1/30 GCW Fight Forever: Iron Man Challenge Results: Radican’s results and analysis of Synergy Wrestling Champion Oliver vs. Deppen

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)


JAN. 30, 2021

This show is part of GCW 24 hour wrestling marathon Fight Forever to raise money for independent wrestlers during COVID-19. This is a one match block with Synergy Wrestling Champion Jordan Oliver vs. Tony Deppen.

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Commentary: Kevin Gill and Emil Jay

This show is part of GCW 24 hour wrestling marathon Fight Forever to raise money for independent wrestlers during COVID-19. This is a one match block with Synergy Wrestling Champion Jordan Oliver vs. Tony Deppen.

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Commentary: Kevin Gill and Emil Jay


The bell rang at 2 p.m. Eastern. The match will end at 60:00 at 3 p.m. The match started with both men going at it on the mat for the first 10 minutes at a slow pace. Neither man could get the upper hand. At one point, Oliver nearly got a Boston crab, but Deppen escaped as the announcers explained how dangerous the hold was. Both men teased ramping up the pace, but they were able to back out of potential dangerous predicaments. Deppen hit the first significant strike of the match at around the 20 minute mark, as he stomped down on Oliver’s arm on the mat.

Deppen took control on the mat. Oliver had hit a nice shot to Deppen’s lower back, but Deppen fired back and went after Oliver’s arm. Oliver countered Deppen on the mat and grabbed a heel hook, but Deppen got to the ropes. The 20 minute mark came and went and both men wrestled for control in the middle of the ring. Deppen began working Oliver’s ankle. Oliver pulled on the ref’s pants to get to the ropes. Deppen broke the hold, but hit a second big stomp on Oliver’s shoulder. The pace picked up and Deppen got a couple of quick pinfall attempts before they came to another stalemate.

Deppen went for a cross arm breaker on the mat, but Oliver blocked it. Deppen eventually rolled through into a pinning attempt for a two count. Oliver kicked out and immediately grabbed at Deppens ankle to work a submission. Deppen managed to fend him off by getting the ropes. Both men went back and forth as Oliver tried to escape a submission. Oliver had Deppen up on his shoulders, but he collapsed and both men regrouped before going back at it. The 30 minute mark came and went with Deppen trying to work over Oliver on the mat.

Deppen went for a triangle, but Oliver slammed him to break out of it. Deppen went to the floor to regroup before getting back into the ring. Deppen right back after Oliver’s shoulder. Jay mentioned on commentary that Deppen injured Oliver’s shoulder in route to beating him the last time they wrestled in Synergy wrestling. Deppen got a quick pinning combination out of a submission attempt and he got a two count at the 35 minute mark of the match.

Deppen got a little cocky and flexed while working over Oliver’s arm on the mat. Deppen got a double arm submission and flexed. Deppen continued to work another double arm submission on Oliver, but Oliver countered and went for a crossarm breaker. Deppen blocked it and eventually got his foot on the rope to break the hold. The 40 minute mark came and went. The match is at 0-0.

The pace picked up and Oliver got a pinfall with a sunset flip.


They continued to pick up the pace. Deppen missed a charge into the corner and Oliver nailed him with a German. Deppen tossed a chair into the ring and the ref took it. Deppen tossed another chair at Oliver and nailed him with a suplex to tie the match at 1-1. This was a great storyline beat here, as Deppen had sold frustration earlier in the match, but didn’t incorporate a chair into the match.


Deppen hit a big right hand, but Oliver fired back and hit a big backdrop. Oliver continued to target Deppen’s back with a sidewalk slam. Oliver got a Boston Crab in the ropes. The ref counted to 5, but did not DQ him. Oliver eventually let go of the hold. Oliver set up Deppen for a suplex to the floor into a pile of chairs. The announcers said the ref didn’t see Oliver set the chairs up, so he might not get DQ’d. Deppen teased a suplex to the bare floor. Deppen eventually hit a headbutt and Oliver fell to the floor, but didn’t really collide with the chairs beneath him. It was definitely an awkward fall. Deppen shoved Oliver into a post on the floor shoulder-first and dove back into the ring. Oliver was counted out.


