11/12 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Tessa & Swan vs. Sami & Fulton, Edwards & Marifuji vs. The North, Jake Christ vs. Daga, X Division Contendership Six-Way

By Jordan Thomas, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis


-Ace Austin makes his way ringside to join Josh and Don for the upcoming match.

(1) TREY MIGUEL vs. ROHIT RAJU vs. AIDEN PRINCE vs. BRENT BANKS vs. WILLIE MACK vs. PETEY WILLIAMS to become number one contender for the X Division Championship

Match starts with Raju going straight after Mack and he throws Mack out of the ring and dives out to take Mack out. All competitors then start battling until Banks gets some good moment and gets some decent looking moves in. That is until Williams gets some good moves in and then Mack makes his way into the ring and starts clearing everyone out. Prince and Banks have a nice brief face off in the ring as they match each other move for move. Raju gets a near fall as he gets some good offensive in on Miguel. Williams then gets Raju into the sharpshooter until he is kicked by Mack. Mack hits the standing moonsault on Williams and gets a near fall. We then get a sudden flurry of action that leads to Miguel getting the rollup on Williams after he hits the Canadian destroyer on Raju for the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel via pinfall in 9:00 to become the new number one contender for the X Division Championship

(Thomas’s Analysis: Overall this was a pretty chaotic, but largely forgettable six way match. There was simply way to many men in this match and I didn’t even understand why everyone was getting this opportunity. With the win though, it looks like an angle is being set up with Austin trying to hit on Miguel’s mom as she was ringside for the match and was looking pretty good. I will be taking a wait-and-see approach to see if this is the right direction to continue with Austin.)

-Backstage, Gabby Loren is interviewing Rich Swann about his opportunity next week to win the five way match to compete for the world championship. He talks about his journey and how people doubted him for his size, but that his heart and integrity is the reason he is here and that’s going to help him win the world title.

-Back from Break, Loren is taking with Michael Elgin. He talks about how great he is and how he has all the fans talking about him and how he is the next contender for the world title after he wins the elimination match next week.


Nicole gets off to a fast start in this match as Rayne is too preoccupied making fun of Nicole and Nicole gets Rayne to the mat and hits her with double knees to the face and then slams her into the corner. Rayne then counters with a blockbuster in the corner and Rayne gets a near fall. Hogan then interferes and slaps Nicole in the face while Rayne distracts the referee. Nicole is then able to hit a swinging neck breaker and gets some momentum back in her favor as the women start to trade forearms followed by a back stabber. Nicole then hits an electric chair slam on Rayne and gets a really close near fall. Rayne tries to leave the match but Nicolle drags her back in but Hogan interferes again and leads to Rayne hitting her finisher for the win.

WINNER: Madison Rayne via pinfall in 5:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: A pretty decent match between the two with Nicole getting the opportunity to show what she’s got and she has potential to be a pretty solid pure babyface. Although it seems like Rayne is being positioned for something bigger after picking up another win and maybe challenging for the title here soon or at least being in contention.)

-In the locker room, Johnny Swinger is talking to Aiden Prince and offers to mentor him and says he took a crap in Petey Williams’ bag. Williams comes in and we see him grab his bag and its not the one Swinger crapped in, its Ken Shamrock’s bag.

-Back from break, we get a video of RVD from his hot tub on vacation with Katie Forbes. He announces that he will be back on the show next week because the show needs him back.


Match starts with the two trading shoulder tackles and kicks to the face as Daga is in control early. Daga then hits an amazing one handed dive over the ropes onto Crist. Crist then counters by hitting a diving ddt outside the ring but Daga recovers fast and hits a Spanish fly outside the ring. Back from a commercial break, we see Crist is in control now as he has applied a bridged head lock submission onto Daga but he is able to break free. Daga is then back into control after picking up the pace of the match. Daga then hits some great German suplex on Crist twice and gets a near fall. Crist makes a comeback after hitting four straight kicks to Daga in a row. Daga then hits a butterfly pile driver on Crist for the win.

