2/12 MIZ & MRS TV REPORT (Season 2, Episode 3): Miz stresses over whether his second baby is going to be a boy or a girl, thinks dolls are staring at him as he works out

By Sarah K, PWTorch contributor


FEBRUARY 12, 2020

The show opens with Miz in his home gym. For whatever reason, the room is half gym and half child’s play area. Oh, and the dolls are still there. And Miz is still weirded out by the dolls, who are according to him “watching him” and “judging him.”

Maryse comes in wearing a long dress and does a selfie from the treadmill, before it eats her dress. Then carelessly bandying about a barbell, Miz knocks down several of the dolls. Moving on, the couple visits the gynecologist because Maryse is pregnant. Miz makes jokes about continuing to have sex until they have a boy. They could have opened the envelope and known the sex of the child, but Maryse decides they’ll wait until the gender reveal party. They do an ultrasound. Miz insists that the umbilical chord is a penis. It is not a penis. Miz is then backstage at a WWE event where he discusses with Renee Young how he thinks that the baby is going to be a boy. Spoiler alert: Madison Jade Mizanin was already born, a female, and already has an Instagram account. Miz’s dad also thinks the baby is going to be a boy. Yeah, he’s conveniently on a podcast announcing his opinion on the matter.

Maryse’s whole family has shown up for the gender reveal party. Her sister Michelle is in charge of the envelope with the baby’s gender. Yes, there is a “keeper of the gender” t-shirt. Mike thinks he’s going to know the gender before the reveal. Anyway, George is there and has merchandise with the image of himself in the ring at WrestleMania on it. He has boxer briefs with the image on them too. It’s an amusingly cringey moment.

Miz is trying to connive his way into discovering the gender. Supposedly he wants to look genuinely happy in the picture that will be taken. Oh, sheesh. You know how to look genuinely happy in a picture? Here’s the secret: BE GENUINELY HAPPY! I know, hard, right? Miz tries to steam open an envelope. Miz gets caught by his niece trying to open the envelope. Anyway, Miz’s dad is doing a personal appearance. This somehow has to be discussed. George’s IG post has, like, three likes, so Miz reposts it.

The appearance is at a bowling alley. There’s a line of people chanting “Mr. Miz.” George does his WrestleMania pose and takes pics with fans. A fan shows up with one of George’s own t-shirts. Miz is proud of his dad. The whole family does a picture doing the pose.

Alright, it’s time for Madison’s gender reveal party. Everyone shows up wearing either pink or blue, except George, who wears black. There’s a confetti canon. It either shoots pink or blue. You know this is going to end weirdly. Miz wants to fire off a canon beforehand. He tries to convince Dolph Ziggler to help him cheat to know the gender. He ends up shooting himself in the crotch with the contents of the gun.

The cannon shot out something yellow. It was a trick. Maryse knew that he’d try something. They have the “if it’s a girl we’re going to act happy, right” discussion. Yes, Miz will behave himself. Ryan Cabrera shows up wearing pink. A bunch of random children are shown. Anyway, Miz got his dad an official WWE shirt. Miz gives a little speech about, if it’s a boy, they’re done having kids; and if it’s a girl, they’re going to try again. Okay, whatever. Everyone shoots off their confetti canons – it’s all pink. Yes, Madison is a girl. George also shot his canon off in the wrong direction. “The tree doesn’t fall far from the apple,” says Maryse. Everyone’s happy, so, all is well.

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