2/16 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: New Japan stars appear, TJP vs. Alexander, and Moose vs. Dreamer




Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A video package of highlights from Saturday’s No Surrender show aired.

-The weekly Impact intro video played.

(1) TJP (c) vs. JOSH ALEXANDER—Impact Wrestling X Division Title match

They wrestled on the mat at the start. TJP had Alexander in an abdominal stretch but Alexander escaped. Alexander put TJP in a backbreaker then worked on his ankle. Alexander put TJP into a surfboard submission and turned it into an ankle lock and a backbreaker. TJP turned it into an armlock, but Alexander was able to break out.

TJP had Alexander in an armlock submission on the mat. TJP landed a dropkick to Alexander on the outside. TJP landed a crossbody block and a tornado DDT for a two count. TJP missed a splash off the top and Alexander knocked him to the outside. Back in the ring, they traded the advantage. TJP went to the top and Alexander met him with a punch. TJP knocked him off the ropes but missed a splash. Alexander applied an ankle lock. TJP slipped out and turned it into an octopus submission.

TJP hit a back suplex on Alexander. TJP landed a kick to the head and connected on the Mamba splash for the three count.

WINNER: TJP in 12:00.

D.L.’s Take: Excellent match. These two worked really well together. There was good mat work and submissions. The announcers added to the drama of the match.

-Tommy Dreamer walked out of an office that had “Impact Management” on the door. Gia Miller walked up and interviewed him. Dreamer said that he wanted to beat some sense into Moose with old school rules. He apologized for yelling and walked off. [c]

-Brian Myers approached Hernandez in the hallway. Myers paid Hernandez the other half of his money that he owed him from No Surrender. Myers wanted the same deal of half now and half after for Hernandez to beat Matt Cardona tonight. Fallah Bahh approached Hernandez and tried to strike a deal for money. Bahh said if Hernandez gave him twenty, he would return forty. Hernandez gave him ten as a start.

-D-Lo and Striker ran down the matches for the show.


Trey and Suicide went at it, then teamed up to take on Mack. Mack clotheslined both of them. Suicide threw Mack and Trey to the floor. Daivari threw Suicide off the top rope. Daivari threw Suicide into the turnbuckles. Mack power bombed Daivari and Samoan dropped Trey and Suicide. Mack landed a standing moonsault on Trey and Suicide for a two count. Daivari pulled Trey to the outside. Daivari dropkicked Mack from the top rope. Trey hit a meteora on Suicide for the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 5:00.

D.L.’s Take: Fast, paced X Division style match. Short, but fun.

-Trey walked backstage and walked by Sami Callihan, who slow clapped. Sami said Trey can’t win big matches because he doesn’t have passion. Trey angrily walked off. [c]

-Scott D’Amore was in his office talking with TJP. Ace Austin interrupted. He said he was the number one contender and wanted an X Division title match. Scott said next week there would be a six-man tag match and the winning team would face off in a triple threat match the next week to determine who would get a title shot. Ace said the outcome was “inevitable”.

(3) HERNANDEZ (w/Brian Myers) vs. MATT CARDONA

Striker talked about Myers and Cardona being lifelong friends. Cardona landed a big dropkick to send Hernandez to the outside. Cardona dove over the top rope on Hernandez, then argued with Myers. While Myers distracted the referee, Hernandez kicked Cardona low. [c]

Hernandez had Cardona in a bear hug. Cardona hit a dropkick to get the advantage. Hernandez went for the border toss, but Cardona escaped. Cardona hit Radio Silence for the win.

WINNER: Matt Cardona in 8:00.

-After the match, Gia Miller interviewed Cardona in the ring. Cardona said he wasn’t here to talk about Myers, but Myers interrupted. Myers said he was in Impact first and Cardona was trying to copy. Hernandez attacked Cardona from behind. Eddie Edwards ran in and made the save. He took Hernandez to the outside. Cardona elbowed Myers, who fled up the ramp.

-A short video feature on David Finlay and Juice Robinson played. [c]

-AEW Paid Announcement. Tony Schiavone and Tony Khan both wore glasses with red heart lenses. Tony Schiavone held Valentine’s balloons. Tony Khan said he didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day. All he does is give. Khan said he gave Impact the gift of money through these paid ads. Khan said he writes the paid segments off as a charitable donation. They ran down the matches for tomorrow’s Dynamite. Khan said the Good Brothers made a poor decision coming to AEW, but he was glad they did because it showed a new side of himself, which led to him making the decision to open the forbidden door. He said anyone could show up on Dynamite. Khan and Schiavone said their favorite movie was The Godfather and their favorite character was Michael Corleone. Khan said Eddie Kingston reminds him of Michael Corleone because he is ambitious and has a tight family. Khan said Kenny Omega had a belated Valentine’s gift coming on Dynamite and he couldn’t wait to see him get it.

-Havoc approached Nevaeh backstage and asked what was going on between them. Nevaeh said she lost again and questioned if they should still team. Tenille Dashwood interrupted. She said she was looking for a tag partner and Havoc was looking to get rid of some baggage. Nevaeh said Tenille wasn’t even invited to the conversation. Kaleb said Tenille is invited everywhere. Nevaeh invited Tenille to a match later. Havoc said she had Nevaeh’s back, but Neveah said she needed to do this alone. Uh oh.

