7/15 AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Keller’s report on Moxley vs. Cage, Elite vs. Jurassic Express, Cody vs. Sonny Kiss, Jericho speaks

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


JULY 15, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Taz, Excalibur

Tonight after AEW Dynamite, join me live with guest cohost Eric Krol, former Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter columnist, to break down the show with live callers and emails.

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-A video package for “Fight for the Fallen” previewed the scheduled matches on the show. (I wouldn’t call it the best choice of music to get people excited. I might call it the worst.)

-Jim Ross introduced the show. He said Taz was sitting in for Schiavone, because his COVID-19 test results weren’t in. He said out of an “abundance of caution,” he stayed home this week.

(1) CODY (w/Arn Anderoson) vs. “THE CONCRETE ROSE” SONNY KISS

Ross noted Cody is 15-3 since aligning with Arn. Ross said guys who work out with Sonny say he has the strongest legs in AEW. The announcers complimented his new ring entrance. Taz said Sonny is super-creative and a “free spirit type of athlete.” He said he’s trying to get in the head of Cody. Ross said that won’t happen, “but I’m enjoying the presentation.” Ross said “she” said on a recent interview “he” woke up in the middle of the night thinking of this match. He said it could happen. Justin Roberts did formal ring introductions. Ross said this should be an easy win for the champion, but he doesn’t think it’s going to be. Cody opened with a running boot to the face of Sonny. He dropped Sonny gut-first over the top rope, then did push-ups. Ross said, “That’s disrespectful, quite frankly.” Cody landed a Disaster Kick next. They showed Tully Blanchard, wearing his mask (despite being tested and outdoors and socially spaced, setting a great example).

Arn had a talk with Cody at ringside. Sonny recovered and caught Cody with a hard spinning elbow as he entered the ring, then threw Cody to the floor. Sonny shoved the ringside camera as he went after Cody. Cody blocked a Sonny springboard move and applied a full nelson. Sonny rallied and scored a two count. The announcers said Cody hasn’t found his rhythm yet. Cody avoided a Sonny split-legdrop, then followed up with an attempted Crossroads, but Sonny countered with his own Crossroads for the win. They showed Tully watching from the stands. Sonny landed a top rope 450 splash for a two count next. Cody gave Sunny an Alabama Slam on the ramp. Cody went for a cover, but Sonny put his foot on the bottom rope. Cody stayed on offense for a while, including landing a top rope superplex for a two count. Ross said Cody’s covers weren’t fundamentally sound and he doesn’t think his head is in the game. Cody argued with the ref Aubry Edwards. Sonny schoolboyed Cody for a surprise two count. Cody went right into an STF as a counter mid-ring. Cody mounted and punched away at Sonny, giving off a heelish vibe. Cody yanked the top turnbuckle off, but Sonny head-scissored Cody into it and then rolled him up for a near fall.

They stood mid-ring and echanged forearms. Sonny landed a spinning hook kick. Sonny spun and swung at Cody, but Cody ducked and then landed Crossroads for the win. They cut to Tully watching again. Cody hugged and consoled a disappointed Sonny afterward.

WINNER: Cody in 11:00 to retain the TNT Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Are they hinting at Cody having a falling out with Arn Anderson over a lack of cohesion and chemistry, and Tully is going to be the one to get in his head and recruit him. Then Cody can team with his buddy Shawn Spears and another tag team – such as FTR – to form a new Four Horsemen-style group?)

-Excalibur promoted AEW’s Fight for the Fallen COVID-19 t-shirt for charity.

-The announcers discussed Jon Moxley defending against Brian Cage later. Also, the Dynamite debut of the Nightmare Sisters, plus Chris Jericho has a message, The Elite’s Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express, and FTR vs. The Lucha Bros. “Tag team heaven or hell, next,” he said. [c]

(2) LUCHA BROS. (Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr. w/The Butcher & The Blade) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)

Ross wondered aloud if Butcher & Blade moonlight in a bakery, given their outfits. (Not sure that helps them give off a sinister edge.) Excalibur noted Tully was scouting FTR. (Why not Lucha Bros. too? Hmmm.) They cut to a break a few minutes in after some expected good athletic exchanges. [c]

Dax yanked off Fenix’s mask and rolled up Fenix for the win. Taz said Fenix was so concerned to protect his identity he was rattled and unable to kick out.

