8/5 AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Sage’s alt-perspective report on Moxley vs. Darby, Jericho-Cassidy debate, 12-man tag match, Cardona & Cody battle Dark Order

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 5, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz


-After the Dynamite opening theme, Schiavone sets up the 12-man tag match that started the show.


A fast and furious start to the match leads to a number of spots that Matt and Nick Jackson landed on members of The Dark Order. Members of the elite teamed up to work on a single member of the dark order. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson break up that action, to even the action. The Dark Order team members strategically tag in to work Kenny Omega in their team’s corner. Omega breaks free and is able to tag in Dax Harwood, who in turn tags in Cash Wheeler.

Adam Page tries to join a triple submission move with his FTR teammates. But, the move is broken up. The Elite members (Both Jackson’s, Omega, and Page) do tandem moves to singular members of The Dark Order. Dax Harwood sells an injury sustained mid-match. Cash Wheeler and Adam Page escort him out of the arena, Leaving The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega to face the full 6-man Dark Order team.

Several members of The Dark Order worked over Matt Jackson as his remaining teammates can only watch from their corner. Matt Jackson is able to get offense in against 5, as he goes for the hot tag, Nick Jackson is knocked off the ring apron by Evil Uno. This forces Matt Jackson to try and take on the rest of the team by himself.

Adam Page returns and gets the hot tag from Matt Jackson. Page systematically takes out members of The Dark order one-by-one. This culminates with Page hitting a moonsault on 5 of the 6 members of The Dark Order. Page and Mr. Brodie Lee are the remaining men standing for their teams, leading to a one-on-one confrontation momentarily.

The rest of Dark Order team up and get a near fall on Page. Kenny Omega appears to break up the pinfall, giving The Elite new life. But they are still at a two man disadvantage. The Elite get near fall, but Mr. Brodie Lee is able to hit a Discuss Clothesline on Adam Page. As he pins Page the other members of the elite are held back, unable to break up the pin.

WINNERS: The Dark Order in 20:00.

(Sage’s Analysis: A “classic,” AEW opening match, a ton of start power having a fast-paced exciting match. I could visualize an AEW crowd loving all 20 minutes of that match. This also continued the Page/FTR storyline and got The Dark Order a much needed win. A lot accomplished in a short time) [c]

-Back from the break, we see Trent and Chuck Taylor arrive in “Sue’s Van.”

– The announce team hype the AEW World Title match between Jon Moxley and Darby Allin.

-Jon Moxley talks about the “demons,” that he wrestled with in his early wrestling career. He said that he maybe should have changed the way he did things, but in reality he wouldn’t change a thing. He then talks about his concern for Darby Allin’s health and career. But the title is on the line, so he says “I gotta do, what I gotta do.” He finishes by asking him to just stay down.

(Sage’s Analysis: This was really a great way to hype this match. Moxley’s mix of emotion added good depth to his character.)

(2) BEST FRIENDS (Chuck Taylor & Trent) vs. SANTANA & ORTIZ

Chuck Taylor and Santana start the match with a collar & elbow tie up. Taylor and Santana go back and forth, Sanatana tags in Ortiz. Chuck Taylor then tags in Trent. Trent performs a northern lights suplex and tags in Taylor. The Best Friends hug. [c]

Trent and Ortiz trade forearms, with Ortiz winning the exchange. Chuck Taylor is knocked off the apron, leading to an advantage for Santana and Ortiz. The Results form AEW Dark are shown during this portion of the match. Santana continues to dominate Trent, as Chuck Taylor is shown getting up slowly on the outside of the ring.

Ortiz is tagged in as Trent continues to take abuse as Chuck Taylor slowly gets to his corner and is tagged in. Taylor begins to take advantage of the match, knocking Santana out and making the match a one-on-one affair with Ortiz. Taylor tags in Trent after Taylor hit a falcon arrow on Ortiz. Trent and Check Taylor hit a double team superplex on Ortiz, but Trent is unable to make the cover. As a result, Ortiz takes control and works the lower back of Trent. After a series of moves Santana gets a near fall on Trent. Trent is then able to reverse a pin and get the pinfall on Ortiz, who kicked out right after the three count. [c]

WINNERS: The Best Friends in 13:00.

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine tag match that was similar in style and storytelling of the first match. This hurt the overall impact of this particular match..)

– A live update from MJF Campaign Headquarters is presented. MJF abuses his staff and promotes his World title match against Jon Moxley, or Darby Allin, at All Out.

– Matt Hardy explains his character during an in-ring promo. He discusses the Matt Hardy Multiverse, but ultimately he needs to focus on himself Matt Hardy. He also promoted Private Party, saying they remind him of himself and his brother. Matt then talked about how he tried to help Sammy Guevara and no he does not want to help him, but hurt him. Sammy Guevara appeared and the two started to brawl outside the ring. Matt Hardy threw Sammy through a table. Sammy takes advantage, and puts Hardy through a table as well. Hardy comes up and has a massive cut on his head.

– Santana and Ortiz are shown backstage with a sledgehammer. The two proceed to destroy Sue’s Mini-Van and call out The Best Friends once they are done. [c]



Matt Cardona came to the ring with pyro and his new entrance music. Cody followed with pyro and flames. Cody started against John Silver, Cody hit several signature moves and tagged in Matt Cardona. Silver was able to break free and tag in Alex Reynolds. Cardona reversed a move and tagged in Cody. The two hit a transition move to maintain control. Cody began to sell his ribs after absorbing a strike, Silver & Reynolds took advantage after the injury was sustained.

