4/25 IMPACT WRESTLING REBELLION PPV REPORT: Swann vs. Omega, Purrazzo vs. Dashwood, Austin vs. TJP vs. Alexander, Finlay & Robinson vs. Anderson & Gallows

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 25, 2021

Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown, Mauro Ranallo

-Rebellion intro video with clips of the Impact stars. And Kenny Omega.

-Don Callis (holding the AEW belt) and Kenny Omega entered the building together, then Rich Swann was seen walking backstage holding the Impact belt and being greeted by other Impact wrestlers.

(1) ACE AUSTIN (c) (w/Madman Fulton) vs. TJP vs. JOSH ALEXANDER – Impact Wrestling X Division Title match

Ace struck first with kicks to Alexander and TJP. Action was really fast with everyone trading moves and it quicky spilled to the floor. Back in the ring, TJP dropkicked Ace and followed up with the boot wash in the corner. Ace recovered and got a Fosberry Flop on TJP and Alexander on the outside. TJP and Ace battled inside the ring. Ace pulled out a playing card, but the referee took it away. Ace threw TJP out of the ring.

Alexander hit a series of German suplexes on Ace. TJP got back in but got kicked by Ace. The three wrestlers traded moves. Ace kicked Alexander from the top rope. TJP climbed to the top but was met by Ace. Alexander suplexed both of them off the top rope. TJP and Alexander brawled as Ace was down. Alexander dove to the outside on Ace. TJP backdropped Alexander over the top rope. TJP knocked Ace off the top rope.

TJP splashed Ace but Alexander broke it up. Alexander put TJP in an ankle lock. TJP reversed it. Alexander had Ace in an ankle lock and kicked TJP out of the ring. TJP returned and put Alexander in an octopus. Ace hit a neckbreaker on Alexander but TJP broke up the pin. TJP boot washed Ace and Alexander in the corner. Fulton tripped TJP from the outside. Ace stomped TJP. Alexander hit a piledriver on TJP, but Ace broke it up.

Alexander and Ace traded punches. Alexander got knocked off the top rope by Ace, but Alexander turned it into an ankle lock. TJP splashed Alexander. Fulton broke up the pin. Alexander knocked TJP into Fulton on the outside. Alexander hit a piledriver on Ace for the victory.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 12:00 to win the Impact Wrestling X Division Title.

(D.L.’s Take: Wow, that was really fast-paced. Lots of exchanges, reversals, and unique moves. Impressive that they kept up that tremendous pace for the entire match).

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera and talked excitedly about the previous match, then ran down the matches for tonight. Striker said that Eric Young was injured and had picked a replacement for his match tonight.

-Violent by Design promo. Eric Young was addressing someone off camera and told them they could do something special tonight and could make their mark tonight if they do what Eric thinks he is capable of doing.

-Recap package of the Eric Young/Team Storm feud.


After everyone was introduced and inside the ring, Eric Young stood at the top of the ramp and brought out W. Morrissey (formerly Big Cass in WWE). Doering started it off with Eddie. Rhino and Sabin tagged in and battled. Eddie suplexed Deaner. Mack punched Deaner then tagged to Storm. Storm worked on Deaner’s arm. Morrissey tagged in and faced off with Storm. Storm threw punches but they had little effect. Morrissey booted Storm off the top rope then knocked the rest of Storm’s team off the apron.

Morrissey brought Storm to his corner and punched him. Violent by Design worked on Storm in the corner. Doering hit Storm with a running crossbody block. Rhino hit a clothesline on Storm. Storm got a neckbreaker on Rhino. Storm made the hot tag to Mack, who cleaned house on Deaner. Deaner caught Sabin with a knee. Sabin hit Deaner low. Sabin and Eddie splashed Morrissey and Doering on the floor. Team Storm worked on Deaner and Rhino in the ring. Storm hit an elbow off the top on Deaner.

Morrissey punched Mack, then tagged in. The action spilled to the outside. Morrissey took out Sabin’s knee. Doering worked on Eddie. Morrissey blocked a splash by Mack. Sabin suplexed Deaner off the top rope onto the pile of wrestlers on the floor. All eight wrestlers were laid out at ringside. In the ring, Mack hit a stunner on Doering. Doering rolled out. Morrissey got in the ring and squared off with Mack. Morrissey caught Mack with a big boot. He could have gone for the cover but hit his slam finisher for the pin. Morrissey continued to punch Mack afterwards.

WINNERS: Deaner & Rhino & Doering & Morrissey in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: A wild brawl that was all action. Good debut for Morrissey/Cass, who looked to be in really good shape. This is a good role for him.)

-Video recap of the Matt Cardona/Brian Myers feud.