(4) RENO SCUM (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe) vs. JUICE ROBINSON & DAVID FINLAY

Juice and Finlay made quick tags to get the advantage on Luster. Luster hit a spinebuster on Finlay. Thornstowe dropkicked Finlay. Reno Scum worked on Finlay in the corner. Finlay made the hot tag and ran wild on Reno Scum. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Juice hit a frog splash for the win.

WINNERS: Juice Robinson & David Finlay in 5:00.

D.L.’s Take: A quick, but exciting match to establish Robinson and Finlay for fans that might not be familiar with them. The announcers did a great job of making Juice and Finlay seem like a big deal.

-The Good Brothers music played and they walked to the stage. They called Finlay and Juice “the boys” and mockingly said they love when the boys come in to pop the territory. The Good Brothers talked about how Finlay and Juice watched the Good Brothers succeed in New Japan. Gallows suggested that Finlay and Juice party with them. Juice said they aren’t young boys anymore and they had accomplishments of their own, but that they liked the idea of drinking beer with them. Finlay said that Gallows should make sure that Anderson doesn’t pass out before midnight or wake up in his own piss.

-Rohit Raju and Shera were at a bar. Rohit blamed Shera for costing him the X Division match at No Surrender. Rohit accidentally bumped into James Storm. Storm smashed a beer bottle into Rohit’s head. Shera squared off with Storm, but Chris Sabin stepped in between. The bartender tried to break it up and Shera walked off. Johnny Swinger approached and invited Storm and Sabin to Swinger’s Palace. Swinger stole the bartender’s tip. [c]

-Swinger welcomed Storm and Sabin to Swinger’s Palace. Sabin and Storm sat at the table with Alisha. Storm started rapping. Fallah Bahh sat at the table and quickly lost his last ten dollars. Bahh had his women throw out Bahh. Alisha asked if Swinger had a heart. She said Bahh was hurting. Swinger said you don’t know hurting until you’ve caught crabs from Bob Seger’s ex-girlfriend. Everything came to a stop. Sabin said this place rules. The women threw Bahh out. Bahh said he would get Swinger for this.

(5) TENILLE DASHWOOD (w/Kaleb with a K) vs. NEVAEH

They traded the advantage on the mat. Nevaeh knocked Tenille into the ring post. [c]

Tenille had the advantage after the break. Striker touted how tough Tenille was to recover from the ring post shot. Nevaeh made a comeback with a sliding clothesline for a two count. Tenille snapped Nevaeh’s neck over the ropes. Tenille punched and kicked Nevaeh in the corner. Nevaeh made a comeback after a backbreaker. Nevaeh went on offense and got a two count. Nevaeh face planted Tenille for a two count. Tenille elbowed Nevaeh and splashed her in the corner. Tenille connected with a kick to the head for the pin.

WINNER: Tenille Dashwood in 9:00.

D.L.’s Take: You could see where things were going, but it was still a good match. Tenille needed a clean win and showed a tough side by coming back after being run into the post. A potential heel turn for Nevaeh is intriguing.

-Flashback Moment of the Week: Moose attacking Tommy Dreamer and Rich Swann at No Surrender last Saturday.

-A Violent by Design vignette played. Eric Young and Deaner talked over sinister music. They said that Jake Something would suffer for not joining their group. Deaner said it was family business and he would fix it. Deaner said he will put Jake through a table in a Tables Match next week. [c]

-Susan argued with Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee backstage. Susan wanted revenge on Jazz and Jordynne Grace. Deonna said what matters is championships. Deonna caught up to Scott D’Amore. She wanted Susan and Kimber Lee to get a shot at the tag team titles. Scott said Susan & Lee could face Jazz & Jordynne to determine a number one contender.

-D-Lo and Striker ran down the matches for next week that include:

  • Susan & Kimber Lee vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz
  • Deaner vs. Jake Something in a Tables Match
  • Wille Mack & Trey Miguel & Josh Alexander vs. Chris Bey & Ace Austin & Black Taurus

(6) MOOSE vs. TOMMY DREAMER – Old School Rules Match

Dreamer landed a series of punches to start. Moose missed a charge and flew over the top rope. Dreamer connected with a baseball slide to Moose on the outside. They fought on the outside of the ring. Moose ran Dreamer into the ring post. Dreamer fought back and choked Moose with a bandana. Dreamer hit Moose with a pan then pulled out a chair. [c]

Moose had the advantage after the break. Dreamer tried to make a comeback but Moose cut him off with a dropkick. Dreamer kicked Moose low and followed up with a cutter. Moose came back and brought a table in the ring. He set it up in the corner. Dreamer speared Moose through the table. Dreamer hit Moose with a kendo stick. Moose hit Dreamer with a uranage followed by a spear for the pin.

WINNER: Moose in 15:00.

D.L.’s Take: Better match than I expected. Moose continues to look strong on his way to a world title shot.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It was a good show and an easy watch. I’m not a huge fan of the no-DQ/weapons matches, but this was fine. They are doing a good job of keeping Moose strong for his title shot. Characters like Trey Miguel, Nevaeh, Finlay, and Robinson are helping to keep the show fresh. The Swinger’s Palace segments aren’t overdone and are always good for a laugh. An Alexander vs. TJP rematch could be great on a PPV.

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