Cody continued to sustain strikes that impacted his ribs, Cardona argued with the ref as Silver & Reynolds continued their assault. [c]

Cody began to fight out of a hold after several minutes of abuse. He broke free and attempted a tag to Cardona, but was pulled back to The Dark Order corner. Cody hit a backslide on John Silver and was able to finally tag in Matt Cardona, who proceeded to assault both Silver and Reynolds. Cardona hit a powerbomb and got a near fall on John SIlver, but Alex Reynolds was able to break up the pin.

After a series of moves Matt Cardona was able to hit his finisher, Radio Silence, on Alex Reynolds to get the pinfall

Winner – Matt Cardona & Cody in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This tag match was a little slower than the previous two. Three tag matches in a row is not the best way to structure the show. Cardona was able to shine in spots, but overall he didn’t get that much ring time.)

– Scorpio Sky met Cody in the tunnel and pointed at the TNT title

– Chuck Taylor and Trent had a video where they responded to Satana and Ortiz about Trent mom’s van. They set up a rematch and if The Best Friends win, Santana and Ortiz have to apologize to Trent’s mom, on speaker phone! [c]

-The Super Wednesday Debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy began with Justin Roberts announcing Eric Bishoff as the guest moderator. Both men were introduced as if it were a match, both received entrance music on the way to the ring. The first question Bishoff asked was why do Jericho and Cassidy hate each other so much. Cassidy is criticized by Jericho for his outfit, which Orange rebutted by putting on a clip on tie.

The second question was a two parter. 1) Who is the best wrestler? 2) Who is the bigger star?Jericho ran down his accomplishments and then acted like a high school bully and insulted Orange Cassidy. Cassidy had no response.

The third question was to Orange Cassidy. He was asked about the rising sea levels due to climate change. He responded with an intelligent science based response. Jericho answered the fourth question by saying he was gonna beat Orange next week on Dynamite and if he wins, Cassidy will have to give him $7,000.

The final question was why does the rematch mean so much to both of them. Orange Cassidy responded to this question as well. Orange’s response was that he cares about next week. He said that the upcoming match is the most important of his career, and the most important of Jericho’s as well. Cassidy said that he will defeat Jericho next week. Eric Bishoff declared that Orange Cassidy won the debate.

Jericho ordered Jake Haeger to rough up Orange Cassidy, which resulted in Jericho hitting Cassidy with the Judas effect. The Best Friends came out to defend the knocked out Cassidy [c]

(Sage’s Analysis – I never thought a character finally speaking would have a huge effect. But, Cassidy’s responses really worked for me and it made the rematch more exciting as a result of this segment)


Britt Baker announced that Reba would be going up against Big Swole. Big Swole had a quick entrance and got Reba in a headlock. Reba began to get reasonable offence in against Swole, Reba then attempted a moonsault but missed. Big Swole hit dirty dancing and got the pin. [c]

WINNER: Big Swole in 3:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A really really bad segment. This did a lot of negative things. 1) Reba made Big Swole look really bad, Reba getting in serious offence lowered the mystique of Swole IMO. Reba has not been positioned in any way to hit moves on swole. 2) This made Britt Baker look bad in storyline, why would she want to get her “friend,” beat up and then face Swole? 3) This is really the only Women’s moment we got? Why is the tournament on Youtube and not on TV? )

(5) JON MOXLEY vs. DARBY ALLIN – AEW World Title match

Darby Allin entered first, followed by the AEW world champion Jon Moxley. Darby started the match with a piece of copy paper that was the face of Jon Moxley with the eye holes cut out. Moxley started by giving Allin a solid punch that drew blood. Allin responded with a sly smile.

Moxley hit a series of vicious chops that sent Allin to the mat. Moxley took advantage of the situation for several minutes. Darby reversed a move while on his back and got the match outside the ring and onto the stage area. Moxley then threw Allin off the stage and directly onto a metal barrier outside of the ring. [c]

Darby Allin was able to rise and get back in the ring after landing on the metal barrier. Moxley took control with a series of holds and strikes. Allin did a two finger salute while in a hold and was able to break free and get outside the ring. Allin reversed a lazy grab from Moxley and did a fast paced dive under the second rope to the outside. Allin then followed that up with a front flip off the top rope to the outside.

Allin capped those moves with a code red, which led to a near fall on Moxley. Both men laid exhausted on the mat after a series of moves that led to a 10-count by the referee. MJF and Wardlow came out. MJF hit Moxley with the world title leaving Moxley layng. Allin hit a coffin drop, but Moxley kicked out at two.

Allin continued the assault and attempted a second coffin drop. Moxley caught him in a headlock, but Allin was able to survive. Moxley then hit Allin with a piledriver that he was able to kick out of. Moxley then hit the paradigm shift to finally get the pin.

WINNER: Jon Moxley at 14:00

(Sage’s Analysis – This was a brutal and fast paced match that really worked for me. This advanced the Moxley/MJF match info the coming weeks. It also advanced and protected the character of Darby Allin. Really strong stuff)

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