HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 5/18: Alt Perspective coverage of the live show in a crowd free environment including McIntyre vs. Corbin, IIconics vs. Bliss and Cross for the women’s tag team titles, an axe throwing contest, and more



MAY 18, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, and Byron Saxton


-The show kicked off with a recap video that highlighted Becky Lynch’s pregnancy announcement from last week.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Very well done. Conveyed all of the emotion from the announcement and even rewrote a little history as to how Becky got to where she ended up. I kid, kind of, but this was excellent. 

-When the video ended, the standard Raw intro video aired. From there, the announce team welcomed the audience to the show and hyped the brand to brand invitational including tonight’s match between Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin. After, the announce team tossed to Charly Caruso stood in the ring and discussed Randy Orton’s challenge to Edge last week. Caruso again hyped the match as possibly the greatest wrestling match in history. Caruso then introduced Randy Orton and Orton made his way to the ring.

Heydorn’s Analysis: We’re still doing that then? Greatest match … ever? Talk about laying out unrealistic expectations. There is solid promotion and then there is this. This is obnoxious. Nobody believes it can be the best match ever because there won’t be fans present.

-One Orton got into the ring he spoke and explained his challenge for people who didn’t understand it. Orton asked if a true wrestling match was hard to understand. He said that everyone enters that ring to wrestle and to wrestle at WrestleMania. He said he fought Edge at this year’s WrestleMania and Edge won that fight. He said Edge was the better man that night, but that he was not the better wrestler. He said he didn’t need tables or chairs, but just a ring and referee. From there, Orton talked about being a wrestler and said that nobody can do what he does in the ring, including Edge. Orton then looked at the camera and spoke to Edge directly. He said he knew why Edge didn’t accept the challenge last and that reason was doubt. Orton said he saw doubt in Edge’s eyes because the grit had faded away and turned into fear. At that point, Edge walked out and confronted Orton in the ring. Once Edge got to the ring, he spoke and said that last week Orton spoke a lot of truths. He said that he had a lot to chew on and decided. Edge said Orton was playing a game of chess and that he couldn’t rush into his next move. Edge said Orton thought of wrestling as a game and that he just wanted a paycheck. Edge shifted his tone and said Orton was the most talented person he’s ever seen in the ring but that it wasn’t the life he originally wanted because it was his backup plan. Edge said that Orton didn’t care and didn’t go to bed dreaming of becoming the WWE Champion. Edge continued to outline why Orton didn’t care and said that he did and because of that he’s considered one of the best ever. Edge said he beat Randy Orton for the IC title back in 2004. Orton rolled his eyes and asked if Edge was done and Edge yelled back at him. He said that he never had to overcome an injury and wait nine years to get in the ring. From there, Orton pushed Edge and yelled for him to accept the the challenge. Edge screamed that he did accept and then dropped the microphone. Orton then lowered his microphone and left the ring as he stared Edge down. As he did, the announce team said that it could very well be the greatest wrestling match ever.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good stuff here from both Orton and Edge. Orton was serious in his demeanor and recapped his challenge while still keeping his heel authority. Edge answered with the passion and grit that runs polar opposite to the Orton character he’s fighting. I have major issues with trying to frame this match as possibly the greatest ever, but in terms of the build itself between both guys, this was a nice and effective next chapter. 

-When the segment ended, the announce team cued up a highlight video that detailed last week’s events between Seth Rollins, Murphy, Rey Mysterio, and Aleister Black.

-After the video, Murphy confronted Seth Rollins and put his hand on his shoulder. Rollins then did the same thing and spoke to Murphy. He said that he had a revelation and that he wanted to tell the world. Both men then walked as the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Seth Rollins made his way to the ring with Murphy at his side. As they did, the announce team talked about Rey Mysterio’s condition and revealed that it could be serious and that he may need some time off. Back in the ring, Rollins hugged Murphy and then spoke. He said that sometimes in life you have to lose who you are to truly find yourself. He said that when he lost to Drew McIntyre at MITB, part of him believed that he had lost everything. He said that because of that he fell into a dark place and that he wasn’t sure if he’d ever escape. Rollins continued and said that without darkness there can’t be light. Rollins then said he is seeing things much cleared though thanks to Rey Mysterio. Rollins said that he’s heard from people that his actions toward Rey were disgusting and unforgivable. He said he’s also heard that what happened to Rey was due to penance. Rollins said that he believes what happened to Rey was simply a matter of sacrifice. Rollins said he needed that to happen so that he can be the mans he needs to be and the leader he needs to be. Rollins then spoke directly to Rey and said that he’d come to understand that what happened to him was a blessing in disguise. He then told Rey “your welcome” instead of saying “sorry.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That worked. The Monday Night Messiah gimmick is wearing thin, but Rollins hit the important notes here and presented himself as the out of touch heel he is. Smart of WWE not to loop in the Becky Lynch pregnancy into this feud or anywhere near Rollins in an official way on television. 

