1/13 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on Lesnar appearance, Orton vs. Styles, Rusev vs. Lashley, Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy, Seth & AOP vs. KO & Joe & Show in Fist Fight

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JANUARY 13, 2020

Announcers: Vic Joseph, Jerry Lawler


-The Raw opening aired.

-They went to the arena live and showed fans’ signs in the crowd. The graphic said they were at the University of Kentucky. Joseph said they were on campus at the University of Kentucky. The announcers previewed the scheduled matches and segments including a Becky Lynch-Asuka contract signing. They billed Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy as “back by popular demand.”

(Keller’s Analysis: That was the most thorough and lengthy preview of Raw I can remember. I think it’s really smart to let people know what’s coming up and give them time to be excited about it and thus stay tuned for the segment they’re most excited about.)

-Orton played to the crowd as they chanted “Randy!” He said he was asked to “excitedly” welcome everyone to Raw. He said “excitedly” isn’t really his thing, so instead he called A.J. Styles to the ring. Styles quickly answered the invite. Styles asked Orton if he called him out there to brag about tricking him. He said he really believed he was hurt. Styles said since last week’s match, many people are saying his RKO was the prettiest they’ve ever seen. “Most of them said my RKO was phenomenal!” he said. He said maybe that will be all he needs to throw 29 other men over the top rope at the Royal Rumble to win including him, Brock Lesnar, and… at which point, Drew McIntyre interrupted.

“And that includes Drew McIntyre,” Drew said. He said last week the Conga Line had him on the ropes, and he reached deep down and overcame. He said he’s looking for bigger and better opponents. He said Styles and Orton are having an RKO measuring contest. “My RKO is bigger,” said Drew. Orton threw the mic in the air and turned around. Drew told him he’s addressing him so look his way. He said he wants to prove he is the favorite to win the Rumble. He told Kentucky (cheers) they have two choices: should they talk all night (boos) or should they wrestle (cheers). Joseph said it was supposed to be Styles vs. Orton, but Drew has added himself in an “unexpected turn.”

(Keller’s Analysis: I continue to be intrigued with this new tweener role Drew seems to be in. It’s as if WWE is leading the fans toward cheering him, but doing so in a way that it seems like it’s “their idea” and thus there is less likely to be any pushback as there was with Roman Reigns. If there was concern turning Drew babyface could backfire and be seen by fans as him being another chosen one (heck, it was his nickname in WWE at one point), this is smart. I’m not sure turning him this quickly is the right move, but he wasn’t going anywhere with the push they were giving him as a heel, and he is more entertaining when he’s happy instead of perpetually grumpy.)


Drew kicked Styles in the head at the bell. Orton poked Drew in the eyes and threw him out of the ring. Then he went after Styles, knocking him onto the ring apron. Styles went for a springboard back in, but Orton hit him as he took off and then set up a second rope DDT. Luke Gallows grabbed Styles’s legs to save him. Karl Anderson went after Orton in the ring, but Orton gave him an RKO. Drew gave Gallows a Claymore Kick, then kipped up. They cut to a break. [c]

Drew gave Styles a Future Shock DDT and tried to kip up, but he almost fell backwards. He stumbled and regained his footing, then played to the crowd for cheers once he regained his balance. (He has to be careful, because Apollo Crew’s push decreasing drastically occurred right after he failed on a gorilla press during a match!) They fought at ringside. Styles shoved Drew into the ringpost. Orton then hit Drew in the head with the steel steps. Drew went down hard. Orton caught his breath as Styles re-entered the ring. Orton kindly put the steps back in place and then re-entered the ring. Styles kneed him as he entered and gave him Orton’s signature draping DDT. Styles pounded the mat Orton-style. “It’s the Viper to a T!” said Lawler. He went for an RKO, but Orton blocked it. Styles kicked Orton with a Pelé kick. He went for another RKO. Orton shoved Styles off and kicked him in the gut. He then signaled for the Styles Clash. (He better take this right.) Orton delivered and scored a near fall. (That was weird seeing Styles in that move instead of delivering it.)

Fans chanted “RKO!” Orton signaled for it. Styles ducked and rolled up Orton for a two count. Orton popped up and hit the RKO. Drew re-entered and hit the Claymore Kick on Orton, then rolled over and covered Styles for the 1-2-3. Lawler picked Drew to win the Rumble. (So scratch Drew off of your list of bets to win?)