Deppen attacked Oliver as soon as he rolled back into the ring. He eventually connected with a piledriver to pick up another fall.


The 50 minute mark passed with Oliver down two falls. The announcers did a good job of explaining why the ref hadn’t DQ’d Deppen for some of his actions that lead to him getting an advantage or a pinfall in this match. Deppen set up Oliver in the corner and popped his head between his legs. He then nailed him with a big knee to the head. Oliver hit a pair of stunners and got a pinfall.


Oliver hit a quick brainbuster variation for a nearfall. The hour mark had already come and gone. There’s about seven minutes left in the match. Oliver hit a roundhouse kick and a stuffed piledriver for a nearfall. Oliver sold frustration. The piledriver had taken out Oliver for a pinfall earlier in the match. Oliver hit a falcon arrow and then folder Deppen up for another nearfall. Both men traded blows and collapsed down to the mat with around 4 minutes left in the time limit. Oliver still needs a fall to tie the match.

Oliver got the Boston Crab with under three minutes left in the match. Oliver tried to reposition Deppen. Deppen managed to escape the hold. Deppen was coming back into the ring and he tripped and Oliver got an inside cradle to tie the match at 3-3.


There’s one minute left in the time period. The people in the venue fired up as both men traded blows in the middle of the ring. Deppen threw some knees, but Oliver got him down on the mat. Deppen and Oliver went back and forth on the mat. Deppen got a crossarm breaker with 10 second left and Oliver did not tap.

The ref called the match over. Emil Jay went to ringside and announced the match as a draw and that Oliver was still the Synergy Wrestling Champion.

WINNER: No Winner – one hour draw

Oliver grabbed the mic and said he’s not even tired. He said he’s good to go for another hour. The people in the building chanted for one more hour. Deppen asked why they wanted an hour and not five minutes like people usually want. Deppen agreed to one more hour.


The match restarted with another hour added to the time limit. Deppen hit a low blow and the ref called for the bell.


They brawled up the stairs. Deppen got on commentary and he said it was over an hour in and it’s not fun. Deppen said he was going to win and encouraged people to donate. Deppen said he should get paid more than everyone since he had wrestled longer than anyone. The announcers said the rules had been relaxed for the second half of the match as both men brawled through the crowd. Deppen double stomped Oliver’s injured shoulder through a door at ringside. Oliver sold his shoulder and barely beat the ref’s count. Deppen got a double arm submission and Oliver tapped.


Oliver fought back and went after Deppen’s legs. Deppen played possum and wiped out Oliver. The announcers pointed out Deppen hadn’t taken any damage to his legs for a long time. Deppen went back after Oliver’s shoulder and slammed him shoulder-first into the mat. The announcers noted that the postponed GCW Draft Day event would take place on March 6. Oliver went after Deppens’s leg again and hit a big dragon screw. Deppen escaped and went to the floor. They ended up on the apron. Deppen slammed Oliver’s shoulder into the apron and smiled. Deppen sold his leg and hit a slingshot splash instead of hitting a running dive.

They went back and forth and Oliver popped Deppen up and got a full nelson. They went down to the mat and Oliver worked the full nelson. Deppen got out of it and got on top of Oliver. Deppen escaped and hit a dragon screw. Oliver fired back with a snot rocket. Deppen then bit away at Oliver’s fingers.

There’s been five minutes added to the match length given the break between the start of the first and second hour. Deppen avoided a dive and Oliver went shoulder-first into the post at ringside. Oliver barely beat the ref’s count.

Deppen appeared to slam Oliver off the top shoulder first into the mat. Deppen grabbed a sleeper on Oliver and took him down to the mat. Deppen got a full back mount and the ref checked on Oliver’s arm. It dropped down three times and the ref called for the bell.