Humberto Carrillo then walked out. He told Seth that nobody believes that he cares about Rey. Carrillo said that Rey was his idol and that Rollins was a coward before rolling into the ring and facing him and Murphy face to face. In response, Rollins said that if he’s out there to fight Seth he can’t do it because he’s not dressed for the occasion. Rollins said that Murphy was available though and that he’d be happy to let them go. Seth’s music then played as the announce team hyped a potential immediate match between Carrillo and Murphy. The show then went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: I like the fire from Humberto. He needs that Edge and this doesn’t push him totally in that direction, but it’s a start.

-Out of the break, the announce team discussed Seth’s hypocrisy regarding Rey Mysterio and the match between Murphy and Carrillo began.


Murphy took control of the match early on and went for a quick cover that Carrillo kicked out of. From there, Rollins smiled and looked on as Murphy grounded Carrillo with a headlock. Eventually, Carrillo broke the hold and connected with a spinning kick that he followed with a corkscrew dive over the top rope. Carrillo then rolled Murphy back into the ring and attempted to climb to the top rope. As he did, Rollins approached him. This distracted Carrillo as he jumped off for his move with Murphy down. Because of that, Murphy dodged the move and hit Carrillo with Murphy’s Law for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Murphy via pinfall

-After the match, Murphy attacked Carrillo as Rollins looked on. Soon after the attack began, Aleister Black ran out to make the save. They battled and exchanged strikes in the ring as Rollins walked up the ramp. In the ring, Black attempted Black Mass, but Murphy dodged it and joined Rollins on the stage.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Both Carrillo and Murphy are on similar enough levels where Carrillo can absorb this loss without much issue. It’s protected too due to Seth’s distraction. To be a good second to Rollins, Murphy needs credibility and this helps him attain that.

-Baron Corbin was shown yelling to a stagehand backstage. He questioned why he didn’t have a locker room and demanded that he get one. Corbin then addressed a referee and asked what the heck was going on on Raw. Corbin complained about being disrespected and how he had to get his own food when he shouldn’t have to. Corbin then told the referee to fix those things before outlining to him what they would do in their match later on. As they strategized, the show faded into a commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Corbin is a fresh opponent for Drew, but WWE needs to be careful in how they present Drew opposite of Corbin. This was a silly promo and Drew has thrived in the serious. If his seriousness can overshadow and take over later on, this will work. If Corbin’s style takes over, it could hurt McIntyre’s aura on the show as a serious champion.

-Out of the break, Liv Morgan spoke on camera. She said one of things people may not know about her is what her mother has done for her. She spoke highly about her mother, but said that her mother taught her to learn and keep fighting. From there, Morgan said that she didn’t win her match against Charlotte Flair a few weeks ago, but learned from it. She said that she learned she would become the Raw Women’s Championship and the video faded away.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Conceptually, Liv Morgan needs these videos as she needs to tell the audience who she is. In that regard, this worked very well simply because it existed. Morgan still appears to be following steps and acting out there. She’s green and has time to grow, but still very much needs to find her natural feel and presence as she works. 

-After the Morgan video, Charlotte Flair made her entrance. As she did, highlights of her SmackDown appearance aired.

-When the video ended, Charlotte spoke. She called herself the the face of Raw, the NXT Women’s Champion, and must-see television. From there, she talked about fighting Bayley on Friday night and said she was excited to do so so that she could teach her that there are even levels to being champion. Charlotte then called out Ruby Riott and told her to get to the ring and say whatever she wanted to say right to her face. From there, Riott made her entrance and confronted Flair in the ring. She stood face to face with Charlotte as the announce team hyped their match. The show then went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, the action between Riott and Flair were underway.


