1/6 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Omega vs. Rey Fenix for the AEW World Title, Shida vs. Abadon for the AEW Woman’s Title, Cody vs. Matt Sydal, Moxley returns, Sting appears, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JANUARY 6, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, Chris Jericho


The match started with all eight men in the ring and part of the action, culminating with Nick Jack diving on the opposing team. This turned into the acclaimed beating down Christopher Daniels, Jack Evans then joined in on the fun. By the end Angelico had Daniels in a hold as the dismantling continued.

Daniels eventually was able to tag in Kazarian, who in turn took out both members of TH2. A German suplex by Kazarian on Jack Evans led to a near fall. Evans was able to make a comeback and hit some of his high flying offense. Kazarian was able to get out of a hairy situation and tag in Matt Jackson. He was able to clear the ring and continue to assault the opposing team outside the ring. Back in the ring Matt hit Risky Buisness (w/Nick) to get a near fall on Bowens.

The match then devolved into all the combatants getting involved. This led to TH2 trying a move on Nick Jackson, who countered. The Bucks then teamed up to super kick all 4 members of the opposing team. Daniels and Matt Jackson teamed up for The Best Meltzer Driver ever for the pinfall win on Jack Evans.

Winners: The Young Bucks & SCU in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This was a fun, and tight, 10 minute opener. TH2 are a lower card team and it feels like The Acclaimed are going in the zone as well. I do think Bowen’s has a ton of upside as a singles act in the future.)

-Post-match Kazarian and Daniels made a pitch to get a shot at the Tag Team belts.

-The announce team went down the card for the night. [c]

-Jon Moxley emerged from his normal area, and walked to the ring. He said he was not here to complain about the events on December 2nd. He said that sometimes you need to take it on the chin, and don’t back down an inch. He asked what to do about Kenny Omega and his used car salesman (Don Callis). He said that he should beat the both down with a crowbar.  But, the AEW title is on the line and he respects the belt too much to interfere. He said that Kenny is not and will never be safe. He will always be in Kenny’s blindspot, always be his boogieman. He said one day he will realize that he crossed the wrong guy.

-Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy are backstage talking about Trent’s torn pectoral. Miro and friends appeared. Chuck challenged Miro to a fight next week, Miro made the stipulation that Chuck would be his “young boy,” if Miro won.


The entirety of Inner Circle was on the stage for the match (Jericho was on commentary). The two men traded mat based wrestling moves, both men got to their feet and Hager pulled out MMA style offense. Wardlow was able to counter briefly, the two then traded shoulder blocks in the center of the ring. Wardlow then hit a clothesline the led to action outside the ring. [c]

When the show returned Wardlow countered Hager with a flip in the corner, he then slammed Hager several times, leading to a near fall. Hager countered out of the F10 attempt and began working Wardlow in the corner and took him out with a clothesline. Hager attempted the Hager Bomb, and transitioned into the ankle lock. Wardlow was able to kick Hager and throw Hager out of the ring.

Back in the ring Wardlow hit a German for near fall. Wardlow then hit a top rope Senton, while pinning Hager rolled and locked in a submission, Wardlow had to use a rope break to get out. Then, Wardlow hit the F10 for the pinfall.

Winner: Wardlow in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Wow that match was way better than I though it would be. I always forget how well Wardlow works, what a bright future. Hager, while not being the best work is believable and I liked his smart counters in this match.)

-After the match Inner Circle all shook hands.

-Private Party and Matt Hardy were backstage with Snoop Dogg. Hardy was trying to sell his management services (for 30% of future earnings). Private Party signed the contracts, Snoop asked to make sure he was always invited to the party.

-Team Taz came out for the weigh in of Darby Allin and Brian Cage. [c]

-Darby Allin emerged after the break for the weigh in. Taz was upset that cage was asked to weigh in first, Cage still got on the scale. Cage weighted in at 272 lbs. Darby was up next and he wighted in at 170 lbs. Darby grabbed the mic after Taz complained again. Allin said this match was 27 years in the making because people like him (Taz) have been on him his whole life. Team Taz was about to attacked Darby, but the lights went out and Sting came out. Team Taz reacted by running away again and Taz said that Cage would win the title next week.

-MJF was backstage with a camera crew. He was trying to make Hager feel better after his loss. Hager said that MJF was cool and fist bumped him. [c]

-A highlight of Marko Stunt and -1 was shown form AEW Dark. Jurassic Express was asked what’s next? FTR emerged and said Stunt was worthless. The match was made for FTR vs. Jungle Boy and Stunt.


Snoop Dogg walked out with Cody and watched the match from the stage to start. Rhodes and Sydal did some speed mat moves and this resulted in Sydal applying several leg kicks. Sydal hit the Double Knee move (a Sasha Banks staple BTW) to Rhodes on the stage. Sydal continued to dominate the match. On the outside of the ring Cody accidentally pushed Serpentico.

