3/30 WWE Raw Results: Keller’s report on final week of WrestleMania build, Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch, Undertaker, Edge

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


MARCH 30, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton


-They opened with a video package featuring A.J. Styles demeaning and emasculating Undertaker for being under the control of his money-grubbing, fame-hungry wife as clips aired of Taker out of character with his wife Michelle McCool and doing a shot with Steve Austin on a recent WWE Network interview. Then they played Styles saying he wants the vintage Undertaker at WrestleMania. Clips played of Taker dominating Styles.

-Undertaker up-close said: “A.J. Styles, or should I say Allen Jones, I mean, since we’re being real now. For such a small man, you’ve got a real big mouth. I don’t know if you have a big set of if you’re really that stupid. Either way, your mouth’s writing checks your ass can’t cash. I’m sure you thought by dropping some pipe bombs, you’d get under my skin. Son, I’ve heard a lot worse from far better than you.”

He said there are some truths to what he is saying. He said Styles said ten or fifteen years ago, he wouldn’t have wanted a piece of him. He said Styles was content being a big fish in a little pond because he knew back then he didn’t have what it takes to hang with Undertaker, Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, and Edge – “the very best this business had to offer.” He said: “Phenomenal One, my ass. You waited until they were all gone except, for me.” He said he is the first to admit he has far more matches behind him than in front of him, but he said “Allan” stepped in something now. He said he crossed the line the first time he mentioned his wife. He said he thinks Styles is upset that she got his finisher over as “The Faith Breaker” in WWE and did it better than he did. He said he’ll pay a price for that in a bone yard. “Remember, that was your idea,” he said. He told Styles to try him at WrestleMania and he’ll make him famous. He told Styles to bring the ass clowns so all three of them can feel the wrath of the unholy trinity he’s bringing with him. He said he will feel the pain and he will get hurt and he will suffer and he will rest in peace. A tombstone graphic appeared behind Taker saying “A.J. Styles: 1977-2020.”

(Keller’s Analysis: The delivery was good and intense. The content mattered less, I suppose, and was hit or miss. Taker saying Styles is jealous of his wife getting over his Styles Clash was a stretch. Firing back at Styles by calling him Allen Jones made sense as a retort, but I’m not for the fourth-wall breaking basis of this entire feud. There was enough to work with between these two not to have to go with some insider stuff catering to “the Internet fan.” That world can be kept separate from the world WWE presents on TV, and Undertaker was one one of the last hold-outs in that regard. But Taker had to push back against Styles hard and he went to the “shoot-style” material also. Calling Styles “little” seems to undercut the achievement of beating him. It also didn’t give any clues to what a bone yard match is.)

-Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton on camera reacted to Taker’s comments. Saxton said Styles has woken up Taker just in time for WrestleMania. He hyped WM on WWE Network and PPV. They hyped that Edge was there live plus The Street Profits & Kevin Owens vs. Angel Garza & Andrade & Seth Rollins. They showed Becky Lynch’s semi-truck arriving earlier. Then she got out and walked to the Performance Center. [c]

-Highlights aired of Shayna Baszler’s sit-down interview last week being interrupted by Becky Lynch and a chair.

-Standing on the stage, Becky said last year at WrestleMania she fought two champions in one match. She said the stakes for her couldn’t have been higher, facing champions from both Raw and Smackdown. She said she attacked those two fools any chance she got and she’s been walking the razor blade lifestyle ever since. “Let’s take a look,” she said. They went to the match from WrestleMania last year with the Joan Jett live performance of Ronda Rousey’s ring entrance. Charlotte and Becky also entered. A minute into the match, they cut to a break.

-An NXT on USA ad hyped Donovan Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee vs. Damien Priest for the North American Title. [c]

Here’s my full match report from PWTorch.com the night of the event.

CHARLOTTE vs. RONDA ROUSEY vs. BECKY LYNCH – Raw and Smackdown Titles at stake

Charlotte flew into the parking area of Met Life Stadium in a helicopter. She stepped out, had help putting her robe and feather headpiece on, and strutted into the arena. Mike Rome then began announcements for the “Winner Takes All Triple Threat Match.” His mic faded mid announcement. Even the speakers got tired and went home. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts performed Rousey’s theme live on the stage. Rousey then made her way to the ring looking very serious. It’s 5 minutes before the END OF SUNDAY in New York at this point. Charlotte then came out to her music. Graves talked about how  Then Becky made her entrance without any special fanfare other than her entrance theme. It’s all that was needed. Cole talked about the small ripple that became a ground swell and now has “overtaken the world.” Rome did the ring introductions and his mic was back working.