Flair took control right away and beat Riott up on the outside of the ring. After, she tossed Riott back into the ring and choked her on the middle rope. From there, Charlotte stomped Riott in the corner and then chopped her before trying to lift her to the top rope. Riott countered the move and slammed Charlotte’s face into the ring post. Riott tried to follow-up with a pin, but Flair kicked out at two. Out of the pin, Riott kept momentum and tried for another pin, but instead, locked Flair into a finger submission. Flair countered the move by lifting Riott into the air, but Riott held on. Eventually, Flair stomped on Riott’s chest to break the hold. Eventually, Riott attempted her Riott Kick, but Flair caught it and countered. Flair then put Riott into the Figure 8 which caused Riott to immediately tap out.

WINNER: Flair via submission

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good enough. Charlotte looked the part, but couldn’t get the match into a second gear due to the length they had to work with. For better or worse, Riott continues to lack any impact whatsoever. 

-After the match, Bobby Lashley was interviewed backstage. As Caruso was about to ask a question, MVP jumped in and said that he and Lashley would not be doing business together due to the fact that Lashley was too busy with clowns like R-Truth and Lana. MVP ran down Lashley a bit and asked then asked him when Lashley would free Lashley. MVP then walked off as the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Thus far, MVP has been an effective act for Lashley to play off of. They aren’t official partners yet, but clearly they are going that direction. Lashley needs this. MVP exudes loads of charisma on the microphone that Lashley just doesn’t have. This will help him legitimize himself again and lead to an eventual showdown with Drew McIntyre. Smart booking and smart use of talent on the roster. Well done. 

-Out of the break, the announce team said that Orton vs. Edge at Backlash was made official and that it could go down as the best match ever. They then cued up highlights of the basketball game from last week between the Street Profits and Viking Raiders.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I’m not sure we needed to see this again.


-When the recap video ended, the Street Profits were shown from earlier in the day talking about winning an axe throwing contest. They walked in green grass before coming upon the Viking Raiders with other vikings. The Raiders said that they were their guests and that they made the smoke for them. From there, Ivar showed the Street Profits how the axe throwing would work. After seeing it, Montez Ford wanted to quit, but Dawkins wanted to continue.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Just filler material. I guess we’re supposed to believe that the Viking Raiders hangout with real Vikings? Enough of this silliness. Both teams can deliver on a regular tag team pro wrestling feud. Let them do that. It’s time. 

-After the video, Kairi Sane stood in the ring and said she was there to celebrate Asuka. She then introduced Asuka and Asuka made her way to the ring. As she did, the announce team discussed Asuka’s title reign. From there, Asuka spoke and thanked Kairi Sane for putting the celebration together as it was decked out in balloons and flowers. Asuka spoke in Japanese before saying that she was happy for Becky Lynch. She then said she was happy to be Raw Women’s Champion. From there, Kairi Sane ran down all of Asuka’s championships as Asuka celebrated excitedly in the ring. Sane called Asuka a grand slam champion and in response Asuka danced back and forth. Kairi Sane then played music for Asuka on a recorder. As she did, Nia Jax walked out to crash the party. Jax got into the ring and stared Asuka down. She then spoke and said that there was nothing for Asuka to celebrate. Jax said that Asuka was handed the title because Becky Lynch couldn’t fight anymore. Jax said that Asuka lucked her way into the greatest temp job ever and that soon she’d be replaced by her as champion. From there, Jax said that there was only one way for things to go down once they get in the ring together. She said when they do and when she wins, she’ll throw a real party. In response, Asuka attacked Jax and knocked her out of the ring. With Jax on the outside, Asuka yelled at Jax as she looked on.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That’s a strong and effective way to present Asuka as the new champion. The announce team called out why her just becoming champion made sense after highlighting her MITB win as well as her success at beating Becky Lynch. They put her over. In addition, she got offense in on Jax and nobody has yet since she returned. It appears as if they are truly going with her and given the circumstances that’s the right call. Well done. A Jax vs. Asuka feud is a logical next step for the title and a way in which Asuka can get over even further over a credible opponent. 

-King Corbin was interviewed backstage. He said that that he didn’t have any doubts about winning his match later. Corbin said he carried Drew and that even though he’s dangerous, he knows him well enough to win. Corbin said that he would take advantage of every mistake that Drew makes win the match and then take his championship. Corbin then walked off as the show went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: More than anyone on either roster, Baron Corbin needs that live crowd. 