WINNER: Daga via pinfall in 9:30

(Thomas’s Analysis: A really strong match between two really good wrestlers. This match had a good pace to it and never felt dull or slow. These two have good in ring chemistry with each other that makes for some great action. Makes sense for Daga to go over here since he will be in the five way elimination match next week.)

-Gabby Loren interviews The North backstage about their title defense tonight and how they feel confident because they are the best tag team in the world and that there is no chance they lose.



Match starts fast as Blanchard and Swann rush the ring and drop kick Callihan and Fulton out of the ring. Blanchard and Swann then double team Fulton to take him down and isolate Callihan. Callihan and Blanchard then face off in the ring as Callihan hits a brain buster on Blanchard and Sami takes over the match. Swann is then able to tag in and picks up the pace of the match. Fulton then comes in and starts stomping Swann and hitting him with some stiff knees to the face. Callihan then comes in and hits Swann with a diving elbow and gets a near fall. Fulton and Callihan then start isolating Swann and stopping him from getting a tag to Blanchard. Fulton applies a bear hug grip to Swann that slows down his movement. Blanchard is then able to tag in and hits Callihan with a Samoan drop and then a cutter on Sami. Fulton comes in and they start double teaming Tessa, but Swann comes for the save. Callihan then goes for Swann’s eyeballs and then Callihan uses his title to hit Swann without the ref seeing it and Callihan picks up up the win.

WINNER: Sami Callihan and Madman Fulton via pinfall in 11:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: A strong tag team match here where both sides really got to shine and shows why all these acts are firing on all cylinders. It seems to look more and more like its time for Blanchard to be the one to take on Callihan as the chemistry between these two is white hot.)

-Back from break, Brian Cage talks about his save that he did at the end of the Swann/Blanchard and oVe match and how he’s not yet done with Callihan yet and how he’s wants to be in the elimination match next week.

-Swinger is still in the locker room and brags about crapping in Shamrock’s bag.

-Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo are backstage and are interrupted by Jordynne Grace and challenges Taya for the title, and then challenges her to any match and Bravo accepts for Valkyrie for next week.

-Back from break, Moose is on the tennis court and is talking about how he’s going to win the elmination match next week and be the new number one contender. Moose is talking about how he’s the greatest athlete of all time and how he’s even great at tennis. We then see highlights of Moose schooling some scrub in tennis.


Match starts with Havok throwing Moon around like a rag doll and with Havok going for the splash in the corner when Moon avoids it and tries to counter but Havok hits her with a suplex and starts hitting Moon with boots in the corner. Havok then hits Moon with some forearms as Moon shows some speed to get away from Havok but as Moon tries some offense she barely phases Havok. Havok then hits Moon with the choke slam and then after stopping a cover for a win, she hits a tombstone piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Havok via pinfall in 4:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: A pretty straight forward squash match here that made look Havok look pretty dominate.)

-After the match, Havok runs into Su Yung backstage and she continues to play up her new persona.

(6) EDDIE EDWARDS & MARUFUJI vs. THE NORTH – Impact World Tag Team Championship match

-Edwards and Alexander start the match, as we see some back and forth action until Marufuji tags in as does Page. Edwards then tags back in and gets the momentum going for his team as he picks up the pace and the tempo and after Marufuji comes in and starts hitting them with some hard chops. Edwards and Marufuji are in full control at the first part of this match until a commercial break and when we come back, The North have taken over. Page is working over Edwards in the corner as The North continue to tag in and out and double team Edwards. Then then hit Edwards with double back breakers and get a near fall. Edwards continues to get worked over in the corner until Edwards reverses and gets a tag in on Marufuji as he comes in on fire. Marufuji hits some stiff chops on Page followed by some quick kicks and strikes that knocks Page into the corner. Edwards comes in and double teams Page and Marufuji goes to cover and gets a near fall. The North gets some brief momentum and then Edwards hits Alexander with a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. After some chaotic action, The North takes out Marufuji and The North hit the double team move for the win.

WINNER: The North via pinfall in 16:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: A great main event between four great wrestlers that was entertaining from start to finish. I like the odd pairing of Edwards and Marufuji and I would be intrigued to see more of that combo in the future. It will be interesting to see who steps up to The North next as they continue to look like the most dominate team in Impact.)

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