The bell rang Monday morning at 12:01 a.m. Becky went after Ronda at the start and tired a disarm her as Charlotte watched. Ronda fired back with punches and a kick. Becky rolled to the floor, then caught  a charging Charlotte with some round kicks. Charlotte rolled to the floor. Rousey lifted and drove Becky hard into the ringside barricade. Then Ronda gave Charlotte her Piper’s Pit on the floor. Becky shoved Rousey into the ringpost. Charlotte gave Rousey an overhead slam into the ringside barricade.

Back in the ring Becky and Charlotte went after each other with an exchange of forearms and punches. Charlotte went after Becky’s arm, but Becky leveraged Charlotte’s shoulders down. Then she set up a figure-four, letting our a “wooo!” first. Charlotte kicked her off. Rousey rolled back into the ring and kicked Becky and Charlotte. She went back after Rousey. Charlotte kneed Rousey and then kicked her in the head. Charlotte and Becky lifted and then powerbombed Rousey over the top rope. Rousey held onto Charlotte’s arm, though. Becky kicked Rousey off of Charlotte and Rousey landed on the back of her shoulders and could’ve easily landed on the back of her head as her butt her the edge of the ring on the way down, changing her expected trajectory.

That freed up Charlotte and Becky to wrestle for a while one-on-one. Then Becky applied a disarm her, Rousey re-entered and broke it up. Rousey applied an armbar on Becky, but Charlotte broke it up quickly with a running knee. Fans began chanting “Becky! Becky!” Charlotte covered Rousey and got a two count. Charlotte chopped away at Rousey. Rousey got mouthy and said she “slaps like a bitch.” Charlotte gave her a backhand cross the face. Rousey leaped at Charlotte and went for an armbar. Charlotte leveraged Rousey into a camel clutch instead. Becky gave Charlotte a bulldog from behind to break that up. Becky set up an inverted DDT. Charlotte walked into her arms, so she gave Charlotte a regular DDT at the same time as a Rousey inverted DDT. She scored two counts on each.

Becky gave Charlotte a Bexploder suplex off the middle rope for a near fall. Rousey leaped onto both. They both lifted her and gave her a tandem powerbomb. They delivered a second tandem powerbomb. And then a third. They released Ronda and went after each other. Charlotte threw Becky out and then ran over and covered Rousey for a near fall. Becky knocked Charlotte not the floor and then applied a disarmher on Rousey. Rousey rolled around, but Becky held on. Rousey crawled over to the bottom rope and used it to lift Becky and escape. Becky applied the armbar while sitting on the top rope. Charlotte kicked Becky in the face.

Charlotte stood on the top rope and dove off with a Becky in her arms and they crashed hard to the mat with a Spanish fly. Charlotte scored a near fall. Rousey entered. Charlotte gave her a suplex. Becky broke up the cover and went for a disarm her. Charlotte rammed Becky’s face into the middle turnbuckle. Charlotte then wrapped Rousey’s leg around the ringpost and then applied a figure-four. Rousey cried out in pain. Becky broke it up with a kick. Charlotte threw Becky hard into the ringside barricade. Charlotte went for a figure-four, but Rousey rolled her up for a believable near fall. Charlotte then put Rousey in a figure-four. She bridged into a figure-eight. That got a rise out of the crowd, m but Becky leaped off the top rope with a leg drop to break it up.

Becky pulled a table out form under the ring. Fans cheered. She slid it into the ring. She set up the table as Rousey clutched her knee and Charlotte sold at ringside. Charlotte attacked Becky and put her on the table. Charlotte set up a superplex, but Rousey shoved her to the floor. Rousey tipped the table over and shouted, “Tables are for bitches!” Cole said, “Ronda said she doesn’t need a table.” Renee said, “That’s not quite what she said.” Becky countered  Piper’s Pit, but Becky countered with an armbar attempt. Charlotte speared both of them and then scored a two count on Becky. She scored a two count on Rousey next. Charlotte leaned the table in the corner. She grabbed Charlotte and yelled out something about “fake” and then rammed her face into the table a few times. Becky went after Charlotte, but Charlotte speared her for another two count. Cole’s voice grew more hoarse with every near fall.