-Out of the break, the announce team hyped a later appearance from Kevin Owens in the Kevin Owens Show. From there, R-Truth wrapped up his entrance in the ring. He then cued up video highlights that detailed the events of last week between Lashley, MVP, and himself.

-When the video ended, Truth talked about Lashley before Lashley made his way to the ring. Once he got there, the bell rang, and the match began.


Truth taunted Lashley to start the match and then rolled out of the ring. Lashley followed and decimated Truth around the outside of the ring. Lashley tossed Truth into the guardrail and ring post before rolling him back into the ring. There, Lashley arrogantly slapped Truth and told Truth to hit him. Lashley dodged the hit and then continued his own attack before putting Truth in his Full Nelson and slamming him to the mat. From there, Lashley put Truth in his Full Nelson again and forced Truth to tap out.

WINNER: Lashley via submission

Heydorn’s Analysis: Almost a perfect squash for Lashley. He looked like a million bucks and the rework of his character continues to be successful.

-After the match, MVP walked onto the stage and applauded Lashley for his performance. Lana was then showed backstage and she threw a tantrum because Lashley won and she wasn’t a part of it.

-Asuka and Kairi Sane were shown talking backstage. Asuka left Sane, but Nia Jax was shown lurking near by. Jax walked toward Sane as the show went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: I can turn a blind eye to certain production elements on Raw that don’t logically line up with the real world. I draw the line on this though. Is Nia Jax just going to wait there and stare at Kairi Sane until the show comes back from the break? Worse than that, is the director really going to cut to a commercial instead of showing that attack? So much wrong here. 

-Out of the break, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross made their entrance. After, the IIconics walked out and spoke on their way to the ring. They cued up highlights of them beating Bliss and Cross and earning their championship match. When the highlights ended, they said that they were glad they stopped by to hand them their championships. They said the future was there and that they were iconic. From there, they got into the ring and the match began.

(4) ALEXA BLISS & NIKKI CROSS vs. THE IICONICS – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

Cross took over early and got a quick two count on Royce. From there, Royce went for a spinning heel kick, but Cross dodged it and crushed Kay with a forearm. After, Royce attacked Cross from behind and tagged Kay into the match officially. Kay got some offense in until Alexa Bliss tagged into the match. She hit a dropkick on Bliss before connecting with her knee drops to Kay’s midsection. From there, Bliss went for a pin, but Royce broke it up. Eventually, Bliss climbed to the top rope and hit Twisted Bliss. She went for a cover, but Peyton Royce broke up the pin. After, she beat on Bliss and tossed her into the ring post. As she did, the referee warned her that she was not the legal participant. Royce ignored him and the referee disqualified her.

WINNER: Cross and Bliss via disqualification

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not much of a match at all. There is some talent in this women’s tag division, but the division as a whole is a mess. 

-After the match, Kairi Sane was shown playing the recorder backstage. Nia Jax walked behind Sane and tossed her into equipment before walking off. The show then went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, the IIconics were shown arguing backstage. Quickly, they made up and consoled each other about their loss. From there, the announce team played teaser clips of chapter two of the Undertaker’s documentary. When that ended, the announce team played clips that detailed the events of last week between Shayna Baszler and Natalya which led to their submission match tonight. From there, the medical team was shown checking on Kairi Sane backstage. Asuka appeared too and yelled in anger as the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Nia Jax was shown walking backstage and was confronted by a yelling Asuka. Jax dismissed Asuka, but Asuka followed her and kicked her in the head. Jax dropped to the ground and Asuka stared at her. From there, Shayna Baszler made her entrance. After, Natalya made her entrance. Once she got to the ring, the bell rang, and their match began.

(5) SHAYNA BASZLER vs. NATALYA – Submission Match

Both women exchanged holds to start the match. Baszler got the upper hand to start once she locked in an ankle lock. Nattie writhed in pain, but kicked Baszler off of her to break the hold. From there, Baszler went back to work and focused on Nattie’s arm with a shoulder submission. Nattie worked to escape and almost did, but Baszler took her to the ground and stomped away. To follow, Baszler tried to lock Nattie in the Sharpshooter. Instead, Nattie reversed the hold into her Sharpshooter. Baszler screamed in pain, but eventually broke the hold by crawling out of the ring. Nattie kept the pressure on, but eventually Baszler reversed the momentum in and locked in her choke. Nattie hung on for a bit, but then tapped out.

