11/24 WWE SURVIVOR SERIES KICKOFF SHOW: Viking Raiders vs. Fish & O’Reilly vs. New Day, Tag Team Battle Royal, Lio Rush vs. Kalisto vs. Tozawa, interviews and panel discussion leading to main PPV

By Mike F. Meyers, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 24, 2019

Kickoff Panel: Jonathan Coachman, Charly Caruso, Booker T, David Otunga, Sam Roberts, John Bradshaw Layfield


-After initial introductions at the panel, Sam and JBL stood atop the entrance ramp where JBL listed some of the biggest moments in Survivor Series history. Regarding the women’s triple threat match, JBL said Baszler was at a disadvantage due to participation in last night’s War Games match.

-Sarah Schreiber interviewed Paul Heyman backstage. He reiterated the “miracle or massacre” theme he had established on TV. He indicated it would, in fact, be a massacre. Back on the panel, David said Lesnar crossed a line when he involved Mysterio’s son, and that Mysterio would come out on top. Inexplicably, Booker T said, “The man who throws the first punch is the man who has run out of ideas.”

-Shawn Michaels joined the Kickoff panel. He said that WWE needs a “pump of life,” and NXT will bring that tonight. He named the NXT Survivor Series team: Damian Priest, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Tomaso Ciampa, and Walter. Regarding tonight’s NXT Championship match, he said that neither Cole nor Dunne came out of last night’s matches at 100%.

-Cathy Kelley was shown back stage with Adam Cole. He confirmed that he is not 100%. He said he wasn’t complaining about the week he’s had – rather, he’s bragging.

-Bayley spoke with the Kickoff panel via video. When David asked if either of her opponents posed a bigger threat, Bayley said they are the same to her – both are her targets. Booker T referred to her “Bayley Bears,” and Bayley interrupted to say they are “Bayley Buddies.”

Announce Team: Vic Joseph, Corey Graves, Nigel McGuinness

(1) BREEZANGO vs. STREET PROFITS vs. RYDER & HAWKINS vs. LUCHA HOUSE PARTY vs. IMPERIUM vs. HEAVY MACHINERY vs. ROODE & ZIGGLER vs. THE O.C. vs. FORGOTTEN SONS vs. REVIVAL – Over-the-top rope tag team battle royal for Tag Team World Cup trophy

WINNERS: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler by elimination.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Mostly nonsensical battle royal chaos. The final teams were Roode & Ziggler against Street Profits. This match was in line with WWE’s current policy of shoehorning as much of its talent as is possible into every PPV.)


-Christian replaced David Otunga on the Kickoff panel.

Announce Team: Byron Saxton, Aiden English

(2) KALISTO vs. AKIRA TOZAWA vs. LIO RUSH (C) NXT Cruiserweight Championship triple threat match

Kalisto and Tozawa began by double teaming the champion Rush. Rush was knocked out to ringside, allowing Kalisto and Tozawa to battle. Rush re-entered and leveled both opponents with a double reverse elbow. He covered Tozawa for a two-count, then shouted “NXT” at the crowd.

Tozawa feigned a punch at Rush, then connected with a cheap shot. Tozawa covered Rush for two. Tozawa scaled the top turnbuckle but Rush got to his feet and met him there. Kalisto appeared on the apron and kicked Rush in the face, then climbed to the top rope and combined forces with Tozawa, but Rush hooked the arms of both wrestlers and flipped them onto the mat. Rush went with them, and all three men were down.

Rush alternated punches between his opponents. Eventually the double team caught up with him, and Tozawa suplexed him into a pin combination. Kalisto broke up the pin and pinned Rush himself for another two-count.

Kalisto hit Rush with the Salida Del Sol, but his cover was broken up by Tozawa, who quickly scaled the top rope and hit a high-flying senton to Rush. He covered for two. Tozawa and Kalisto exchanged slaps and strikes in the middle of the ring. The battle escalated, and Kalisto took Tozawa down with another Salida Del Sol, but Rush took advantage by landing the Final Hour from the top rope. He covered Kalisto for the three-count.

