8/31 AEW ROAD TO ALL OUT: Hype and new promos for Matt Hardy vs. Guevara and Dark Order vs. Sky & Marshall & Dustin & Cardona Sammy

By Nick Morgan, PWTorch contributor


AUGUST 31, 2020

– Road to All Out started with a quick video of Matt Hardy’s time with AEW and then moved to a focus on the feud Hardy is having with Sammy Guevara. Noting that initially Hardy wanted to help Guevara, mostly by urging him to leave the Inner Circle. Hardy said that Guevara ignored him and in effect gave him “the middle finger”. The videos then showed the multiple attempts by Hardy to run Guevara over with a golf cart and their in ring battles, including the chair shot that opened Hardy up with a ton of blood.

– Guevara was shown in an interview setting saying how he didn’t care that Hardy needed 13 stitches and that he wished he had needed “36 more”. They continued to show more video of the big moves in this feud over the last few weeks and Guevara then stated that they now had matching scars, after Hardy opened up Guevara’s scalp a week ago. Guevara stated that it was one and one and that they would decide things at All Out. There were then several quick cuts back and forth with Hardy laying out the stipulation of a ‘broken rules match” and that it would be a Daily’s place deletion, morphing a bit, in tone and accent, into the Broken Matt character.

– After more replays of big spots, Guevara floated that if he beats Hardy, that Hardy should hang it up and go home to his family. From Hardy’s response it seems this may come into play as Hardy said that maybe Guevara is right and it is time for him to go, but for that to happen, first Sammy Guevara will have to go through hell.

– Ending this segment, Guevara stated that he was going to win, that he was “the Spanish God”, and pointed to the cut on his head saying, “look what you did to me”. Hardy came on and said that he accepts the challenge and if he loses, he will leave. Hardy walked off camera and we an image of the match promotion card: Hardy vs. Guevara – Broken Rules Match.

– Next up, Q.T. Marshall cut a promo about how he is not the leading man, that yes, he has a bald spot, and that people say the only reason he is around is he is friend of Cody’s. Marshall then went on somewhat of tirade about how he started at the bottom, just getting coffee for people, but he moved up by “doing the work”. Marshall went on to talk about how Cody is always watching him and that everything he does reflects on Cody. He put some shade on Cody by calling him a little be of an egomaniac. He then goes the other way saying that Cody is like the NY Yankees of wrestling and that he just wants his team to be the best. all the pyro and stuff when Cody enters is not because he’s an egomaniac, but because he believes he is the leader and just wants the best for his team.

– Marshall talks about how for 15 years people have told him “no,” but that Cody saw something in him and gave him a chance. He stressed that Brodie Lee and the Dark Order, by taking out Cody has taken something from him, and while he can’t go back in time to confront all those other people who told him no, he can definitely take it to the Dark Order. He has three great people to fight along side him, Scorpio Sky (the best pure athlete in AEW), Matt Cardona (a pro’s pro with a chip on his shoulder), and Dustin Rhodes (an absolute legend in the ring).

– He finished up by saying that while they don’t have the same blood running through their veins, they are family, they are his family. (He used a curse word there, basically to just sound cool, it didn’t, just a bit contrived). The match card hit the screen: The Dark Order vs. The Natural Nightmares & Matt Cardona & Scorpio Sky.

– The last 15 seconds was the promo for the main event, with MJF spouting his point that while Moxley initially came to AEW he was talking about a paradigm shift in wrestling, he, MJF, was going to be the face of the company for the next 25 years. The screen went to the All Out on September 5th card and the voice over hyped the event on pay-per-view.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A quick and relatively painless 6:17 video. I really liked the Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara promo. Really good clips of past action and had focus and purpose, with both men doing damage to the other and it drove home the point that there was some real passion to win here, not to mention some serious stakes with the Matt Hardy leaving if he loses angle. As for Q.T. Marshall, ugh. This was bad. You could tell he was reading either a teleprompter or cue cards and his emotions were very obviously, exaggerated to say the least. Not much of a promo for what really is not much of a match, unless Scorpio Sky comes out of this looking incredibly strong.

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