Cardona came to the ring in attire that was inspired by the Road Warriors and the Nasty Boys. Cardona offered a handshake but Myers flipped him off. Cardona punched Myers and Myers fled the ring. The action spilled to the outside with Myers getting the better of it. Myers suplexed Cardona on the floor. Cardona went for a kick, but Myers pulled someone from ringside in front of him. Myers rolled Cardona back in the ring.

Myers continued his advantage in the ring. Myers had Cardona in a chinlock. Cardona battled back with an eye rake and a dropkick off the top rope. Cardona hit a series of clothesline. Cardona went for the boot in the corner, but Myers rolled out. Cardona did land the boot while Myers was outside. Cardona hit Radio Silence on Myers on the ramp. Both wrestlers were laid out on the ramp. Cardona rolled Myers in the ring, but Myers rolled out. Myers speared Cardona on the floor.

Myers landed an elbow off the top rope for a two count. Cardona made a comeback. He hit a Hot Mess (the Unprettier) for a two count. Cardona tried to help up Myers, but Myers met him with a kick. Cardona missed the Radio Silence and held his knee. The action came to a stop as the referee checked on Cardona. The announces speculated on the injury. Referees came to ringside to check on Cardona. Myers helped Cardona up, then clotheslined him. Myers hit the Roster Cut clothesline for the pin.

WINNER: Brian Myers in 10:00.

(D.L.’s Take: Good match. You could see what was going to happen at the end, but it was still effective. This feud will likely continue.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Tony Khan, who was with Aubrey Edwards (in her referee’s outfit), Tony Schiavone, and Jerry Lynn. Khan talked about how he was happy to be there. They were joined by Scott D’Amore. Brian Hebner was with him. They agreed to have two referees for the main event tonight.

-Video package recapping the Fire N Flava vs. Jazz/Jordynne Grace feud.

(4) FIRE N FLAVA (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) vs. JORDYNNE GRACE & RACHAEL ELLERING (w/Jazz) —Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Title match

After the initial action between Ellering and Tasha, Kiera tagged in. Kiera had Ellering in a headlock, but Ellering used her power to lift Kiera. Jordynne tagged in and threw Kiera around. Fire N Flava used double teaming to get the upper hand on Jordynne. Fire N Flava kept Jordynne in their corner. Jordynne hit a spinebuster on Kiera and made the tag to Ellering. Ellering cleaned house on Fire N Flava. Ellering got a two count after a jumping spinning legdrop on Kiera.

Jordynne and Ellering double teamed Kiera. All four wrestlers were in the ring. Fire N Flava landed stereo dropkicks off the top rope. Jordynne suplexed Fire N Flava. Jordynne sent Tasha over the top rope. Jordynne dove through the ropes onto Tasha. Kiera dove from the top rope onto Ellering and Jordynne, who were on the floor. Back in the ring, Jordynne clotheslined Kiera. Ellering and Kiera squared off. Ellering hit a unique forward sitout suplex on Kiera for the pin.

WINNERS: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering in 10:00 to win the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

(D.L.’s Take: Good action and a fun match. Ending was a little out of nowhere and I thought they could have gone longer, but it was fine. This should be an intriguing feud and I’m looking forward to seeing how Fire N Flava react to the loss.)

-Recap video of the Trey Miguel/Sami Callihan feud.

(5) TREY MIGUEL vs. SAMI CALLIHAN—Last Man Standing Match

They brawled at the start, then Sami threw Trey over the top rope and to the floor hard. The action spilled to the floor. Trey hit a Sliced Bread on Sami. Trey missed a dive to the outside and hit the rails hard. Sami sent Trey over the rails. Sami rolled a production trunk towards Trey, but Trey got out of the way. Sami powerbombed Trey onto the trunk. Sami hit Trey with a chain. Sami pulled Trey’s mouth with a wrench. Sami threw a bunch of weapons in the ring.

The action finally got back in the ring. Sami tried to hit Trey in the head with a wrench but missed. Trey slammed Sami into the chairs that were in the ring. Sami slammed Trey onto the raised legs of the table. Both wrestlers were on the top rope and Sami hit a piledriver onto a table that was set up in the ring. The table didn’t break but one of the legs did. The referee made the count, but Trey rolled to the floor and stood to break the count. Sami set up the steps on their side. Sami tried to go for a piledriver but Trey blocked it. Sami grabbed Trey low, then hit a piledriver on the edge of the steps.

Sami trapped Trey under the steps as the referee made the count. Trey crawled out from under the ring. Trey hit a running cutter through a table at ringside. The referee made the count as both wrestlers were down. Trey made it to his feet for the win.

WINNER: Trey Miguel in 16:00.