WINNER: Lio Rush by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: A high-speed, high-impact exhibition by three talented cruiserweights. The match wasn’t very long, and there was no downtime to be had.)

-Sami Zayn interrupted the conversation at the Kickoff panel. He said he respects Styles and Strong “on a certain level” as competitors, but wouldn’t call them artists or intellectuals, like his friend Nakamura. Zayn was hung up on this triple threat match not receiving the attention it deserves.

-New Day were shown backstage with Kayla Braxton, where Kofi was holding a platter of pancakes. Big E loudly declared New Day to be the greatest tag team in all of WWE. The crowd could be heard enthusiastically chanting along with their catch phrases.

Announce Team: Vic Joseph, Corey Graves, Jerry Lawler

(3) NEW DAY vs. UNDISPUTED ERA vs. VIKING RAIDERS – Battle of Tag Team Champions

During the Raiders’s entrance, Lawler indicated that the Minnesota Vikings want to start wearing helmets like the Viking Raiders, and that he didn’t blame them.

Ivar and Big E squared off early, as the two largest men in the match. O’Reilly soon intervened and tossed Big E over the top rope, with help from Fish. Erik tagged in and the Raiders quickly overpowered Undisputed Era.

Kofi tagged in and drop kicked Erik, then turned his attention to O’Reilly. Big E tagged in and New Day double teamed O’Reilly, then covered for a two-count. Kofi tagged back in and leapfrogged Big E to hit O’Reilly with a senton, then covered for another two-count. Kofi and O’Reilly exchanged blows, then Kofi tossed O’Reilly out to ringside through the ropes. Both of the Raiders entered the ring and squared off with New Day, and the duos exchanged blows. Big E knocked the Raiders out to ringside, leaving Kofi alone against Undisputed Era.

Once both Kofi and Big E were out of commission, Fish and O’Reilly double teamed Erik in the ring. They worked over Erik in their corner, delivering multiple strikes as he lied on the mat. Erik managed to suplex Fish into O’Reilly, then finally taged Ivar back in. He took to splashing Fish and O’Reilly in opposite corners, then power slammed O’Reilly. Big E ran in but immediately ate a kick to the face from Ivar.

Erik tagged back in and leveled Fish with a drop kick, but then missed a low-altitude drop kick in the corner. Meanwhile, Kofi entered and wiped out Erik with a dual-foot stomp. Kofi took out both members of Undisputed Era, who were on the floor, with kicks from the apron. Kofi and Big E double teamed Erik for a near fall, but Ivar broke up the pin.

With help from Big E, Kofi was launched over the top rope to blast O’Reilly, Fish, and Ivar outside. Big E then speared Erik off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Big E was the recipient of a springboard German suplex by Erik and Ivar, who stood tall in the ring while Kofi was the victim the High/Low from Undisupted Era outside on the floor.

O’Reilly and Fish entered the ring and got the upper hand against Erik and Ivar. Iver set up for a double chokeslam, but they escaped. Ivar dodged the High/Low, then took them both out with reverse elbows. Ivar used O’Reilly to hit the Viking Experience against Fish, then covered Fish for the three-count.

WINNERS: Viking Raiders by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis: More high-speed, high-quality action comparable to the previous match. The crowd was more engaged this time, what with the added star power. Like most Kickoff matches, it wasn’t very long and as such didn’t build any stories.)

-Back on the panel, Christian described Daniel Brian’s internal struggle between the Yes! movement and the planet’s champion. He indicated that he was a fan of the planet’s champion, and that he is wearing hemp socks and his feet feel great. Booker T made a comparison to the film Jaws, and said you have to draw the Fiend into deep water and drown him. After the panel paused to consider this statement, Booker T erupted with laughter.

Kickoff Show recap Session:

  • Match rundown for tonight’s PPV Survivor Series
  • Lynch – Baszler – Bayley video package
  • Lesnar – Mysterio video package
  • NXT Takeover: War Games video package
  • Bryan – Fiend video package

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