WINNER: Baszler via submission

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good match. Both women wrestled stiff and crisp. The result was a match that felt like a fight. Good stuff. 

-After the match, Nattie appeared distraught in the ring as production members worked to switch staging. Nattie tossed the KO Show material out of the ring as Samoa Joe called her unprofessional on commentary. She said her conduct was ridiculous and beneath her.

-The announce team cued up highlights that detailed the dissension from last week between members of Zelina Vega’s stable. They then questioned what exactly was going on with Vega’s associates. From there, Garza, Andrade, and Theory were shown arguing backstage. Vega interrupted and demanded that they stop and go out to the ring as a cohesive unit. She asked each guy if they understood and they all replied with “yes.” The show then went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Vega continues to portray herself as the alpha of her group. In some ways, that is ineffective as it neutralizes the stars around her. At the same time though, Vega is the authority and needs to showcase that. She continues to shine in the empty arena environment. 


-Out of the break, Kevin Owens made his return to Monday Night Raw. Owens walked to the ring and looked at the damaged parts of his stage. Owens spoke in the ring and thanked Nattie for getting the junk out of his way. Owens said that he’s been out a while and had his moment at WrestleMania. He said that moment came at a price because he had to nurse some injuries. He said he was back though and then introduced his guests – Zelina Vega, Andrade, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory. Before Owens walked out, the announce team said that Owens would try to figure out what was going on with this group. At this time, Vega walked to the ring with her group. Once they got there, Owens clapped for them and apologized for the mess. Owens talked, but Vega interrupted. She said that she was sick of people like KO. She said her kingdom isn’t crumbling and then spoke highly about each member of her group. Vega talked about herself as well. She said she was the best the business has seen in a long time. Owens stood outside of the ring and Vega chastised him for it. Owens then spoke and said he was outside of the ring because he had other guests. From there, Owens introduced Apollo Crews. Crews hit the ring and tackled Andrade to the mat. Theory and Garza tried to break up the fight, but Owens got involved to stop them from doing so. As the brawl continued, the show went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: That was a nice rundown by Vega in regards to what makes her group so successful. It was like three mini hype videos back to back that clued the audience in on who those guys were. Smart. 

-Out of the break, the action returned to the ring where an impromptu match began between all the participants of the Kevin Owens Show.

(6) APOLLO CREWS & KEVIN OWENS vs. ANDRADE & ANGEL GARZA w/Zelina Vega and Austin Theory

The action was split back and forth at the beginning. After the quick back and forth, Crews was able to hit his toss powerbomb on Garza after a miscommunication with Austin Theory from ringside. Crews then covered Garza for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Crews and Owens via pinfall

-After the match, Theory tried to explain himself, but Zelina Vega called for an attack on him. Garza and Andrade demolished Theory before they held him down for Vega to slap him.

Heydorn’s Analysis: An interesting turn of events to say the least. Theory has really been tossed all around since being called up and the result is absolutely zero definition to the audience as to who he is. This gives him a chance to stand alone, but he still needs time to engage with the fans. He needs a story, a narrative, and a mission. He can’t just be a babyface next week. 

-Drew McIntyre was interviewed backstage. McIntyre said that he’s having a great time defending his championship. He said Monday nights are always good for a Claymore party. From there, he addressed the brand to brand invitational and said it was a great opportunity for good matches. Drew said that he got the opponent he wanted in Corbin. He called Corbin a terrible person, but a dangerous individual because he would do whatever it takes to win. Drew then looked into the camera and asked Corbin if he was out of his mind. He said that he had a Claymore fit for a king with Corbin’s name on it before he walked out of the shot.

Heydorn’s Analysis: More good work from Drew. Not only does he put over Corbin, but gives the audience something to count on and a reason to watch after telling them exactly what he will do out there in the match. His cadence is good and overall demeanor is that of a champion. Pretty much all WWE can ask for in this environment. 

-The announce team then aired more footage of the axe throwing competition between the Street Profits and the Viking Raiders. When it ended, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, the axe throwing competition continued. When it ended, Aleister Black made his entrance with Murphy waiting in the ring. Once he got there, the bell rang, and the match began.


