8/3 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Shane McMahon’s shake-up, new faction arriving, Apollo Crews vs. MVP, Drew responds to RKO

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


AUGUST 3, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, Samoa Joe


-After the opening theme, they cut to the Performance Center and then the announcers who discussed what happened last week with Randy Orton giving Drew McIntyre an RKO. The lights went dark. Phillips apologized and said apparently something went wrong in the production truck. Then Apollo Crews’s music started.

(1) APOLLO CREWS vs. MVP – U.S. Title match

Crews made his ring entrance (wearing the official U.S. Title belt). The lights went dark again briefly. Phillips said he “understands there is weather in the area.” (Yes, there is indeed “weather” everywhere always on Earth.) MVP then made his entrance (wearing the new imposter U.S. Title belt), accompanied by Shelton Benjamin (wearing his 24/7 Title belt) and Bobby Lashley. MVP kissed his U.S. belt before handing it to the referee. The ref held up both belts. Samoa Joe said possession is nine-tenths of the law. MVP said while Crews has been making excuses, he’s been making history. He said when he scores a three count over him tonight, things are done between them. He said he can go hang out with Cedric and Ricochet in catering again. Crews took control early and settled into an armbar a minute in. Crews pummeled MVP with forearms and threw him into the ropes. Shelton and Lashley yanked MVP by his feet to apparent safety at ringside. Crews flip dove onto all three. They cut to a break. [c]

They replayed that during the break Lashley swept Crews off his feet on the ring apron. MVP was in control as a result. He scored a two count after a hard clothesline. Crews avoided a charging MVP big boot in the corner. He rallied with an enzuigiri, a crossbody off the ropes, a spear into the corner, a splash in the corner, and then a spinebuster for a near fall. Crews rolled out of a released German suplex by MVP and then hit a released sitout powerbomb for the win. Phillips said after weeks of trash-talking, MVP has come up empty.

WINNER: Crews in 12:00 to retain the U.S. Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good to see Crews back. Good to see him retain the U.S. Title decisively, too.) [c]

-Charly Caruso interviewed Crews backstage who was elated. He let out a “wrestler laugh” and then said because of Lashley’s full nelson, he had to sit and watch MVP claim he was the real U.S. Champion. He said it was more difficult because his kids asked him if he was still the U.S. Champion. He said he’s hanging the old U.S. Title belt in his kids’ room. He asked how good the new U.S. Title belt looks over his shoulder.

-MVP grabbed a mic at ringside and banged on the announced desk. The mic didn’t work at first (a continuation of the issues with lighting, apparently). He said with the lights going out, it’s an unsafe work environment. He said they should be ashamed of themselves. He asked Crews if he’s really proud of winning with lights flicking, distracting him. MVP looked into the camera and said he doesn’t care about his wife or his kids, what he cares about is his rematch. He said he wants the rematch. Shelton whispered in his ear. MVP then said he wants the rematch at Summerslam.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’ve been a fan of MVP lately, but I’m ready to see Crews move on.)

-They showed Bayley and Sasha Banks acting over-the-top cocky backstage.

-Phillips said something is going down tonight on Raw. They showed a tall bouncer-type guy standing outside of a locker room and there were thumping base noises coming from inside. Phillips said they understand it’s the brainchild of Shane McMahon.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like this slow tease of whatever is going on with Shane McMahon. I think they’ll hold viewers well throughout these three hours. The payoff better be good, though. You can’t pull this type of thing too often effectively.)  [c]

-Sarah Schreiber interviewed Bayley and Sasha, who were smiling at all the gold they had over their shoulders. She asked if they will be defending any or all of their titles at Summerslam. Bayley said asking questions and getting people to answer might work on others, but not them. Bayley threw to a video package on Bayley and Sasha with the WWE narrator saying what on the surface can look like cowardice is actually a plan of sheer brilliance. He called them “The Golden Role Models.” Asuka interrupted the video and yelled for a while, then said, “Revenge will be sweet.” Back to Bayley and Sasha, they were up in arms and said that was so unprofessional. Sasha asked if they know who she is. In walked Shayna Baszler. She said enough of that garbage. She told Sasha that she snaked her way to the Raw Women’s Title. She said she has waited in line long enough to have her own fun. She punched Sasha on the side of the face. Sasha went down and Bayley checked on her.

