2/18 NXT UK TV REPORT: Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray sign contract for title match and Coffey vs. Brown



FEBRUARY 18, 2021

Announcers: Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness

(1) A-KID vs. SHA SAMUELS – British Rounds Match for the Heritage Cup

Round 1:

They brought the action to the mat early on for some basic wrestling maneuvers. Samuels held in a side headlock for a bit before A-Kid attempted to submit him with a wrist lock. Samuels dumped him and locked in a Butcher’s Hook in which made A-Kid tap with :26 on the clock.

Samuels: 1 A-Kid: 0

Round 2:

A-Kid attempted a dropkick at the bell but he was swatted down. Samuels with a two count. He kept A-Kid grounded as he beat him up all around the ring, even getting a second near fall. Halfway through the round, A-Kid got a good kick in, but Samuels kept the beating going until A-Kid hooked his neck from behind to take control. Samuels soon escaped out of the ring, leaving himself open for the obligatory dive through the ropes that followed. The round ended as they were outside.

Samuels: 1 A-Kid: 0

Round 3:

They circle each other for the first thirty seconds of the match before A-Kid got a pair of quick roll ups for two. A-Kid connected with a couple of hard kicks, including a dropkick that allowed him to get the pinfall with 1:37 remaining.

Samuels: 1 A-Kid: 1

Round 4:

A-Kid came into the ring kicking and was able to grab Samuels for a bridged near fall. A-Kid then ran at Samuels in the corner, but he moved and Samuels grabbed him after he missed the kick. Samuels took him down with a standing lariat for a couple pinfall attempts. A-Kid then transitioned a near fall that made after connecting with an insuguri, into a submission hold that stretched out Samuels’ arm. He was able to escape and both me n rolled into corners. A-Kid then went up to the top, but Samuels caught him and dumped him for a close pin. A tired Samuels pinned him again, but A-Kid rolled into a pinfall attempt of his own. Samuels kicked out and locked in the Butcher’s Hook again until the clock ran out.

Samuels: 1 A-Kid: 1

Round 5:

Before the bell, Samuels was pissed that the match ended so he yelled at the ref and slapped his own water bottle down from his ring assistant.

A_Kid took his down at the bell and locked in an armbar. Samuels slithered out and locked in another Butcher’s Hook. A-Kid escaped and connected with a dropkick. A-Kid ran at him, but was caught and slammed hard to the mat. A two count followed. A-Kid was high strung this round and quickly took Samuels down to the mat and wrenched his arm. He extended it enough to make Samuels tap with 1:35 left.

Samuels: 1 A-Kid: 2

WINNER: A-Kid in Round 5 with 1:35 remaining

Koenig’s Analysis: I do not once recall hearing that the Heritage Cup could be defended. I thought they made the exception once for Tyler Bate back in December, but he has sometimes defended this like a title. So I’m unsure exactly what the rules are for that. As for the match, I thought it was well done. A-Kid worked the underdog story, but Samuels really came out looking strong as well in that the move that A-Kid applied would make any man tap.

-A vignette aired on the Rampage Brown/ Joe Coffey match tonight. It included comments from Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

-A WWE Day Of- Royal Rumble 2021 commercial played.

-A video package on Walter aired.


Morrell got Carter into a rear chin lock in the first moments of the match. Carter squatted and waved his hand around to comically distract Morrell so he could counter the move into an armbar. Morrell kipped up and out with a display of unnecessary gymnastics. Carter smiled and got Morrell into a hammerlock. The two then went back and forth countering each others moves on the mat.

The two continued hitting the ropes and going 50/50 with speed and aerobatics until Carter connected with a suplex, followed by a two count.

More mat wrestling followed, with Morrell executing a sharp bow and arrow. Carter sat up and rolled through to do the same move on him. Carter mirrored the same escape, but then caught him for two. A quick dropkick landed Carter another near fall. He then went back to the front face lock before the two hit the ropes some more, and Morrell getting a pin after a hip toss.

The two continued to go move for move off the ropes until Carter took him down, went to the top and connected with a frog splash for the win.

WINNER: Carter at 6:26

Koenig’s Analysis: I want to like these two more, especially Carter, but he continues to do fast-paced moves, acrobatics and spots that distract from any story being told in his matches. The moves happen so fast that there isn’t time to sell. These types of matches are just not believable and gives me nothing to be invested in.

-Meiko Satomura and Kay Lee Ray are shown at a pre-taped press conference with Sid Scala to discuss an upcoming championship match between the two. Satomura (speaking in Japanese) called Ray a great wrestler, but said she needs to be taught how to be a true champion. She then said that she had a mission in NXT UK. Ray was asked about Satomura and said that she is the best in the world and that she needs to be the best by beating the best. She went on to say that she knows that she can beat the Japanese legend. Scala confirmed the match to take place in two weeks before the two posed for promo photos.

Koenig’s Analysis: I really liked how this was done. It gave this a big fight feel. Spectacular.

-A WWE Elimination Chamber commercial played.

-A vignette on the rivalry between Nina Samuels and Xia Brookside aired.

-A special video from Tyler Bate aired.


Luna pushed James into the corner right after the bell. James attempted several times to take her down, but the stronger Luna ended up catching her off of the ropes and slammed her. James tried to take Luna down from the ground but still nothing. Luna continued to toss her around until James wiggled out of an inevitable slam to roll her legs up for a quick pinfall attempt. That was the extent of her offense as Luna maintained control for the most part. James tried to lay in some strikes but one punch from Luna took her down. Luna caught her mid air and got the win after a powerbomb.

WINNER: Luna at 3:33

Koenig’s Analysis: A squash match to emphasize Luna being a powerhouse. Not a must watch, but it’s building her up a bit.

-Jinny and Joe Connors were shown in a promo video calling out Piper Niven.


After locking up, the two bulls matched strength until Brown got the first slam in. He cornered Coffey and chopped his chest. Brown missed a punch and Coffey turned it around and punched him in the gut. When Brown broke loose, he started to manhandle Coffey even more.

Coffey got a near fall in after connecting with a backbreaker. As he kept Brown down, he continued to strike and locked in a half straitjacket. Coffey broke free and the two powerhouses continued to go pound for pound on each other.

Coffey hit the ropes and landed a basement clothesline to give him another near fall before attempting a full straitjacket that Brown was able to power out of.

As both men made it back to the feet, they continued to exchange blows until Brown landed a heavy lariat that flattened both men. They again went punch for punch as they made it back to their feet. Brown got another two count after slamming Coffey on his back. Brown then went to the middle rope and connected with a shoulder that yielded him another near fall. Coffey bad mouthed him from the mat and both men got up together and continued to go 50/50.

As they went to separate corners, Coffey ran at him and sent him across the ring with a German suplex into a Glasgow Sendoff. Brown then rolled outside. As Coffey came out and ran at him, Brown moved and Coffey got driven into the stairs. Both men then rolled back in the ring, and Coffey went to the middle rope to attack him from above and getting a two count in the process.

Both men made it back to their feet as Coffey attempted a Best for the Bells. He was swatted down mid-move and Brown hoisted him up for a Doctor Bomb that got him the win.

WINNER: Brown at 11:17

-After the match, Coffey offered his hand at the end of the match and shook hands out of respect.

Koenig’s Analysis: A really good, hard-hitting brawl between a couple of powerhouses. They told a good story in the ring and both men looked strong. In my opinion, the right man won as they are making the veteran Rampage Brown an eventual contender against Walter. That will be a hell of a match.

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