11/4 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Miro vs. Trent, Cody & Gunn Club vs. Dark Order, Moxley and Kingston Face-to-face, Jericho on commentary, More

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


NOVEMBER 4, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, and Chris Jericho

-The show opened with Jericho being interviewed backstage. He put over Hager for his MMA win, and Santana for being a bad dude. MJF appeared and said he was hard like them. Jericho said that MJF was soft. MJF said just watch, and stormed off.


The match stated with Sammy and MJF, but MJF tagged in Wardlow. Ortiz started by using his quickness to cut down Wardlow, but Wardlow hit a power slam almost immediately after getting cut down. MJF got tagged in and Ortiz got a hit in. MJF distracted the referee and Wardlow hit cheap shots. MJF cleaned up the scraps and then tagged Wardlow back in. MJF was tagged back in and he continued in on Ortiz. Ortiz almost got the tag for Sammy, but MJF got the advantage and tagged in Wardlow. Who in turn quickly tagged in MJF once more, which led to a Wardlow tag. Then Ortiz got the tag in for Sammy.

Sammy then kicked Wardlow in the head, who tagged in MJF, Sammy hit a similar move on MJF. Sammy then hit over the to rope dives on MJF and Wardlow, he then got a near fall on MJF. Ortiz and MJF were in the ring after all four men got involved. Wardlow looked to get involved and Ortiz took himself and Wardlow out. MJF and Sammy were legal and in the ring. The two traded either big moves or slaps. Gueverra got a near fall, but it was broken up by Wardlow.

Wardlow hit a huge Super Plex and got a near fall on Ortiz, Sammy broke up the pin. Matt Hardy dressed as Serpentico threw a chair at Sammy. MJF then put Ortiz in an arm-bar for the submission win.

WINNER: MJF & Wardlow in 10:00

(Sage’s analysis: A fine match, it was a reminder how good Sammy and Ortiz are. It also was a nice touch to add the stakes to the Hardy and Sammy match.)

-After the match MJF attacked Jericho on commentary.

-The announce team ran down the card.

-A video of Tony interviewing Kenny Omega is shown. Kenny said he relocated to Jacksonville temporarily. He has been training for this moment. He wanted to win to get to the finals. He asks if Page and he in the final was really that obvious? He said with his track record in tournaments, who would Tony bet on, he then asks the audience what they think. He said he is destined to win the tournament and be the next AEW champion. [c]

(2) MIRO vs. TRENT

Miro insulted Trent’s mom and Trent attacked Miro to start the match. Miro quickly took control and hit fast and powerful furry of attacks. After a while Trent got a little comeback, but Miro hit a big boot and took back the action. Chuck grabbed Kip and took him up the steps and out of the arena. Trent and Miro traded chops and running knees and punches. Miro won the exchange with a suplex and a toss out of the ring. [c]

Miro was still in control when the show returned. Orange Cassidy had a run in with Dark Order during the break that took him out of this match. Trent fought back with forearms and chops he then countered a Miro move and hit a clothesline for a one-count pinning attempt. Trent hit a suplex after an exchange, Miro countered and got a near fall.

Trent got a near fall and use date ropes to get Miro outside the ring, then he did a big dive onto Miro. Trent then hit a spinning DDT, which led to a big knee, into a near fall. Tent slipped on a springboard move, Miro kicked him, and got him in the full body headlock for the submission win.

WINNER: Miro in 9:00

(Sage’s analysis: If there wa uno mention of arcade consoles and you just look at the match. This is a really good use of both men. Trent made Miro look great, ad like a big star. This match was pretty good.)

Miro and Kip beat up on Trent and Chuck after the match. Orange Cassidy appeared out of no where to take out Miro and Kip.

-Adam Page and JR have a tapped interview. Page said he is ready for Kenny and thought this would be the outcome, he was all enjoying his drink per JR. Page said that he can reverse all of Kenny’s moves. JR called him out for drinking and asked if he is nervous. Page said that yes he is. If he losses all he has is the bourbon in his glass. [c]

-Taz and Team Taz came out. For three hours Taz sat outside Tony Khan’s office, he was told that TK was busy. Cage is 10-1 and never tapped out in his loss, he is the #1 contender. Ricky Starks is 10-1 in his last 11 matches and he isn’t even ranked. Starks then went on to complain about why he isn’t ranked. Starks also wants to know why he and Cage do not have a match at Full Gear. They called out Cody next, Taz claimed there will be an FTW presence at Full Gear.