(Keller’s Analysis: I’m on board with Baszler being a babyface.)

-They went to Kevin Owens who was whistling backstage. He pulled a canned beverage out of a giant cooler. The IIconics walked up to him and offered to be his guest on The KO Show. Owens said he plans these things and he already has a guest. He was syrupy sweet as he said it, then told them to enjoy a water.

-Kevin Owens walked out to the ring. Phillips said the KO Show is next. [c]

-KO Show: He said he has plenty of thoughts on the return of Shane McMahon, but he’s focusing on something else tonight. He introduced his guest, Ruby Riott, whom he called a good friend of his. Riott came out to her music and sat with Owens in the ring. KO brought up Riott beating Peyton Royce and got emotional afterward because it was her first victory in a while. Riott said she’s had bad luck since she returned and hadn’t had a singles win since February. She said she’s dealt with toxic sad broads like the IIconics who bring people down in order to make themselves feel better. She said the only thing that would have made it better is if Liv Morgan was there to celebrate with her. KO said she is here. Riott looked shocked. Phillips said Riott’s been trying to get ahold of her for a while. Things were tense when she entered the ring. Liv told Riott that Owens convinced her to be there, so she wants to hear what Riott has to say. Owens said he saw them when they started. His mic didn’t work at first and he banged it and then it worked. He said he has done and said a lot of crappy things to people over the years. He said he did it to advance his career, but he doesn’t think it was worth it. He said they don’t need to be friends, but it’s worth hearing Ruby out.

Ruby told Liv that she thought everything would be the same when they returned. She said it was all different, though. She said it seemed Liv didn’t need her anymore, and that hurt. She said after Liv beat her twice, she realized she didn’t need her. She said she wasn’t ready to accept that and she took it out on her. Now she realizes she was wrong. She asked her for another chance for the Riott Squad to be stronger than it’s ever been. The IIconics interrupted.

Peyton Royce said no one cares about them. She told Liv she should have “stayed in the bathtub.” Billie Kaye’s mic went out a little as she talked. So did Royce’s when she began talking again. They entered the ring. Royce said the IIconics will always be better than them. Liv said they’re right that they’ve not iconic, but nobody starts a riot better than they do. Owens said unless the IIconics have more to say, they can leave. The IIconics challenged them to a match right there. Owens asked for “technical difficulties” for their mic only. Kaye slapped KO. He asked if it was necessary. She laughed and slapped him again. Owens asked for a little help from Riott and Liv. They tackled the IIconics. [c]


Owens stayed on commentary. Liv went for a pin a couple minutes in. Royce was late with the save, so Kaye kicked out. Liv then schoolboyed Kaye for a sudden three count.

WINNERS: Riott & Morgan.

-The IIconics tried to attack Liv afterward, but Riott made a fast save and then they took out both IIconics. They argued over who would open the ropes for the other. They seemed very much back in sync and renewing their friendship. [c]

-Phillips said it’s been a strange night and they heard a large noise earlier. Backstage Carly Caruso said some crates were tipped over and there are rumors it was intentional and is related to the technical issues early. MVP walked up to her and was still in a bad mood. Charly said she was just informed that Crews has accepted his challenge for a U.S. Title match at Summerslam. MVP called her Robin Roberts and said he feels better now. He mocked Crews caring about his kids feelings. Shelton walked up to him and said someone stole his 24/7 Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Could that be the end of the 24/7 Title? I mean, if the belt goes missing, it’s well known that the title just has to be retired, right.)

-Drew McIntyre made his ring entrance. They replayed what Randy Orton did to him last week. Drew in the ring said it was his fault what happened to him last week because Orton warned him. He said he knows Orton is really motivated right now. He said he’s also motivated to keep it. He said there are other similarities between them. He said once Vince McMahon looked at them and told them they were the chosen ones and the future of the industry.


He said Orton’s Plan A wasn’t the pro wrestling career he has had. He said for him, pro wrestling always was his Plan A all along; he dreamed of it as a kid and making his family and friends proud of being the first WWE Champion from his country. “It was handed to you,” he said. He said the most important part is he never had anyone cleaning up after him like Evolution did for Orton. “When I made my mistakes, I was punished for them,” he said. “In fact, I was fired for them.” He said he has said it before, that he deserved to be fired.  He said he saw a lot when he was younger. He said he has spoken to people who cleaned up “the legit crap” that Orton left behind. “You should have been fired way more times than I was fired,” he said. Orton’s music interrupted.