WINNER: McIntyre in 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. Styles taking an RKO, but Drew stealing the pin, is a boost to Drew but at the same time put over the RKO. Drew kicking Orton before pinning Styles puts him in that tweener position where fans can continue to decide whether to cheer him rather than feeling that they are being instructed to.) [c]

-A video package aired on the Samoa Joe-Kevin Owens alliance, and Big Show’s surprise return last week. Joseph hyped the first-ever Fist Fight on Raw with no DQ.

-Seth Rollins, further embracing his Messiah persona in clothing and vocal cadence and inflection, walked up to AOP and said nothing and no one can stop them. AOP spoke in support of Seth in their native tongues, saying Owens, Joe, and Show cannot stop them. He said they are the destiny of Monday Night Raw. He said he has sacrificed more than anyone will understand to be sure the destiny remains in tact. He said they just impose their will tonight and show the world what happens when you don’t embrace the vision of the Monday Night Messiah.

-Ricochet made his ring entrance. [c]


Rawley’s ring entrance aired. He got right in Ricochet’s face before the bell. Ricochet threw Mojo over the top rope. Joseph said he’d be eliminated if this was the Rumble. Ricochet then dove onto Mojo on the floor. Mojo took over once Ricochet re-entered the ring. Mojo landed a Stinger splash in the corner, then lifted Ricochet. Ricochet held onto the top rope, then front kicked Mojo in the forehead. He followed with a springboard dive. Mojo caught him and lifted him onto his shoulders. Ricochet landed on his feet and hit his Recoil (which Joseph called by name!). Then he leaped off the top with his 630 for the win. Joseph said Ricochet easily does moves you create in video games.

WINNER: Ricochet in 6:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Purposeful match. Mojo looked tough enough that by the time Ricochet beat him, it seemed like he beat someone formidable. Ricochet got to show off his moves and charisma against someone bigger who fans dislike.)

-Backstage the Street Profits reacted to Ricochet’s win. Montez Ford suggested Monday Night Smoke as the new name for this show. He talked about the Fist Fight later. The whole time, Angelo Dawkins was reading a sheet of paper. Ford got his attention. Dawkins said he was working on his Oscar ballot. Ford complimented him for a Pop Culture Reference. Dawkins said it’s time to hit The Queen’s music.

-Charlotte Flair made her ring entrance. Joseph said her match was next, but didn’t name the opponent.

-An NXT commercial hyped the women’s battle royal with a Rhea Ripley title shot up for grabs, plus Alex Shelley & Kushida teaming up. [c]


They replayed what Logan did to Charlotte and her robe last week. Logan howled before the bell. Charlotte opened with a running boot. Logan rolled to the floor to catch her bearings early. Charlotte fought with her at ringside. Logan got the better of Charlotte who looked overwhelmed and swarmed. Charlotte beat the count largely to escape Logan’s attack. Charlotte took over right away back in the ring, ramming Logan’s head into the turnbuckle. Charlotte then put her in a figure-four followed by a quick bridge into the Figure-Eight. Charlotte put on her robe afterward and smiled before walking away. The referee again held the ropes open for her, but she passed on it and instead threw Logan over the top rope to the floor. That gave Joseph the opening to talk about the Women’s Royal Rumble, of course.

WINNER: Charlotte in 2:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not sure why Logan was given so little time to seem competitive. It’s not like there’s endless depth in WWE’s women’s divisions. Logan looked intense here before losing. I think perhaps that match was so short just so they could get Heyman and Lesnar out to the ring at the top of the second hour. So how exactly are we supposed to feel toward Charlotte? She’s hardly likable.)

-Joseph plugged the Becky Lynch-Asuka contract signing and the six-man fist-fight. He said Brock Lesnar was next.

-A Smackdown commercial said Robert Roode faces Roman Reigns this Friday night in a tables match. [c]

-Joe told KO the more vicious things get, the better off they are, so he told him not to worry so much about the specific rules. KO agreed. In walked the Big Show. He told KO not to be so stressed about the rules. KO denied being overly concerned. Show held up his fist which was, amazingly, nearly the size of KO’s head. He said he’s reintroducing his fist to Seth. He walked away. KO told Joe that’s a good plan and he’s glad he’s on his team. Joe said the fist was the size of a ham.

-Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman walked out to the ring. Heyman, in a mocking Southern tone, said “y’all need to show a little ‘preciation for the champion.” Lawler said, “We’re not that far south.” Heyman: “Ladies, gentlemen, things that live in Kentucky.” Brock smiled. Heyman introduced himself. He asked how stupid are they that he makes fun of them and then they say his name along with him. They chanted “You suck!” at him. Lesnar nudged Heyman to leave and they left together. Lesnar looked perturbed.


Heyman stopped in the aisle and said, “Ladies and gentlemen… My client does not suck.” They re-entered the ring. Lesnar held up his WWE Title belt and paraded round the ring. He had a private word with Heyman. Heyman said they’re going to start over. Heyman said he told them last week Lesnar would outlast 29 others unworthy of being in the ring with him and win the Rumble. He reiterated it was a spoiler, not a prediction. He said there’s a streak going on in WWE, perhaps the greatest of all time. He said there was another streak at one time, but Lesnar conquered it. Heyman said the new streak is his spoilers. He said they’re all about Lesnar’s matches and they all come to life. He said his spoilers are written by, encouraged by, enabled by, implemented by, and executed by Brock Lesnar. (He’s doing five things instead of three now!) He said Lesnar isn’t going to eek by a Rumble victory. He said he’ll eviscerate 29 other men and conquer the WWE Universe. He said anyone who doubts his spoilers will be proven false because his spoilers tell the future and shall set everyone free because only the truth flows from his mouth. (Spit take.)

R-Truth interrupted. He made his way to the ring with the 24/7 Title belt. “I’m glad you called me out here, Paul,” Truth said. He said Lesnar might be “the most favorite” to win the Rumble, but his childhood hero John Cena taught him to never give up. He said for the first time ever, the 24/7 Champion will enter the Rumble. He said he knows he is a big, big, big man, “but I know you will go flying over the top rope, Paul Heyman.” Lesnar laughed as Heyman looked over at Truth with his eyed bugged out. Fans laughed, too. Heyman told Truth he’s not in the Rumble match. Lesnar was still laughing. Heyman informed Truth if he enters the Rumble, he’s going face-to-face with Brock Lesnar. Truth asked Heyman, “So you’re not in it.” Then Truth said, “Okay, my bad.” He said for the first time the 24/7 Champion is officially undeclaring his entrance in the Rumble match. He told Heyman he talks a lot. Fans laughed. “You keep going on and on and on and on,” he said, then making snoring sound. He said he gives away all the spoilers, but “Truth don’t like spoilers.” He said he’s not in the Rumble and he doesn’t want Brock to take him to Sioux Falls City. Heyman said, “It Suplex City.” Heyman said he’s not funny and nobody likes him. “Nobody!” he said. Lesnar stepped up to Truth. Truth said he has one question for Lesnar. “What’s up?” He then did the splits and danced. Lesnar then clotheslined Truth. He gave him an F5. Would he pin him to become 24/7 Champion? He looked down at the belt and thought about it. Then he laughed and threw it onto Truth and picked up his WWE Title belt. He picked up the mic and said, “That’s what’s up.” He then dropped the mic and left.

(Keller’s Analysis: That was a blast. All three seemed to genuinely be having fun out there, and something there’s been a dearth of on WWE TV for a while has been a sense of genuine fun, especially the type that wasn’t administered in a way that picked on a vulnerable or discriminated against group. In this case, it was all in fun, and Heyman showed some of the comedic range that he showed more often as Paul E. Dangerously in the 1980s. It was also fun seeing another emotion from Lesnar as he’s usually so stoic.) [c]

-Truth was being helped to the back by two referees. Mojo charged out and kicked Truth in the face and then scored a 1-2-3 to become the new 24/7 Champion.

-They went to Lawler and Joseph on camera. They threw to a clip from earlier that evening of Lana and Bobby Lashley arriving at the venue. Charly Caruso, whom Joseph mentioned by name, approached Lana and Lashley. Lana said she can’t deal with these questions about the wedding. Lashley asked Charly if she enjoyed it. Lashley asked if she appreciated how lovely Lana looked or was she asking about how everything went wrong. Charly said, “A little bit.” Lana said everything went wrong. She recapped all of the people who interrupted the wedding. She said, “Even Liv Morgan showed up and tried to stop us.” She didn’t say what Liv accused her of. Lana said she and Bobby have made two New Year’s Resolutions. She said their first resolution is that everyone is jealous of them. (I don’t think she gets what a resolution is!) She said the other resolution is to “crush Rusev!”