Charlotte charged at Becky and Rousey, but they worked together to throw Charlotte into the table. Rousey and Lynch then circled each other. They wildly threw punches at each other. Becky gave Becky a flying knee. Becky looked like she was out. Rousey lifted her with help of the ropes to stand. She gave Becky a Piper’s Pit, but Becky leveraged Rousey’s shoulders down and scored a three count. Rousey protested that her shoulders weren’t down. Fireworks blasted as Becky celebrated with both belts. A replay showed that Rousey’s shoulders were clearly not down at one, but they were down at two and three. Maybe the ref started counting too quickly and Rousey planned to left her shoulder a bit at three, but the third count never came because the ref started a bit early. The announcers quickly talked about it as if it was an angle they were anticipating. This gives off the impression this was supposed to be a controversy. What’s interesting is they went to two replays, and the second replay cut out the first count where Rousey’s shoulders were clearly not down and maybe it was too obvious. They went to a wide shot of the arena as her music played. Then they faded to black.

WINNER: Becky in 25:00 to become both Raw & Smackdown Champion. (****1/4)

(Keller’s Analysis: That was non-stop drama. I’m not going to mark it down because it was so late in the night and everyone was tired. That was just a hell of a match. Great pacing throughout. Hard-hitting. It felt like all three desperately wanted to win.)


-The match ended just a minute or so into the second hour.

(Keller’s Analysis: The replays of matches have held up well with viewership, and they teased enough new content already to hold people with this replay of a stellar main event from last year with a big crossover star in Rousey that many more casual viewers will likely be curious to watch. It’s also a hell of a match to rewatch if it’s been a while.)

-Becky was “still standing on the stage” and said that’s the first time she’s watched that back. She said in the last year, history tends to follow the one who made it. She said she also gets followed by dopes who can’t make their own history. She said Shayna Baszler thinks she’s different than all the challengers who have failed to take her title. She said Baszler claims taking her title would destroy her, and she said Baszler is right. “I have no problem admitting I don’t know who I am without being the champ anymore,” she said. She said she knows about Baszler’s demons, too, though. She said she walks around all cool with her low voice and cage fighter resume in her top pocket, but she realized last week she’s starting to get to her. She said Baszler is going to fight from emotion and finally do the one thing her pal Ronda Rousey wouldn’t do. She said she can see the relief and exhilaration she’ll get from beating her, if she beats her, “as if for once, you’ll steal Ronda’s spotlight instead of the other way around.” She said the other possibility is she loses and put back in Ronda’s shadow. She asked Baszler “which one of us do you mean exactly” when you say the person who loses will be destroyed. Baszler then attacked Becky with the Kirafuda Clutch from behind. Baszler swung Becky by her legs head-first into the announce table. Then she grabbed the Raw Women’s Title and held it over Becky as she writhed in pain, then dropped it on her, stared at her, and walked away.

(Keller’s Analysis: Standout promo from Becky that highlighted a lot of key factors in this match, including the dynamic of Baszler trying to achieve what Ronda Rousey couldn’t. Good delivery. The attack at the end wasn’t entirely unpredictable, but it made sense to have Baszler fire back and get some heat going into WM.)

-An ad aired for WrestleMania 35 on ESPN this Sunday afternoon at 3 ET/12 PT. [c]

-A sponsored clip aired of the Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels match at WrestleMania XXIV in 2008.


Phillips hyped Black vs. Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania. (Lashley is reportedly self-quarantining after a recent overseas trip.) Cade charged. Black ducked and swept him down. Black sat mid-ring and stared into the corner. Cade asked the ref, “What is he doing?” Black stood and blocked a Cade kick. Cade finally landed a kick, but Black fired back with a quick Black Mass for the win.

WINNER: Black in 1:00.

