11/30 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: John Silver retains BTE Championship, Matt Hardy threatens to leave AEW, Brandon Cutler learns what a “hard camera” is, more

By Zach Graham, PWTorch contributor

Being The Elite reportedly on hiatus


BEING THE ELITE EP. 232 – “$1,000 Shot”
NOVEMBER 30, 2020

Watch it HERE.


  • John Silver retains the BTE Championship and wins $1,000 in the mustard packet throwing challenge.
  • Matt Hardy threatens to leave AEW if Matt and Nick Jackson don’t change their attitude towards him.


–  Marq Quen and Isaiah Kassidy of Private Party were talking. Quen said they’ve been whooping their asses for years and Kassidy reassured him that he’s found the perfect payback. Quen wasn’t sold and when Kassidy asked if he’s ever been wrong before Quen quickly pointed out that yes, he’s always wrong. Kassidy said he’s right, but this time it will work.

They started walking and Kassidy bumped the shoulder of Ortiz. They accidentally dropped a couple of the extremely spicy packaged chips on the ground and Ortiz quickly picked it up. Kassidy and Quen acted as if they really needed it back, but Ortiz said it’s theirs now. Ortiz opened he package and ate it as Kassidy acted like he really needed it back. Kassidy then flashed the package to the camera and Ortiz saw it. Ortiz said it’s not even hot as he kept chewing. Ortiz acted as if it wasn’t even spicy to him. Santana asked him if it was good and Ortiz told him it was okay.

Ortiz thanked them for the chip and Kassidy admitted to Quen he was wrong again. Private Party walked away. The camera followed Ortiz and Santana into a trailer where Ortiz finally screamed in agony and ran into the bathroom.

– Being the Elite open aired.

– Brandon Cutler was inspected one of the television cameras. He noted that it seemed like it was hard, which was confusing to him. Frankie Kazarian walked up as he was still looking at the camera and asked him what he’s doing. Cutlers said he heard something about how you should look at the hard camera after hitting a big move, but all the cameras seem hard? Kazarian rolled his eyes and asked Cutler what his middle name was. Cutler said he doesn’t have one and Kazarian said his mom told him it’s mark! Kazarian then went into another spiel about Cutler being an idiot not knowing what a hard camera is.

Marko Stunt interrupted and asked if Kazarian had signed up for anger management yet. Kazarian chased him off yelling about not needing anger management.

– Matt Jackson plugged the Young Bucks new book and said the last signed copies are available in store only.

– Clips of the various matches were shown including Top Flight vs TH2 and SCU vs. Jericho and Hager from Dynamite last week. A clip then aired of Inner Circle’s interview with Alex Marvez back stage including MJF yelling into the TV camera and Jericho announcing his match with Kazarian on Dynamite this week.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were playing basketball backstage using a trash can as a hoop. Matt attempted a shot, but Matt Hardy caught the ball before it went in. Hardy said they finally have the ball in AEW because they’re the tag team champions. Hardy reminded them he’s told them he’s proud of them before, but he also said he’s been there for all of wrestling’s big moments. Hardy said when Stone Cold “took his ball and went home” he was there and he was the guy asked to have a match with Eddie Guerrero to make sure fans didn’t request refunds.

Matt Hardy said he’s noticed he Young Bucks having a bad attitude towards him lately and he warned them that if they don’t change their ways, “the Iconic Matt Hardy might take his ball and go home” he warned. Hardy walked away with the ball and warned them to change their tone. Nick yelled asking for their ball back, but he was gone. Matt Jackson noted that Hardy has become “a real prick.”

– Kip Sabian walked around the corner and spotted Brandon Cutler filming. Sabian demanded to know where Leva Bates was. Cutler said he doesn’t know where she is. Sabian told Cutler to tell her he wants one more rematch and he threatened to beat her so bad she’ll never pick up another controller again.

– John Silver was standing next to Anna Jay with the rest of Dark Order behind them. Silver was pouting and fake crying because he lost his match. Jay said she lost her title match. Silver and Jay stared at each other while yelling each other’s name as if they were trying to one up the other’s misery. Colt Cabana finally broke it up and told them both to relax. All of Dark Order caressed Cabana’s face, which was no longer under a bandage, and he enjoyed it. Cabana then told Silver and Jay to hug and be friends. Jay went in for a hug, but Silver pushed her away and hugged Ten instead. Jay ended up hugging Stu Grayson to try and act like that’s what she meant to do, which delighted Grayson. Jay backed up and reminded Grayson that she still hates him.

Uno stopped the hugging and said they both may have lost, but as long as they have each other they will be fine. They all hugged. The camera backed out of the room to show Hangman Page standing just outside. Hangman sipped his drink and watched them all hug and be happy together. Hangman turned to leave, but tripped over a chair. Hangman composed himself, made sure they didn’t hear him almost fall, then limped away.

– Jurassic Express and Super Panda were all talking amongst themselves in a hallway when Tay Conti and Anna Jay walked through. Jay told Conti to look at her friends. Conti quickly corrected her and said they are not her friends, she doesn’t like dinosaurs anymore. Conti turned and noticed Super Panda. They both excitedly hugged him and said pandas are so cute. He started singing to them and they all walked off together. Marko Stunt yelled at Panda for stealing his gimmick of singing and pointed out he sang with Fozzy before.

– John Silver introduced himself as the BTE Champion and pointed to his challenger, Trent. Trent was still chewing the spicy chip from last week’s BTE episode as Silver explained they were going to take turns throwing packets of Mustard into a bowl and the first to do it successfully will be the BTE Champion. Trent was amazed at how far away the bowl was. They took numerous turns, but weren’t very close. Trent finally managed to make it in the bowl, but it bounced out so it didn’t count.

Rick Knox decided to add water to the bowl, so it couldn’t bounce out. A very long, but sped up, video of their misses and close calls was shown until they finally decided to move the bowl a little closer because they were tired of it taking so long. Nick Jackson finally had enough and offered $500 to either of them who could make it in their next five throws. They, of course, missed so Nick upped it to $1,000 and John Silver hit it on his second attempt. Silver celebrated and they showed Nick sending John Silver $1,000.


A very short episode of BTE this week that, honestly, didn’t feature much in the way of story development. Hangman Page was shown spying on Dark Order as if he was contemplating joining them, which is interesting. I’m still not sure how I feel about it given the fact that they already did this recruitment once and Dark Order has spent numerous episodes of BTE chanting “F— Hangman.” I guess we will have to wait and see what the final idea is.

I’m really missing Brodie Lee on BTE right now. He hasn’t been seen in a long time and, for me, he’s the most entertaining aspect of Dark Order on BTE. His chemistry with John Silver is what made them so funny so I hope he’s back soon.

The last six minutes of this 16 minute episode is just the mustard packet challenge, so there really isn’t much to this show. It’s not a bad thing to have some shorter shows like this mixed in, I just hope they get back to the stories they’ve started, but not yet finished. One of those stories being Hangman Page and his missing cell phone. Page’s name graphic on Dynamite last week even made a joke about Hangman’s phone being lost for the last 6 weeks and, since I remember the BTE tease of it being stolen, really frustrated me. I want to know what’s happening there and they’ve done nothing with that story since the phone was stolen and the person rejected the Young Bucks’ apology while pretending to be Hangman.

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