2/15 WWE RAW TALK REPORT: Sheamus threatens McIntyre, Lashley addresses Riddle, and more



FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Hosts: Charly Caruso and R-Truth

This week’s guests: MVP & Bobby Lashley, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax, and Sheamus

– Charly introduced the show and R-Truth with her standard “we are CharTruth” bit. Interestingly, Truth’s 24/7 belt was conspicuous in its absence and Truth looked a bit down.

Morgan’s Analysis: Part of me was curious to see if there would be a resolution to this on the show as Bad Bunny took the belt with an assist from Damian Priest during Raw.

– Charly went there and brought up the missing belt, so we got some silly 24/7 stuff and Truth justified his loss of the belt since Bad Bunny wanted to take the belt to Saturday Night Live when Bad Bunny appears this week.

– Charly moved on to the Elimination Chamber. Just as a side note, Charly kept tapping her fingers on the desk as she was talking, and it definitely looked like she had lost one of her nails. Charly noted that Sheamus had won the gauntlet match tonight which meant that he will be the last man to enter the match at the Elimination Chamber PPV and that he would be on the show later.

– The show was definitely having trouble getting started as both Truth and Charly rambled a bit and finally got around to making an ice cream bet on who would win the Elimination Chamber with Truth picking Drew McIntyre and Charly going with Sheamus (“for betting purposes”).

– Bobby Lashley and MVP (who came out with crutches) were the first guests. While Lashley stood around looking intimidating, MVP immediately went off on Riddle saying that Riddle had tweaked his knee a couple of weeks ago and just made it worse tonight. MVP quickly moved to Bobby Lashley and how no one can beat him. At this point, Charly brought up that while MVP said no one could beat Lashley, at the PPV Lashley is facing both Riddle and Keith Lee in a triple-threat. MVP noted that Lee was injured by Lashley last week and hinted at Lee’s most likely absence at the Elimination Chamber. When Charly noted that she had not verified this, MVP dumped on Charly’s journalistic abilities but then moved on to Riddle being stupid to actually show up to face Lashley again.

– Lashley basically sat mute and even when Charly asked him directly if he had anything to say about the upcoming match, MVP took the question and quoted Clubber Lang saying, “my prediction, PAIN!” Interestingly, as Bobby left, he gave Truth what appeared to be a sincere and friendly handshake.

– Next up was Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Truth presented Nia with a Cushion Donut and they made a bunch of hole jokes. I’m not going to repeat them all here, but you can guess what they said, including “Holy Moley.” Shayna tried to bring some seriousness to the segment by saying that her and Nia are the most dominant women in the WWE and Charly should ask them about that and not make stupid jokes. Unfortunately, Truth kept returning to the “hole” jokes and Nia stormed off and only coming back to throw the donut cushion back at Truth. Thankfully Shayna joined her as she stormed off again and we moved on to Sheamus.

– Sheamus came out in his sleeveless tee-shirt and suspenders and said that he felt totally vindicated in just beating Drew McIntyre. He then proceeded to take credit for helping Drew and for getting him to where he is now as WWE Champion. Charly pressed Sheamus about what else he was feeling and he launched into a litany of complaints about the past year in the Performance Center and the ThunderDome. He said he has been carrying the shows. Furthermore, he was very upset that instead of the one-on-one match he had been promised, he had to get his championship shot in the Elimination Chamber. He said that from now on, no matter what, he will be coming after Drew at every opportunity. Sheamus then went on about a two-minute non-stop tirade promo complaining how despite his helping Drew all along, Drew never repaid him anything and never offered to share some of the “cake” after Drew won the championship. Sheamus said now all that will change and he will make Drew pay. With that he stormed off leaving Charly and Truth sitting as they went to a quick Elimination Chamber match promo as they went off the air.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Thank the powers that be that this show was only 22 minutes long because to put it bluntly, it was not good. It was really bad and unless you like “hole” jokes or want to watch Lashley glower at the camera, catch the Sheamus rant on a YouTube clip and just move on. This was another example of why they have to get rid of Truth on this show. He just adds nothing but silliness and doesn’t help Charly out. Looking at this show you can see that there is a real difference between Kayla on Talking Smack and Charly here on Raw Talk. While Charly just seems to totally lose control, Kayla, who also gets verbally challenged, has a way to deflect it and come back if not strong, at least in a way that regains control while moving things forward.

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