-Phillips and Saxton threw to a clip of Seth Rollins on Raw last week taking credit for NXT even existing and thus Kevin Owens being in WWE. The announcers hyped the six-man tag match up next. [c]


After Profits and KO made their ring entrance, Zelina Vega announced that Andrade suffered a serious rib injury, but she was bringing in 22 year old Austin Theory, “the hottest free agent no more,” to replace him. Theory walked out and headed to the ring with Vega and Garza. Seth then made his ring entrance. The Profits beat up Theory in the opening seconds. When Theory and Garza regrouped at ringside, Ford pounded his chest and yelled, “It’s WrestleMania season!” He flip dove onto Garza and Theory at ringside, then yelled some more. [c]

Back from the break, Garza landed a dropkick on Ford and then yanked off his own pants. He tagged in Theory who scored a two count on Ford. Ford hot-tagged in Angelo Dawkins. Dawkins rallied, but then walked into a superkick by Seth. Garza tagged in a minute later and applied a camel clutch. Seth tagged back in and stomped away at Dawkins. Dawkins blocked a superkick and then punched out Seth. Garza got a hot-tag in. Owens tagged in and hit a cannonball on Garza. Then he landed a flip senton for a two count, broken up by Theory. Ford hit Theory with a leaping roundkick. Ford went for a flying flip dive to ringside onto Theory, but Theory moved and ford landed with a splat on the ramp. KO hit a stunner on Garza for the win.

WINNERS: KO & Profits in 14:00.

-Seth attacked KO afterward with a Stomp. Phillips said Seth didn’t care about the outcome of this match, he just wanted to get in a final shot on KO afterward. Saxton said that’s the last thing that’s going to be on the mind of KO headed into WrestleMania.

(Keller’s Analysis: Solid match to fill some time on Raw. It didn’t really come across as a spotlight for Theory or anything, which is unfortunate since his debut ideally would have meant more.)

-Saxton plugged that Lesnar would be on Raw later.

-Phillips threw to a preview of The Big Show’s new Netflix sitcom, “The Big Show Show.” [c]

-Back from the break, KO was leaning on the bottom rope. He said Seth just kicked some sense into him. He said he’s been thinking a lot about what he said last week, and after what just happened, he has a lot to say. He said last Monday he said while he never trained at the P.C., it was built because of him. He said everybody who came through that place should be thankful to him because he built it on his back. “I’ve actually heard otherwise,” he said. Owens said he heard the P.C. was built in spite of him.

He said he heard he was a nightmare to deal with. “You knew everything about everything, you were better than everyone else, nobody could stand you,” he said. “These past few months you have done an outstanding job proving everyone right when they said all you are is an arrogant dipshit.” KO said he’s aware of his reputation, but the difference between them is that he isn’t delusional like Seth. He said last week Seth proved he is delusional by talking about all of his WrestleMania Moments. He said he called himself a god and said he is just a disappointment. KO said those words stung and stayed with him.

He said it occurred to him just how skewed his view of reality is. He said has been IC Champion twice, U.S. Champion three times, and Universal Champion. He said he was the Universal Champion “well before you.” KO said he’s man enough to admit he didn’t accomplish all of that on his own because he had someone watching his back for each of them, one way or another. “And so did you,” he said. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but those WrestleMania Moments, you didn’t accomplish on your own.” He said he either had back-up or he found some underhanded way to get what he wanted. He said on Saturday at WrestleMania, when they get in the ring together, their pasts don’t matter. “The only thing that matters is that it’s you and me, finally, one on one.” KO stood and looked at the camera and said he will show Seth he is not a profit, a messiah, or a god. He said he will beat Seth and “take my first WrestleMania Moment from you!” He said he will be the one to burn it down.

(Keller’s Analysis: Tremendous. That’s a go-home promo to be proud of. No surprise coming from KO who is one of the best talkers of this generation because not only can he be “entertaining” when called upon, but he can shift to selling a match like that also.) 

-Saxton plugged Edge was out next. [c]

-A video package aired on Edge-Randy Orton.


-Edge sat backstage and said Randy was probably right when he said Adam Copeland was a junkie for Edge. He said it’s not an ego-thing, but rather he loves the feeling that happens when his music hits and the arena explodes and he feels a connection. “I’m one of them, I came from them,” he said. “Let’s face it, man, we’re all junkies for this.” He said as a 13 year old kid sitting 11th row ringside for Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania, he knew then. “If you’re not a junkie for this, then you’re just taking up space, you’re in my way.”

