NXT UK HITS & MISSES 2/25: Tyler Bate shines and tag team division continues to roll


Tyler Bate (photo credit Ryan Tailor © PWTorch)


Xia Brookside vs Nina Samuels – HIT

This has been a nicely built, middle of the card feud. In this rivalry, we have been able to see Brookside grow into a nice babyface. The match started out hot & fast with both throwing strong blows to each other. Brookside being undersized, but still using a stronger style is different. In the end, it was a match full of back and forth action with Brookside pulling out the win.

Tyler Bate vs Bailey Matthews – HIT

Another match where we can visually see the evolution of Tyler Bate that he’s been speaking about. Being that he was going up against the newbie in Matthews here, this was simply just a showcase for Bate. I liked how the match started off as a technical style encounter. At the beginning of the match, we saw Matthews control the action. Then, we saw Bate fight back and take back momentum before getting the victory.

Aoife Valkyrie vs Lana Austin – PUSH

NXT UK is showing us that they are trying to build back up the women’s division again. With matches like this, they are feeding women to different talents they are trying to build. Valkyrie is a woman who they are giving a push to and who could be a challenger down the road. I like to call these showcase matches because they aren’t your typical squash matches. In this match, Valkyrie showed the audience what she brings to the table.

Gallus vs Pretty Deadly – HIT

Another strong tag team match under this brand. When it comes to these tag team matches, they seem to always hit. This match started out slow, but they built up the pace progressively from there. I enjoy how in the majority of all the UK tag matches they stick to the classic style of tag team wrestling that includes withholding the tag ropes, using hand slaps and not back slaps, heel teams double teaming & bending the rules, and smooth flowing action. The Pretty Deadly showed their style of the heel team they are and it was impressive. Using that style, they came up with the victory and were crowned new tag team champions.

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