YouTube star Logan Paul to appear for WWE (w/ Hazelwood’s Analysis)


Smackdown matches announced for next week


As announced on Friday’s episode of Smackdown, YouTube star and budding celebrity boxing sensation, Logan Paul will appear on the April 2 episode in support of Sami Zayn.

Zayn has been on a long quest to uncover a conspiracy against him by WWE. He’s had a two-man crew following him around and recording his every move. After posting a now-deleted video of “evidence” against WWE, Paul chimed in with his thoughts and said WWE treated Zayn poorly.

Zayn announced on the “K.O. Show” this week that Paul would appear next week, and Paul confirmed.

Further, Fightful reported earlier today that Paul will be involved in the announced Zayn vs. Kevin Owens match at WrestleMania.

Hazelwood’s Analysis: Regardless of your feelings regarding Paul, it is undeniable that he is a big star in a very modern sense of the word. I’m not necessarily a fan of his antics, but like Bad Bunny on Raw, he has a lot of fans that may now watch Smackdown, even if only for one night, because of Paul. It’s on WWE to make it all worthwhile. Adding a WrestleMania appearance only increases the chances that WWE attracts some casual viewers for their biggest show of the year.

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  1. Logan Paul is a piece of garbage, this is the same ahole who thought it was funny to record a video in Japan of a man who committed suicide (showing his body hanging from a tree), acted like a psychopath by using a taser on 2 dead rats, and has a history of posting racist things on Twitter. I refuse to watch anything he appears on, and will be skipping this episode of SmackDown because of it.

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