Orton walked out with Ric Flair. Orton said last week he told the world that he had his respect, and then this week he walks out there and tells everyone he was handed everything. Orton said he’s made his money, and the reason he keeps coming out is because he enjoys it. He said he enjoys handing out RKO’s and punting heads. He said that’s why it’ll be all that more sweet when he takes the WWE Title from him at Summerslam. He admitted he wasn’t fired when he should have been multiple times, but that’s because he is more valuable than Drew will ever be. He said he has been given those chances “because I am the chosen one – then, now, and forever.” He said he thinks it’s cute Drew is quoting legends like Edge, but he challenged him to come up with one opinion about him on his own.

Drew said if he wants Orton him to shoot on him, he will. He said Orton represents everything that’s wrong with WWE. He said he watched the Undertaker documentary, and he heard Orton say Undertaker reached down and pulled him up to his level. Drew said Taker didn’t have to do it, but he did it because he loves the industry and wants to preserve it. He asked Orton how many times he can say he reached down and pulled anybody up to his level. “Never,” Drew said, answering his own question. He asked if he’s ever sat down with Ricochet, Ali, Apollo, KO, anyone in the back, and passed along the knowledge that Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Ric Flair passed along to him. Drew said he remembers Orton walking past him in catering when his world was crumbling around him personally and professionally. He said he was far from home, his mother was sick, and he was self-destructing, and a kind word from Randy would have done a lot. He said instead he was a selfish prick. He said at Summerslam he has a lot of receipts to cash in. He said he damn sure will see it coming when he rips off his head with a Claymore Kick. Saxton said this has gotten deep and personal as Orton delivered a piercing stare at Drew as Drew’s music played.

(Keller’s Analysis: Really strong segment. Both Orton and Drew really delivered believable emotions, and it was clear who the heel and face are here.)

-Backstage Nia Jax spoke with WWE official Pat Buck backstage. Saxton mentioned Buck by name and said that’s who Jax attacked last week. [c]

-Owens was congratulating Liv and Riott backstage. Flair walked up to Owens and talked about how KO knows he has closely followed his career and that they’ve talked Montreal wrestling history together. He listed some names from Montreal including Mad Dog Vachon. He said Owens is held in high esteem, but he’s turning into someone who’s too worried about helping other wrestlers instead of taking care of himself. KO thanked him for all the advice he’s given him, but he’s not being a guidance counselor to them. He said he has sacrificed friendships in his career to try to get to the top spot, but now he’s trying to take a different path. He said he wants to be the type of person he’d look up. He said he is trying to be the guy Randy could be if he wanted to be. KO asked if he knows what he’s saying. Flair said he’s going to let that breathe. Flair said instead of giving KO advice he might want to listen to, he’s giving KO advice he needs to listen to. He told him to mind his own business and take care of himself and then maybe he’ll get a title match at Summerslam. KO said if he’s so worried about how his career is going, he’ll show him the kind of fight he has. He told Orton to meet him in the ring next week. Flair laughed and said, “Really?”

-Jax stood mid-ring with Pat Buck. She took a deep breath and gave off the vibe of feeling regret. She said she came out there to own up to what she did. She threw to a video package. Back in the ring, Jax said she takes to heart the millions around the world who idolize her. The audience booed. “So when a scrawny undeserving little runt from WWE management who couldn’t cut the mustard in his own career steps up to me, it’s my responsibility to step back,” she said. She turned to Pat and said if he’s looking for an apology, instead she is giving him an opportunity to have a match with her. Pat said he’s only in the ring because he was told an apology was coming. Jax said he’ll get it after their match. She said it’s his big opportunity. She said she’ll start really slowly so his little legs can keep up. She asked if he’s sacred. She said even for a little guy, she thought he’d have more fire “being a ginger and all.” She shoved the mic at him and said he can say what he has to say in public.

Buck said after her unsanctioned actions against a WWE official last week, she is indefinitely suspended. She glared at him. He added, “Without pay!” He told her to calm down and breath. She said he has no authority. She headbutted him down onto his back. She kicked him in the ribs. The audience booed, although a few oddly began singing the “Na na na na, good bye” song.