He said they clearly have different definitions of the word “grit.” He said to Randy, it means being hand-picked by Evolution and coasting on his family name, “coasting, off-and-on, with spurts of magic for the last 20 years, just okay with being okay.” (Yikes!) “Don’t get me wrong, okay for you is better than most and that’s a Hall of Fame career, but to me, to me grit is a trait of man that’ll reach down into that hole and pull somebody out who probably doesn’t deserve it. Grit is refusing to be in Evolution because you don’t want to be someone’s lackey. Grit is forging your own Hall of Fame career. To me grit is thinking how to get back here for nine years.”

Edge said he was mistaken when he said Orton was jealous of him. “You’re not jealous of me, you’re jealous of my passion.” He said you cannot fabricate it. He said you either have it or you don’t. He said the only time Orton has passion is when he’s around. “I make you better,” he said. “I push you, I motivate you, I light a fire under you. Everyone else sees it but you. Everyone is talking about it. This is the best Randy Orton has been. The last time Randy Orton scratched being this good was nine years ago. That scares you. I inspire that passion in you, and that feeling scares you. You don’t know what to do with it. If anything, you’re a junkie for the way I make you feel. But you listen to those voices in your head. They can’t handle this feeling. They told you to make a horrible mistake, Randy, and you listened.”

He said he almost had him believing that the Rumble was enough closure for him, but then he put his hands on his wife and uttered the names of his little girls. “You pulled me back in,” he said. “You accepted a Last Man Standing match with me, a man who will dive face-first into a flaming table, thumb tacks lodged into every part of my body, just to grab that torch that you took for granted. You dug yourself another hole, Randy. This time, I’m not going to pull you back out. I’m going to push you so far in, you will never get back out.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Another stellar promo. This era of Raw without crowds is leading to some different presentations of promos, and without the crowd reactions, it’s different. Of course long term and in almost every case, having a crowd to play off of is better. That said, some wrestlers are really bringing it with these pre-taped monologues. Edge is among them, joining Randy, Owens, and Seth, among others on Raw. Everything Edge said rang true and felt intense and sincere, and none of it relied primarily on the shock power of “going there” but instead made the most sense within the regular narrative structure of the career trajectories of both Edge and Orton that fans have watched on TV over the last 20 years.) [c]


Asuka made her ring entrance and yelled into the mic, over modulating badly at the start. Then she closed with, “Who is ready for Asuka!” Phillips said Carter is from NXT. Asuka toyed with her early with a hip attack and some stomps. Asuka won a minute in with the Asuka Lock. After the match Asuka put on a headset and ranted some more and then danced a little as Phillips talked about Asuka & Kairi Sane facing Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

WINNER: Asuka in 1:00. [c]

-They went to Phillips and Saxton on camera. Saxton said he doesn’t think Styles understands what he’s gotten himself into at WrestleMania.

-A clip aired of Rhea Ripley arriving at the Performance Center when Charlotte attacked her outside. A referee and Adam Pearce suddenly appeared and told Charlotte to back off. Charlotte told Ripley she’ll see her at WrestleMania, then let out a “wooo!” Ripley sat up and checked for blood and said, “Yeah, yeah, you will.”

-Phillips threw to a replay of Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio at last November’s Survivor Series. The following is my PWTorch.com report on this match.

BROCK LESNAR (w/Paul Heyman) vs. REY MYSTERIO – WWE Title match

When the bell rang, Rey immediately leaped out of the ring and grabbed a lead pipe from under the ring. Lesnar jumped out of the ring and backed off, selling his concern for the impact of the lead pipe as a weapon. When Lesnar entered the ring, he knocked Rey down. Rey held onto the pipe. Rey kept holding on despite two hard clotheslines. He finally lost it after a third. Lesnar threw Rey out of the ring. Rey slid and belly flopped on the floor.