Black got into the ring and brawled with Murphy. The brawl sent them to the outside of the ring where Black took the upper hand after a series of kicks. As the brawl continued, Seth Rollins looked over Austin Theory who was still writhing in pain on the ramp. Back in the ring, Murphy dodged a Black kick which caused Black’s leg to hit the ring post. Murphy then took over. On the outside of the ring, Rollins reached out to Theory and lifted him to his feet. As Black took control in the match, Theory attacked Black and the referee called for the bell.

WINNER: No contest

-After the match, Theory and Murphy beat on Black together as Rollins looked on. Murphy and Rollins then told Theory to attack and Theory connected with his ATL. Rollins stared at Theory after before hugging him. Austin Theory then embraced Rollins as Seth’s music played. The show then went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Well, that’s better. We don’t know who Austin Theory is, but now we don’t need to as he’s a disciple of Rollins. This works. Not only does it automatically feature Theory in a prominent way, but it elevates the gimmick for Rollins at the same time in that he has a second act to prey on and convert with his rhetoric. A win-win here in my eyes.

-Out of the break, the axe throwing competition continued.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Why? Just why?

-When the competition ended, Apollo Crews was interviewed backstage. He talked about his injury and said it hurt to have to step out of the MITB ladder match. Crews continued and said that he had to look deep inside himself and not waste time wondering what if. He said he needed to take action and that his action tonight yielded him a United States Championship match next week on Raw. From there, Zelina Vega appeared and told Crews that he has choices. She said he could not face Andrade and keep his legs intact or face him and lose function in both. Andrade obviously accepted the match and said that he would become the new United States Champion.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good stuff from Crews. He looked confident and spoke in a way that real humans would speak in. This has been a good story for him and he’s delivered on his portion in terms of selling for sympathy and building interest in accomplishing his goals. The last match with Andrade was a good one and this should be no different. 

-When the interview ended, Drew McIntyre made his entrance. As he posed in the ring, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, more footage was shown from the axe throwing competition.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Boy, they just tossed the social distancing rules out the window to shoot this nonsense didn’t they. Eye roll.

-Back in the ring, Baron Corbin made his entrance. Drew McIntyre stared him down as he did. Once Corbin got into the ring, the match was set to begin, but Bobby Lashley interrupted with MVP at his side. MVP spoke and said that he and Lashley took a personal interest in the match. MVP talked about Corbin and Drew before handing the microphone to Lashley. Lashley said that he was putting Drew on notice and that he was coming after the WWE Championship. Lashley said that if he had to pry the belt from Drew’s cold dead hands he would. The show then went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, the bell rang, and the main event match began with Bobby Lashley and MVP looking on.


Both men tied up to start things off. Corbin took over early with a knee to the gut of Drew, but Drew hit right back with a chop to Corbin’s chest. Both men exchanged offense Corbin took Drew to the mat with a shoulder tackle. Corbin looked to maintain momentum, but Drew nailed him with his own shoulder tackle before hitting him out of the ring with a clothesline. Outside the ring, Drew took control of the match before rolling Corbin back inside. Drew went for a Claymore, but Corbin rolled out of the way and out of the ring. Drew went outside to follow, but Corbin cheap shotted him to gain control. Eventually, Drew hit the Future Shock DDT. He followed that with a Claymore, but Corbin countered with Deep Six. Corbin then made the cover, but only got a two count. Out of the pin attempt, Corbin tried for End Of Days, but Drew countered with a headbutt. After, he hit the Claymore for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: McIntyre via pinfall

-After the match, Drew celebrated, but then addressed Bobby Lashley off of the microphone. He said that he and the WWE Universe had been waiting for this Bobby Lashley and that he wanted to fight him. Drew then held up his championship as the show faded to black.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good match for Drew and a smart use of Baron Corbin. Lashley vs. McIntyre is intriguing. It’s fresh and features a heel Lashley on the up swing due to the gimmick shift with MVP. Drew calling out what the WWE Universe has said about Lashley for years paints Drew as in touch and also as a fighting champion. Well booked and I’m assuming we now have our main event for Backlash.

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  1. I disagree about Becky Lynch’s farewell speech. I agree 100% with Jim Cornett when he said she should not have been out there whining and crying in an empty arena. He says her character is damaged and he might be right. I am tired of WWE bringing all this emotional realistic crap with the women wrestlers crying and hugging on TV. They are wrestlers and are suppose to be badass bitches. The worst show ever called Total Divas pretty much ruined the characters of many of the women wrestlers.

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