Khan comments on Rosa vs. Baker Lights Out match, blood in AEW matches in general

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist (Twitter: @Sr_torch)

Tony Khan, AEW President


AEW president Tony Khan told PWInsider that he was most concerned about the finish of the Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa Lights Out match when asked about the pushback from fans on AEW’s use of blood in that match and in general. The finish of the match saw Rosa put Baker through a table on the outside with a Fire Thunder Driver.

“That was a story that was building for 5 months and a 5 month build lights out match, and it’s a match where we’ve seen with Moxley and Kenny at Full Gear 2019 that people hold nothing back in these matches, there are no rules, and there’s an expectation that it’s going to get very physical and there could be some pretty ugly fighting with some weapons and potentially some blood, and I felt like they more than lived up to the reputation of the lights out match, and I don’t think that anything that Britt and Thunder Rosa did was out of the expectations of a lights out match and I thought everything they did was great,” said Khan. “The blood is not what I was worried about, there were some moments in the match, like the finish, that I had to get talked into, but the match was my idea, doing a very physical match was my idea, and the finish itself was all very consistent with my ideas. But the final spot, they had to talk me into doing that through the table, other than that, I thought everything else was very much in line with the expectations fans would have for lights out matches. It’s a big main event. So I didn’t think they did anything that crossed the line and furthermore, in that situation, Britt is clearly a doctor so there are very few people that I would trust more in a situation to do the right thing than her.”

Khan was then asked if he had to be talked into Rosa and Baker’s vision for the end of the match and he said he did not. “Not their vision for the finish,” said Khan. “I had the finish but that was a hell of a high spot at the end. That was, to me, a more precarious thing in the match, to me, than the blood. That was the thing I was more worried about was when she gave her that driver through the table at the end.”

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