-Lashley and Lana began their ring entrance. [c]

-Joseph plugged that the Usos would be the special guests on WWE Backstage tomorrow night on FS1. Lawler said he loves that show. (Lawler Translation: I’ve never seen that show.)

(4) BOBBY LASHLEY (w/Lana) vs. RUSEV

After slugging it out, Rusev landed a jump spinning wheel kick for a two count. Lashley beat Rusev down in the corner. A few minutes later, Lashley clotheslined Rusev over the top rope to the floor. (That did not prompt a Rumble reference from Joseph.) Lashley ran and speared Rusev on the floor. Lana celebrated. [c]

Lashley had Rusev in a chinlock mid-ring after the break. Fans chanted “Rusev Day!” Rusev eventually caught a charging Lashley with a boot to the face. He avoided a charging Lashley, who went shoulder-first into the ringpost. Rusev then punched away at Lashley. (The fist-fight is later, guys.) He overhead tossed Lashley and got fired up. Rusev splashed Lashley in the corner and then gave him an overhead suplex. When Lashley avoided a Machka Kick and fired back with a German suplex, Rusev no-sold it and then connected with a Machka kick. The director nearly missed the entire kick, focusing on Lana’s reaction at ringside instead. Rusev set up his Accolade submission finisher, but Lana distracted him on the ring apron. They hit each other with simultaneous clotheslines and both went down and were slow to get up. Fans cheered as Liv Morgan marched out. Liv walked up to Lana and dared her to hit her. She threw a drink in Liv’s face. Liv was blinded. Lana threw her hard into the security barricade. Lashley then speared a distracted Rusev for the 1-2-3. A smiling Lana and Lashley returned to the back, leaving a fuming Rusev in the ring.

WINNER: Lashley in 13:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I was beginning to wonder if the Liv Morgan wedding interruption was a one-off stunt, but her run-in here shows they have more in mind for her and Lana, likely a mixed tag match. Will they overtly discuss what Liv said about the two having an affair, though?) [c]

-As Charly Caruso said she had breaking news, Lashley and Lana interrupted. Lana called Liv a troll and a stalker who is obsessed with her. She said she can’t blame her, though. She said Liv cannot intimidate her. She said Bobby proved his superiority over her former husband. Lana challenged Liv & Rusev to a mixed tag. Lashley didn’t know about that ahead of time and asked what in the hell she is doing. “I already beat Rusev and now you want me to beat him again, and now I’ve got to take care of you on top of it?” he said. She said she’s a fashion influencer, a super model, and a celebrity and nobody can intimidate her.

-The Viking Raiders made their ring entrance for an Open Challenge. Ivar said anyone who challenges them goes down. He said they have proven their dominance throughout the entire Raw Tag Team Division. They dared any team to try to stop them. “Let the raid begin!” they said in unison.


The Singh Brothers danced to the ring obnoxiously. The Raiders lifted and threw the Singh brothers head first into each other at ringside. They quickly squashed them in the ring.

WINNERS: The Viking Raiders in 1:00.

-They went to Liv Morgan and Rusev backstage. Rusev accepted their challenge. Liv promised to be the living embodiment of her karma. She said karma isn’t just a goddess, but she’s an honest-to-god bitch. [c]

-Joseph thanked Zayde Wolf for “Rumble,” the official theme song of this year’s Royal Rumble.

-Jerry Lawler introduced the contract signing for the Lynch-Asuka match at the Royal Rumble. Becky came out first. Then Asuka, accompanied by Kairi Sane, made her entrance.


Asuka acted obnoxious as usual. Kairi came up behind Becky. Becky stood up. Kairi poked her umbrella at Becky. Becky yanked it away and threw it out of the ring. Fans chanted “Becky! Becky!” Lawler asked if they could at least get the contract signed. Asuka acted like that disruptive kid in the back of class, disinterested in the lesson. She languorously signed the contact and shoved it over to Becky. Becky signed it and said, “May the best woman win.” Asuka sprayed her in the face with mist. Becky went down as Asuka grabbed the mic and began ranting. As a trainer wiped her eyes with a towel, she cried out in pain but demanded the mic. She said when they give you money and praise and awards and acclaim, it’s poison for someone who fights for a living. She said Asuka is hungry and angry. She said she is the most dangerous woman she has ever faced. She said she had tried to find an anger to fight her with. She said when somebody puts her hands on her, she brings forth a badness in her. She said she doesn’t care if they’ve tried to hide her from her. She said if she has to go down again, she’ll go down swinging, “but I swear to god, I’m taking you with me!” she said. She winced and squinted her way to the back.