They ended up back on the apron a short time later. They went back and forth and Oliver hit a Clout Cutter on the apron. This time both men were down on the outside and Oliver returned the favor. He tossed Deppen into the post at ringside and dove into the ring. Deppen was counted out.


Gill mentioned they were about to surpass the 93 minutes in the famous Punk vs. Hero Iron Man match. Deppen went back after Oliver’s ankle. Oliver hit a short stunner and Deppen fired right back with a jumping knee and both men were down. Deppen hit a step through Codebreaker for a nearfall, but his cover was too deep and he couldn’t hold it. Both men were down with 25 minutes remaining in the time limit. Oliver caught Deppen with a Clout Cutter for a nearfall. Deppen fired back and hit a short DVD for a nearfall.

Deppen got the belt taken away from him by the ref. He then kicked Oliver low and made a cover for the win.


Oliver surprised Deppen and hit a Clout Cutter out of nowhere to tie the match at 6.


Deppen hit a pair of big double stomps to Oliver’s shoulder, but he kicked out. Deppen got an arm capture cravat on the mat. He then let it go and turned it into a double arm submission using his leg. Deppen smiled and waved at the camera as he cranked on the hold. Oliver told Deppen to hit him, so Deppen hit him with some big kicks to the chest and then a bunch of big Forearms. Oliver shrugged them off and grabbed a Boston crab. Deppen got on top of Oliver and got a two count, but Oliver kicked out and went back to the Boston Crab. Deppen tapped out and now Oliver is up a fall!


Deppen and Oliver sat down in chairs and went face to face. They measured each other and traded bombs at a slow pace. They traded bombs and Oliver hit a dropkick. The ref went to move a chair and Oliver tossed a chair into Deppen’s head. He then made the cover, but Deppen kicked out just in time. The match approached 10 minutes remaining in the time limit.

Oliver grabbed Deppen from behind and headbutted his lower back over and over. The announcers mentioned that this is Oliver’s first defense of the Synergy Wrestling title. Deppen got a crucifix and hit elbow after elbow. Oliver rolled around and Deppen transitioned to a double arm submission. Oliver got Deepen up on his shoulders and hit a Attitude Adjustment. He then hit a big clothesline and both men were down. It was announced that 10 minutes remained in the time limit.

Both men were down a short time later. Oliver avoided a short piledriver attempt and hit a dropkick. Both men were slow to get up after that exchange. With less than five minutes remaining in the match both men began trading blows in the middle of the ring. Deppen is still down a fall. The announcers wondered if Deppen could muster some urgency, as he looked worn down. Oliver looked to be in better shape than Deppen at this point.

Deppen avoided the Club Clutter and hit a German for a nearfall. Deppen took control and began hitting some big elbows on Oliver. He nailed Oliver over and over with elbows to the chest. Deppen elbowed Oliver over and over. Deppen stopped and grabbed a modified crossface with two mins left in the time limit. Deppen went back to the Bryan Danielson style elbows. Deppen then went for the modified crossface again. It was announced there was only 60 seconds left. Deppen let go of the hold and hit elbow after elbow on Oliver. He then grabbed the Yes Lock variation again. Oliver struggled in the hold with less than 20 seconds left. Deppen cranked back on the hold. The ref checked on Oliver’s arm. It dropped twice and he suddenly fired up with less than five seconds left. Oliver held on and did not tap out.

WINNER: Jordan Oliver at 2 hours 7 falls to 6 to retain the Synergy Wrestling Championship. (*****)

Oliver called for the mic, but Ricky Shane Page came out with 44OH. Deppen and Oliver bailed. Page called for the show to be transferred over to his block.

(Radican’s Analysis: This was just an incredible masterclass of wrestling from both men. Deppen was a tremendous heel in this match, but Oliver started to match his cheap tactics as the match wore on. Deppen worked over Oliver’s shoulder and leg throughout the match, but ultimately he could not submit Oliver in the end to tie the match at 7 falls. This will go down as a true independent wrestling.)

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