-Truth ran to the ring with the 24/7 Title belt and was chased by Shelton and several ninjas. [c]

(3) SHELTON BENJAMIN vs. AKIRA TOZAWA vs. R-TRUTH – 24/7 Title match

Truth held the title at ringside, but Phillips explained that he’s not champion just because he has the title. You know, just like MVP and Sasha Banks in recent week. Phillips plugged R-Truth’s game show on WWE Network. Tozawa schoolboyed Shelton as Shelton was stomping on Truth a few seconds into the match. Tozawa hit a barrage of kicks and punches, but Shelton no-sold them and then powerbombed him. Tozawa rolled away. Shelton turned back to Truth, who ducked some wild Shelton swings and then landed a leaping hook kick to the face. He followed with a scissors kick attempt, but Shelton moved. Shelton hit Pay Dirt. A ninja entered and went after Shelton. Shelton brushed it off and kicked him out of the ring. MVP and Lashley attacked the ninjas at ringside. Tozawa landed a leaping senton off the top rope onto Truth and scored the pin.

WINNER: Tozawa in 3:00 to capture the 24/7 Title.

-Tozawa took his belt and ran away. Phillips said the normal 24/7 Title rules are back on, so he is “high-tailing” it out of the arena.

-Shane McMahon appeared with a logo that said “Raw Underground.” They showed wrestlers pounding on the edge of a ring without ropes as two wrestlers grappled. Shane said he’s bringing something new to Raw, so tune in at 10 ET. [c]

-They went to the announcers on camera. Joe said whatever Shane is up to could change the landscape around there. Phillips then threw to a video package on the Seth Rollins-Dominic Mysterio situation last week.

-Schreiber interviewed Dominic backstage. She asked why he continues to take the risk and show up when his father is recovering from Seth’s attack. Dominic said it’s easy to know why he’s doing what he’s doing. He said he literally witnessed his dad get blinded, so it’s understandable why his mind hasn’t been in the right place lately. He said if people think he’s been crazy before, they’re going to really think he’s crazy when he challenges Seth to a match at Summerslam. Joe said he understands where Dominic is coming from, but he doesn’t see it coming to fruition.


They replayed the segment earlier where Baszler punched Sasha in the face. Phillips said Sasha and Bayley avoided the question about whether they’ll defend their titles at Summerslam. Sasha slapped Baszler. Baszler took Banks down, then taunted her and shoved her. Baszler swept Sasha down with a leg sweep. Baszler scored a leverage two count. Baszler then countered Sasha and applied an armbar. Sasha rolled to the bottom rope to force a break. Bayley got on the ring apron. Baszler succumbed to the obvious distraction attempt and grabbed Bayley. Sasha then attacked Baszler and threw her into the ringpost shoulder-first, then scored a two count with a roll-up. Sasha leaped off the second rope and landed a crossbody press, but Baszler rolled through and delivered a high-angle backbreaker. Baszler then applied her Kirafuda Clutch. Sasha dropped down, but Baszler kicked her back and then stomped on her hand. Sasha rolled up Baszler into a Bank Statement. Baszler broke Sasha’s grip. Sasha head-scissored her. Baszler landed a high roundkick to Sasha’s head. Asuka came to ringside and attacked Bayley. The ref called for the bell. (Why?) Asuka chased Sasha out of the ring. Sasha and Bayley sat at ringside with Asuka yelling at them.

WINNER; No contest in 5:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I get not wanting to give away a finish to a match that was thrown together on short notice and should be a big deal down the line, but since when is it an instant DQ when someone attacks someone at ringside who isn’t part of the match.)  [c]

-A Smackdown commercial aired hyping an update on Alexa Bliss after The Fiend attacked her last week.

-Inside the ring, Caruso interviewed Asuka. She said Kairi Sane isn’t there anymore. Then she challenged Sasha to a match at Summerslam. Baszler said she doesn’t want to fight her right now. She said she wants her to win the Raw Title back from Banks. She said she’ll be rooting for her and clapping the entire time because she wants to dismember her and take the Raw Title off of her afterward. Asuka stared back intensely. Sasha and Bayley strode back onto the stage to their music. Sasha said she has a message for them. “This is my Raw Women’s Championship!” she said. She gloated it’s all hers. She said she’ll give her the championship rematch at Summerslam as long as she can beat a former NXT Champion and member of the Four Horsewomen, Bayley, next week. Bayley’s reaction indicated they didn’t talk that through ahead of time. The announcers said it was a surprise to Bayley.