Sammy hit a cutter on Matt Hardy as Private Party came to the ring.[c]

Nick Jackson and Marc Quen started the match. Both men traded athletic moves, Nick tagged in Matt. Who sold his leg injury and tagged Nick back in. Shortly after The Bucks hit tandem offense with a top rope dive to the floor. Matt was holding his leg after the move. Matt was then the legal Buck, he was attacked by both members of Private Party. Private Party then did double suicide dives to the bucks. Nick was legal, he tagged in Matt mid move and the two worked over Marc Quen as Kassidy was on the stage area. [c]

Quen hit a move on both bucks to give Kassidy an opportunity to get in a comeback against the bucks.  Kassidy ended up getting a near fall on Nick Jackson. Marc Quen then got tagged in and got the a near fall on Nick. The bucks then went on a run to get a series of near falls on Private Party members. Marc Quen and Matt Jackson traded roll ups in the ring. Nick super kicked Quen, they then hit the BTE Trigger for the win.

WINNER: The Young Bucks in 13:00

(Sage’s analysis: A solid Bucks/Private Party match. This was a good showing to get people who are not aware of The Young Bucks to get excited for a big match at the PPV)

FTR attacked and tried to do the same move with the chair to Matt’s leg. Adam Page came out for the save. Kenny came out late for the save. Kenny and Page stared each other down in the ring. [c]

-Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley walked to the ring separately for the face off. Kingston told Tony to get out of the ring. The men were nose to nose. He said he would take the title and take it to his mother rand tell her this is why you have no grandchildren and no daughter-in-law, it was fo this moment for that belt. Moxley said that loyalty is a bitch. He was so happy for Kingston when he signed his contract, Moxley then said that his mother would be so happy. He said he promised he would protect her son, but he is going to break that promise. Moxley said that this is the biggest moment in Kingston’s life, and that he is scared because he doesn’t deserve to be there and he is going to lose. He made a promise to his mother that he cannot keep.

-A video of PAC is shown. He has been in isolation for seven months. He has gotten stronger and more insane! [c]

-It is announced that Butcher & The Blade are going against The Natural Nightmares next week, B&B then beat up the Natural Nightmares.


Red Velvet attacked Rose as soon as the bell rang. Nyla quickly took control and threw her into the corner and hit her with power moves. Velvet got out of a hold and hit a few kicks. Rose then caught her and power bombed her for a near fall, the Rose broke up her self. Rose then hit Velvet with Shida’s finisher for the win.

WINNER: Nyla Rose in 1:30

(Sage’s analysis: A classic AEW woman’s TV match)

-Vicki Guerrero cut a promo on Shida, Shida then hit Guerrero, Rose broke up the fight.

-A package further going into the Page and Omega match was shown. This is the main event right?

-The annoce team ran down the Full Gear PPV card, and the card for next week’s Dynamite.

-Darby Allin had a video. He was hit by a car in the video. [c]


Cody and 4 started the match. Cody tagged in Austin, who went against 4. The two traded traditional moves, with Austin getting a near fall. Colt Cabana and Billy Gunn got tagged in and went at it. Austin was tagged in, he took out 4 and Colt. 10 was tagged in and 4 helped out 10  while colt distracted the ref. [c]

When the show returned Billy Gunn took out Cabana and 10, he got a near fall but 4 broke up the pin. Cody got tagged in and hit a power slam and dive to Colt on the outside. 10 got a near fall on Billy Gunn in the madness. Cody threw 4 into the crowd Billy tagged in Austin. Gunn hit the Quickdraw on 10 and got the pinfall.

WINNER: Cody and Gunn Club in 9:00

-After the match John Silver (4) was going to strike with a chair. But Orange Cassidy hit Silver and walked off. Cody then got on the mic and said that Allin doesn’t want him as the face of the network. Cody said that TNT would love that. But, Cody said that he wouldn’t like that. He then said that he (Cody) was the man who hired him, so stop lying. If he wants to be the face of TNT, the ace, he needs to beat him.

(Show analysis: A really good show to get people to buy a PPV this Saturday. Not much really happened story wise but it made all the scheduled matches, with the exception of the Women’s match, feel really hot going in to the show.)

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