8/10 AEW WOMEN’S TAG TEAM CUP (Ep. 2): Leva Bates & Rache Chanel vs. Big Swole & Lil Swole, Rachel Ellering & Dasha Gonzales vs. Ivelisse & Diamante

By Nick Morgan, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 10, 2020

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Veda Scott

Ring Announcer: Shaul Guerrero

Backstage Interviewer: Dasha Gonzolez

– The show kicked off with clips from last week highlighting the victories for the teams of Brandi Rhodes & Allie and Anna Jay and Tay Conti.

– We then switched backstage to Dasha Gonsalez standing with Big Swole at the chip selection stand where she ended up pulling her chip and being teamed with Lil Swole (Nicole Savoy). Big Swole and Savoy teamed in the Shimmer promotion, which Shiavone and Veda Scott would bring up later. Next, was an “earlier today” presentation of Rache Chanel teamed up with Leva Bates. After which we moved directly to the match.


As Leva Bates entered she spent about 30 seconds “shhhhhh-ing” everyone and handed a book to her partner, Rache Chanel. As Big Swole and Lil Swole entered the ring, Tony Shiavone and Veda Scott touted her experience with the Shimmer promotion and emphasized Lil Swole’s long run as a champion for that promotion.

The match started with Chanel and Lil Swole with Lil Swole in total control with some solid mat style wrestling, going for several submission moves. Leva Bates finally tapped herself in. Lil Swole and Chanel ended up fighting outside the ring and Big Swole came over and actually picked up Lil Swole and carried her back to their corner and then tapped in. Big Swole took it to Bates and after a bit tapped in Lil Swole and the two double-teamed Bates, with Lil Swole ultimately putting Bates into a submission hold.

It looked like Bates might tap out, but Peter Avalon climbed onto the apron and distracted the ref. While this was going on, Chanel entered the ring and started hitting (tapping, really) Lil Swole on the head. More annoying than painful, Lil Swole did release her hold on Bates, and proceeded to drop Chanel with an impressive looking release suplex. While Lil Swole was yelling at Chanel, Bates came up and delivered a back=stabber (come on baby faces, don’t get distracted for no reason. Bates followed up with a two-count and a fisherman suplex with a bridge for another two-count. After some stiff fore arms to the back, bates and Chanel double-teamed Lil Swole and took control.

Lil Swole was tied up by Chanel, but managed to get out of the hold which pissed off Chanel to the point where she started throwing a tantrum which allowed Lil Swole to make it to her corner and tap with Big Swole, who came out fired up. She laid a beat down on both Bates and Chanel. Big Swole was in control until Bates was able to hit a spear and take back control. As she was trying for a pin, Big Swole reversed the hold and was going for her own pin when Chanel came in and hit her with a boot to the face.

Lil Swole rushed in and went after Chanel and the ref tried to break them up. While this was happening, Bates had rolled up Big Swole and had the ref been paying attention would have gotten a three-count. As Bates was complaining to the ref, the two Swoles double teamed Bates, finishing her off with a combination face first slam into the mat. Big Swole covered Bates for the three-count and the pin.

WINNER: Big Swole & Lil Swole in 9:00.

(Morgan’s Take: I think Big Swole and Lil Swole can be big and if this whole tournament is not just a set up for Brandi Rholdes to win something, I can see them going all the way. Both women and very impressive and if this is more than just a “one-off” for Lil Swole and she is coming to AEW permanently, I think the AEW’s women’s division just go a whole lot better. As for the match, it really shouldn’t have gone nine minutes as Big Swole and Lil Swole clearly outclassed Leva Bates and Rache Chanel, who are really more a comedy act than anything else, but the Swoles more than made up for that and the match was entertaining with some nice moves and good action.)

– After a promo for AllEliteHeels.com and commercials for the action figures and the All Out pay-per-view, we were once again backstage with Dasha for the draw for the next match. First, Ivelisse and Diamante ended up being teamed together, appearing to be okay with it. Next as Dasha was waiting to see who would be next, when Medusa walked out and informed Dasha that, in fact, Dasha would be picking next. Dasha got all excited about the possibility and picked a blue chip. Her partner turned out to be Rachel Ellering, which made both of them very happy.