-Backstage, Andrade walked up to Angel Garza who was with a woman named Demi Burnett from “The Bachelor.” She giggled and held a rose Garza gave her. Zelina Vega walked up and said she doesn’t belong there. Garza said she’s with him. Zelina said if he thinks she belongs there, they need to talk. Andrade left with Zelina. Garza said he’ll see her after his match.

-They cut to Raw Underground where one of the fighters powerbombed another wrestlers as people at ringside in face masks cheered on. There were women dancing on a stage off to the side. Shane said they’re having fun, but wait until you see what’s up next. [c]

-Back in the Raw Underground area, Shane asked who had next. Two more guys stepped up and began to fight as others cheered at ringside. The whole thing gave off a Fight Club vibe. The bigger guy crushed the smaller guy in a few seconds with a belly-to-belly. Shane congratulated the winner.

-Back at ringside, Joe said he likes what he’s seeing. “It’s a wonderful thing, I can get behind it,” he said. Phillips said they’d keep an eye on it.


-The Street Profits made their entrance. They danced their way through the audience behind the plexiglass. Everyone was in masks and kept some social space as they went by. Phillips said they defend their titles against Angel Garza & Andrade at Summerslam. They talked about Angel Garza’s new friend, Demi from The Bachelor. Dawkins said she should be getting a rose from him. Ford mocked Angel’s strut. They talked about their title defense at Summerslam. Ford took off his glasses and said it shows how serious he is. He said they attacked Dawkins twice, so they’re done playing nice. He said they want the smoke.

(5) ANGELO DAWKINS (w/Montez Ford) vs. ANGEL GARZA (w/Andrade, Zelina Vega)

Phillips said it appeared Zelina is concerned Garza is more concerned about Demi than he is the match. (The real question is how does Charly Caruso feel about this.) They cut to an early break [c]

Garza set up a Wing Clipper. Dawkins blocked it and landed a running bulldog. Ford shook the ropes in excitement, but then stumbled and appeared to nearly pass out. Dawkins checked on him. Garza then superkicked Dawkins in the chin and landed a dropkick for the win. They showed Demi celebrating backstage as she watched on a monitor.

WINNER: Garza in 5:00.

-Dawkins checked on Ford, who was still out of it. [c]

(6) MONTEZ FORD (w/Angelo Dawkins) vs. ANDRADE (w/Angel Garza, Zelina Vega)

Joe said during the break the WWE medical staff cleared Ford to continue. Andrade was in control, but Ford soon took over and locked on a headlock. Andrade back suplexed Ford to break free and went back on offense.  Ford made a comeback and went after Andrade aggressively, but he kept losing his balance after any surge. Andrade then gave Ford a snap suplex for a two count. Ford dropkicked Andrade off the ropes and then leaped onto him. He shook the top rope like Ultimate Warrior, but then passed out again. The ref called off the match and called for a doctor.

WINNER: No contest in 5:00.

-They showed Murphy watching a video of him attacking Dominic last week. He seemed unsure about his actions. Seth Rollins told him he made the right decision and he should be proud of himself. Seth said the past is the past, but it’s time to focus on the future tonight. Murphy asked if he put any thought into Dominic’s challenge. He said it’s ridiculous because he’s not even a WWE Superstar. He said they sacrificed his old man in front of him and the whole world. “It’s ridiculous, right?” he asked. Seth smiled and walked away. [c]

-They hyped Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Dolph Ziggler would be Raw Talk.

-Back to Shane, the women were dancing behind him. Shane said there are no rules and they’ll be back next week. They showed Erik from The Viking Raiders facing another guy whom Shane called “a tough kid.” Erik dominated and mounted him and then back suplexed him and kicked him to the floor. The guys at ringside threw him back into the ring where Erik tossed him around some more and landed a knee. The guy went out cold and the bell rang. Shane said that was awesome. Shane asked who’s next.

-Back to the announcers. Joe said he loves the format and it’s making him want to get in there. Phillips said there’s another fight to come tonight. Phillips the addressed what happened to Ford before the break.

