hit a crossbody for two. Grimes dropped some knees on a grounded Mendoza. Stomp to the chest. Mendoza got up and got chopped. Grimes pushed Mendoza to the mat into an arrogant cover for two.

Grimes worked an armbar, and slammed Mendoza back down as he tried to power out. Mendoza hit a crucifix for two. Another armbar from Grimes, who held down Mendoza’s head with one leg to get more torque. Mendoza got to his feet but Grimes put him down with the armbar again, adding a chinlock. Mendoza threw some punches to get out, then an armdrag, and he hit a step-up enzuigiri. Mendoza stalked Grimes and waited. Chops and strikes. Springboard dropkick. Mendoza charged Grimes but ran into an elbow, but Mendoza hit an avalanche Frankensteiner for two. Standing switch and Okana roll for two by Grimes. Grimes hit is finishing knee for three to a booing crowd that really wants to see Raul Mendoza win.

WINNER: Cameron Grimes at 7:25.

Kelly’s Analysis: Grimes is everything I love in a heel – he’s relentless, he’s mean, and he can shut down a babyface flurry anytime. Likewise, Mendoza is a perfect sympathetic babyface for Grimes to take down. I genuinely hope Mendoza’s ship comes in at some point.

-Next week’s championship matches are recapped.

(7) KUSHIDA,  vs. IMPERIUM (Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel and Alexander Wolfe)

Goofy opening as Kushida enters first, followed by Imperium before Kushida’s partners join him; why not have Kushida enter after Imperium?

Kushida checks his watch to show it’s time. His partners are Breezango. Nigel acts shocked, as if these guys aren’t one of the…one most likely choices for a tag team in this position. Still, should be fun.

Kushida and Aichner to start. Kushida backs his partners into the corner to show he wants to get in first, which is a total New Japan thing to do. Hiptoss and basement dropkick by Kushida for two. Armbar but Aichner made the tag to Barthel. Spinebuster by Aichner, PK by Barthel. Wolfe in. German for two. Kushida escaped a slam and tagged Fandango. Sunset flip by Fandango for two. Dropkick for another two. Fandango draped Wolfe over the ropes, tagged Breeze, and they hit knees on Wolfe. Front chancery and snap suplex by Tyler Breeze. Headlock, but Wolfe drove Breeze to his corner and tagged Aichner. Aichner tossed Breeze and tagged Barthel, who charged Breeze with a running forearm on the outside. Back in and Barthel mounted Breeze. Stomp to the face. Wolfe tagged in and mounted Breeze with an armbar and chinlock combo. Breeze hit some elbows but Wolfe drove Breeze back into his knee for two.

Aichner tagged in again. He set up Breeze in a tree of woe, kind of, and he and Barthel hit dropkicks on him as Barthel tagged in. Barthel hit a right on the outside and tossed Breeze back into the ring. Wolfe in, and he put a boot to Breeze’s head.. Aichner tagged in and hit some more kicks to Breeze. Big back suplex for two. Barthel tagged in and hit some European uppercuts in his own corner. Cravat, snap mare for two. Breeze flipped a charging Barthel out of the ring with a back bodydrop, but Barthel made it to the ring and yanked Breeze away. Breeze made it to the corner but the other two members of Imperium yanked Kushida and Fandango away from the tag. Aichner tagged in and got Breeze back to the Imperium corner. Aichner went after the corner men but Breeze hit a step-up enzuigiri. Wolfe in. Fandango made the hot tag and cleared out everyone. Falcon Arrow on Aichner (I think? It’s moving quickly). Tope con hilo on all three guys. Kushida tagged in and hit a missile dropkick on Barthel. Cross arm-breaker but it was broken up. It broke down and all men brawled.

Kushida and Barthel were legal in the ring after it cleaned up. Barthel tossed Kushida off the ropes and he hit a bridge to win.

WINNERS: KUSHIDA and Breezango at 11:08.

-After the match, Kushida went up the ramp but walked into a boot from WALTER, who had appeared at the top. Imperium stood tall as the show ended.

Kelly’s Analysis: Finally, Kushida is in a match on TV again. This was a ton of fun throughout, and very hard to recap. Imperium played the fall guys for Kushida, who will almost certainly have to fall to Walter at the end of this feud. 

FINAL THOUGHTS: The second hour had the feel of a good show that nonetheless felt a bit less important, again because of the weird USA-WWE Network thing. The USA hour was dynamite. Once again, Johnny Gargano was conspicuous by his absence, as were vignettes, which for the second week in a row did not appear almost at all, outside of a quick promo by Street Profits. Last week, Triple H framed this as a product of the first week and the necessity to get over a lot of talent at once, but it happened again here. Next week’s show will be huge, with all four championships defended, as AEW counters on TNT. I’ll be seeing both – of course, given this gig I’ll be watching NXT live – and I look forward to comparing the products. Tomorrow on PWT Talks NXT, Zack Heydorn joins me and Tom Stoup (for real this time). Check in and remember to email us at pwtorchnxt@gmail.com with any questions.

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