WINNERS: FTR in 13:00.

-They cut to The Butcher & The Blade outside the venue. The Young Bucks came up behind them and superkicked him. Then they walked to the ring where Kenny Omegajoined them. Matt Jackson gave Dax the keys back to their pick-up. Kenny then gave Dax and Cash beers. They smiled and accepted, but then poured beer over his head. The Bucks held him back. (Kenny showed actual fire and intensity on Dynamite!) FTR walked out of the ring and to their pick-up. Butcher & Blade kept it nice and shiny for them, at least.

-Ross hyped Jericho would speak next. [c]

-As Jericho walked out with Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz, Ross touted wearing masks to keep your loved ones and others safe. Excalibur plugged the COVID-19 charity. Ross said the money can help those in Florida suffering from COVID-19. Jericho said he won the match last week, and “I also won the ratings war as well.” He said he does it every single week. He explained how ratings work. He said it’s great to have the most viewers. but the most important demo is 18-49. He said Le Champion has never been beaten in that demo. (This is weird.) He said he is the King of the Ratings, Le Champion of the Demo, and the DemoGod. The audience booed. Jericho said everybody wants a rematch, including the network executives. “If you want a rematch, you aren’t getting one!” he said, laughing as he said it. “Orange had his chance, man,” he said. “He did good, but not good enough. He took me to the edge, he did a good job.” The crowd chanted he was scared. Jericho said he’s not scared of a dweeb in a denim jacket. He said there will never be a rematch. He claimed that proves he’s not scared. (Huh?) He told Jericho to enjoy he got to stand in the ring with him for one night. He said he can go back to beating his friends and remember what it was like to be a real main eventer. He and Hager poured orange juice onto the canvas in the ring.

Orange walked out to his music. Jericho called Orange an “entitled sloth.” He told him, “Take those sunglasses, fold them up, and shove them straight up your ass, and get the hell out of my arena. I said get the hell out of my arena, you piece of shit!” Cassidy held up his thumb and then pointed it down. Suddenly a gigantic vat of OJ dropped from the ceiling onto them. Jericho was drenched. Ortiz slipped and slid and couldn’t stand. Jericho called for someone to throw him a towel. (They are in Florida, so plenty of OJ to buy in bulk.) Jericho called for a towel. He was tossed a towel, but it had a giant image of Orange Cassidy on it. [c]

-Alexa Marvez interviewed Jurassic Express. They were laughing. Mako Stunt laughed about what just happened to Jericho and his guys. Luchasaurus said after 65 million years, the dinosaur finally has a chance to wrestle the Elite, “and there’s nothing funny about that.”

-Jericho joined the announcers at the table. He was still drenched and complained he reeked of OJ and his $7,000 white jacket was ruined. Excalibur said he hoped he Scotchguarded the jacket. They replayed what happened from an over head shot. Excalibur plugged the Orange Cassidy beach towel. They showed Jericho having a meltdown during the break. Jericho vowed there would be a rematch and then complained about being so sticky.