(D.L.’s Take: This match was slow paced, but hard hitting. Good win that elevated Trey Miguel.)

-Gia Miller interviewed Rich Swann. Swann said it was the biggest match in the industry. He said that Callis initially got in his head a little bit, but no mindgame would stop him from proving he’s the best. He said it was the biggest match of his career, but also the biggest match of Omega’s career. Swann said they’re not in Omega’s house but they are in Swann’s house. He said he wouldn’t let Omega come into his house and take his prize. He said he would rebel against the invisible hand and Omega’s ego. He vowed to bring the fight all night long.

-Video recapping the Good Brothers/Finjuice feud.

(6) FINJUICE (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) (c) vs. THE GOOD BROTHERS (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)—Impact Wrestling Tag Team Title match

Finaly and Anderson squared off at the start. Finjuice double teamed Anderson. Doc tagged in and he fell victim to the double team too. Anderson made a comeback on Finlay. Doc landed a kick to Finlay on the floor, then threw him back in. Doc hit a series of punches and kicks on Finlay. Doc took Finlay down in a chinlock. Finlay fought out of it and finally made the hot tag to Juice. Juice ran wild on The Good Brothers.

Juice hit a clothesline and a rolling flip into the corner. Juice got a two count then tagged Finlay in. Finjuice double teamed Anderson. Doc broke up a pin attempt. Doc got clotheslined over the top rope. Finjuice went for the Doomsday Device, but Doc knocked Finlay off the apron. The Brothers double teamed Juice and got a close two count. The Brothers went for the Magic Killer, but Finlay broke it up. Juice rolled up Anderson for the pin.

WINNERS: Finjuice in 12:00 to retain the tag team titles.

(D.L.’s Take: Basic tag match. I was surprised that Finjuice retained the belts.)

Gia Miller interviewed Don Callis backstage. Callis said that Omega was getting ready for his title match. Callis called himself the man who changed history. He said that title vs. title matches never happen and that Omega was leaving with all of the belts. He told Rich Swann that he knew how this was going to turn out. He said Omega was the greatest wrestler of the last 3000 years. He talked about his relationship with Omega and how close they are. Callis said that the rest of the Impact locker room wouldn’t save Swann. Callis said he had a vision of this day 27 years ago. He said tonight they will execute and leave with both titles.

-Recap package of the Deonna Purrazzo/Tenille Dashwood feud.

(7) DEONNA PURRAZZO (c) (w/Kimber Lee & Susan) vs. TENILLE DASHWOOD (w/Kaleb)—Impact Wrestling Knockouts Title match

Deonna went for an armlock early, but Tenille made the ropes. Tenille caught Deonna with a neckbreaker in the ropes. Tenille went for some quick pins. Deonna put Tenille on her back for a submission attempt, but Tenille got out. Tenille battled back but Deonna cut her off. Deonna connected with a knee lift. Tenille retaliated with a clothesline. Tenille had Deonna in the tarantula in the ropes. Tenille landed a crossbody block on Deonna and got a two count.

Tenille connected with a big boot. Deonna hit two German suplexes. Tenille hit a series of elbows. Tenille hit a double underhook suplex and two crossbody splashes in the corner. Tenille had Deonna in a Muta-lock submission. Kimber Lee and Susan got on the apron and Kaleb pulled them down. Lee rammed Kaleb into the ringpost. Deonna hit Tenille with a pump kick. Deonna missed a headbutt off the top rope. Tenille hit the Spotlight Kick. Lee broke up the pin. Tenille fought Lee on the floor. Back in the ring, Deonna hit Tenille with a DDT. Deonna put Tenille in an armbar.

Deonna and Tenille brawled. Deonna chopped Tenille. Deonna connected with a kick. Deonna hit the Queen’s Gambit piledriver for the pin.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo in 10:00.

Team Deonna beat on Tenille after the match. Taylor Wilde walked to the stage and got in the ring. Taylor cleaned house on Susan and Kimber Lee as Deonna bailed to the outside.

(D.L.’s Take: Good back and forth match. Tenille was more aggressive without any of the comedy that we’ve seen in recent appearances).

-D’Lo and Striker appeared on camera. They announced Against All Odds on June 12th and Slammiversary for July, which teased their world would change again, with quick clips including clips of recently released wrestlers such as Samoa Joe and Chelsea Green.

-Recap video of the Rich Swann/Kenny Omega feud.

-Mauro Ranallo joined D’Lo and Striker at the broadcast table.