Rachel Ellering came out first, followed by a very excited Dasha Gonzalez, and Dasha looked in good shape and looked like she was a wrestler. Dasha started the match against Ivelisse and actually showed off some good moves including: a top rope arm drag take down, a kip up, a hand spring forearm in the corner, a drop kick, and an arm twist leading to a tap to Rachel Ellering.

Ellering and Diamante went at it, with Ellering getting the best of Diamante with a running elbow for a two-count. After a tap in, Ellering and Dasha double-teamed Diamante with a suplex and Dasha followed up with a hand-stand splash.

After some back and forth, Diamante slung Dasha into the ropes where Ivelisse nailed her with a kick to the back. Diamante controlled Dasha and tapped in Ivelisse who proceeded to pound Dasha in the corner. Ivelisse put Dasha in the Lotus Lock, but was unable to get the submission. Diamante tapped in and began abusing Dasha in the middle of the ring. After several quick tags and a couple of two-counts, Dasha was practically out on her feet, Ivelisse tried for a sliding knee but missed and seemed to tweak her knee. Dasha was able to make the tag and Ellering came in like a tornado abusing both Ivelisse and Diamante.

Diamante tried to set up a double-team on the ropes, but Ellering was able to slip away and Ivelisse nailed Diamante instead knocking her off the apron with a forearm. Ellering was in control of Ivelisse with several forearms and a second rope leg drop but with her feet under the ring rope she was only able to get a two-count before Diamante was able to break it up. Ellering cleared Diamante out of the ring and continued to pound on Ivelisse, finally tagging in Dasha.

Dasha and Ellering threw Ivelisse into the corner and Ellering went in for a splash but Diamante pulled Ivelisse out of the way and Ellering face planted herself against the turn buckle and rolled out of the ring. Ivelisse was able to make the tag and it was Diamante versus Dasha. Diamante was able to hit a stunner on Dasha, but instead of going for the immediate pin, Diamante took the time to kick Ellering who was rolling around just inside the ring. Thus she was only able to get a two-count when she returned her attention to Dasha.

Diamante tagged with Ivelisse who landed a Scorpion Kick on Dasha, while Diamante drop kicked Ellering, which allowed Ivelisse to nail Dasha with a Canadian Destroyer for the three-count and the win.

WINNERS: Ivelisse & Diamante in 10:00.

(Morgan’s Take: It was a nice stunt to put Dasha in this match and it was good to see Rachel Ellering back in the ring. While Dasha’s moves were not the cleanest she definitely has some ability and as Tony Shiavone made pains to inform us, she does have an athletic background. If Dasha does move into the ring more often, as she gets experience, she could become a respectable member of the division. Ellering was returning from a long injury and did appear to have some ring rust to knock off. Both Ivelisse and Diamante were appropriately heelish and worked well, especially getting a lot of good work out of Dasha.)

– After the match we moved backstage to Alex Marvez interviewing Big Swole and Lil Swole who did their “Swole shtick” and claiming that they are going to take the cup. Marvez then interviewed Dasha who gushed about how great it was to compete and that she looks forward to more matches. Next up was Ivelisse and Diamante talking how they respect each other and are the team to beat.

-Tony Shiavone then set up the matches for next week: Big Swole & Lil Swole vs. Nightmare Sisters (Brandi Rhodes & Allie) and Ivelisse & Diamante vs. Tay Conti & Anna Jay.

FINAL THOUGHTS: As with last week, the best parts of this quick 37 minute YouTube show were the actually matches. The women appeared to be working hard. The matches at nine & ten minutes were not taxing and didn’t overstay their welcome. Most of the other backstage stuff is mostly skippable. I really enjoyed Big Swole and Lil Swole both individually and as a team. If Lil Swole has been signed by AEW, this could be really big for the division. I am pretty upset about the matchups next week as I can’t see Brandi & Allie losing to the Swoles (though they should). If this doesn’t happen I will be very, very, ok, one more time, very surprised.

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