8/12 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Tag Team Appreciation Night, Jericho vs. Cassidy, Cody defends against Cassidy, AEW Tag Title match

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 12, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz

– After the opening credits, Pyro accompanied the voice of JR and Taz setting up the first match.


Before the match started, several members of The Dark Order attached The Young Bucks before they could get to the ring. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson then appeared and threw the bucks into the ring. The bell then rings to start the match officially. Matt Jackson got a second wind with a huge move to the outside of the ring to level the match.

Nick Jackson eventually was able to tag in his brother, Matt was able to hit a move on The Dark Order. This lead to Matt Jackson taking control of the match. After several moves Stu Grayson was able to get some offense in, which lead to Evil Uno being able to hit Matt Jackson with a tandem suplex. Uno and Grayson then traded tags and began to wear down Matt Jackson.

Grayson threw Matt Jackson out of the ring after a series of strikes. Evil Uno then took advantage as Grayson distracted the referee. Matt Jackson then started to try and work his way to his corner, to tag in his brother. Evil Uno was able to use the referee to hold Matt’s foot as he hit an impressive cutter. Grayson then enters as The Dark Order continued to work on Matt.

Nick Jackson was finally tagged in, he was then able to get offense in on both Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. After a flurry of offense Nick tagged his brother Matt back into the match. The Bucks continued to be in control of the match, they hit several team high flying moves. The match then broke down, as all four men were involved for longer than the referees ten-count (much to the chagrin of JR).

The Dark Order regained control of the match. They were able to get Matt Jackson into the right entrance ramp, which was they protected by three members of The Dark Order. Nick Jackson was now in a 2-on-1 situation. After countering a big move, Nick Jackson was able to get a roll up and get the pinball victory.

Winners: The Young Bucks in 14:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid opening match, not quite as impressive as last week’s, but still pretty good. The team of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson feel more impressive as a team than they did 6 months ago.)

– Wardlow knocked the door to the MJF campaign headquarters. MJF insults the woman from last week. He and his entourage then walk down the hallway.

-The commentary team hyped the rest of the show.

-Kenny Omega & Adam Page talked about The Young Bucks in a video package that was a part of “Tag-Team Appreciation Night.”

-MJF’s music hits as he entered the arena[c]

-MJF began another “campaign,” speech segment as we returned from the break. MJF made several references to “dictator,” Jon. The speech was a blend of political shtick and shoot style wrestling promo. MJF then laid on his back as he delivered a more traditional promo about their upcoming match at All Out.

Jon Moxley’s music hit as MJF stood up, he sent his men to meet him up in the stands. Moxley proceeded to enter through the traditional entrance and lay out MJF, finishing the physicality with a paradigm shift. Moxley then had a short promo about their match, he exited after his statement.

– A recap of Matt Hardy’s injury last week is replayed. Matt Hardy then talked about how he will be cleared in 10 days, which just so happens to be the date of the next episode of Dynamite. But, he is not leaving tonight. Matt then immediately assaults a referee, who he believed was Sammy.

– Scorpio Sky entered the arena. With a new entrance where he kicked in a door. He had new music and camera angles, the entrance very much appeared like he will be getting a big push soon. [c]

(2) CODY vs. SCORPIO SKY -TNT Title Match

A new moniker for Cody was introduced, “The Prince of Pro-Wrestling.” Also referee Mike Chioda is introduced as the referee for the match.

The results of AEW Dark appeared at the bottom of the screen, as the match started off to a traditional start with holds and strikes. Cody changed the complexion of the match by tossing Sky out of the ring. After a series of moves Cody was very aggressive and clotheslined himself and Sky out of the ring. Cody proceeded by hitting hard, and uncharacteristic strikes, on Sky outside the ring. [c]

After returning from break, Cody was still in control of the match. After a slight delay in action Sky was able to counter and take the fight too Cody. During Sky’s offensive moves JR and Tony talked about Scorpio Sky’s potential as a potential world champion.

While in control Sky attempted to hit a suplex but was unable to finish as he favored his back. Cody countered with a superplex, that lead to Cody hitting Crossroads. This lead to a near fall, with Sky kicking out at two. Sky then took control and hit a pile driver. Cody was able to kick out.

After a series, Cody hit a second Crossroads and was able to get the pinfall, as Sky could not get his foot on the bottom rope.

Winner: Cody in 14:00

– After the match, Mr. Brodie appears on the video board. He challenged Cody to a TNT Title Match.

(Sage’s Analysis: A match that was more about advancing Cody’s story than anything else. There was a lot positive here for Sky, until the bell rang. He was never able to shine in this match, Cody was able to take all the oxygen out of this one. Is this all a genius way for Cody to turn heel?)

– Private Party appeared on a video package talking about their favorite tag team, The Hardy’s.

– Jurassic Express enter the arena for their title match. [c]


The match started with Omega and Jungle Boy in the ring. Marko Stunt immediately starts to annoy Omega, after that exchange Jungle Boy and Omega performed a series of catch and springboard catch wrestling moves. Jungle Boy was able to tag in Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy then quickly tagged himself back in. Omega began to sell an injury to his nose and face. Adam Page tagged himself in as Omega was thrown toward him.

