3/3 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Cody & Red Velvet vs. Shaq & Jade Cargill, Nyla Rose vs. Ryo Mizunami in #1 Contender Final, FTR vs. Jurassic Express, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


MARCH, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur


Cody Rhodes and Shaq started the match. Cody attempted a traditional hold, but he was thrown to the mat. Shaq then danced and Cody threw Shaq in the corner and slapped him. Shaq did the same, with a loud slap. Shaq then threw Cody around and slapped him again, Jade Cargill then tagged herself in. Jade Cargill quickly got Red Velvet in a fireman’s carry hold, Velvet got out, but Cargill got a kick in. Cargill then controlled the pace with offense in the corner, she did some pushups as Velvet was trying to recover.

Red Velvet got a counter and a cross body dive, but Cargill picked her up and hit a fall away slam. Cody then entered and pushed Shaq off the apron. Shaq then attacked members of the Nightmare Family. Red Velvet then did a dive off the top rope onto all the competitors. Back in the ring, Cargill had Velvet in a Figure Four hold. Red Velvet was able to flip the hold, Cargill then flipped it back. Both Women then stood up, Cargill go the advantage and she pulled a table from under the ring.

Red Velvet rolled out and she threw Cargill back into the ring and brought out a second table. Velvet then tagged in Cody. Shaq offered a test of strength, but he backed away when Cody went for it. Shaq then power bombed Cody, and Cody then slammed Shaq. The women were tagged in again, both women then traded strikes in the center of the ring, with Cargill hitting a spine buster for a near fall, which Cody broke up.

Cody then speared Shaq off the apron threw the two tables at ringside. Red Velvet then hit a spear of her own and got another near fall. Cargill then hit a face first slam and got the pinfall victory. [c]

WINNER: Jade Cargill & Shaq in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I can’t believe it, they did it. That match was an entertaining and exciting match. Jade Cargill looks like a million bucks. Cody and Red Velvet played their parts perfectly. Shaq, I cannot believe this, but I really want to see him in more matches if they are gonna be this fun. The build was so bad for this, but this match is what I will remember.)

-A video of Shaq being loaded into an ambulance was shown. Tony Schiavone was on site, but he reported that he was gone and it was revealed that he was not in the ambulance.


Pac started by kicking John Skylar. Rey Fenix then did the rope run kick on D3. Pac then hit the 450 Splash, Rey then hit a slam for the Pin.

WINNER: Pac and Rey Fenix in 30 seconds

(Sage’s Analysis: Squash match)

-The announce team went threw the card for the evening, they then recapped the assault on Papa Buck last week.

-Chris Jericho’s entrance music hit, he and the rest of Inner Circle emerged and walked to the ring. [c]

-The MJF and Chris Jericho press conference started. The first question was from someone from Barstool Sports, they asked what the AEW Tag Title’s men to them. Jericho said that it has been a year since he was a champion. He referenced his tag team partners like The Rock and Paul Wight. Conrad Thompson asked about Sammy and both MJF and Jericho freaked out at him. A third person asked about the attack last week. MJF said he wa made that Pap Buck’s blood got on his custom suit. He then made fun of Nick and Matt. Santana then started to talk and said the Young Bucks were dumb for putting their dad in trouble. Eric Bischoff then asked if they knew the condition of Papa Buck, and is making The Young Bucks mad the dumbest thing they have ever done. Jericho said to shut up and they didn’t care how Papa Buck was. The Young Bucks emerged in the middle of Jericho’s answer. Nick Jackson said that they have made things personal, Matt Jackson said their dad is the best person that they know. He did all the things that Jericho and MJF’s father’s failed at. He taught them to bust their ass and do the work themselves, that is what created them and AEW. Matt then said MJF would be trying to get on the Rosie O’Donnell show and Jericho would be opening NXT tonight without Papa Buck and AEW. The Young Bucks then attacked The Inner Circle, The Good Brothers came out with a table. Nick and Matt did stereo moves through two different tables on Santana and Ortiz to end the segment.

(Sage’s Analysis: I though this was a really strong segment that was entertaining and sold the Tag match at Revolution really well. I also think this was the single best segment for The Young Buck’s characters in AEW history.)

-A video promo about the exploding barbwire death match was shown. [c]


Marko Stunt and Tully Blanchard started the match. It was quickly Jungle Boy and Dax Harwood in the ring, Harwood got the early advantage and he got Jungle Boy into the FTR corner, but Jungle Boy was able to control the pace and he was able to get Harwood in a snare trap. Harwood hit Jungle Boy with JJ Dillion’s shoe and got a near fall on Jungle Boy. Tully feigned a dive and tagged in Dax Harwood. [c]

Cash Wheeler was in control in the ring with Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus was tagged in along with Dax Harwood. Luchasaurus got the best of all of FTR and he used Marco Stunt as a weapon at one point. He then hit a double German Suplex off both Cash and Dax. Harwood then countered a move and Luchasaurus ran into a ring post. He recovered quickly and got a near fall on Dax. On the outside cash hit a DDT on Luchasaurus. Cash then hit several moves on Jungle Boy and had three near falls and Marko broke up the pin. Tully hit a Slingshot Suplex on Stunt. Luchasaurus then entered and took out Tully. He then got a near fall on Cash.

Jungle Boy then did a dive on a mystery person in a AEW hoodie. A camera was then used as a weapon, then FTR with Tully hit a three way move to pin Luchasaurus.

WINNER: FTR in 11:00

-The mystery person ended up being Shawn Spears.

(Sage’s Analysis: This was a fun match and felt like a proper send off for this small feud with the right team winning. The mystery person being spears was kinda lame in my opinion.)

