AEW leads but gap shrinks against NXT, updated data on which show has held viewers much more effectively during pandemic, 7-day viewership totals, more

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

TNT Championship announced for next week's Dynamite


AEW Dynamite viewership on Wednesday night (7/29) dropped to 773,000, below the 2020 average so far of 793,000, but ahead of the coronavirus-era average of 732,000. It drew 847,000 last week.

NXT on USA drew 707,000 viewers, above it’s 2020 average of 691,000, and above it’s coronavirus-era average of 683,000. It drew 617,000 last week.

NXT closed the gap in total viewership to 66,000. It was 230,000 last week.

In the key demos, AEW drew 0.30 rating in the 18-49 demographic, ahead of NXT’s 0.18 in that same demo. AEW stayed ahead. AEW drew a 0.34 rating in the 25-54 demo, ahead of NXT’s 0.22.

AEW drew a 0.19 rating in the male 18-34 demo, ahead of NXT’s 0.11 rating.

AEW Dynamite finished no. 6 in the most closely tracked and coveted 18-49 adult demo, while NXT rose to no. 28.

The 7-day viewership totals for the July 15 are now available. AEW topped 1 million for the first time since May 27 with 1.024 million total viewers over seven days. NXT totaled 751,000. NXT added 118,000 viewers since the first night, while AEW added 234,000. NXT’s seven-day total, though, doesn’t tally WWE Network views; NXT becomes available on WWE Network 24 hours after it first airs.

The average 7-day viewership for AEW this year is 1.015 million. Since Mar. 25, it’s 935,000. Prior to the Mar. 25 episode, it averaged 1.13 million. AEW is down 195,000 since the pandemic kicked in, although that gap has closed the last two months compared to the first two months of that time period.

The average 7-day viewership for NXT this year on cable and streaming services (excluding WWE Network) is 845,000. Since Mar. 25, it has averaged 827,000. Prior to the Mar. 25 episode, it averaged 872,000. NXT is down 45,000.

NXT has lost just 5.2 percent since the coronavirus altered the show’s presentations. AEW is down 17.3 percent. The gap has closed to 15.8 percent counting June and July only compared to the pre-Mar. 25 average in 2020. Still roughly triple the dropoff of NXT.

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