(Keller’s Analysis: Overall, I’m a fan of framing Asuka as an opponent who is in Becky’s head. Asuka’s been great at being obnoxious. Becky fans have to realize how important this match is to her and what it would mean to Becky to win or to lose, which is ideal for building up a big match – high stakes.) [c]

-As they came back from the break, Joseph said they were at the historic Rupp Arena on the campus of the University of Kentucky.

-They replayed Andrade beating Rey Mysterio last week and de-masking him, then Rey attacking him backstage during an interview. Joseph then announced next week they’ll battle in a ladder match.

-Sarah Schreiber (identified with a name ID graphic) attempted to interview Andrade and Zelina Vega. Vega said she isn’t qualified to interview them. She called Rey a disgraced legend. She said Andrade was man enough to beat Rey at Madison Square Garden to become U.S. Champion and he was man enough to retain the title and he was man enough to rip the mask off the face of Rey. She called Rey a low-life little criminal who stole the U.S. Title from her. She said they filed a criminal report against him with local authorities. She said Rey is a disgrace to Latinos everywhere, and a sad and terrible example to Dominic his son and all of his children. Andrade got in a few fiery words to close the promo.

-Caruso interviewed Mysterio for his reaction. He said he is being accused of being a criminal not representing his people. He spoke in Spanish for a few seconds. He said Andrade thinks he can get away with anything. He said Zelina thinks his example as a parent to his children is a joke, but it’s no joke. He said Andrade tried to injure one of the most promising rookies in WWE, Humberto Carrillo. He said he’s prepared to sacrifice years of his career in next week’s ladder match. (Wait just a second! Rey said last week his career is weeks away from ending because of age and wear and tear.) He said next week, he’s not only going to take back the U.S. Title, but more importantly he’s taking it away from Andrade.

(Keller’s Analysis: More nice work on Raw of promoting matches a week ahead of time and finding ways to keep an ongoing feud moving to the next level.)

-They went to Lawler and Joseph. Lawler said he’s known Rey a long time and he’s most proud of his children and his Latino heritage. Joseph shifted to a recap of the Black-Murphy rivalry. Murphy said he’s far into Black’s head because he knocked on his door.

-Black made his ring entrance. [c]


Joseph said Black seems to have Murphy’s number. Joseph asked Lawler if he had an opponent he just couldn’t get the best of. Lawler said he’s been in the business for a long time. He said way back, when Nick Bockwinkel was the AWA Champion, he couldn’t get the best of him. He cited Bill Dundee. He said he fought Randy Savage in this Rupp Arena. He said when he came to WWE, it was Bret Hart. Black landed a spinning elbow early. Murphy got the better of Black at ringside and both were almost counted out before Murphy broke the count. Murphy climbed onto the edge of the ringside barricade. Black knocked him off balance and he landed on the barricade. Back in the ring Black scored a one count, then settled into an armbar. Murphy side-stepped a charging Black, then dropkicked his head into the ringpost. He followed with a suplex off the ring apron onto the floor. They cut to a break as Joseph asked, “Can Buddy Murphy finally beat Black?” [c]

Black set up his Black Mass. Murphy escaped and set up Murphy’s Law. Black countered, but Murphy leveraged Black’s shoulders down. He yanked on his trunks and the ref saw it before the three count. Black then caught a charging Murphy with a knee to the head for a near fall.  Murphy made another comeback after front kicking Black as he climbed to the top rope. Murphy climbed to the top rope, but Black met him there and went for a superplex. Murphy dropped him. Black then landed a leaping front kick to the face. Murphy crashed to the floor. They replayed the strikes. Both were slow to get up, gasping for air. Black landed rapid-fire strikes, but Murphy roundkicked his abdomen as he was in mid-air on a springboard flip. Murphy then hit Murphy’s Law. Joseph said Murphy is going to solve the riddle that is Black. Black put his leg on the bottom rope. Fans chanted “This is awesome!” Murphy tried to lifted Black for another Murphy’s Law. Black was dead weight. (This is such a strange spot because it implied you normally need your opponent to not be knocked out to help you lift them for your move.) Black surprised Murphy with Black Mass for a convincing near fall. Lawler gasped, “What?!” Black couldn’t believe it. Black stood and delivered a second Black Mass for the win. Murphy absorbed the loss at ringside as Black celebrated.