Lesnar methodically beat up Rey, including giving him a German suplex onto the pipe. HE delivered another German suplex. Lawler said as much as they were hoping for a miracle, it’s looking like a massacre. Two more German suplexes. Lesnar picked up the pipe. Dominic entered therein with a white towel and begged Brock to stop. Lesnar yanked the towel from him and looked down on him with the pipe. He grabbed Dominic. Rey gave Lesnar a low blow from behind. Dominic then gave Lesnar a low-blow, too. Rey then hit Lesnar with the pipe in the gut, then across his back twice. Dominic entered with a chair and bashed Lesnar with it. Lesnar was in position for a 619. Rey and Dominic hit stereo 619s. Dominic then leaped off the top rope with a frog splash. Rey followed with his own frog splash. Dominic got on Rey’s back as he covered Brock. Brock still powered out at two. Heyman was wide-eyed and worried at ringside. Rey and Dominic then climbed opposite corners. Lesnar gave Dominic a German off the ropes, then caught Rey mid-air and gave him an F5 for the pin.

WINNER: Lesnar in 7:00 to retain the WWE Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not a traditional wrestling match, but well done for the story they were telling. The help of Dominic with the low blows and double-teaming did make a “miracle” finish seem plausible for a few seconds there. Not exactly the “massacre” Heyman promised, though. Just a win after an F5.)

-They somehow fit two commercial breaks into the match replay. It took them 44 minutes into the third hour.

-The announcers hyped the WrestleMania line-up with on-screen graphics for each of the matches and Rob Gronkowski hosting. They revealed that Austin Theory would replace Andrade in the Raw Tag Team Title match. They advertised Lashley vs. Black and Goldberg vs. Roman Reigns. Still. Then they hyped that Brock Lesnar was “live on Raw next.” [c]

-Paul Heyman and Lesnar stood in the ring. Heyman introduced Lesnar, who was leaning over the top rope as Heyman stood behind him. Heyman said he believes in the magic of WWE and doesn’t want to pull the curtain back. He said they are proud of embellishing and exaggerating to market to their audience. He said they are living through the most unique time in their lifetimes together. “They call this the go-home segment on the go-home Raw” before WrestleMania. He said the person who stands there more often than not is Lesnar. He said year in and year out, he is the beast to slay, the conqueror to conquer, the one to beat on the single-biggest show of the year. He said this year, Drew McIntyre has truly stepped up. “My compliments, sir,” he said. “Much respect to you.” He said Drew, compared to the dumb-ass guy at the gym who says he could “do that WWE stuff,” Drew is special. He pointed to the back and said Drew, compared to everyone back there, is special. He said The Rock is special, but Brock beat him the first time he went after the title. He brought up Hulk Hogan, too, saying Hogan’s blood was wiped across his chest. He listed John Cena, Undertaker, Shane Carwin, and Randy Couture as icons who stood above all other icons, but when they got into the ring against Lesnar, they ended up “not so god-damned special, but just Brock’s bitch!”

He said the Claymore Kick is special, but so were the big finishers from all of those big names who failed to beat Lesnar. “Now that Brock Lesnar knows the Claymore Kick is coming to him, one of two things is going to happen.” He said Lesnar will counter the Claymore Kick or eat the Claymore Kick, and then they will find out if the Claymore Kick can take down Brock Lesnar. Heyman said what he is about to say is not a promise or spoiler. He said it’s a guarantee. He said next year, on the go-home segment, Lesnar will be standing there with the title over his shoulder. He said Drew had a great story to tell, his more compelling than others “because he’s the right guy in the right place with the right look at the right time.” He said he’ll go down, too, though. He said this year, at WrestleMania, Drew walks in special, but he “walks out just like everybody else, nothing more than Brock’s bitch.”

(Keller’s Analysis: Another stellar promo on a show full of strong promos. I’m not sure how to read into there being no Drew appearance or promo, though. Does that mean they’ve punted on having him win the title, and are saving his promo for the eve of when he actually will win it?)

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  1. Edge to Randy Orton: “Grit is refusing to be in Evolution because you don’t want to be someone’s lackey.”

    Ehhh… Wasn’t Edge in “The Brood” along with Christian and Gangrel? Weren’t they Undertaker’s lackeys?

  2. They like to joke that Al Gore invented everything… well Adam Pearce is everywhere. Your dog is lost, here he comes. Kid needs a ride to school, hey Adam! lol

    Couple of visual notes that might just be the performance center but there appears to be more of Asuka than in the past, as in getting a bit chunky and Heyman is yellow. Hopefully he went to Trumps tanning studio and got a bad tan and not having liver disease.

    Finally somebody learned how to book Asuka. 5 minutes of crazy Japanese and then kick the crap out of someone, although I could do without the bum bump…. not a massive move.

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