READER FEEDBACK: What goes into why PWTorch readers choose either AEW or NXT on Wednesday nights? (Batch 1)

Cody and The Young Bucks at the AEW Rally (photo courtesy AEW)


Why do you watch NXT or AEW? What influences why you favor one show over the other on Wednesday nights? Or do you watch both, and what compels you stay with a show or flip to the other? Tell us about your Wednesday night viewing experience. The following are a few responses from readers earlier this month.

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•PWTorch reader Jeff Wyatt writes…

I read your ratings reviews. First of all, I love both shows. I still watch Raw and Smackdown, but I don’t find either show as good as the Wednesday shows. I typically watch AEW first on my DVR after the rest of my family has gone to bed. I usually watch at least the first hour of NXT on my DVR after that and, according to how I am feeling, I might watch the full show after AEW. I am disabled so I don’t have to necessarily be anywhere the next day which allows me to stay up later. I think both shows are amazing and I’m invested in almost everything on both at this point. The competition is great, but I do find myself wondering how many people would watch both shows if on separate nights.

•PWTorch reader Patrick from Orlando…

If you recall when we spoke earlier this year, I never really watched NXT. It’s something I had to go out of my way to watch, so I didn’t. However, with both AEW and NXT on at the same time, I’ve gotten the chance to watch and really get engaged. It helps that I don’t touch Raw or Smackdown anymore. That said…

I’ve tried to see what others see in AEW and I just can’t. The athleticism is fantastic, sure, but it too often looks like some guys having a dance off. Sure, the charm in it is that they know we know, so everyone gets to have a good time and not take things so seriously, but to those outside of that spectrum it just looks like a bunch of guys showing off just how silly wrestling is. They change the channel before they get to see just how good the main event talent like Cody, Chris Jericho, and Jon Moxley are at making you feel like they want to beat the hell out of each other.

On the flip side, no one in NXT acts like what they’re doing is a joke. They each look and act like they’re in a real battle for their lives, jobs, and subsequent reputations. They don’t line up three people in front of three people and throw superkicks at one other so the crowd chants kicks forever and people are watching it because they want to at least feel good in watching a “fake” product. They don’t want constant reminders that the thing they like is silly.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see NXT Live next week at Full Sail and actually can’t wait to be in that environment. It seems fun.

•PWTorch reader Robert from Phoenix, Ariz. writes…

I’m probably in the extreme minority on this, but I skipped AEW for the first time last week because I was disgusted when I saw earlier on Wednesday that Jericho was having Donald Trump Jr. on his podcast. I stopped watching WWE about six years ago and have no plans to ever watch NXT, but my enthusiasm for AEW has been killed.

•PWTorch reader Nestor Sanchez of Los Angeles, Calif. writes…

I watch both NXT and Dynamite every week on demand as my work schedule does not allow me to watch live. Both shows deliver quality content and I will continue to watch regardless. NXT delivers a strong show with great matches, better storylines, and better entrance music. AEW is something new and exciting with a great live crowd and constant action. I believe AEW was ahead of NXT the first month due to AEW’s whole set up, as far as their stage, lighting, and bigger crowds. However, if Dynamite lacks solid storylines, promos, and character development, then things will turn in favor of NXT quickly. I can see Dynamite’s ratings continue to drop and soon NXT will overtake AEW in the ratings battle.

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3 Comments on READER FEEDBACK: What goes into why PWTorch readers choose either AEW or NXT on Wednesday nights? (Batch 1)

  1. We got rid of the DVR to cut down on time in front of our TV so I can only watch one show on Wednesdays. It’s NXT for me. I don’t even bother flipping over because I don’t want to get sucked into anything.

  2. I like AEW best because it’s fun and it always feels like anything could happen at any time. We watch NXT later if at all and strongly dislike Raw and Smackdown which probably affects our perception of NXT.

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