11/19 IMPACT WRESTLING REPORT: Thomas’s report on hour-long Gauntlet Match with Moose, Tessa Blanchard, Brian Cage, Michael Elgin, Rich Swann, Daga

By Jordan Thomas, PWTorch contributord


NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callis



Wentz and Thornstowe start out the match with Wentz and Dez getting the early momentum as Dez tags in and they double team Thornstowe. Luster tags in and is able to get Dez knocked down and goes for a cover and gets a two count. Thornstowe tags back in but The Deaners tag themselves into the match and double team Thornstowe. Rohit tags in off Thornstowe and The Desi Hit Squad gets some goof offense in on The Deaners. Raj goes for a cover on Cody but only gets a two count. Cody tags in Cousin Jake and he gets some good moves in on Rohit but gets caught by Jake as he delivers a powerbomb and almost gets a three count until all teams come in and break it up. With all teams outside the ring, Cody does a suicide dive to the outside and takes out everyone. That is followed by a dive by Jake, then Wentz and then Dez. Dez then tags in off Rohit but the Hit Squad takes out Dez but the Deaners come in and take out the squad followed by Reno taking out the Deaners. The Rascalz then hit their tag team finisher and get the three count and cover on the Deaners for the win.

WINNER: The Rascalz via pinfall in 10:00

-Following the win, Reno Scum attacks The Rascalz and then Trey comes out to help his teammates and takes out Scum. Then Ace Austin makes his way to the ring and takes out Trey with the title and shows the continued alliance between Austin and Scum. Trey’s mother ringside see her son get knocked out by Austin.

(Thomas’s Analysis: This was an okay tag team match, nothing really too memorable here except using this match to advance the feud between Austin and Trey and show a strong faction starting here with Austin and Reno Scum.)

(2) TAYA VALKYRIE & JOHN E. BRAVO vs. JORDYNNE GRACE – Two-on-One Handicap match

-Match starts with Valkyrie and Grace as they size each other up in the middle of the ring until Valkyrie tags in Bravo. Bravo starts talking trash to Grace and poking her with his finger and Grace goes for a swing on Valkyrie to knock her off the ring and then throws Bravo out of the ring. Grace goes for a suicide dive and takes out Bravo. Grave throws in Bravo and starts beating him down until Valkyrie intervenes and Bravo gets a hold on Grace and Valkyrie comes in and starts chopping Grace. Bravo and Valkyrie start double teaming Grace until she turns things around and takes both comepitiors out. Grace isolates Bravo and starts beating the crap out of him followed by a senton. Bravo goes to tag in Valkyrie but she refuses to tag in. Grace then starts beating on Bravo again and goes for a cover and gets the win.

WINNER: Grace via pinfall in 4:00

(Thomas’s Analysis: This was a good use of Bravo to get Grace a strong squash match win here against the heel’s manger. It continues to show Valkyrie’s chicken shit heel antics but also made Grace look like a strong opponent to potentially take the title from Valkyrie. Grace has star potential written all over her an I do find the interplay between Bravo and Valkyrie humorous here.)

-Backstage, Gama Singh berates The Desi Hit Squad for losing again and if they lose again he says he is going to ship them back home. Fallah Bahh is sitting eating backstage and overhears the conversation and The Hit Squad start to beat down Bahh.

-Back from break, RVD sends in a video and says he’s not going to be on the show again because Katie and him were partying all night.

-Su Yung continues to walk around backstage in her new persona and she runs into Father James. She introduces herself as Susie to him and she talks about how she’s not sure why she is here. Father James offers his guidance to her and it seems like she agrees and then Rosemary shows up. Rosemary says she knows what he is up to and she wants in to see what Yung’s potential is.


Match starts with Swinger warming up and Gunderson goes to shake his hand but Swinger strikes him instead and starts beating on Gunderson. Swinger then goes for a head but to Gunderson’s groin and starts choking Gunderson with his own singlet. Gunderson then hits some drop kicks on Swinger but Swinger is able to counter with of course the swinging neck breaker and the win.

WINNER: Swinger via pinfall in 2:00

-After the match, Ken Shamrock makes his way to the ring to get revenge on Swinger for taking a crap in Shamrock’s bag. Swinger goes to strike Ken but he counters it and starts beating the hell out of Swinger. Shamrock applies the ankle lock on Swinger as he starts tapping out but Shamrock keeps it locked it for a while until he throws Swinger out of the ring.


(4) MOOSE vs. DAGA vs. RICH SWANN vs. MICHAEL ELGIN vs. BRIAN CAGE vs. TESSA BLANCHARD in an elimination gauntlet match to name the number one contender to the Impact World Championship

This elimination match starts with Moose vs. Daga as our first match. Moose takes early control in this match as he uses his size to his advantage against Daga but Daga starts to get some momentum back by using his speed and quickness as Daga gets Moose down with a dropkick and takes control of the match. Moose is able to regain control when he suckers in Daga in the corner and hits his head against the turn buckle. Moose then uses some clubbing forearms to keep knocking Daga down. Daga then counters an attempted spear with some forearms from himself and hits Moose with a delayed drop kick in the corner. Moose is then able to get up and counter one of Daga’s moves into a spear and pins Daga for the win in about seven minutes.

