11/19 AEW DARK TV REPORT: Cody talks with Justin Roberts about feeling undesirable, Private Party vs. Best Friends, Young Bucks vs. Stronghearts, Baker & Riho vs. Stratlander & Swole

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Analysis, detail, and results of this week's episode of AEW Dark


NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Commentators: Excalibur, Dustin Rhodes

Hosts: Tony Schiavone, Dasha Gonzalez

– Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez opened the show calling it a special “tag team edition” of AEW Dark this week before previewing the matches for the show: Private Party vs. The Best Friends, Britt Baker & Riho vs. Big Swole & Kris Statlander, and finally The Young Bucks vs. Strong Hearts. Schiavone then immediately transitioned to the first match of the night.

– Justin Roberts was shown in the ring and he introduced Dustin Rhodes as Excalibur’s partner on the announce team this week.

(1) PRIVATE PARTY vs. BEST FRIENDS (w/Orange Cassidy)

Marq Quen and Trent Beretta started the match. Quen teased giving Beretta a bead necklace before throwing it on the floor only for Orange Cassidy to nonchalantly put it on. Beretta hit a Northern Lights Suplex on Quen for a two count before tagging in Chuck Taylor. Private Party took control with some double team moves and stopped to pose. As they were posing, Orange Cassidy climbed up on the apron to pose with Private Party, which allowed Best Friends time to take control. Best Friends attempted a double suplex on Cassidy, who managed to hit them both with a knee to the head. Chuck Taylor then bit Isaiah Cassidy’s shoe as Dustin Rhodes talked about how disgusting it was. Best Friends then hit Cassidy with a Tower of Doom Suplex which only netted a two count because Marq Quen ran in to break up the pinfall attempt. Marq Quen finally tagged in and took control and hit Chuck Taylor with two dives out of the ring. Private Party then hit Chuck Taylor with a swinging neck breaker and Senton combination for a two count. Isaiah Cassidy went for a backflip off the middle rope to the outside of the ring, but managed to land on his feet, only for Trent Beretta to hit him with a spear as he landed. Isaiah Cassidy then kicked out after two knees to the face. Marq Quen was set up on the top rope to hit Beretta, who was on the outside, but Orange Cassidy stood in the way and turned his back to Quen to check on Beretta. Quen then leaped off the top rope over Orange Cassidy and took out Beretta. Best Friends then stopped for their signature hug spot before hitting the Strong Zero for the win.

WINNER: Best Friends in 15:00

– A commercial for ShopAEW.com aired promoting an upcoming sale.

– Schiavone and Gonzalez were back in studio briefly to mention that it was time for the women’s match before going back to the ring.


Riho and Big Swole started the match and Swole quickly took advantage muscling the much smaller Riho into a corner. Riho put Swole in a headlock on the mat, but Swole managed to counter it into a pinfall attempt. Baker and Statlander both tagged in a Baker quickly got two pinfall attempts on Statlander. Swole tagged back in and had Baker down for a minute, but Britt Baker quickly took control again, cutting off Swole from her partner. Excalibur and Dustin Rhodes accentuated that Baker and RIho are both “singles specialists” as they criticized Baker for not tagging in Riho for a long stretch of time. Finally Baker tagged in Riho, who managed to stop Swole from tagging in Statlander. Statlander hit Riho with a series of acrobatic moves for a near fall before Riho finally escaped and tagged in Baker. Swole hit Baker with a Blue Thunder Bomb before Riho and Statlander both entered the ring. Statlander then powerslammed Riho onto Baker, but it was only good for a two count on Baker. Statlander then took control against Baker and Riho momentarily getting multiple near falls on Baker. Eventually Baker would pick up the win by locking in the Lock Jaw on Statlander.

WINNERS: Britt Baker & Riho in 13:00

– Schiavone and Gonzalez were back and introduced the next episode of Undesirable to Undeniable with Cody Rhodes.

– Cody Rhodes sat down with Justin Roberts in the empty arena and called Roberts one of the greatest ring announcers ever and praised him for helping Brandi learn how to become a ring announcer. Justin Roberts talked about feeling undesirable when he was released “from the last company he worked with” in October 2014 (that would be WWE for those that may not know or don’t remember.) Roberts said he felt like he had to try and move on because he didn’t know where else to go in terms of professional wrestling announcing, so he started acting and announcing other types of events. Roberts said he stayed a wrestling fan and through Being the Elite, he found a new love for pro wrestling. Roberts said that people remembering him now that he’s back in wrestling is what makes him feel undeniable.

– A commercial aired narrated by Tony Schiavone promoting their upcoming events including the night before Thanksgiving in Chicago and a recently announced event in Miami coming up in January 2020.

– Schiavone and Gonzalez were back in studio to reflect on AEW Dynamite last week and threw to a video package of MJF and his promo followed by the attack on Cody by Wardlow.

– Gonzalez then threw to a video package on the backstage brawl between The Young Buck and Santana & Ortiz last week on AEW Dynamite.

– Gonzalez announced that Matt Jackson will be facing Fenix tomorrow in Indianapolis since Matt Jackson is not cleared to compete.

– A video package then aired on Scorpio Sky pinning Chris Jericho last week followed by Jericho’s meltdown.

– Schiavone then plugged the announced matches for Indianapolis’ AEW Dynamite show: Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin, Nick Jackson vs. Fenix, and Private Party vs. Santana & Ortiz. Schiavone then said it was time for the main event, pointing out that this was taped before AEW Dynamite and Santana & Ortiz’s attack on the Young Bucks, which is why they were able to compete.

(3) THE YOUNG BUCKS vs. STRONGHEARTS (Lindeman & T-Hawk)

Nick Jackson and T-Hawk started the match as Jackson attempted to shoulder tackle T-Hawk before T-Hawk knocked down Nick Jackson and did the Young Bucks pose to some loud boos. T-Hawk retook control after a chop to Matt Jackson who was sitting on the top rope followed by a powerbomb to Nick Jackson. T-Hawk then tagged in Lindaman, who was quickly super kicked by Nick Jackson. Stronghearts took control by isolating Nick Jackson and thwarting an interference attempt by Matt Jackson. Matt Jackson and Lindaman both tagged in and Matt immediately hit Lindaman with three suplexes before collecting T-Hawk and suplexing both men at the same time. T-Hawk threw Matt Jackson into the arms of Lindaman who caught Matt Jackson and hit him with a German suplex without Jackson touching the floor, but the pinfall was broken up by Nick Jackson. The Young Bucks then hit the Meltzer Driver for the win.

WINNERS: The Young Bucks in 8:00

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’m not sure what happened on AEW Dark last week, as I was out of the country, but this is the second time in three weeks that AEW Dark did not start on time. This week it was only ten minutes late, but this is an easy fix that needs to be made quickly because it feels unprofessional. I know it’s just a YouTube show, but when you say it starts at 7:00 EST, don’t let your audience sit there for ten minutes refreshing YouTube wondering why it isn’t showing up on their feed.

In regards to the show, I thought the wrestling was very good this week. The women’s match was much better than anticipated, given the fact that two of the participants are relative newcomers, and I hope that AEW signs Kris Statlander if they haven’t already because I thought she looked great! I was surprised that the main event was so short, but I don’t mind that. AEW needs to vary match length more or they’ll quickly become predictable as to when the finish is coming. Dustin Rhodes on commentary was a little goofy at times, but he wasn’t as over the top as MJF was two weeks ago. Dustin seemed more relaxed and was just there to hang out with Excalibur, but it wasn’t distracting in my opinion. Dustin made comments to help get the wrestlers in the ring and their characters over and that’s enough for me to be neutral.

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