WINNER: Black in 14:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Another really good match in their series, with some novel and crisp high-impact sequences to keep things fresh between them.)

-Joseph said the Fist Fight ends when the referee determines one team cannot continue. [c]

-Joseph plugged that Lesnar will be back on Raw next week. Lawler hyped the mixed tag match with Rusev & Morgan vs. Lana & Lashley. Joseph hyped Andrade vs. Rey in a ladder match.

-As Erick Rowan walked out, Murphy was still sitting at ringside, despondent over his loss to Black. Caruso approached him. He said, “Please, Charly, not now.” She apologized and walked away.


Rowan yanked his opponent to ringside and threw him into the ringside barricade. Rowan said he wanted to show him. He looked into the cage. Rowan reached in, but then pulled his hand out as if he was bitten. He came out bleeding. Rowan was made and lifted and lightly slammed the cage down on the steps. He then gave the Iron Claw Slam to the opponent, leaving his forehead covered in blood. Joseph noted he’s among the 30 in the Rumble.

WINNER: Rowan in 1:00.

-They showed Seth and AOP backstage heading toward the entrance. [c]


Show came out first. Seth and AOP attacked him on the ramp. KO and Joe ran out to even things up quickly. As Seth and Show fought at ringside, the other four brawled down the ramp and to the stage. KO landed a running flip dive off the stage onto AOP. Joe then put Akam on the table and landed a running senton splash through the table. Both were slow to get up. Seth, meanwhile, threw Show into the ringpost. Seth noticed Murphy was sitting at ringside still. Seth said, “Help us. Help us!” Show recovered and yanked Seth into the ring. Show chokeslammed Seth, then set up the KO Punch. Murphy gave Show a low-blow from behind. Seth leaned a table in the corner. Murphy and Seth threw Show through the table. Murphy looked down at Seth, who looked up at Murphy wide-eyed.

AOP joined forces to beat down Joe and put him on the announce desk. KO tried to intervene, but AOP dropped him onto Joe and the table collapsed. The ref checked on them. Show was on his hands and knees mid-ring. Seth went for a running stomp. Show avoided it, threw Murphy over the top rope, and then attacked Seth. He set up a splash out of the corner, but AOP entered the ring and together lifted and powerbombed Show mid-ring. Murphy re-entered the ring and smiled as he circled Show. He held Show in a front chancery, and lifted him into position for a Stomp. Seth delivered this time. The ref determined Show, Joe, and KO were out of commission. Murphy stood off to the side as Seth and AOP celebrated. Then they eyed Murphy. Seth opened his arms and invited Murphy in for a hug. Murphy hugged him. Lawler said, “The Messiah has a new disciple.”

WINNERS: AOP & Seth in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not a long main event, but they packed a lot of big moves and violence into it. The Murphy situation is an interesting development, as it positions him after several losses to Black in a main event group. Murphy’s so talented, this could elevate him if handled right. It’s really strange that Raw is outdoing WWE with a Dark Order style gimmick by utilizing top acts and recruiting a really good wrestler with a huge upside into their ranks before Dark Order gets rolling with whatever they have in mind for it.)

-Joseph and Lawler again hyped next week’s line-up to close the program as Seth, AOP, and Murphy stood together with their arms raised together.

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  1. Typical of the New York attitude, Vince can’t even bear the thought of saying they are appearing in backwater flyover towns like Lexington and Evansville. Why don’t you stay in the Northeast where you belong. We don’t need you around, anyhow.
    I’m still DVRing this and Smackdown each week, but I watch 95% of it fast forward. I have a limited amount of time to spend on wrestling each week and with NWA Power, AEW and yes, NXT, I don’t have much time for Raw and Smackdown anymore.

  2. Bit of a typo in your last paragraph Wade… I think you mean AEW instead of WWE for the Dark Order.

    Grammar/Typo police in the house. lol

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