(3) JURASSIC EXPRESS (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt) vs. THE YOUNG BUCKS (Nick & Matt Jackson) & KENNY OMEGA

They cut to “Hangman’ Page mixing a drink at a backstage bar and watching the match. Jungle Boy and Matt Jackson opened up against each other. Marko tagged in to face Kenny. Kenny wore a t-shirt, reminiscent of early TNA Sting. Jericho said when Omega doesn’t take off his shirt, that means he’s underestimating his opponent. Marko took Kenny diwn, so Kenny yanked off his shirt to show he was taking things more seriously. Luchasaurus tagged in, and so did Matt. Jericho wanted to see Luchasaurus’s birth certificate to prove he is 65 million years old. Excalibur said they didn’t have birth certificates back then. “Well played,” said Jericho. Marko took it to Matt a ringside, then did the Floss to celebrate. Ross said Marko is like the fly, a pest that won’t go away. Matt kicked Marko from behind, then kicked Jungle Boy. Jericho said Matt is his new favorite wrestler. Kenny dropkicked Luchasaurus. Kenny followed up with a flip dive onto a crowd at ringside. [c]

They stayed with the action on split-screen. Luchasaurus went on a flurry after the break. FTR joined Hangman Page at the bar. Jericho asked, “Why are they friends?” Excalibur said they’re drinking buddies. Omega landed a V-Trigger, but Luchasaurus virtually no-sold it. Kenny hit another V-Trigger and a snap dragon. He gave snap dragons to Marko and Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy swung Marko into the ring onto Kenny. Jericho said wrestling with Marko is like playing with your five year old son; you can do anything you want. The Bucks connected with stereo superkicks on Luchasaurus and then Tiger Driver ’98. Jericho said he is getting on his nerves by calling it that. Matt and Marko tagged in Jungle Boy head scissored Ncik off the top rope. Marko landed a 450 after Nick very obviously got in position for the move. Jungle Boy launched Marko over Luchasaurus to give Matt a Destroyer for a near fall. Matt tagged in Omega, who gave Marko a nasty snap dragon. When he set up a V-Trigger, Luchasaurus protected him. Kenny gave him a running knee, then gave Marko set up a One-Winged Angel, but Marko slipped out and rolled up Omega for a near fall. Kenny had enough and popped up and delivered a V-Trigger and One-Winged Angel for the win.

WINNERS: The Elite in 15:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: A little contrived, overly orchestrated, and spot-festy for me, but for this style of match, it delivered.)

-Omega attacked Marko afterward. Matt came in and stopped Kenny. Kenny said he tried to kill him. Nick said, “That’s not you!” Nick kept Kenny away from Jungle Boy after

(Keller’s Analysis: Strong hints of a Kenny heel turn there. I like it. Kenny showing some edge and some personality. There’s been no hook with him on Dynamite in over nine months. If Cody is going heel, Kenny’s going heel, and Page is hanging out with FTR hinting he might go heel, will there be any babyfaces left? I assume Page is the most likely to remain babyface among those.)

-Marvez interviewed Hikaru Shida. He noted four out of the top five contenders cannot compete for various reasons, so is she ready to give Nyla Rose a rematch. Shida said anyone can be a challenge. Show her, she’s waiting. [c]

-Moxley said the last few weeks haven’t been the best and he’s been bent out of shape for a lot of things. He said he’s ready to purge himself of those feelings because tonight, the AEW Title is on the line. “You can’t take anything for granted in this world,” he said. He is fighting for the fallen – the friends, loved one, heroes, people we care about. He said he has a hell of a challenge in front of him. He said he’s ripping Cage’s recently surgically repaired bicep clean right off the bone. “Enjoy the hospital,” he said.

-Jericho was still complaining about being sticky. They replayed what happened to him. Jericho threw a fit and said, “I’m furious all over again.”

(4) NIGHTMARE SISTERS (Allie & Brandi Rhodes w/Dustin Rhodes) vs. KENZI PAGE & M.J. JENKINS

Allie and Brandi were bickering. They’re a new team and they’re already bickering. (Why are they teaming if they don’t even get along?) They showed Brit Baker watching from her golf cart. Excalibur said Allie has had that budding relationship with Q.T. Marshall. Allie scored the pin Jenkins, making the Nightmare Sisters 4-0. Allie made a big deal of Dustin raising her arm. He dealyed it. Allie rolled her eyes when Brandi tried to celebrate with her.

WINNERS: Nightmare Sisters in 2:00.

