7/18 IMPACT SLAMMIVERSARY PPV REPORT: Gallows & Anderson debut, Ace Austin vs. Edwards vs. Miguel vs. ??? for Impact World Title, Grace vs. Purrazzo for Knockouts Title, Moose vs. Dreamer, surprises

By Javier Machado, PWTorch contributor


JULY 18, 2020

Announcers: Josh Matthews, Don Callif

-They open with with intro of the news reports we’ve been seeing for a while only this time news guy confirms Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are now part of Impact. Two children talk about what is coming; one says they are scared.

-Mathews confirms Good Brothers (Anderson & Gallows) signed. Don Callis is supposed to be with him, but they are having technical issues early.

-Rascalz come out and we get their oponents

(1) Rascalz vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Wentz and Shelly start off and wrestle back and forth coming out even. They tag their partners and more of the same. Eventually Wentz takes over Sabin and he and Dez tag back and forth, isolating Sabin. Shelly eventually turns thing around, pulling Wentz outside and sets him up for a Sabin punt from the apron. Dez come to help but meet the same fate. Motorcity Machine Gun work Wentz over for a while preventing the tag. Wentz, when tossed to the ropes, springs off and lands a knee to buy time to tag. Dez fights off both men eventually launching one with a catapult into a Wentz superkick then a stomp to the chest for only two. Wentz goes for a Swanton on Sabin but he gets the knees up.

Wentz and Shelly lock up go back and forth evenly. They tag out. Dez and Sabin lock up and wrestle. Evenly match. Sabin eventually takes over. Wentz takes control of Sabin. Lots of tags between Wentz and Dez to work over Sabin. Shelly slows down Rascalz offense pulling Wentz outside and Sabid punts Wentz from the apron. Dez tries to help and get but get punted too. MCM take over on Wentz. with fast tandem offence. Wentz hits a hand spring knee to buy time for the tag, Dex Catapult into Wents superkick Shelly counter Wentz swanton with knees. AFCS Rush and follow up bomb end Dez.

WINNERS: Motor City  Machine Guns in 15:00.

Camera is on Callis and Mathews and they run down the card.

Backstage with Bravo and Taya demanding that “Remember, Taya must win”. She leaves. Rosemary come in, tells Bravo “Remember, Rosemary must win”.

Cut to video recapping the Moose and Dreamer match setting up the match.

(2) Tommy Dreamer vs. Moose – Old School Rules match

“O Fortuna” plays for Moose; I approve. He gets the champion introduction. Moose manhandles Dreamer to start, tossing Dreamer outside. Dreamer introduces a trashcan, attacking with cookie trays. Dreamer gets a chair but Moose counters and crotches Dreamer on the railing. Moose hits Deamer with the chair and suplexes him on the ramp. Moose grabs a kendo stick and starts working over Dreamer until Dreamer counter with a side Russian legsweep. Dreamer goes to the second rope but Moose counters with an impressive Drop kick. Moose brings in the trash can and uses it on Dreamer. Moose flies at Dreamer but Dreamer counters with a cutter through the trashcan. Dreamer set up a chair in the ring but Moose drop toe holds him into it. Moose grabs more chairs and Uranagis dreamer into them. Then Moose hits a standing moonsault for only two. Moose climbs comes off the corner but Dreamer moves sending Moose into the chairs. Dreamer gets thumbtacks, and tries piledriving Moose into them. Moose counters with a low blow. Moose tries to force Dreamer’s face into the tack but Dreamer resists. Not enough and Moose slams Dreamers face into the tacks. Deamer hits the renamed Lights Out Spear for the win.

WINNER: Moose in 12:00

-Send to Gina Miller with someone arriving. It’s Swinger driving a Jaguar he apparently accidentally stole from Anderson.

(3) Women’s Gauntlet for the Gold

Tasha Steelz vs. Kylie Rae start off. Steelz get the better of Kylie in wrestling. Taya’s music played but Bravo came out dressed as her. He gets tossed out almost immediately. Kimber Lee is next. Lee’s kicks and power lets her take advantage but is short lived when she begins to gloat giving Steelz an opening. Kiera is next and she and Steelz celebrate . Lee tries to join in but no-go. Susie is next. Tasha Steelz sitting in the corner gets superkicked by Kylie and is out a 6:00. Katie Forbes is next. Forbes begins twerking with Hogan dancing. Madison Rayne joins next. Hogan and Madison get into it. Havok is next. The real Taya comes in next. Alisha follows. Apparently Forbes was eliminated while Alisha made her entrance by Taya. Nevaeh makes her entrance. Rosemary follows. So far all entrances have been formulaic. Woman comes in and hits a few moves, Susie goes great the newcomer and gets taken out. Bravo dressed as Rosemary come next, and Rosemary and Taya argue over him. Bravo helps them eliminate Havok and gets eliminated by Kylie. The Kylie eliminates Rayne. Alisha, Kimber Lee and Nevaeh all go over the top to the apron and Alisha and Nevaeh get eliminated in the scrum. Rosemary eliminates Kiera. Kylie Rae squares off with Kimber Lee and elimiantes Lee with a clothesline. Rosemary gets Kylie in the upside down which sets up her “accidental” elimination by Taya. Taya and Kylie face of but Kylie soon superkicks and pins Taya.

WINNER: Kylie Rae win in 20:00

-Heath formerly “Slater” enters the ring. He says he wants to take the Rascalz open challenge or be the mystery wrestler in the main event and that he’s a “new Heath.” Rohit Raju comes out to confront him. They get into a scuffle with Heath getting the better of Rohit.

