RADICAN: Why Darby Allin vs. Scorpio Sky is such an intriguing match on Dynamite tonight

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @SR_Torch)

Analysis of the hits and misses from this week's AEW Rampage
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Darby Allin and Scorpio Sky are heading into Dynamite tonight with a lot of momentum, so something has to give when they face off tonight for the TNT Championship held by Allin. Both men are coming off impressive outings at AEW’s Revolution PPV last weekend. Allin, blew off his long-standing feud with Team Tazz, by teaming with Sting to beat Brian Cage & Ricky Starks in a cinematic match that was the best I’ve seen in the genre.

Scorpio Sky on the other hand has mounted up an impressive record as a singles competitor in AEW. He was a feel good choice to win the Face of the Revolution Ladder match last weekend. Sky has had a long career as a singles wrestler on the independent scene and most notably as a member of the SCU tag team unit with Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian in ROH and AEW.

Sky has always been a good in-ring performer dating back to when I would watch him in PWG in the mid 2000s. In AEW, he’s gotten a chance to flourish. He’s shown some personality doing guest commentary stints and he’s won more than he’s lost. The problem is he hasn’t gotten over the hump yet and won the big one as a singles competitor.

Neither Darby Allin nor Scorpio Sky can afford to lose on Dynamite. It’s going to be interesting to see how AEW president and booker Tony Khan handles what I see to be a tough booking spot. Khan plans a lot of angles and storylines out well in advance, but I’m interested to see what he does here.

On the Revolution post-PPV media scrum, Allin was asked about facing Sky on Dynamite tonight and he took the opportunity to remind everyone that he’s the TNT Champion and he wanted to get back to defending the title now that he had settled his feud with Team Tazz.

Sky has gained momentum and had his momentum stalled during his AEW sting. Khan built him up as a challenger to the AEW Championship when Jericho held the title. Sky fell short, but since then he’s been in the background quietly waiting for another chance, which came in the ladder match last weekend where he grabbed a symbolic brass ring to win the match.

Something has to give tonight. I suspect Allin is going to defeat Sky given that he’s coming off working a major program with String and Tazz, but where does that leave Sky going forward? He might not be a top tier singles wrestler, but clearly he’s earned the trust of Khan to be put in big spots because he has delivered in the past. I just hope the match is designed to end in a way where both men have momentum going forward.

Allin has a ton of momentum behind him right now, so losing the TNT Championship tonight doesn’t make a lot of sense, but stalling Sky’s momentum again with a loss to Allin doesn’t make a lot of sense either. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Allin vs. Sky tonight given the high stakes and I’m excited to see where both men go from here.

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