Page began to out muscle Jungle Boy, as a result Page and Omega were able to hit tandem offense on Jungle Boy as we entered the commercial break. [c]

As we returned, Luchasaurus and Page were trading blows in the ring. Luchasaurus ended the exchange with a choke slam, resulting in a near fall on Page. Page was able to tag in Omega after the near fall. Omega was able to take control, Luchasaurus tagged in Jungle Boy. Omega was able to thwart Stunt outside the ring, then catch Jungle Boy on a suicide dive. Back in the ring Omega retained control and tagged in page. Together Page and Omega teamed up on Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy entered the fray and hit a move off of the top rope on Page. Luchasaurus threw Stunt onto Kenny Omega on the outside. Inside the ring Page kicked out of a near fall at the same time. Eventually, Page threw Jungle Boy over the top rope, followed by a dive by Omega onto Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Stunt on the outside. Jungle Boy is throw back into the ring, Page and Omega hit The Last Call and get the pinfall.

Winners: Kenny Omega & Adam Page in 15:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was a really fun TV championship match. This match was exciting from start to end. There was no hint of a break up between Omega and Page, which was a nice surprise. Jurassic Express worked well with the champs and looked strong in defeat.)

– Santana & Ortiz appeared in a video segment from the locker room area. They were shown destroying the luggage of Trent and Chuck Taylor.[c]

– Butcher and The Blade are up next in the tag team segments. They chose the Road Warriors.

– The Young Bucks & FTR were in the ring with The Rock n’ Roll Express, Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard. The Bucks were framed on the same side as Rock n’ Roll; FTR with Arn & Tully. After much glad-handing Tully finally went heel and took the mic from Ricky Morton. He went on the tear down FTR and The Young Bucks for not being champions, only champions are the best in the world. Tully then turned to Arn and confronted him about his involvement in the Cody/Shawn Spears match.

The scene broke down as Shawn Spears entered the arena. FTR then attached Rock n’ Roll express from behind. The Young Bucks came to the aid of the fallen Rock n’ Roll. Omega & Page entered the arena soon after.

– Mike Chioda is interviewed backstage. Chris Jericho enters and hyped his history with Chioda, as he is the ref for his match with Cassidy.

– Sammy Guevara is shown before the entrance ramp with his questions cards as the commercial break started [c]


Monroe started the match with a quick kick to the face of Shida. Shida quickly reversed Monroe’s momentum with a knee strike. After a few moments, Monroe was able to get Shida in a hold for a brief time. Shida took control and threw Monroe into the corner. Monroe reversed a Falcon Arrow and got a near fall. Shida caught Monroe in a submission move and got the submission victory.

Winner: Hikaru Shida in 4:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Two weeks in a row of a quick women’s match. This was better than last week’s match, It made Shida look strong. But, the lack of Women on Dynamite continues to be a huge problem for AEW)

– Lance Archer is shown in the locker room area beating up people, he then rips Jake “The Snake,” Roberts shirt which says, “Everybody Dies!”

– The announce team then ran down all the matches for the 8/22 Dynamite and what is on Youtube this week.

– A video package for the Orange Cassidy & Chris Jericho feud is shown.

– Orange Cassidy entered the arena to new entrance music as we enter the commercial break. [c]

(5) CHRIS JERICHO vs ORANGE CASSIDY $7,000 Obligation Match

Cassidy started the match by feigning the pockets move, the two got into a stake fest to open the match. This lead to Jericho being knocked out of the ring, Cassidy hit a crossbody to Jericho as he was outside the ring. Jericho was then thrown into the barrier by Cassidy. Cassidy entered the ring to break the ten count, he then did the hands in pocket dive to Jericho, who was still outside the ring.

The match eventually returned to the ring, with Cassidy still in command. Jericho countered a Superman Punch by Cassidy and he was able to take advantage and enforce his will on the match for the first time. This lead to a springboard dropkick by Jericho leaving Cassidy leaning, outside the ring. [c]

As the show returned, Jericho remained in control. Jericho hit some chops then a Lionsault to keep up the offense. Cassidy attempted some lackluster strikes on Jericho, but Cassidy was playing opossum. He quickly turned the speed on and took advantage of Jericho. That lead to a Dragonscrew on Jericho’s left leg. But, Jericho was able to reverse this and get Cassidy into The Walls of Jericho. Cassidy reversed that into a small package, which Jericho was able to kick out off. Jericho was then put immediately in an ankle lock.

Jericho was able to escape that and the two began to strike each other again. Jericho hit a Codebreaker and got a near fall on Cassidy. Jericho proceeded to grab Floyd the bat, Chioda is asked to do the right thing, he threw the bat out of the ring. Cassidy hits a near fall. Cassidy then hit an Orange Punch. Chioda is distracted by Best Friends and Santana & Ortiz as Hager hits Cassidy. Cassidy kicks out after the interference. Cassidy hits a Mousetrap and gets the Pin on Jericho.

Winner: Orange Cassidy in 16:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Overall another really soild show for AEW. A lot of top storylines were advanced. MJF/MOX; Omega/Page & FTR & The Young Bucks; Cody beginning his turn; The rise of Scorpio Sky and Orange Cassidy. However the absolute lack of momentum for the Women’s division in the immediate future is really concerning)

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