Back in the ring Sydal hit a move from the top rope, Cody was able to counter into a submission hold, Sydal was able to use a rope break on the hold. [c]

Rhodes hit a reverse suplex once the show returned, leaving both men on the mat. Cody went back up and tried the Moonsault, Sydal was able to get out of the way. Sydal then tried a move of the top, Cody got his knees up and got a near fall. After an exchange, Sydal hit a side Cobra Clutch submission. Cody got out and hit a move that forced both men to the outside of the ring.

Back in the ring Cody hit a springboard kick and got another near fall. Sydal then hit a London Spiral for a near fall on Rhodes. Cody then hit the Cross Rhodes and then hit the move a second time.

Winner: Cody Rhodes in 11:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match that made both men look like equals, which is odd from a booking perspective. But Sydal could be the “good hand,” that Shawn Spears was supposed to be.)

-After the bell rang, Luther and Serpentico attacked Cody. Snoop Dog hit a frog splash on Serpentico and got a pin???? I don’t know there was a bell ring. [c]


Abadon attacked Shida before the bell, Shida hit her with a kendo stick. Shida started the official match with strikes to the head. Leading to Abadon getting sent to the mat and getting a drop kick from Shida. Abadon was now on the apron, Shida tried to do a drive by knee. Abadon grabbed the leg of Shida and bit said leg. Abadon then threw Shida into the barriers, and she drug Shida under the ring.

Abadon emerged from under the ring with a bloody mouth, Shida then emerged with a lighter colored blood on her neck. Back in the ring, Abadon was abusing Shida going into the break. [c]

When the show retuned Shida did a top rope cross body to Abadon on the outside of the ring. Shida then hit a Superplex, Abadon did a Undertaker like spider walk after the bump. Shida then hit a running knee to get the pinfall.

Winner: Hikaru Shida in 8:00

(Sage’s Analysis: They went for it, and it was not for me)

-The announce team went over the card for Night 2 of New Year’s smash next week. Tay Conti called out Serena Deeb for a NWA Women’s world title match. This match was added to the card next week as a result.


The two men started with a lock up in the ring. The two traded some submission moves and transitions, with Kenny getting the best of that exchange. Kenny spiked Fenix, and the response was a hurricanrana and a dive to the outside. Omega hit a swinging DDT on Fenix, with Rey responding with his speed and a series of chops. The two then were in the outside, with Kenny Omega slamming Fenix into the barrier. On another barrier slam Fenix jumped over the barrier and tried to attacked Kenny, who grabbed Rey and hit a Snap Dragon.

Kenny then threw Rey on the apron, then dropped him on top of the barrier on the outside. Back in the ring Omega got a near fall from a crusher. Omega then hit a back breaker, and kicked him in the small of the back. Fenix was able to get some strikes in and the two men traded strikes. Rey was able to hit a springboard head but, and took control of the momentum of the match. Fenix then hit a crazy fast spinning dive into Omega and the barrier. Rey Fenix then hit a moonsault to a jumping rolling German suplex! Rey hit a stomp to the head of Omega going into the break. [c]

Upon return Fenix hit a super kick, Omega hit a V-Trigger, but that was countered by Fenix. Both men were spent after this exchange. Omega hit a V-Trigger, Powerbomb, and another V-Trigger to a near fall. Omega hit yet another V-Trigger and went for the OWA. Rey countered that and got onto the stage, where Callis distracted him leading to a Knee by Omega. Fenix countered with a springboard cutter and a near fall of his own.

Rey tried a Frog Splash, Omega got the knees up on that. Fenix was countered and Omega hit a crazy pile driver and then a V-Trigger. Omega then hit the One Winged Angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega in 17:00

(Sage’s Analysis: What a great match, this is the type of match I though a company like AEW could deliver on American Television. Kenny and Rey are always great, but they must have been inspired by the great work from Wrestle Kingdom this week.)

-Post match Don Callis cut to something happening back stage. It was Kingston’s family beating up on Penta and Pac backstage. Callis called for another One Winged Angle. Moxley came out with a barb wire bat and took out Omega. Gallows and Anderson came out and made the save for Omega. All three beat up Jon Moxley, with Omega hitting Moxley with the bat six times. The faces ringside tried to make the save but they were thrown out of the ring. The Young Bucks came out and tried to talk reason into Kenny, The Bucks made a save for Kenny. Kenny offered the two sweet to the Bucks and they obliged.

(Overall Show Analysis: Two really good matches helped buoy this show for me. The main event with the hot angle at the end and the Wardlow/Hager matches really shined. I also liked the Mox stuff. The rest was ok. The Woman’s match and the snoop stuff was lame. But I also get why you want that clip of Snoop Dogg.)



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  1. I don’t know if it was me but at no point, last night did AEW explain why Anderson and Gallows were there and attacked Moxley? All I heard was Jericho screaming about how these two and Callis don’t work for this company. And why they are wearing on AEW, the Impact Tag Title belts if you’re not going to mention the reason why they are there?? I think AEW should have at least promoted the fact that Omega, Anderson, and Gallows will be in a six-man tag on Impact on Jan 16th, after all, Impact hypes it at least two to three times an hour. Missed an opportunity to do some cross promotion!!!

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