-Paul Wight was then called out by Tony and they talked about him joining the company. Paul said how happy he was to be in AEW, he started on TNT and is happy to be back. He said that he will be calling the action on AEW Elevation. He said he has the biggest scoop ever, he said that a hall of fame talent will be signing with AEW on Sunday at Revolution.

-A recap of the Japanese side of the women’s tournament was shown.


Ryo Mizunami and Nyla Rose started in a collar lock up, with Mizunami trying to knock Rose down. That did not work and the two then traded strikes, with Nyla knocking Ryo off her feet. Ryo quickly got up and got Rose into the corner and started chopping Rose. After another strike she got a one count of Rose. Rose then hit a kick and a front flip drop on Ryo, leading to big slam of Ryo. [c]

Nyla Rose continued with slams when the show came back from break, she then went to the top rope and missed a front flip, as Ryo rolled out of the way. Ryo then shoulder tackled Rose off the apron. On the outside Rose slammed Ryo, but was the tripped on the apron. Ryo then hit a leg drop on the apron. Nyla got in at a 9 count, and Ryo went for a pin and got a near fall. The two then traded forearms in the center of the ring for several moments, with Nyla hitting a big clothesline and then a Death Valley driver for a near fall.

Nyla then set up Ryo on the top rope and she hit a leg drop of the top rope for a near fall. Ryo then worked her way out of a Beat Bomb and hit an exploder suplex on Rose. Nyla then hit a superplex off the top rope, leaving both women laying and Nyla then landed a near fall. Ryo then hit a German suplex and a spear. Mizunami then got on the top rope and hit a leg drop for the pinfall.

Winner: Ryo Mizunami in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match in which I thought Rose really excelled. I would rather have Baker, Thunder Rosa, or Nyla Rose go against Shida at Revolution. But, they weren’t gonna fly someone from Japan to not have them advance. Once Shida wins on Sunday, I am excited for the future of the division.)

-Post match Ryo attacked Shida as she had extended her hand to congratulate her in winning the tournament. [c]

-Tony was in the ring and he introduced Sting. He said he though he was ready, that was until he was power bombed. But that shook off all the rust he had, he said he was ready for a street fight. Ricky Starks interrupted and he said that he saw fire from Sting, he also admitted the he still has it. But, he stands by what he said and that Sting is no Icon. He then slapped Sting, Sting then threw Starks all around the ring. Sting then hit the Stinger Splash and locked in the Scorpion Death Lock. Hobbs, Hook, Cage and Taz then came out and tried to make the save. Darby Allin’s music hit, then he and Sting took out Cage. [c]

(Sage’s Analysis: This would have been a good segment, but I feel like this is the eight or ninth time I have seen some derivative of this happening. This feud feels the most like a WWE feud to me, due to the insulated nature of this story.)

(5) MAX CASTER vs. 10

A collar and elbow tie-up started the match. Max Caster knocked 10 down, 10 then hit a clothesline on Caster. 10 then hit a cross body, he then got Caster into the corner and hit him with several chops and punches. On the outside, Caster threw 10 into the ring post and took control of the match going into the break. [c]

When the show returned 10 hit a slam and a spine buster. Caster then hit a counter and tried an elbow drop off the top, but 10 rolled out of the way. 10 then power bombed Caster, who got his foot on the bottom rope to break the pin. Caster set up 10 in 619 position and distracted the ref. Jack Evans hit 10 with a boombox and Caster got the pin.

WINNER: Max Caster in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An ok match with an ok ending. I really am not feeling this Scorpio Sky Heel act, it is not natural at all. He is a natural Babyface in my opinion.)

-Miro had a video saying that Chuck Taylor did not answer him. He said that he will not be playing anymore games.

-The announce team ran down the card for Revolution.


Marc Quen and John Silver started the match. Silver took down Marc Quen almost immediately, the two then tumbled around until Silver was in the opposing corner, and Matt Hardy was tagged in. Silver was able to tag in Page, Hardy yelled at Page and tagged din Marc Quen. [c]

Matt Hardy slammed John Silver on the apron, he then continued the assault on the outside the ring. Hardy was not legal and he threw silver back into his team’s corner, he then tagged in Marc Quen again. Hardy was in once more, He was countered on a move off the top rope, Silver got the tag to Page as Hardy tagged in Marc Quen. Page took out Marc Quen and tried to hit Hardy, who jumped off the ring. Page then finally got to Hardy and threw him in the ring.

Page hit a Death Valley driver on Marc Quen, who tried to tag Hardy, but Hardy pushed him back into the ring. Hardy then allowed a tag and he hit Page after Marc Quen hit a move. Page countered with a back suplex and Silver tagged himself in an he attacked Hardy. Silver hit a brain buster for a near fall. Silver then tried to attack Marc Quen and Hardy took advantage and laid out Silver. Marc Quen hit a dropkick off the top rope, Page was tagged in and he hit a power bomb into a Buck Shot Lariat for the pinfall.

WINNER: Adam Page and John Silver in (13:00)

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match that continued the story of Matt Hardy being a pretty solid heel and Page looking great. Probably on the weaker side in streams of hyping the match compared to the other angles tonight.)

(Final Thoughts: This was a great show, if you watched this show and were on the fence about buying the PPV I really think this will have sent people over the edge and forced them to buy the show. Everything tonight worked, and while no show is perfect, I though this was a great example of what a go home show should be. The lack of Omega/Moxley build tonight is odd, I think that AEW think’s that match is selling itself with the stipulation. I would have liked something with Kenny Omega tonight, but that is a small note on an overall great show.)

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