NXT UK HITS & MISSES 1/28: Devlin promo, Satomura announcement, and Carter in action



Jordan Devlin Opening Promo – HIT

Jordan Devlin walked out talking about how since he started his NXT Cruiserweight Championship open challenge, he has been beating all challengers. Before he could keep going, Trent Seven came out to offer a new challenger. Seven confronted Devlin and suggested he would trim down to 205 and face him for the belt. Devlin talked down to him and said “Maybe if you can work yourself down and by some chance get to 205 then we MIGHT fight then.” Devlin tried to walk off, but before he could, Seven grabbed him and hit him in the face. Really good segment here that prepped a nice new chapter for Devlin as champion.

Kay Lee Ray pre-tape promo and into of The Coming Meiko Satomura – HIT

Ray started out talking about how she has beaten everyone in NXT UK and needed to face the best competition in the world. This led to the Meiko Satomura part of the video in which she spoke about her history and her travels around the world. She continued and said that around the world she’s known as the final boss. The video culminated with Satomura saying she was coming to NXT UK. An amazing video and a very impactful way to hype Satomura’s debut. Nice to see her framed as a big deal and facing a big star on the NXT UK brand right out of the gate.

Ben Carter Vs Sam Gradwell – HIT

This was an interesting match for Carter in his second match on the brand in that he’s going against Gradwell who’s a bigger guy and not that smooth of a worker. Gradwell came out cutting a heelish promo talking about how Carter was really from New Jersey. Since this was the first match of the show they started quickly with fast action. Gradwell took control and Carter showed a good fight to make a comeback. Nice selling, a great comeback, and good action from Carter. This did a nice job in showing off all of Ben Carter’s babyface skills and personality.

Josh Marrell Vs Sha Samuels – MISS

This was a simple squash match. I’m still trying to figure out who and what Sha Samuels is as a character, though he has a nice style in the ring. He just hasn’t made a mark on me yet and I think he’s still trying to get his act to click.

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Pretty Deadly vs. Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter vs. The Hunt – Four-Way Elimination Match for Number 1 Contender to the NXT UK Tag Team Title – HIT

The heels made the babyface teams start and it started fast. Out of the gate, the goal seemed to be to build Pretty Deadly as the team no one liked. The action was hard-hitting, but had some down moments too. The last leg of the match between the former tag champions Mark & Flash and Pretty Deadly was the high point. Pretty Deadly ended up pulling out the win after taking out Andrews’ leg with a little help from Eddie Dennis who hit Andrews with a chair. Will be interesting to see how Pretty Deadly responds to this push. It’s their time.

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