VIP AUDIO 12/12 – The Fix w/Todd Martin – Mailbag (pt. 2 of 2): Should AEW have a single booker? Is NXT ready to tour outside of Full Sail? Which Macho Man outfit was best? Plus WWE releases, Statlander, Yoshi Hashi, Undertaker, Lesnar (30 min)

PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents a special Thursday Flagship edition of the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast featuring a WrestleMania 36 Preview with ex-WWE Creative Team member and professional stand-up comedian Matt McCarthy.
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NOTE: Some of the language on The Fix may be NSFW.

SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode of The Fix with PWTorch VIP analyst Todd Martin and host PWTorch editor Wade Keller, Todd tackles The Fix Mailbag covering these topics:

  • Did Yoshi Hashi quietly have a good 2019?
  • Should AEW hire one person to be booker for the entire Dynamite show? Was it wrong to let the Young Bucks book the tag team division and Kenny Omega book the women’s division?
  • Is NXT ready to venture outside of Full Sail after getting over new acts in last few months?
  • Is AEW listening to recent criticism or do they believe they know exactly what they are doing?
  • What Macho Man outfit was best?
  • What is going on in Vince McMahon’s head right now?
  • Where will recent WWE cutbacks Ascension, Sin Cara, Luke Harper land?
  • Was Undertaker trained by Don Jardine?
  • Where does WWE go with Brock Lesnar when he returns around the Royal Rumble?
  • What would have more impact on business – Roman Reigns heel turn or Okada showing up to challenge Seth Rollins?
  • Is it time to put the women’s title on Kris Statlander already?

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