-Caruso stood outside the trainer’s room awaiting an update. Garza walked up and said she shouldn’t be scared. He presented her with a rose. Zelina and Andrade walked up to them. Zelina said they’re all concerned about Ford. She wondered what this means for the Raw Tag Team Titles. Dawkins walked out and seemed dejected. He said he’s not sure, but the doctor said he might have been poisoned before the match. Zelina reacted like a guilty party. Bianca Belair walked out and asked if they did it. Zelina said she would never jeopardize an opportunity at Summerslam. Belair took off her ear rings and hit Vega. The men separated them quickly as they yelled.

-Saxton wished Ford a speedy recovery. Phillips said it’s been a strange night and they wanted to show footage of something that happened outside the Performance Center earlier. A security camera showed five guys in masks set some speakers or crates outside the arena on fire with some sort of explosive. [c]

-MVP, Lashley, and Shelton were showered and dressed up on their way out of the arena. Caruso asked them about having a bad night, losing their titles. MVP said there are mysterious accidents happening backstage and she’s asking about the Hurt Business not getting things done. MVP said the questions should be about sabotage. Shelton said it’s suspicious that all of this happened the same night Raw Underground showed up. When Caruso called it “underground fighting,” Lashley’s eyes lit up. MVP said, “I think I know where we’re going now.”

-They went to the announcers who confirmed Bayley vs. Asuka and Owens vs. Orton next week on Raw.

-A lengthy video recap aired of the Seth-Mysterio family saga.

-Seth entered the ring with Murphy. Seth said they had some housekeeping to tend to. He mentioned Tom Phillips and said he had a few questions for him. He asked if he considers himself a professional and an unbiased journalist who takes pride in his work. He asked him what he was doing last week when Rey’s kid was assaulting him with a kendo stick. Seth said he was cheering him on and inciting his rage. He leaned over the announce desk and asked if he understands what that means. Seth said he is the voice of Raw so he is part of the Greater Good whether he realizes it or not. He said it is his job to call it down the middle. He said when he doesn’t, he creates bias. He said when he does a poor job, he becomes a liability. Seth said the time has come to find a new voice of Monday Night Raw. “Murphy, take him,” he said. Joe stood up and said, “Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.” He told them they aren’t going to bully his broadcast partner. He said he’ll slap them down or figure out another way. Joe said sure Phillips was laughing, but he himself was laughing harder than anyone at the table. Seth told Joe he does not want to do that. Joe said, “No, Seth, I do.” He took off his headset. Murphy backed away. Seth and Murphy entered the ring. Seth said if Joe gets in the ring, what happens is not his responsibility. They cut to a break. [c]

Back at the ring, Murphy and Seth had chairs in the ring and called Joe into the ring. Dominic entered the ring and attacked Murphy and Seth from behind with a kendo stick. He tackled Seth and pounded away at him. He gave Seth a 619. The audience cheered wildly. Dominic leaped off the top rope onto Seth and Murphy at ringside, then re-entered the ring. He picked up a chair as Seth and Murphy retreated up to the stage. A fuming Seth said if he wants to fight him at Summerslam, he accepts.

-Back at ringside, Joe said he likes what he’s seeing. He said Seth has done too much to that family, so Dominic is headed to Summerslam and looking for a Messiah. Saxton threw to the final fight at Shane’s Raw Underground.

-Shane called a match with Dolph Ziggler, noting he was a standout wrestler at Kent State University, taking apart a foe in the ring. MVP approached the ring with Lashley and Shelton. He said they are taking over Raw Underground. Lashley got in the ring and beat up another guy who was unwisely brave. MVP stepped into the ring and said he wants some of this. They cut to women dancing on the stage. MVP then looked around for a challenger. Lashley picked up a guy by his head and gave him to MVP. MVP hip tossed him to the mat and punched away at him. Lashley then threw him out of the ring. MVP asked who was next. Another guy stepped into the ring and Shelton stepped up to face him. Shelton tackled and mounted and punched away at him. MVP asked if there was anyone else. MVP, Lashley, and Shelton jumped out of the ring and attacked the rest of the underground fighters at ringside. They paced around and asked who else wants to fight. Shane said they’ve proven their point and can stick around because on Raw Underground, anything goes. They went to a replay of the prior action with Hurt Business. They stood tall as Shane talked about how amazing the debut of Raw Underground was. The graphic showed what’s coming up next week and the show ended.

(Keller’s Analysis: They teased an invading faction, but didn’t pay it off. A good hook for next week.)

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