-Bey and Mack hype video plays

(4) Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack – X Division Championship match

The match stars out hard and fast with Mack’s power overcoming Bey’s speed until Bey takes a powder. Mack hit a neckbreaker on Bey on the apron onto the floor that looked like legitimately couldve broken Bey’s neck. In the ring, Mack goes for a corner suplex but Bey escapes abd hits a great springboard slingblade to take control. Mack slaps the hell out of Bey going into more back and forth until Mack catches Bey mid air with a powerbomb. Both sell the damage they’ve taken. Up on their feet, more back and forth until Mack hits an exploder suplex into the corner that looks like it killed Bey for a second time. Bey used the ref to buy time and take over on Mack. Bey hits a Destroer for two. Willie hits the stunner but goes for the six star splash allowing Bey time to recover. Bey hits the Art of Finesse (a variation of the Oz Cutter or Lethal injection)

WINNER: Bey in 10:00

-Heath is in the back and runs into Rhino. They celebrate together and D’Amore walks up and tells Heath it’s a closed set and they’re social distancing, so he has to leave. Heath said at least he was polite about it. Rhino promises to make it right on Tuesday.

-The North and World’s Most Dangerous Team hype video plays.

(5) The North vs. Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock – Impact Tag Team Championship match

Josh and Ken Start, Josh takes down Ken but Ken goes for the arm. More wrestling ends with Ken getting the ankle lock but Josh is in the ropes. Callihan wants in. Don say why would Josh want to get into a submission battle with Ken, Page overheard and yelled “Because he’s that damn good Don.” Sami rakes Josh eyes. Page tags in but Sami takes over. They isolate Page in their corner tagging i and out. Ken DDTs Page. Josh helps out Page and get the tag. Josh begins to work over Ken. Ken is able to break away for the tag and Sami hits a brainbuster for the 2. Distraction from Josh lets Page get back and make that tag. They isolate Sami and Page wear down Sami witha headlock for two arm drops. Sami is able to tag out and Ken cleans house but immediately tags Sami who gets the piledriver countered. The North hits the modified double team crucifix bomb for two (thanks for the name Don). Sami escapes the North’s finisher and tags Ken. Page goes to kick Ken but Ken counters into the ankle lock, Josh tries to make the save only to be blocked by Sami. Josh applies his own ankle lock on Sami. Sami rolls Josh into Shamrock breaking both holds. Ken gets Josh into the ankle lock but Page pushes Sami into Ken. Ken thinks Sami did it on purpose. Josh pushes Ken into Sami. Sami hits the piledriver on Josh but Page breaks it (no help from Ken). Ken goes to kick Josh but Josh duck so he nails Sami instead. Ken his a belly to belly suplex from the top and then botches a dive over the top rope. The North hit their finisher for the win.

WINNERS: The North in 18:00

-The North cut a promo, upset that no one has made a big deal about them, claiming to have defeated all teams. They call themselves the greatest team in Impact history. Motorcity Machine Guns come out to disagree and reveal that Tuesday they challenge for the titles.

-Gia Miller is in the back to talk to the good brothers and runs into Rich Swann instead. Rich says when he is cleared he’s coming after the Impact Championship.

(6) Jordan Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Grace went in strong but Deonna takes a powder. They wrestle a bit with Grace getting the beeter though power. Deonna take a powder again. One more time Grace gets advantage but this time Grace follows with a dive when Deonna goes outside. Deonna takes advantage as she works the arm for a long time. Every time Grace tries to gain advantage Deonna goes for the arm. A couple of stikes and tackles turn things to Grace’s favor, letting her his a senton for a two. Grace applies a sleeper and Deonna counters with a nearfall. Grace applies a bow and arrow against the post. Scary looking driver only gets a two for Grace. They trade strikes, slams and Germans in the middle of the ring even until Deonna hits the Pendulum. Grace takes advantage hitting a Vader Bomb for a two. Grace and Deonna struggle to get the Grace Driver and armbar applied with Deonna applying a double armbar getting Grace to verbally concede.

WINNER: Deonna in 15:00 to capture the Knockouts Title.

-Video hype package for the main event.

(7) Trey vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin vs. Rich Swann vs. Eric Young – Impact Wrestling World Title match

Rich Swann is healthy and the fourth man but then, surprise, Eric Young arrive to be the fifth man. The match starts fast with all wrestlers taking turn hitting their moves with Madman Fulton attacking Edwards and getting kicked out from ringside.Eddie shit eric with machine gun chops in the corner, then does the same to Rich. Everyone keeps taking turns until they are all down in the ring. Eric Young got busted open in the melee. Ace and Trey face off with Trey going hard at Ace. Trey become king of the hill, taking out Ace, Eric, and Swann until he goes after Swann on the outside. Eddie and Ace then take center stage and mix it up. Eric Young catches Trey and piledrives him for the elimination and become the king of the hill, dominating the ring. He faces Swann and they go back and forth. Eventually Rich hits a bulldog from the top rope. Eddie enters the ring, taking control and going after Ace. They clime the corner and Eric powerbombs Swann into the two knocking Eddie and Ace outside through a table. Eric goes for the piledriver but Swann counters for the pin. Eric attacks Swann’s leg attcking it with chairs. Ace comes in to take advantage but Swann continued fighting but he couldn’t overcome the Fold and Ace eliminates him. This leave Edwards and Ace one on one. The two trade finishers but Eddie hits the Diehard for the win.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards in 27:00.

-Fulton appears and attacks Eddie. The Good Brothers appear and take out Ace and Fulton, aligning themselves with Eddie.

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