1/30 GCW Fight Forever: Effy’s Big Gay Block – Effy vs. Billie Dixon, Still Life with Apricots and Pears vs. MV Young vs. Ace Perry, The End vs. Oreo Speedway, Dillion McQueen vs. Ashton Starr, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JANUARY 30, 2021

This is the tenth event of GCW’s Fight Forever 24 hour wrestling event. Per the IndieGoGo from GCW, “A historic event to benefit Independent Wrestlers who have seen their work and income disappear throughout the pandemic.” “100% of the proceeds goes to the wrestlers!”

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Jared Evans sat on the middle rope and offered Chris Valentine to leave, Valentine kicked the rope and got a slap from Evans. Valentine then hit some running knee’s and got a quick cover. Evans then took control leading to a press off the middle rope, into a headlock. Evans continued to work on Valentine, mainly on the mat. Valentine did make a comeback and was able to hit a spear as Evans was running the ropes.

Valentine got Evans to a sitting position on the top rope, Evans was able to push Valentine down to the mat, and hit a springboard move. Evans followed that with a stomp for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jared Evans in 8:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An ok opening match, with not a lot of time. Neither was able to get their character or move set over very much. I look forward to more from both.)


This match started with a collar and elbow tie up with Dillon McQueen grabbing the arm of Ashton Starr and getting a hold on Starr. The hold was broken, and Starr got McQueen into a hold of their own. The two competitors then fought back and forth with a few pinning attempts, ending with Starr getting an arm bar attempt on McQueen. After a series of strikes, McQueen got a quick count in on Starr, this led to more chops and strikes traded between the two.

The two traded holds and submission attempts in the middle of the ring, with Starr reversing a submission with a suplex slam. The ref started a 10 count as both were still on the mat, Starr was the first to get up and they started a high paced assault on McQueen.

McQueen hit a big DDT and got a near fall. They then got Starr in the corner, kneed them and did a dive attempt. But McQueen missed the dive and Ashton Starr was able to counter and get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Ashton Starr in 8:15

(Sage’s Analysis: Ashton Starr is an established personality on the Indy scene and they helped to carry the match with their skill and storytelling. Dillion McQueen did good heel character work.)


A collar and elbow tie-up started the match, Devon Monroe got wrist control on Dark Sheik. The two then traded submission and transitions on the mat. Sheik was able to get Monroe in a headlock and then hit them with a shoulder tackle. Monroe then took control and threw Sheik into the corner. Sheik was able to get out of the predicament in the corner and was able to get the match back o the ground.

This resulted in Sheik standing up Monroe and throwing them into opposite corners as she used knee strikes and then a leg drop from the second row. Monroe was able to counter and hit a sunset flip into a pin, then a double knee into a near fall. Monroe then went on and had the offensive control for several moments. Sheik counted and got Monroe into a swing set type hold. Sheik then hit a leg drop off the top rope and got a two count on Monroe. Sheik then power-bombed Monroe, into another near fall. Sheik tried a second leg drop off the top, but Monroe rolled out of the way.

Monroe then did a dive to the outside, then they went for a dive off the top rope. But, Dark Sheik countered with a drop kick as Monroe was coming down. The two then traded stiff slaps and forearms, leading to a two count for Monroe. Sheik countered a move by Monroe with a pump handle slam for a near fall. The two then tumbled on the ring with several pinning attempts for both. Dark Sheik ended up on top, finally getting the pinfall.

WINNER: Dark Sheik in 14:56

(Sage’s Analysis: Dark Sheik is so freaking good. She is right up there with some of the best catch wrestlers in the world. The last 5 minutes were particularly good in this match.)


Parrow and Odinson both attacked Joshua Wavra and Xavier Faraday to start the match. Parrow worked over Faraday and then Odinson was tagged in, he continued the assault. Odinson tagged in Parrow and then slammed Parrow into Faraway. Wavra came in and broke up the pin. Parrow used power moves on Faraday, Odinson was tagged in and so was Wavra. Parrow was tagged din shortly after and both assaulted Wavra.