-Excalibur said Rose will announce her manager next. [c]

-Dasha stood in the ring and introduce Rose. She accused Dasha of rubbing salt in the wound by announcing her as a former champion. She said she won’t give Dasha the scoop because she’s going to let her manager reveal herself. Vickie Guerrero made her entrance. She screeched her way to the ring. She said she officially is the manager of Nyla, and she has an official message for the women’s locker room. She told them to stop lying to themselves about how great they are, and admit they will never be smart enough to cheat to win. She said Nyla is going to steal every opportunity they have ever dreamed of.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m okay with this. I hope Vickie augments her act to not be the one-note screecher and brings some gravity to it.)

-The announers hyped that next week, Cody will defend against someone, Five from Dark Order vs. “Hangman” Page, Ivelisse vs. Diamante, MJF in action, Young Bucks vs. Butcher & Blade in a falls count anywhere match, and Jericho & Hager vs. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy.

-Cage made his ring entrance and intimidated Justin into introducing him as the FTW Champion. Excalibur noted it’s not an officially recognized title. [c]

-Taz responded to Moxley “chirping” about Cage not being 100 percent. “When you were sitting home with your little wifey quarantining, this guy was wrestling on a regular schedule and training his ass off. Enough talking. Mox, come on out here and bring that pretty AEW World Title.”


Moxley made his entrance. He made his way through the crowd, some of whom were not wearing masks and were not socially spaced. (That’s a bad look for AEW. Unacceptable when you can’t even enter Walmart without a mask and you’re asking people to donate money to a problem that you are now part of propagating. Even worse, the guy walking past them was a week delayed because his wife has COVID-19. Geesh. And on a show where Ross is touting mask-wearing.) Ross said this could be a bowling shoe ugly slobberknocker. After some back and forth early, Mox worked over Cage’s arm. Jericho made a reference to The Jim Ross Hotline when he talked about Cage having an arm injury that delayed his arrival in AEW. Mox threw Cage arm-first into the ringpost. Then he dove through the ropes and knocked him into the barricade. They brawled into the stands. Mox put a barricade segment against the ring apron and tried to suplex him onto it. Cage blocked it and then gave Mox a back suplex onto it instead. [c]

Cage dominated after the break. He checked Mox off the ring apron and sent him hard to the floor. Cage suplexed Mox onto a chair. Mox came back with an inside cradle for a two count and a roll-up for a two count. Cage fired back with a powerslam, but Mox moved out of the way of his moonsault. Mox kneed Cage in the side of the head three times, but Cage fired back with a clothesline. Mox fired back with a clothesline of his own. Next he hit a Paradigm Shift for a near fall. Mox gave Cage a superplex. He rolled over for a two count. When Cage kicked out, Cage applied an immediate kimura. Cage stood and powerbombed Mox into the top turnbuckle. Cage suplexed Mox into the ring. Jericho said this might be Cage’s night. He played to the hard camera and set up his finisher, but Moxley slipped free and rolled into a cross armbreaker attempt. Cage locked his hands. Taz yelled at Mox. Mox gave him the middle finger. Taz was stressed out over Cage’s arm and threw in the orange towel as it appeared Cage was considered tapping.

WINNER: Moxley to retain the AEW World Hvt. Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: I am okay with that finish. It “protects” cage from actually tapping out. Taz was looking out for Cage because of a prior injury. The announcers and Mox drew enough attention to the arm injury and surgery that the audience was familiar with that risk. The match itself was good.

-Cage attacked Mox after the match. The lights went out. When the lights came back on, Darby Allin then leaped off the top rope and hit Cage with his skateboard. Cage and Taz retreated, shooting Darby a menacing look. As Mox and Darby looked at each other with a sign of respect, if not a budding alliance, Taz had to talk Cage not to return to the ring. Jericho said Cage is Taz’s meal ticket. Jericho talked about Moxley ad Darby having interactions dating back to last year. Darby and Mox fist-bumped as the announcers signed off.

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