(8) RICH SWANN (c) (Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack) vs. KENNY OMEGA (c)(w/Don Callis & The Good Brothers)—Impact Wrestling World Title vs. All Elite Wrestling Title match

Omega and his team came out first, followed by Swann and his team. Dave Penzer did the in-ring introductions. Aubrey Edwards and Brian Hebner were announced as the referees. Callis called him a pathetic stooge and did the announcements for Omega. Penzer resumed the announcements for Swann. The piped in crowd had a big ovation for Swann.

The wrestlers slowly squared off then locked up. Omega arrogantly stepped on Swann’s back after an exchange. Omega slapped Swann, then ducked out between the ropes. Swann ended the next exchange with a slap and he dropkicked Omega on the floor then hit a twisting Phoenix splash on the floor too. Swann rolled Omega back in the ring. Swann chopped Omega. Swann connected with hard kicks. Swann went for a splash, but Omega got his knees up. Omega back suplexed Swann, then rolled to the outside.

Omega dropped Swann back first on the apron. The camera cut to a worried Scott D’Amore looking on. Swann spiked his head on the ring apron. Back in the ring, Omega hit a buckle bomb on Swann and dropped Swann over his knee. Omega got several two counts. Omega wrenched Swann’s neck. Omega chopped Swann, then choked him with his foot. Omega delivered a back breaker. Jerry Lynn and Tony Khan were shown watching at ringside.

Omega scored a two count. Omega landed knees to the back and a forearm to the back. Swann came back with a back elbow and a forearm. Swann hit a mule kick and a splash for a two count. Omega landed hard chops and punches. Swann fired up and slapped Omega. They traded punches and chops. Swann hit a clothesline. Swann got a headscissors on Omega. Swann hit a Frankensteiner on Omega for a two count.

Omega punched Swann and pulled him off the top rope. Omega chopped and headbutted Swann from the top rope. Swann backdropped Omega off the top rope and held his neck. Swann hit a frog splash for a two count. Swann landed punches and kicks. Omega returned with a big kick and a doctor bomb. D’Amore was shown again. Omega hit a V-trigger. Swann escaped from the One Winged Angel attempt. Omega hit another V-trigger.

Omega put Swann on the top rope. It looked like Omega was going for a One Winged Angel but Swann slipped out. Swann slapped, chopped and kicked Omega. Omega hit a V-trigger and Dragon Suplex. Omega hit another Dragon Suplex. Rich hit a cutter on Omega. Swann went for a cutter but hit Hebner by mistake. Omega clotheslined Swann. Aubrey checked on Hebner. Omega brought a chair into the ring. Aubrey took it from him. Aubrey argued with Callis. Swann hit Omega with a cutter. Hebner made a two count. Omega missed a V-trigger. Swann came back with a Michinoku driver for a two count.

Swann kicked Omega in the face. Swann missed a splash and got caught with a V-trigger. Omega tried for a One Wing Angel but instead, hit a back suplex for a two count. Omega hit a Jay Driller for a two count. Omega got another V-trigger, then another after pulling his knee pad down. Omega pulled Swann towards Eddie and Mack. Omega hit another V-trigger. Omega taunted Eddie and Mack. Swann battled back with punches. Swann suplexed Omega. Swann went to the top rope and missed a Phoenix splash. Omega hit a V-trigger, followed by the One Winged Angel for the win.

WINNER: Kenny Omega in 23:00 to capture the Impact World Hvt. Title.

Callis and the Good Brothers celebrated with an exhausted Omega. D’Amore was shown looking disappointed. Omega got to his feet as they draped the belts on him.

(D.L.’s Take: An excellent match that lived up to the hype. Mauro Ranallo really added to the presentation. Great job by Omega and Swann.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A strong show all around, capped off by an excellent main event. It really did have a big match feel, even though there were no fans there. The fallout of this match (on both shows) should be intriguing. I think that fans who hadn’t tuned into Impact for awhile were pleasantly surprised tonight.

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  1. I Didn’t think the Swann-Omega match lived up to the hype. Too much Omega, not enough Swann.I wonder who from Impact will come to AEW and take back the belts. This is why I wanted to see Moose instead of Swann. Yes, Moose would have also lost but at least he would have kicked Omega’s ass all over Nashville. Deonna Purrazzo keeps on proving that she can’t win a match without help. I was also surprised that Finjuice kept the Impact tag titles. Overall an 8.5 out of 10.

  2. i understand why people who have nt watched impact for a few years might be surprised… but impact has had consistently good ppvs since slamiversary 2018.. there supercards are the nxt takeovers less than three hours with good mainevents..i urge people to check out slamiversary 2018 or rebellion 2019 in particular but the only really weak one in this period has been bound for glory 2019 and that was more a weak crowd killing the atmosphere and that the production did nt look as slick as impact fans were used to i believe aew had stolen there productiion team at some point that year..Hard to Kill 2020 is the last one that had a live crowd..

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