Moose’s next opponent is Rich Swann. Match starts with Swann trying to get a quick pin by using his qick offense as Swann hits Moose with a dropkick but Moose counters with his own dropkick which sends Swann outside the ring. Moose then takes time out to mess with the fans but this gives Swann the opportunity to get back into the match. Swann is able to hit a counter ddt on Moose and then follows it with some stiff chops to Moose but then Moose lawn darts Swann into the turn buckle which momentarily knocks Swann out. Swann and Moose then trade some strikes and Moose then goes to the top rope and jumps and Swann hits him with a cutter and then sends him into the ropes and then hits a diving cutter which gets Swann a near fall at a two count. Swann then goes for a 450 splash on Moose but Moose gets his knees up and Moose hits the go to hell but Swann kicks out at two. Swann then is able to rollup Moose and gets the three count and the surprise win in about 11 minutes.

Swann’s next opponent is Michael Elgin. Elgin charges into the ring and Swann and Elgin trade some dives to the outside and then the action moves back into the ring with Swann in control as he hits Elgin with some kicks but Elgin counters with a pop up power bomb to put Swann down. Elgin then hits Swann with some splashes in the corner which look pretty brutal. Swann then follows by hitting Elgin with a school boy bomb as Elgin was positioned on the top rope. The two then start trading some strikes in the middle of the ring and Elgin counters that with a buckle bomb into a cross face submission move until Swann is able to get to the ropes for the break. Elgin then hits Swann with a one arm dragon suplex on the edge of the ring and Elgin throws Swann back into the ring to hit a top rope move but Swann gets out of the way and then the two trade some kicks in the middle of the ring until Elgin hits a German suplex and clothes line on Swann. It then looks like Swann is bleeding from the mouth and Elgin hits a superplex on Swann but Swann is able to counter into a couple hurricanranas into a super kick. Elgin then hits a dead lift Falcon arrow on Swann off the middle rope but Swann kicks out on the cover. After the ref got in Elgin’s way a a couple of times, Elgin shoves the ref twice and gets a disqualification and Swann wins in about 15 minutes. Elgin continues to beat down on Swann and hits him with a power bomb.

After a commercial break, Swann’s next opponent is Brian Cage. Cage enters the ring and looks like he feels bad for Swann because he can barely stand and the blood is really flowing out of his mouth but Swann slaps Cage and hits him with a couple of kicks and then a super kick. Swann then hits a 450 on Cage and goes for the cover but Cage kicks out on one. Swann then hits two more kicks on Cage and then gets Cage down and hits another 450 splash on Cage but he kicks out of the cover at two and a half. Cage then catches Swann and hits him with a suplex but then Swann counters and hits two cutters in a row on Cage. Swann then goes for a phoenix splash but Cage then counters into weapon x for the win in about 6 minutes.

Cage’s next and final opponent is Tessa Blanchard. After a standoff where it seems like Cage doesn’t really want to fight his friend, Blanchard then yells at Cage to fight her and the two lock up in a collar and elbow lockup. Blanchard goes fo some kicks to the leg and some forearms to Cage but Cage pushes her off and she then sends Cage outside the ring and goes for three suicide dives in a row but the last one Cage catches her and delivers an F5 on the apron. Back from a break, Cage is in control back in the ring, but Tessa gets back into it after hitting a couple kicks and hitting a pop up ddt for a near fall. Tessa then hits a cross body slam off the top rope and gets a near fall but Cage counters into his own pop up power bomb and gets a near fall. Cage then hits Tessa with an superplex and gets another near fall. Tessa then counters by hitting a cutter on Cage and then a buzzsaw ddt for another near fall as Cage’s lip is busted open with blood spilling all over. Cage hits an Alabama slam on Tessa as she kicks out on a cover and then Cage goes for a version of the razors edge but Tessa counters and is able to hit the Magnum on Cage and he kicks out at two. Tessa then goes to the top rope again for another Magnum but Cage catches her and goes for weapon x but Tessa counters for a roll up and the win in about 15 minutes.

WINNER: Blanchard via pinfall in 15:00 to become the new number one contender for the Impact World Championship

(Thomas’s Analysis: A great hour long gauntlet match that did the obvious and made Tessa the new number one contender. There is no one hotter in the promotion then her so it makes sense for her to be the one that dethrones Sami Callihan and give Impact its first female World Champion. Sami and Tessa have great chemisty and I would love to see them fight forever and that is a credit to both wrestlers. Swann looked particularly strong in this match overcoming the odds so many times and Elgin and Moose continue their dominate ways. Daga seemed to be the one competitor that got the short end of the stick here and Cage had the tough role of going against the two smaller, over babyfaces.)

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