4/1 NXT UK HITS & MISSES: Valkyrie vs. Turner, positives of the Jordan and Williams split, more


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Valkyrie vs. Turner – HIT

This was the debut of Stevie Turner and she was going up against the undefeated Valkyrie who has been on a roll since she debuted earlier in the year. This match was good. For being new to the roster, Stevie got in quite a bit of offense. She had most of the offense to begin with, but eventually was overcome.

Josh Morrell vs Teoman – HIT

Another setup match here for the newcomer Teoman, with Morrell playing the par of the enhancement talent. Teoman was able to show more of his in-ring style and personality than in his first match. The last time we saw Teoman, which was his first match on the brand, it was more even with his opponent. In this, Teoman showed more of a vicious, hard fighting and crazy style.

Face off with Walter and Rampage Brown – HIT

The sit down between these two was needed to hype this match. They were able to tell the history of these two guys and talked about how Rampage was the guy when Walter was on the come-up. Also, they discussed how Walter lost to Rampage, but took that loss and kept moving forward. Rampage showed how he is a person who was afraid of Walter. All in all, just a good back and forth segment with these two guys.

In-ring segment with Kay Lee Ray – HIT

The best heel champ in all WWE made her way to the ring to make an announcement. She started by saying how she asked to face the best NXT UK could bring and they brought her Meiko. She said she beat her even though most said she would lose. Then before she could continue, McKenzie came down to the ring. Mckenzie is someone who hasn’t been in NXT UK in over two years and was making her return on this show. Before she could finish, Isla Dawn came down and attacked Mckenzie. Meiko came for the same and the segment ended.

Pretty Deadly vs Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams – HIT

This was the first title defense for Pretty Deadly after the big win against Gallus back in February. I love Pretty Deadly and their heel act, but this match was more about Jordan & Williams as they have been teasing a breakup for a while. Kenny Williams has been more heelish as of lately and you were lead to think that he might pull Jordan to that side. The match was set up as seeing Pretty Deadly go in on Jordan most of the match; Fueling the fire where Williams saying Jordan was not doing it all to win. We see this build-up to the point where Williams turns on Jordan which leads to Pretty Deadly getting the win. I wanna see where they take this between these two guys and see if they can make this into a must-see match down the line.

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