Joshua Wavra hit a stunned on Parrow and got a brief moment of offense. In that time Odinson picked up Faraday and threw him off the staircase and into the ring onto their teammate Wavra. After that The End teamed up for a vertical suplex slam. Odinson got the attack for about a minute, then tagged in Parrow who continued the offensive momentum. Odindon was back in, then Parrow. Wavra and Parrow traded forearms, leading to a Parrow choke slam. Faraday came in a broke the pin. Parrow tried another choke slam, but Wavra countered and got the tag on Xavier Faraday.

Faraday then was able to get some fast offense in on Odinson, Oreo Speedwagon then teamed up to get moves on Odinson as Parrow was laid out at ringside. After a tandem dive, Parrow remerged and evened the odds. The End then hit stereo power bombs. Parrow then set up a chair on the neck of Wavra and Odinson did a drop onto the chair. Parrow and Odinson then beat up Faraday. Odinson hit an uppercut on Faraway, who were on Parrow’s shoulders. This resulted in a pinfall.

WINNER: The End in 13:03

(Sage’s Analysis: This match was fun, but I would have liked about three minutes cut. The monster beatdown was kinda watered down with the small comeback and it was really odd match psychology. But, I did like this match a good amount.)


Ace Perry took advantage of a three way hand clasp and he knocked out Still Life. Perry and MV Young traded sprints while running the ropes. Still life ran in and Young got her in a full nelson. Perry broke that up, Still Life then assaulted both men who where on opposite corners. Perry and Young then battled in the ring, Still life ran in and threw elbows. Perry and Young teamed up for a double DDT on Still Life.

Young rolled out of the ring, as Perry and Still Life traded forearms. Young hit both with a drop kick, he then got Perry and Still life on the same corner and suplexed them one-by-one. After that Still Life was in control and had some offense in on Perry, she Locked in a Venus Fly Trap on Perry, but Young entered the fray and broke that up.

Perry and Young were solo again, they traded some fast ad aggressive slams and springboard moves. Still Life reentered and she started to work the leg of Perry who was softened up by Young. Young kicked Perry in the head as he had a headlock on Still Life. This led to the pinfall for Young.

WINNER: MV Young in 7:19

(Sage’s Analysis: I could have used 5-8 more minutes in this match, it was really good. MV Young and Still Life are elite Indy performers in my opinion. This is my first exposure to Ace Perry, but I thing he was great as well.


Effy and Billy Dixon had a stare down to start, then they traded punches before Dixon threw Effy out onto the floor. The two then fought up the stairs onto the balcony. Dixon hit Effy and he fell and rolled down the stairs. Dixon then grabbed Effy and threw him in the ring, did a drop off of the middle rope, and got a 2 count. Dixon then threw in a chair and a door from under the ring.

Dixon set up the door in the corner, Effy tried to hit a neck breaker through the door, but it dod not break. Effy then speared Dixon through the door. Effy then set up the remaining portion of the broken door and set it up in the adjacent corner. Dixon then picked up Effy and hit a Death Valley Drive through the door. Effy then thrusted his crotch into Dixon’s face, Dixon in turn then bit the crotch of Effy, sending him to the floor.

Effy got a near fall, then got Dixon into a headlock. Dixon powered up and out, hit a strike, then a DDT on Effy. Dixon unfolded the chair that was in the ring, and sat on it. Effy kicked the chair over and Effy set up the chair into the crotch of Dixon, he then kicked the chair into Dixon. Effy then Locked in a fishhook, Dixon then bit the fingers of Effy to break the fishhook.

Effy went and got another door and entered that into the ring area. Both men were slapping each other, Dixon hit a driver leaving Effy on the mat. Effy then threw Dixon onto the door, he then place the door on Dixon. Effy did an elbow drop onto the door, and Dixon, for a near fall. The two menthes traded more strikes and then slaps, leading to lariats. Effy won that exchange. The men then traded 69 pinfalls eight times, with no pinfall being registered. Ace Perry appeared and hit Effy with the chair several times. Dixon took advantage and hit his Bodega Press onto Effy, who was on a chair, for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Billy Dixon in 18:07

(Sage’s Analysis: An extremely brutal match with an interesting conclusion with the appearance of Ace Perry. Overall a really well fought and entertaining match. Overall this whole show was really fun and well booked. Effy and the GCW team do a great job with all their events. This type of spotlight for LGBTQ+ performers is always something that warms my heart. Like Effy’s Big Gay Bruch at The Collective. This is must watch stuff if you are a wrestling fan.)

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